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All it is clear that in Internet our century, without Internet advertising not to manage. Advertising in Internet is a modern and effective way of conducting the advertising company. Besides, it is possible to advertise in the newspaper without leaving office or at home.

One of kinds of such advertising is placing of the announcements on Internet bulletin boards. For today advertising dispatch on boards is one of the most effective, accessible and cheap ways of advertising. In total for one day, your offer becomes accessible tens thousand the potential clients interested in the target information. Besides, the placed announcements are indexed by search cars that will allow your information to be in лидирующующих positions on all searchers.

Than bulletin boards are good:

  • They are free
  • It is a lot of them
  • The announcement can be stored long enough
  • The announcement проиндексируется search system that raises probability of a finding of your site your potential client through inquiry in search system.
  • The citing index (from Yandex) your site raises at storage on various boards of your hyperlink

    Therefore I had a necessity of placing of advertising on bulletin boards and in the newspapers having service of giving of announcements through the Internet. Has downloaded and has bought pair of programs for automatic placing of announcements. But here an ill luck. In reports they write that have placed the announcement on more than 100 boards, and the answer any.

    When I in the manual place announcements, to me on an E-mail acknowledgement from a moderator comes that the announcement is placed! Also there is a possibility to trace destiny of the announcement.

    But in manual to place all the same it is tiresome. Is especially problematic to conduct base of the placed announcements and to trace their status.

    Therefore has written the program. In which has included the most necessary functions.

    The program is intended for semi-automatic placing of announcements on electronic boards and in newspapers. Contains base more than 2400 bulletin boards and newspapers. The program has the clear and convenient interface. Program functions:

  • Creation of base of announcements;
  • Automatic filling of the form of giving of the announcement;
  • Conducting base of the submitted announcements, with date of giving and a date closed of action of the announcement;
  • Addition of new boards and adjustment of automatic filling of fields of the form.

    The program is very simple in use. Any user irrespective of preparation level can begin without effort work with the program. It is not necessary to possess what or specific knowledge to add new boards in base of the program.

    To download the program myboards.exe (2415 KB)

    To download the program (2393 KB)

     The list of bulletin boards

    Familiarise with the user's guide and it becomes clear to you how to work with the program.

     The user's guide


    Grooms Dmitry Leonidovich

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