The program a family Family tree

Hello! So, you have decided to be engaged in research of history of the family. I will tell to you as is better to make it. What steps for this purpose to undertake? With what to begin?

The first step. First of all, spend houses audit of ancient documents and photos. Documents which contain the genealogical information: Birth certificates, Marriage certficates, Certificates on divorce, Certificates on death, Passports, Work record cards, certificates, certificates, certificates, reading and writing, diplomas, medal books, identity cards. Pay attention to names, dates, a residence, related communications. From all documents remove x-copies. Copies of all documents combine in one daddy. It is desirable for photo to translate in a digital form.

The second Step. And here now it is necessary to talk to relatives. Ask parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and дядь about everything that they remember. Living in other cities ask letters, and it is better by phone and e-mail. Anything terrible that many data will be up to standard of family legends and legends. Certainly, genealogy a science exact, but can sometimes be useful and improbable at first sight data.

The third Step. The first data and the data at you are. The turn has come to systematise the information, to understand, where further to direct efforts in the searches. With it we can be helped by the computer, to be exact, the special computer program "a family Family tree".

It is necessary to enter all into the program obtained by you during researches the data: Surnames, the Name and the Patronymic of all your relatives; Dates of birth and if the person already is not present, death date; Surnames, the Name and the Patronymic of daddies and mums; the Birthplace; All known biographic data about each person.

The fourth Step. The computer will construct to us a general family tree and now to us becomes known most<древний> of ancestors known to us. Whether it is a lot of you about it know? If you know precisely its birth date and birth place, it is possible to go safely to archive or to write inquiry to the archive which is in other city. Addresses of archives can be looked on a program site, in section "Archives, databases". In the same place you will find samples of letters in archives.

The information received from archives bring in the program. Do it without postponing, while the information is still fresh in memory.

Except the text information collecting during your research, there is not less important information, namely: photos! As your ancestors looked! It too is necessary for keeping, for this purpose we pass in a program picture album. There are general and personal picture albums. In a personal picture album we store the photos concerning only to the concrete person. And in general - the photos which are general or those photos which you do not know where to carry.

Except photos now there is a new type of information - video! Video simply photo bears in itself more information, than, namely: movement and a sound. Besides, there are records on tape recorders. They can be digitized. The multimedia information bring in a video-album.

And that is important, the program always will remind in advance you of coming birthday of your relative!

If you have seriously decided to be engaged in history research some kind of, prepare to that is long and laborious work. But, the more you will learn about stories of the family, the it will be more fascinating and more interesting to become. Before the search beginning, I advise to study the methodical materials collected on a site of the program, in section "Councils a beginner and not only". It in many respects will facilitate your work.


Grooms Dmitry Leonidovich

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The Family Tree of Family