"The story of time years" - earliest of the annalistic arches which have reached us. Concerns the beginning to XII century. This arch is known as a part of a number of the annalistic collections which have remained in lists from which the best and the oldest are Lavrentevsky 1377 and Ipatevsky 20th years ХV.

The annals have incorporated in a considerable quantity materials of legends, stories, legends, oral poetic legends about various historical persons and events.

It is published in D.S.Lihacheva's transfer.


Do not accept the doctrine from латинян, - their doctrine deformed: having entered into church, do not worship to icons, but, standing, bow and, having bowed, write a cross on the earth, and kiss, and having risen, become on it feet, - so, laying down, kiss it, and having risen - trample, It was not learnt by apostles; apostles learnt to kiss given up as a bad job and to honour icons. For Onions the evangelist the first has written an icon and has sent it to Rome. As tells Vasily: "icon Celebration passes to it первообраз. It is More than that, name they the earth mother. If the earth it mother the father it the sky, - изначала has created God the sky, as also the earth. So speak:" Отче ours, иже еси on небеси ". If, in their opinion, the earth mother what for spit on the mother? There and then her kiss and profane? Before Romans did not do it, but decided correctly on all cathedrals, converging from Rome and from all dioceses. On the first cathedral in Nikee against the Aria (daddy) Roman Silvestr Athanasius has sent bishops and пресвитеров, from Alexandria, and from Tsargrad Mitrofan have sent from themselves bishops and so corrected belief. On the second cathedral - from Rome Damas, and from Alexandria Timothy, from Antiohii Melety, Cyril Ierusalimsky, Grigory Bogoslov. On the third cathedral - Kelestin Roman, Cyril Alexandria, Juvenaly Jerusalem. On the fourth cathedral - the Lion Roman, Anatoly from Tsargrad, Juvenaly Jerusalem. On the fifth cathedral - Roman Vigily, Evtihy from Tsargrad, Apollinary Alexandria, Domnin Antioch. On the sixth cathedral - from Rome Agafon, George from Tsargrad, Feofan Antioch, from Alexandria monk Peter. On the seventh cathedral - from Rome Adrian, Tarasy from Tsargrad, Politian Alexandria, Feodorit Antioch, Ilija Jerusalem. All of them converged with the bishops, strengthening belief. After it, the last, a cathedral Peter Gugnivyj has entered with others into Rome, has grasped a throne and has corrupted belief, having rejected from a throne Jerusalem, Alexandria, Constantinople and антиоxийского. They have revolted all Italy, sowing the doctrine everywhere. One priests serve, being others are married only to one wife, and, to seven times having married, serve; also it is necessary to be careful of their doctrine. They forgive and sins during a gift of gifts that worst of all. God yes will keep you from it ".

After all it Vladimir took the tsarina, both Anastasa, and priests корсунских with hallows of sacred Klimenta, and Fiva, its pupil, took both vessels church and icons on blessing to itself. Has put also church in Korsuni on a grief which filled in the middle of a city, выкрадывая the earth from an embankment: there is that church and hitherto. Going, it has grasped and two copper idols and four copper horses, as now stand up for church of the sacred Virgin and about which ignoramuses think that they marble. Корсунь has given to Greeks as вено for the tsarina, and itself has returned to Kiev. And when has come, has enjoined to overturn idols - one to chop up, and others to burn. Перуна has ordered to adhere to a tail of a horse and to drag it from mountain on Borichevu взвозу to the Stream and has put 12 husbands to bang its sticks. It became not because the tree feels something, but for desecration of a demon which deceived people this image, - that it has accepted punishment from people. "You are great, My God, and your affairs are wonderful!" . Yesterday still was we honour people, and today we will scold. When attracted Peruna on the Stream to Dnepr, mourned its incorrect as they have not accepted still a sacred christening. And, having dragged, have thrown it to Dnepr. Vladimir also has put to it people, having told it: "If will stick where to coast, push away it. And when will pass thresholds then only leave it". They have executed that it was ordered them. And when have started up Peruna and it has passed thresholds, has thrown out its wind on a shallow so the place that Perunja a shallow as it is called and till now has passed. Then Vladimir on all city has sent to tell: "If who does not come tomorrow on the river - whether it be rich, either poor, or the beggar, or the slave, - will be to me the enemy". Having heard it, with pleasure people have gone, exulting and speaking:" If there was no it good, our prince and boyars "would not accept it. The next day there was Vladimir with priests tsarina's and корсунскими to Dnepr, and has converged there people without number. Have entered into water and there were there one to a neck, others on a breast, young at coast on a breast, some held babies, and already adult wandered, priests, standing, made prayers. Also the pleasure in the sky and on the earth apropos стольких rescued souls was visible; and the devil spoke, groaning:" Alas to me! I am banished from here! I here thought to find to myself dwelling for here there was no doctrine apostolic, did not know here God, but I rejoiced to service of those who served me. And here I am already won by the ignoramus, instead of apostles and not martyrs; I can not reign already more in these countries ". People, крестившись, have gone home. Vladimir was glad that has known God itself and its people, воззрел on the sky and has told:" The Christ God who has created the sky and the earth! Look at these new people and allow to them to learn, My God, you, true God as have learnt you the Christian countries. Confirm in them correct and steady belief, and to me help, My God, against a devil, yes I will overcome its intrigues, hoping for you and on your force ". And having told it, has ordered to cut churches and to put them in those places where before there were idols. Also has put church for the sake of sacred Vasily on a hill where there was an idol of Peruna and others and where the prince and people created it требы. And on other cities began to put churches and to define in them priests and to result people for a christening on all cities and villages. It sent to collect at the best people of children and to give them to training book. Mothers of these children cried about them; for they have not affirmed as belief and cried about them as about the dead.

When have been given to the doctrine book in Russia the prophecy saying thereby has come true: "those days will hear deaf words book, and language tongue-tied" will be clear. They did not hear before the doctrine book, but on the Divine organisation and on the favour their God has pardoned; as the prophet has told: "I Will pardon, whom I want". For has pardoned us a sacred christening and spirit updating, on Divine изволению, instead of on our affairs. Lord Jesus Christ who has loved Russian earth and educated its christening sacred is blest. That is why and we worship to it, speaking: "Lord Jesus Christ! Than I can render to you for everything, what has rendered to us guilty? We do not know, what requital to give you for your gifts." For you are great and your affairs are wonderful: there is no limit to your greatness. The sort for comes will eulogise your affairs ". I will tell together with David:" Come, возрадуемся to the Lord, we will exclaim to God and our Savior. We will appear to its person with славословием ";" Glorify it, for it of the blessings, for for ever its favour "for" has relieved us of our enemies ", that is from pagan idols. And still we will tell together with David:" Sing to the Lord of a song new, sing to the Lord all earth; sing to the Lord, bless its name, благовествуйте any day its rescue. Announce in the people its glory, in all people its miracles for the Lord and достохвален is great "," And its greatness does not have the end ". What pleasure! Not one and not two escape. The Lord has told:" the Pleasure happens in the sky and about one confessed sinner ". Here not one and not two, but uncountable set have started God, educated by a sacred christening. As the prophet has told:" I Will sprinkle you with water pure, and be cleared and from идолопоклонения yours, and of your sins ". As well other prophet has told:" Who God, how you who are forgiving sins and not making crimes? For wanting that is it is mercy. That will turn and умилосердится over us and will cast into abyss sea our sins ". For apostle Pavel speaks:" Brothers! All of us christened in Jesus Christ, in its death were christened; and so we погреблись with it a christening in death; that, as the Christ has revived from dead славою the father, and to us to go in the updated life ". And still:" ancient has passed, now all new "." Rescue has nowadays come nearer to us... Night has passed, and day has come nearer "." Through it we верою have received access to good fortune of this by which we are praised and we stand ", Nowadays, when were released from a sin and became slaves to God, your fruit is sanctity". We That is why should serve God, rejoicing to it. For David has told: "Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice to it tremblingly". We will exclaim to our Lord:" The Lord who has not given us in extraction to their teeth is blest!. The network was terminated, and we have got rid "of a deceit devil." Their memory with noise also has disappeared, but the Lord stays for ever ", glorified by the Russian sons, sung in the Trinity, and demons are damned благоверными мужами and faithful wives who have accepted a christening and a repentance in отпущенье sins, - new people the Christians selected God".

Vladimir has been educated itself, both its sons, and its earth. There were at it 12 sons: Вышеслав, Izjaslav, Yaroslav, Svjatopolk, Vsevolod, Svjatoslav, Mstislav, Boris, Gleb, Stanislav, Pozvizd, Sudislav. Also has planted Vysheslava in Novgorod, Izjaslava in Polotsk, and Svjatopolka in Turove, and Yaroslav in Rostov When senior Vysheslav in Novgorod has died, has planted in it Yaroslav, and Boris in Rostov, and Gleb in Murom, Svjatoslava in the Drevljansky earth, Vsevoloda in Vladimir, Mstislava in Tmutarakani. Vladimir Also has told: "it is bad that there are not enough cities about Kiev". Also began to put cities across Desna, both on Ostru, and on Trubezhu, both on Sule, and on Stugne. Also began to type husbands of the best from Slavs, both from кривичей, and from behave in a queer way, and from вятичей, and them has occupied cities as there was a war with печенегами. Also was at war with them, and won them.

In a year 6497 (989). After that there lived Vladimir in the Christian law, and has conceived to create church пресвятой to the Virgin, and has sent to result masters from the Greek earth. And the beginnings it to build, and when has terminated to build, has decorated with its icons, and has charged its Anastasu Korsunjaninu, and has put to serve in it корсунских priests, having given it everything that took before it in Korsuni: icons, vessels and crosses.

In a year 6499 (991). Vladimir has put the city of Belgorod, and has typed for it people from other cities, and has reduced in it many people for loved that city.

In a year 6500 (992). Vladimir on Croats has gone. When it has come back from the Croatian war, have come печенеги on that party of Dnepr from Suly; Vladimir has opposed them and has met them on Trubezhe at ford, where nowadays Pereyaslavl. Also there was Vladimir on this party, and печенеги on that, and did not dare to come over to ours that party, those on this. печенежский the prince also has approached on the river, has caused Vladimir and has told to it: "Let out you the husband, and I of the - let struggle. If your husband throws mine on the earth we will not be at war three years; if our husband throws yours оземь we will ruin you three years". Also have dispersed. Vladimir, having returned to the camp, has sent heralds on camp with words: whether "There is no such husband who would seize with печенегом?". Also it was not found anywhere. Next morning have arrived печенеги and have resulted the husband, and at ours it has not appeared. Vladimir also began to grieve, sending on all army, and one old husband has come to the prince, and has told to it:" The prince! There is at me one son меньшой at home; I left with four, and it houses remained. Since the childhood anybody has not thrown it still оземь. Once I scolded him, and it rumpled a skin so he has become angry about me and has torn apart a skin hands ". Having heard about it, the prince was delighted, and have sent behind it, and have led to its prince, and the prince has told it all. That answered:" the Prince! I do not know, whether I can seize with it, but test me: whether there is no big and strong bull? ". Also have found a bull, big and strong, and he has ordered to enrage a bull; have assigned to it the heated iron both have started up a bull. The bull by it also has run, and has seized a bull рукою by a side and has pulled out a skin with meat, his hand how many has grasped. To it Vladimir also has told:" you Can struggle with it ". Next morning have come печенеги and began to cause:" Where the husband? Here we is ready!" . Vladimir has enjoined to clothe in the same night in an armour, and both parties have converged. Печенеги have let out the husband: it was very great and terrible. Vladimir's husband also has acted, both has seen it печенег and has laughed, for there was it of average growth. And размерили a place between both armies, also have started up them against each other. Both have seized, and have started to press strong each other, and the husband печенежина hands to death has strangled. Also has thrown it оземь. Both have cluck ours, and have run печенеги, and Russian pursued them, beating them, and have banished. Vladimir was delighted and has put a city at that ford and named its Pereyaslavl for that adolescent has adopted glory. Its Vladimir the great husband, and its father too also has made. Vladimir to Kiev with победою and with славою великою Also has come back.

In a year 6502 (994).

In a year 6503 (995).

In a year 6504 (996). Vladimir has seen that the church is constructed, has entered into it and has prayed to God, speaking so: "My God My God! Look from the sky and воззри. Also visit the garden. Also make that your right hand has spread, - these new people which heart you have turned to true to learn you, God true. Look at your church which was created by me, unworthy your slave, for the sake of mother who have given birth to you приснодевы the Virgin. If who prays in church of this hear its prayer, for the sake of a prayer пречистой the Virgin". And, having prayed to God, he has told so: "I Give churches of this sacred Virgin the tenth part from riches of my and my cities". Also has filled so, having written a paternoster to churches of this, having told: "If who cancels it, - yes will be проклят". Also has given the tenth part of Anastasu Korsunjaninu. Also has arranged that day a holiday great to boyars and aged men town, and poor роздал it is a lot of riches.

After that have come печенеги to Vasilevu, and there was against them Vladimir with небольшою дружиною. Both have converged, and Vladimir could not resist against them, has run and became under the bridge, hardly having taken cover from enemies. Also has given then Vladimir the promise to put church in Vasileve for the sake of sacred Transformation for was that day when there was that сеча, Preobrazhenie Gospodne. Having avoided danger, Vladimir has constructed church and has arranged great celebrating, having welded on honey of 300 measures. Also has called the boyars, посадников and elders from all cities and any people it is a lot of, and роздал poor 300 grivnas. The prince celebrated eight days, and Uspenja of the sacred Virgin has come back to Kiev in day, here again again has arranged great celebrating, calling uncountable set of the people. Seeing that its people - Christians, rejoiced soul and a body. And so did constantly. And as loved book reading he has heard once the Gospel: "Are blissful mercy for those will be pardoned"; and still:" Sell именья yours and distribute to beggars "; and still:" do not collect to itself treasures on the earth where моль exterminates also thieves undermine, but collect to itself treasures in the sky where моль does not exterminate, thieves do not steal "; and David's words:" the person who pardons Is blest and on loan gives "; he heard and words of Solomona:" Giving to the beggar lends to God ". Слышав all it, has enjoined it to everyone poor and poor to come on княжий a court yard and to take everything that is necessary, drink and food and from treasury money. It has arranged and such: having told that" the ailing and sick cannot reach my court yard ", has ordered to equip carts and, having imposed on them хлебы, meat, fish, various fruits, honey in flanks, and in others kvass to carry on a city, asking:" Where the patient, the beggar or who cannot go?" . Also distributed those all necessary. And still something большее was made by it for the people: he every Sunday has solved on the court yard in гриднице to arrange a feast, to come there to boyars, both гридям, and сотским, and десятским, and the best мужам - both at the prince and without the prince. There was there a set of meat - beef and дичины, - there was all much. When, happened, подопьются will start to grumble on the prince, speaking: "the Grief to our heads: it has given to us is wooden spoons, instead of silver". Having heard it, Vladimir has enjoined исковать silver spoons, having told so:" Silver and gold I will not find to itself a team, and with дружиною I will extract silver and gold as my grandfather and the father with дружиною have found out gold and silver ". For Vladimir loved a team and with it conferred about a country organisation, both about war, and about country laws, and lived in peace with neighbouring princes - with Boleslav Polskim, and with Stefanom Hungarian, and with Andrihom Czech. Also there was between them a world and love. Vladimir lived in fear Divine. Both robberies were strongly increased, and bishops to Vladimir have told:" Here robbers were increased; why you do not execute them? ". He has answered:" I Am afraid of a sin ". They have told to it:" You are put by God for punishment malicious, and kind on favour. It is necessary you to execute robbers, but having investigated ". Vladimir has rejected виры and has started to execute robbers, and bishops and aged men have told:" it is a lot of Wars at us; if was at us вира it would go on the weapon and on horses ". Vladimir Also has told:" Let so ". Also there lived Vladimir on precepts of the father and the grandfather.

In a year 6505 (997). Vladimir to Novgorod for northern soldiers against печенегов as there was at this time a continuous great war has gone. Have learnt печенеги that there is no prince, steels near Belgorod have come also. Also did not allow to leave a city, and there was in a city a hunger strong, and Vladimir as there were no at it soldiers could not help, and печенегов there was many set. Also the city siege was tightened, and there was a strong hunger. Also have collected veche in a city, and have told: "Here we will already soon die of hunger, and the help is not present from the prince. Unless it is better us so to die? We will surrender печенегам - whom will leave in live and whom will destroy; all the same we die from hunger". And so have settled upon veche. There was one aged man who was not on that veche, and he has asked: "About what was veche?". People also have told to it that tomorrow wish to surrender печенегам. Having heard about it, it has sent for city elders and has told it: "Heard that wish to surrender печенегам". They have answered: "people of hunger will not endure". Also has told it:" Listen to me, do not surrender even three days and make that I to you order ". They with pleasure promised to obey. Also has told it:" Collect though on a handful of oats, wheat or bran ". They joyfully have gone and have collected. Also has enjoined to make to women the talker on what kissel cook, and ordered to dig out a well and to insert into it кадь, and to pour its talker. Also ordered to dig out other well and to insert into it кадь, and has enjoined to look to honey. They have gone and took a bast basket to honey which has been hidden in princely медуше. Also has ordered to make of it пресладкую сыту and to pour out in кадь in other well. The next day it has enjoined to send for печенегами. Townspeople Also have told, having come to печенегам:" Take from us hostages, and enter the person about ten into a city to look that is created in our city ". Печенеги were delighted, having thought that wish to surrender it, took hostages, and have chosen the best husbands in the sorts and have sent to a city that have visited that becomes in a city. They also have come to a city, and people have told it:" What for ruin itself? Unless can перестоять us? If will stand and 10 years that will make to us? For we have food from the earth. If do not trust, look the eyes ". Also have led to their well where there was a talker for kissel, both have gathered a bucket, and have poured out in латки. And when have welded kissel, took it, and have come with them to other well, and have gathered are full from a well, and began to eat at first, and then and печенеги. Both those were surprised and have told:" Will not believe to us князи ours if will not try ". People have poured it корчагу кисельного a solution and are full from a well and a distance печенегам. They, having returned, have told everything that was. And, having welded, princes печенежские ate and have marvelled. And taking the hostages, and Belgorod having started up, have risen and have gone from a city back home.

In a year 6506 (998).

In a year 6507 (999).

In a year 6508 (1000). Malfrida has passed away. In the same summer Rogneda, Yaroslav's mother has passed away also.

In a year 6509 (1001). Izjaslav, father Brjachislava, Vladimir's son has passed away.

In a year 6510 (1002).

In a year 6511 (1003). Vseslav, son Izjaslava, Vladimir's grandson has passed away.

In a year 6512 (1004).

In a year 6513 (1005).

In a year 6514 (1006).

In a year 6515 (1007). Are transferred sacred to church of the sacred Virgin.

In a year 6516 (1008).

In a year 6517 (1009).

In a year 6518 (1010).

In a year 6519 (1011). Vladimirova tsarina Anna has passed away.

In a year 6520 (1012).

In a year 6521 (1013).

In a year 6522 (1014). When Yaroslav was in Novgorod, it on a condition to Kiev gave two thousand grivnas from a year about one year, and one thousand distributed in Novgorod to a team. And so gave all Novgorod посадники, and Yaroslav did not give it to Kiev to the father. Vladimir also has told: "Clear away ways and pave bridges" for wished to go войною on Yaroslav, on the son, but has ached.

In a year 6523 (1015). When Vladimir was going to go against Yaroslav, Yaroslav, having sent for the sea, has resulted Varangians as was afraid of the father; but God has not given to a devil of pleasure. When Vladimir has ached, there was at it at this time Boris. Meanwhile печенеги have gone a campaign to Russia, Vladimir has sent against them Boris, and itself has strongly ached; in this illness also has died July in the fifteenth day. He has died on Berestove, and have concealed its death as Svjatopolk was in Kiev. Have disassembled a scaffold between two cages at night, have wrapped it in a carpet and have lowered cords on the earth; then, having assigned it to sledge, have brought and have put in church of the sacred Virgin which itself has once constructed. Having learnt about it, people without number have converged and cried after it - boyars as after the defender of the country, poor as about the defender and кормителе. Also have put it in a coffin marble, have buried its body, the blissful prince, with we cry.

That new Konstantin of great Rome; as that was christened itself and the people christened, and this has arrived as. If it stayed before in nasty похотных desires, however subsequently was zealous in a repentance, by a word of the apostle:" Where the sin, there преизобилует good fortune "will be increased. Surprise it is worthy, how many he has created good to Russian earth, крестив it. We, Christians, do not render to it the honours equal to its act. For if it did not christen us and nowadays still stayed in error devil in which and our primogenitors were lost. If we had diligence and prayed for it to God in day of his death God, seeing as we honour it, would glorify it: we after all should ask for it God as through him we have learnt God. Let the Lord will render to you at will to yours and all your requests will execute - about царствии heavenly which you and wanted. You the Lord together with righteous persons let will top, will render услаждение food paradise and triumph with Avraam and other patriarchs, by a word of Solomona:" With death of the righteous person the hope will not be lost ".

Memory of it чтут Russian people, recollecting a sacred christening, also glorify God prayers, songs and psalms, singing of their Lord, the new people educated by the Holy Spirit, expecting our hope, great God and Spasa our Jesus Christ; he will come to render to everyone on works its not uttered pleasure which should be received all xристианам.

About убиении Boris. Villages Svjatopolk in Kiev on death of the father, both has called киевлян, and began to give them gifts. They took, but their heart did not lie to it because their brothers were with Boris. When Boris has already come back with an army back, without having found печенегов, the message has come to it: "the Father at you has died". Also it was cried after the father bitterly because has been favourite by the father most, and has stopped, having reached Altos. The team fatherly has told to it: "Here at you a fatherly team and an army. Go, sit down in Kiev on a fatherly table". He answered: "I will not lift a hand on the brother of the senior: if also the father at me has died, let this will be to me instead of the father". Having heard it, soldiers have dispersed from it. Boris remained to stand with one adolescents. Meanwhile Svjatopolk, having executed by lawlessness, has apprehended thought Kainovu and has sent to tell to Boris:" I wish to have with you love and I will give to you even to the possession received from the father ", but itself deceived him that somehow him to ruin. Святополк has come at night in Vyshgorod, has secretly called Putshu and вышгородских husbands seigniorial and has told it: whether" you Are betrayed to me by all heart? ". Putsha with вышгородцами answered:" the heads Agree to combine for you ". Then he has told it:" without speaking anybody, go and kill the brother my Boris ". The Same promised to it to execute it immediately. Solomon has told about the such:" they Hasten on injust blood prolithium. For they take part in пролитии blood and attract on itself misfortunes. Such are ways of everything making lawlessness for нечестием withdraw the soul ". Sent have come on the Alto at night and when have risen more close услыхали that Boris sings matins as the message has come to it already that are going to ruin it. And, having risen, he has started to sing:" My God! For what my enemies were increased! Many rise on me "; and still:" For your arrows were stuck into me; for I am ready to troubles, and my grief предо me "; and still he spoke:" My God! Hear my prayer and do not enter into court with your slave because anybody from living as the enemy pursues will not justify before you I smother mine ". And, having ended шестопсалмие and having seen that have come sent to kill him, has started to sing psalms:" Have surrounded me тельцы the corpulent... The Assemblage of the malicious has surrounded me ";" My God, My God, for you I hope, rescue me and of all my persecutors relieve me ". Then he has started to sing a canon. And then, having terminated matins, has prayed and has told so, looking at an icon, for an image of the Lord:" My God Jesus Christ! As you this image were on the earth for the sake of our rescue, собственною волею having allowed to nail the hands on a cross, and have accepted suffering for our sins, and me сподобь to accept suffering. I not from enemies accept this suffering, but from the brother, and do not make to it, My God, it a sin ". And, having prayed to God, возлег on the bed. And here have attacked it as animals wild, having surrounded a tent, and have pierced its spears, and have pierced Boris and its servant who has covered with its body, have pierced. There was it love Boris, this adolescent came the Hungarian, by name of George; Boris strongly loved it, and it has assigned to it grivna gold big in which it and served it. They have killed and Boris's many other adolescents. From George from it they could not remove quickly grivna from a neck, and have cut its head, and only then have removed grivna, and a head have rejected away; to it subsequently also have not found its body among corpses. Having killed Boris, damned have wrapped it in a tent, having put on a cart, have carried, still the breathing. Святополк damned, having learnt that Boris still breathes, has sent two Varangians to finish off it. When those have come and have seen that it is still live, one of them has taken a sword and has pierced it in heart. And so blissful Boris has died, having accepted with other righteous persons a wreath of an eternal life from the Christ of God, having made even to prophets and apostles, staying with an assembly of martyrs, resting on Avraam's bosom, seeing not uttered pleasure, singing with angels and in веселии staying with all sacred. Also have put its body in Vasily's churches, secretly having brought it in Vyshgorod. Damned those murderers have come to Svjatopolku, precisely praise deserved, беззаконники, Here names of these законопреступников: Путша, Talets, Elovit, Ljashko, and the father to all of them a Satan. For such servants are similar to demons: demons after all are sent on malicious, angels are sent for good deeds. Angela after all does not create to the person of harm, but good to it wishes constantly, especially helps Christians and protects them from a supostata-devil; and demons induce the person on harm, envying it; and as see that the person from God in honour, - therefore envy and are fast on harm fulfilment. The malicious person, being zealous to malicious business, is worse than a demon for demons of God are afraid, and the malicious person is not afraid of God, of people is not ashamed; demons after all and a cross of Gospodnja are afraid, and the person malicious and a cross is not afraid.

Святополк damned began to think: "I Here have killed Boris; as though to kill Gleb?". And, having planned Kainovo business, has sent, deceiving, the messenger to Gleb, speaking so: "Come here somewhat quicker, the father calls you: strongly it is sick". Gleb has immediately sat down on a horse and has gone with малою дружиною because was послушлив to the father. And when it has come to Volga its horse on a rut has in the field stumbled, and Gleb to itself has damaged a few foot. Also has come to Smolensk, and has departed from Smolensk nearby, and became on Smjadyne in насаде. The message has come To the same time to Yaroslav about death of the father from Preglory and Yaroslav has sent to tell to Gleb: "do not go: the father at you has died, and your brother is killed by Svjatopolkom". Услыхав it, Gleb has loudly begun to yell with tears, being cried after the father, but it is even more after the brother, and began to pray with tears, speaking so:" Alas to me, My God! It would be better to die to me with the brother, rather than to live on light it. If I saw, my brother, the person your angelic would die with you: nowadays what for there was I one? Where your speeches what you, the brother spoke me my favourite? Nowadays any more I will not hear silent your manual. If your prayers to God pray for me that also I have accepted the same martyr death reach. It would be better to die to me with you, than to live on this light full of lie ". And when he so prayed with tears, have suddenly come sent to ruin Svjatopolkom Gleb. And here have suddenly grasped sent Gleb's ship, and have bared the weapon. Adolescents of Glebovy have lost courage. The damned Gorjaser, one of sent, ordered to kill Gleb immediately. Gleb's cook, a name Torchin, having taken out a knife, killed Gleb, as innocent lamb. So it has been sacrificed to God, instead of a fragrant incense a victim reasonable, and has accepted a wreath царствия Bozhija, having entered into heavenly monasteries, and has seen there the desired brother, and rejoiced with it неизреченною радостию which they have received for the братолюбие. "As it is good and as it is fine to live to brothers together!". Damned have come back back as David has told: "Yes sinners in a hell will come back". When they have come, Svjatopolku have told: "Have made ordered by you". It, having heard it, has become proud even more, without knowing that David has told: "That you are praised by villainy, strong? All the day long lawlessness... умышляет your language".

So, Gleb has been killed, and it has been thrown ashore between two packs, then, taking it, have taken away and have put it near to the brother its Boris in sacred Vasily's churches.

Also they have incorporated bodies, and moreover and souls, staying at the Lord, the Tsar of everything, in pleasure infinite, in the light of not uttered and submitting gifts of healing to Russian earth and all coming with верою from other countries curing: lame allowing to go, blind giving the enlightenment, ill the recover, chained clearing, to dungeons отверзение, sad a consolation, driven disposal. Defenders they for Russian earth, fixtures shining and eternally praying to the Lord about the people. That is why and we should eulogise adequately страстотерпцев these Christ's, diligently praying to them with words:" Rejoice, страстотерпцы Christ's, the defenders of Russian earth submitting healing coming to you with верою and love. Rejoice, heavenly inhabitants, were you angels, единомысленными attendants to God, a uniform couple, sacred unanimous; therefore you also submit healing by all sufferer. Rejoice, Boris and Gleb богомудрые, you as though exhale streams from a well живоносной healing waters, they expire to true people on recover. Rejoice, trampled the artful dragon, was like beams светозарным, as the stars which are lighting up all Russian earth, always darkness driving away верою непреклонною. Rejoice, deserved недреманное an eye, the souls to execution of sacred Divine precepts in the hearts of the inclined, blissful. Rejoice, the brothers together staying in places светозарных, in settlements heavenly, in the fadeless glory which possession have received. Rejoice, it is obvious for all осиянные the divine light, all world bypassed, demons driving away, illnesses curing, fixtures kind, defenders warm, good luck staying, divine beams always lighted up, courageous страстотерпцы, educating souls to true people. The lightful heavenly love has ennobled you; through it you also inherited all beauty of heavenly life, glory both paradise food, and reason light, fine pleasures. Rejoice, because напояете all of you hearts, sorrows and illnesses drive away, passions malicious cure; drops of blood the sacred was empurpled by you багряницу, glorified for, it carrying perfectly, with the Christ reign always, praying for new Christian people and сродников the. The earth Russian has received the blessing of blood вашею and the hallows which are based in church, you educate church this spirit divine, in it with martyrs as martyrs, you pray for the people. Rejoice, light stars, in the morning the ascending! Religous страстотерпцы and our defenders! Subdue nasty under feet to our princes, praying to the lord to our God that they stayed in the world, in a unification and in health, relieving them from усобных wars and from пронырства a devil, award also us the same, singing to you and esteeming your nice celebration, in all eyelids to скончания the world ".

Святополк the damned and malicious has killed Svjatoslava, having sent to it to mountain Ugrian when that ran in Ugry. Also began Svjatopolk to think: "I Will interrupt all brothers and I will begin to own one Russkoju землею". So he thought in the pride, without knowing that "God gives the power to whom wants, for delivers Supreme цесаря and the prince what will want to give". If any country becomes угодной to God God цесаря or the prince just, loving justice and the law puts to it, and grants the master and the judge judging court. For if princes are fair in the country much согрешений says goodbye to that country; if are malicious and false, still большее harm is sent by God on that country, because the prince - the head of the earth. For so Isajja has told: "Have sinned from a head and to feet, that is from цесаря and to simple people"."The Grief to that city in which the prince is young", loving to drink wine under sounds of a psaltery together with young advisers. Such princes are given by God for sins, and old and wise takes away, as Isajja has told:" The Lord will take away from Jerusalem the strong giant both the brave husband, and the judge, both the prophet, and the restrained aged man, both the marvellous adviser, and the wise artist, and reasonable, living under the law. And ladies to them the young man of the prince, and the offender I will put to possess them ".

Святополк damned began to reign in Kiev. Having called people, it to whom began them to give raincoats, and another money, and роздал it is a lot of riches. When Yaroslav did not know about fatherly death, there was at it a set of Varangians, and they created violence новгородцам and to their wives. Новгородцы have risen and have interrupted Varangians in a court yard of Poromonem. Both Yaroslav was angry, and has gone to village Rakomo, has sat down there in a court yard. Also has sent to новгородцам to tell: "To me already those not to revive". Also has called for itself the best husbands who have interrupted Varangians, and, having deceived them, has interrupted. In the same night the message from Kiev from sister of its Preglory has come to it: "your Father has died, and Svjatopolk sits in Kiev, has killed Boris, and on Gleb has sent, be protected it very much". Having heard it, Yaroslav both about the father, and about brothers, and about a team was sad. The next day, having collected the rest новгородцев, Yaroslav has told: "About lovely my team which I have interrupted yesterday, and today it has appeared is necessary". Has wiped tears and has addressed to them on veche:" My father has died, and Svjatopolk sits in Kiev and kills the brothers ". Also have told новгородцы:" Though, the prince, and иссечены our brothers, - we can struggle for you! ". Yaroslav also has collected one thousand Varangians, and other soldiers 40 000, and has gone on Svjatopolka, having called God in witnesses of the truth and having told:" Not I have started to beat my brothers, but it; yes there will be God the avenger for blood of my brothers because without fault it has spilt Boris and Gleb's just blood. Or and me the same to make? Judge me, My God, under the truth, yes evil deeds guilty "will stop. Also has gone on Svjatopolka. Having heard that Yaroslav goes, Svjatopolk has collected uncountable quantity of soldiers, Russian and печенегов, and left against it to Ljubechu on that coast of Dnepr, and Yaroslav was on it.

The beginning of reigning of Yaroslav in Kiev.

In a year 6524 (1016). Yaroslav on Svjatopolka, and steels on either side of Dnepr has come, and did not dare neither these at those, nor those on these, and stood so three months against each other. Also became воевода to Svjatopolka, driving about on coast, to reproach новгородцев, speaking: "That have come with хромцом it? You after all carpenters. We will put you our mansion to cut!" . Hearing it, have told новгородцы to Yaroslav that "tomorrow we will be forwarded to it; if who does not go with us, we will attack it". There have come already frosts, Svjatopolk stood between two lakes and all night long saws with the team. Yaroslav since the morning, исполчив the team, at a dawn was forwarded. And, having put ashore, have pushed away castles from coast, both have gone against each other, and have converged in fight. Was сеча severe, and could not печенеги help because of lake; also have pressed Svjatopolka with дружиною to lake, and have entered on ice, and ice has broken under them, and Yaroslav, видев began to overcome it, Svjatopolk has run, and Yaroslav has overcome. Святополк ran to Poland, and Yaroslav has sat down in Kiev on a table fatherly and antiquated. Also there were then to Yaroslav 28 years.

In a year 6525 (1017). Yaroslav has gone to Kiev, and churches have lost.

In a year 6526 (1018). Boleslav on Yaroslav with Svjatopolkom and with Poles has come. Yaroslav, having collected русь, and Varangians, and словен, has gone against Boleslav and Svjatopolka and has come to I Delay, and there were they on both parties of the river of Bug. Also there was at Yaroslav a supporter and воевода, a name of Buda, and it began to reproach Boleslav, speaking: "we Will pierce to you колом a belly your thick". For Boleslav was great and тяжек so and on a game could not sit, but was clever. Boleslav to the team also has told: "If you are not humiliated with the insult it I will be lost one". Sowing on a horse, has driven it in the river, and behind it its soldiers. Yaroslav was not in time исполчиться, both Boleslav Yaroslav has won. Yaroslav with four мужами to Novgorod also has escaped, Boleslav has entered Kiev with Svjatopolkom. Boleslav Also has told: "Dissolve my team on cities on покорм"; also was so. Yaroslav, having come running to Novgorod, Konstantin, son Dobryni, with новгородцами рассек castles of Jaroslavovy wished to run for the sea, but посадник, speaking:" We wish and to fight with Boleslav and with Svjatopolkom ". Began to raise money from the husband on 4 куны, and from heads on 10 grivnas, and from boyars on 18 grivnas. Also have resulted Varangians, and distances it money, and Yaroslav has collected soldiers much. When Boleslav sat in Kiev, damned Svjatopolk has told:" How many is Poles on cities, beat them ". Also have interrupted Poles, Boleslav has run from Kiev, having taken away riches, both boyars of Jaroslavovyh, and its sisters, and Nastasa - priest Desjatinnoj of church - has put to these riches for that a deceit has occurred to it in trust. And people set has withdrawn with itself, and cities Chervensky has taken away to itself, and has come to the earth. Святополк began to reign in Kiev. Yaroslav on Svjatopolka also has gone, and Svjatopolk to печенегам ran.

In a year 6527 (1019). Svjatopolk with печенегами in force terrible has come, and Yaroslav has collected set of soldiers and left against it on the Alto. Yaroslav became into place where have killed Boris, and, having upraised hands to the sky, has told: "Blood of my brother вопиет to you, the Lord! Revenge for blood of this righteous person as you have revenged for Avel's blood, has doomed Kaina to plaint and trembling: so doom also it". Has prayed and has told:" My brothers! Though you have departed a body from here, but молитвою help me against this enemy - the murderer and the arrogant man ". And when has told so, opponents against each other have moved, and has covered a field Altinsky set of soldiers. Was then Friday, both the sun ascended, and both parties have converged, and was сеча severe what did not happen in Russia, and, at hands catching, were cut, and converged three times so blood on lowlands flew. By the evening Yaroslav has overcome, and Svjatopolk ran. And when he ran, the demon, and расслабли its all members has attacked it, and it could not sit on a game, and bore it on a stretcher. And running with it have brought it to Berestju. He spoke:" Run with me, pursue us ". Adolescents sent it to look: whether" who Pursues us? ". Also there was nobody who would pursue them, and ran with it further. It lay is ailing and, half-rising, spoke:" Here already pursue, oh, pursue, run ". It could not bear on one place, and it has run through the Polish earth, persecuted Bozhiim anger, and has come running in a deserted place between Poland and Czechia, and there has disastrously ended the life." The just court has comprehended it, injust, and after death it has accepted torments of the damned: has shown obviously... Sent on it God the fatal penalty has ruthlessly betrayed his death ", and on отшествии from this light, connected, eternally suffers torments. There is its tomb in that deserted place and till this day. The stench proceeds from it is awful. All is God showed in lecture to princes Russian that if once again will make same, already слышав about all it the same execution will accept, and even still big that because will make such malicious murder, already knowing about all it. Seven executions were accepted by Kain, having killed Avel, and Lameh 70 because Kain did not know that it is necessary to accept a revenge from God, and Lameh has made murder, already knowing about the execution which have comprehended its primogenitor." For Lameh to the wives has told: "the Husband has killed to the detriment of me and, the young man having killed, has put to itself a trouble therefore, he has told, and 70 revenges are necessary to me that, knowing about everything, I have created it" ". Ламех has killed two brothers of Enohovyh and took to itself their wives; same Svjatopolk - the new Avimeleh which born from прелюбодеяния and have beaten the brothers, sons of Gedeonovyh; and has come true.

Yaroslav has sat down in Kiev, has wiped sweat with дружиною своею, having shown a victory and work is great.

In a year 6528 (1020). The son was born at Yaroslav, and Vladimir has named a name to it.

In a year 6529 (1021). Brjachislav has come, son Izjaslava, Vladimir's grandson, to Novgorod, and took Novgorod, and, having grasped новгородцев and their property, has gone to Polotsk again. And when it has come to the river Sudomiri, and Yaroslav from Kiev for the seventh day has overtaken for it here. Yaroslav Brjachislava, and новгородцев Also has won bigwigs to Novgorod, and Brjachislav ran to Polotsk.

In a year 6530 (1022). Yaroslav to Berestju has come. At the same time Mstislav was in Tmutarakani and has gone on касогов. Having heard it, the prince касожский Rededja left against it. And, when steels both shelf against each other, has told Rededja Mstislavu: "That for the sake of we will ruin teams? But we will converge to be overcome. If you overcome, will take my riches, both my wife, and my children, and my earth. If I overcome, I will take your all". Mstislav Also has told: "Yes will be so". Rededja Mstislavu Also has told: "Not the weapon we will fight, but борьбою". Also have seized to struggle strong, and in long struggle Mstislav for Rededja was great and strong began to be exhausted. Mstislav Also has told:" About пречистая the Virgin, help me! If I will overcome it, I will erect church in your name ". And, having told so, has thrown it on the earth. Both has snatched out a knife, and killed Rededju. And, having gone to its earth, has taken away its all riches, both its wife, and its children, and a tribute has assigned on касогов. And, having come to Tmutarakan, has put church of the sacred Virgin and has erected that that costs and till this day in Tmutarakani.

In a year 6531 (1023). Mstislav on Yaroslav with хазарами and касогами has gone.

In a year 6532 (1024). When Yaroslav was in Novgorod, from Tmutarakani Mstislav has come to Kiev, and have not accepted it киевляне. It has gone also villages on a table in Chernigov; Yaroslav was then in Novgorod. In the same year magicians in Suzdal have risen; on a devil instigation and devilish action beat senior чадь, saying that they hold stocks. There was a mutiny great and hunger on all that country; across Volga all people to Bulgarians also have gone, and have brought bread and so have revived. Yaroslav, having heard about magicians, has come to Suzdal; having grasped the magicians, one has expelled, and others executed, speaking so:" God for sins sends on any country hunger, or мор, either a drought, or other execution, the person does not know, for what ". And, having come back, Yaroslav has come to Novgorod, and has sent for the sea for Varangians. Jakun with Varangians also has come, and that Jakun was beautiful, and the raincoat at it has been weaved by gold. Also has come to Yaroslav, and Yaroslav with Jakunom on Mstislava has gone. Мстислав, having heard, left against them to Listvenu. Мстислав since the evening исполчил a team also has put northerners directly against Varangians, and itself became with дружиною своею on both parties. Also there has come night, there was a darkness, a lightning, a thunder and a rain. Mstislav to the team also has told:" Let's go on them ". Mstislav and Yaroslav against each other Also have gone, and the team of northerners with Varangians has seized, and Varangians worked, cutting northerners, and then Mstislav with the team has moved and began to cut Varangians. And сеча it was strong, and when the lightning sparkled, the weapon shone, and the thunder-storm was great and сеча is strong and terrible. And when Yaroslav that comes off second-best has seen, has run with Jakunom, the prince варяжским, and Jakun here has lost the raincoat gold. Yaroslav has come to Novgorod, and Jakun has left for the sea. Мстислав at daybreak, having seen lying посеченных the northerners and Jaroslavovyh of Varangians, has told:" Who is not glad to that? The northerner, and here the Varangian here lies, and the team is whole ". Also has sent Mstislav for Yaroslav, speaking:" Sit down in the Kiev: you the big brother, and me let will be this party of Dnepr ". Yaroslav Also has not dared to go to Kiev, have not reconciled yet. Mstislav in Chernigov also sat, and Yaroslav in Novgorod, and were in Kiev мужи Yaroslav. In the same year the son was born at Yaroslav still, and has named a name to it Izjaslav.

In a year 6534 (1026). Yaroslav has collected soldiers of many, and has come to Kiev, and has made the peace with the brother Mstislavom at Gorodtsa. Also have divided across Dnepr Russian earth: Yaroslav has taken this part, and that Mstislav. Also have started to live peacefully and in братолюбии, and intestine war and mutiny have calmed down, and there was a silence great in the country.

In a year 6535 (1027). The third son at Yaroslav was born, and Svjatoslav have named it.

In a year 6536 (1028). The sign in a kind of a dragon was in the sky so it was visible it on all earth.

In a year 6537 (1029). Peacefully was.

In a year 6538 (1030). Yaroslav Belz took. At Yaroslav the fourth son also was born, and Vsevolod has named it. In the same year Yaroslav on чудь has gone, both has won them, and has put the city of Jurev. Boleslav Veliky in Poland At the same time has died, and there was a mutiny in the earth Polish: having risen, people have interrupted bishops and priests and the boyars, and there was among them a mutiny.

In a year 6539 (1031). Yaroslav and Mstislav, having collected soldiers of many, have gone on Poles, and again have occupied Chervensky cities, and have done some fighting the earth Polish, and many Poles have resulted, and have divided them. Yaroslav has planted the Poles on Rosi; there they live and to this day.

In a year 6540 (1032). Yaroslav has started to put cities on Rosi.

In a year 6541 (1033). Evstafy Mstislavich has died.

In a year 6542 (1034).

In a year 6543 (1035).

In a year 6544 (1036). Мстислав left on hunting, has ached and has died. Also have put it in churches of sacred Spasa which itself has put; after all at it its walls in height have been deduced, how many it is possible, standing on a game, to get рукою. Mstislav was mighty a body, is beautiful the person, with the big eyes, is brave on hosts, is mercy, loved a team without a measure, a manor for it did not spare, neither in drink, nor in food forbade nothing to it. After that Yaroslav has taken hold of all its possession and became самовластцем in Russian earth. Yaroslav has gone to Novgorod and has planted the son the Vladimir in Novgorod, and the bishop has put Zhidjatu. At Yaroslav the son At this time was born, have named a name to it Vyacheslav. When Yaroslav was in Novgorod, the message has come to it that печенеги have besieged Kiev. Yaroslav has collected soldiers of many, Varangians and словен, has come to Kiev and has entered into the city. And was печенегов without number. Yaroslav has acted from a city, and исполчил a team, and has put Varangians in the middle, and on the right party - киевлян, and on the left wing - новгородцев; also became before hailstones. Печенеги have gone on an attack and have seized on a place where there is nowadays sacred Sofia, митрополия the Russian: was here then a field out of hailstones. Also was сеча severe, and hardly by the evening Yaroslav has overcome. Also have run печенеги in all directions, and did not know where to run, one, escaping, others sank in Setomli, in other rivers, and their rest runs somewhere and till this day. In the same year Yaroslav has planted the brother of Sudislava in a dungeon in Pskov - that has been slandered before it.

In a year 6545 (1037). Yaroslav has put a city great, at the same hailstones Gold gate; has put also church of sacred Sofia, митрополию, and then church on Gold collars - the sacred Virgin of the Lady day, then sacred George's monastery and sacred Irina. Also began at it belief Christian to breed and extend, and черноризцы began to be multiplied, and monasteries to appear. Yaroslav also loved church charters, priests loved much, especially черноризцев, and books loved, reading them is frequent both at night and in the afternoon. Also has collected писцов many, and they translated with Greek on slavic language. They of books also have written set, they teach believing people and enjoy the doctrine divine. As if one earth will plough, another will sow, and others reap and eat food not becoming scanty, - and this. The father after all its Vladimir has ploughed the earth and has softened, that is a christening has educated. Same has sowed book words of heart of believing people, and we reap, the doctrine accepting the book.

It is great after all there is an advantage of the doctrine book; by books are edified and taught on a repentance way for from words book we find wisdom and abstention. It after all - the rivers, напояющие the Universe, is wisdom sources; in books after all immeasurable depth; we in grief are consoled in them; they - the abstention bridle, Is great there is a wisdom; after all and Solomon, glorifying it, spoke: "I, knowledge, have installed light and reason, and sense I have called. Fear of Gospoden... My councils, my wisdom, my statement, my force. Me цесари reign, and strong узаконяют the truth. Grandees are called by me also torturers operate землею. Loving me I love, searching for me will find good fortune". If you will diligently look in wisdom books you will find great advantage to the soul. For who often reads books, that talks good luck or with sacred мужами. The one who reads prophetical conversations, both evangelical and apostolic lectures, and lives of sacred fathers, finds to a shower great advantage.

Yaroslav as we have already told, loved books and, it is a lot of them having written, has put in churches of sacred Sofia which has created itself. Has decorated with its gold, silver and vessels church, and uplift in it to God the put church chanting in due time. And other churches put on cities and in places, delivering priests and giving from the riches the salary, ordering to learn them people because it is entrusted to them it is God, and to visit more often churches. Also were increased пресвитеры and people Christian. Yaroslav also rejoiced, seeing set of churches and people of Christians, and the enemy complained, won by new people Christian.

In a year 6546 (1038). Yaroslav has gone on ятвягов.

In a year 6547 (1039). The church of the sacred Virgin which was created by Vladimir, Yaroslav's father has been consecrated by metropolitan Feopemptom.

In a year 6548 (1040). Yaroslav has gone to Lithuania.

In a year 6549 (1041). Yaroslav on мазовшан in castles has gone.

In a year 6550 (1042). Vladimir Jaroslavich on Jam has gone both has won them. Horses at soldiers of Vladimirovyh also have fallen; so, as even breathing horses skinned: such was мор on horses!

In a year 6551 (1043). Yaroslav has sent the son the Vladimir on Greeks and has given it many soldiers, and воеводство has charged Vyshate, to father Janja. Vladimir in castles Also has gone, and has come to Danube, and has gone to Tsargrad. And the storm was great, and has broken the ships of Russian, and the princely ship has broken a wind, and took the prince in the ship Ivan Tvorimirich, воевода Yaroslav. Other soldiers of Vladimirovyh, number to 6000, has cast ashore, and when they have wanted was to go to Russia, nobody has gone with them from a team princely. Vyshata also has told: "I will go with them". Also has landed to them from the ship, and has told:" If I will be live, with them if I will be lost, with a team ". Also have gone, intending to reach Russia. Also have informed Greeks that the sea has broken castles руси, and the tsar, a name has sent the Monomove, for русью 14 castles. Vladimir, having seen with дружиною своею that follow them, having turned, has broken castles Greek and has come back to Russia, sowing on the ships. Вышату have seized together with cast ashore, and have resulted to Tsargrad, and have blinded many Russian. After three years when the world was established, Vyshata to Russia to Yaroslav has been released. Yaroslav in those days has given out the sister for Kazimira, and has given Kazimir, instead of the wedding gift, eight hundred Russian captured, grasped still Boleslav when that has won Yaroslav.

In a year 6552 (1044). Have dug out of tombs of two princes, Jaropolka and Oleg, sons of Svjatoslava, and have christened their bones, and have put them in churches of the sacred Virgin, In the same year Brjachislav, son Izjaslava, Vladimir's grandson, Vseslav's father, and Vseslav has died, its son, villages on its table, mother has given birth to him from волxвования. When mother has given birth to him, on its head it has appeared язвено, and magicians of its mother have told: "It язвено impose on it, let carries it to death". It on itself Vseslav and till this day Also carries; because also it is not mercy on bloodshed.

In a year 6553 (1045). Vladimir has put sacred Sofia in Novgorod.

In a year 6554 (1046).

In a year 6555 (1047). Yaroslav has gone on мазовшан, both has won them, and has killed the prince of their Moislava, and has subdued their Kazimiru.

In a year 6556 (1048).

In a year 6557 (1049).

In a year 6558 (1050). The princess, Yaroslav's wife has passed away.

In a year 6559 (1051). Yaroslav Ilariona the metropolitan has put, it come from Russian, in sacred Sofia, having collected bishops.

And now we will tell, why it is named so the Pechersky monastery. God-loving prince Yaroslav loved village Berestovoe and church which was there, sacred apostles and helped priests to much among which was пресвитер, a name of Ilarion, the husband kind, book and постник. It from Berestovogo to Dnepr, on a hill where nowadays there is an old monastery Pechersky Also went, and there a prayer created, for there was there a wood great. It has dug out пещерку small, двухсаженную, and, coming from Berestovogo, sang there church hours and prayed to God secretly. Then god has put to the prince thought on heart to put its metropolitan in sacred Sofia, and пещерка this and has arisen. And there are some days later there was a certain person, the layman from the city of Ljubecha, and God has put to it thought on heart to go странничать. It Also has gone on Sacred Mountain, and has seen there monasteries, and has bypassed them, having grown fond of a monkhood, and has come to one monastery, and has begged the abbot, that its postthreshing barns in monks. That has listened, its postthreshing barns, Antony has named it, having set and having learnt how to live on-chernecheski, and has told to it: "Go again to Russia, and yes there will be on you a blessing of Sacred Mountain for from you many become чернецами". Has blest him and has released, having told to it: "Go with the world". Антоний has come to Kiev and began to think where to lodge; also went on monasteries, and has not loved them as God did not want that. Also began to go on a jungle and mountains, searching for a place which to it would be specified by God. Also has come on a hill where Ilarion has dug out пещерку, and has loved a place that, and has lodged in it, and began to pray to God with tears, speaking:" My God! Strengthen me in a place it, and yes there will be here a blessing of Sacred Mountain and my abbot, which me postthreshing barns ". Also began to live here, praying to God, eating bread dry, and that every other day, and waters испивая moderately, digging a cave and without giving itself rest day and night, staying in works, in vigil and in prayers. Kind people have then learnt and came to it, bringing everything that it was required to it, And it has passed as great Antony: coming to it, asked from it blessings. After when grand duke Yaroslav has passed away, - приял the power the son of its Izjaslav and villages in Kiev. Антоний has been glorified in Russian earth; Изяслав, having learnt about its sacred life, has come with дружиною своею, asking from it blessings and prayers. And the permission became all great Antony both is honoured by everything, and the brotherhood began to come to it, and it and постригать has started to accept them, and has gathered to it brotherhood number 12, and ископали a cave great, both church, and cells which and till this day still exist in a cave under an old monastery. When the brotherhood has gathered, Antony has told it: "It is God you, brotherhood, has collected, and you here on blessing of Sacred Mountain on which me postthreshing barns the abbot of Sacred Mountain, and I you постригал - yes will be blessing on you, the first from God, and the second from Sacred Mountain". And so has told it:" Live in itself, and I will put you the abbot, and I wish to retire to this mountain as and before has already got used to live in solitude ". Also has put to them abbot Varlaama, and itself has come to mountain and ископал a cave that under a new monastery, and in it скончал the days, living in virtue, without leaving anywhere a cave within forty years; in it its hallows and till this day lie. Brotherhood with the abbot lived in a former cave. And in those days, when the brotherhood was increased and could not hold already in a cave, have thought to put a monastery out of a cave. Also have come the abbot with brotherhood to Antoniju and have told to it:" The father! The brotherhood was increased, and we can not hold in a cave; if God has enjoined, on your prayer we would put церковку out of a cave ". Over it Antony Also has enjoined. They have bowed to it and have put церковку small over пещерою for the sake of the Assumption of the sacred Virgin. Also there has begun God, on a prayer of the sacred Virgin, to multiply черноризцев, and council was created by brothers with the abbot to put a monastery. Brothers to Antoniju also have gone and have told:" the Father! The brotherhood is multiplied, and we would like to put a monastery ". Антоний has told with pleasure:" God in everything Is blest, and the prayer of the sacred Virgin and fathers of Sacred Mountain yes will be with you ". And, having told it, has sent one of brothers to prince Izjaslavu, speaking so:" My prince! Here God multiplies brotherhood, and a place мал'о: would give us that mountain that over пещерою ". Изяслав has heard it both it was glad, and has sent the husband, and has given them that mountain. The abbot and brotherhood have put church great, and a monastery have fenced with a jail, cells have put much, have finished church and have decorated with its icons. The Pechersky monastery also has since then begun: because that lived чернецы before in a cave, and the monastery Pechersky was nicknamed. The monastery Pechersky on blessing of Sacred Mountain was based. When the monastery has become stronger at abbot Varlaame, Izjaslav has put other monastery, sacred Dmitry, and has deduced Varlaama on игуменство to sacred Dmitry, wishing to make that monastery above Pechersky, hoping for the riches. It is a lot of after all monasteries цесарями, both by boyars, and rich men it is put, but not such they, as what are put by tears, a post, молитвою, vigil. Антоний after all had no neither gold, nor silver, but has reached all tears and a post as I already spoke. When Varlaam has left to sacred Dmitry, brothers, having created council, have gone to aged man Antoniju and have told: "Put us the abbot". He has told it: "Whom want?". They have answered: "Who is wanted by God and you". Also has told it:" Who from you is more Feodosiya - obedient, mild, restrained, - yes there will be it to you the abbot ". The brotherhood was glad, has bowed to the aged man; also have put Feodosiya the abbot of brotherhood, number 20. When Feodosy has accepted a monastery, it began to follow abstention, both strict posts, and prayers with tears, and began to collect many черноризцев, and has collected brotherhood number 100. Also began to search the charter monastic, and was then Michael, the monk of the Student Ijsky monastery who has come from the Greek earth with metropolitan George, - and began Feodosy to ask it the charter студийских monks. Also has found at it, both has written off, and has entered the charter in the monastery - how to sing singing monastic, and how to put bows, both how to read, and how to stand in church, and all schedule church, and on a meal behaviour and what to taste in what days - all it under the charter. Having found this charter, Feodosy has given it in the monastery. From the same monastery have adopted all monasteries this charter, because and the monastery Pechersky by the senior from all is esteemed. When there lived Feodosy in a monastery, and conducted a virtuous life, and observed monastic rules, and accepted everyone, coming to it, - has come to it and I - the thin and unworthy slave, - and has accepted me, and years to me was from a sort 17. I have written it and have defined, in what year the Pechersky monastery and that for the sake of it is called Pechersky has begun. And about life Feodosiya we will tell after.

In a year 6560 (1052). Vladimir, Yaroslav's elder son has passed away, in Novgorod and has been put in sacred Sofia which has erected.

In a year 6561 (1053). At Vsevoloda the son from the daughter imperial was born, Greek women, and Vladimir has named a name to it.

In a year 6562 (1054). The grand duke Russian Yaroslav has passed away. Still it during lifetime has given manual to the sons, having told it: "Here I leave this world, my sons; have love among themselves, because all of you brothers, from one father and from one mother. And if will live in love among themselves, God will be in you and will subdue to you enemies. Also will peacefully live. If in hatred will live, in conflicts and quarrels will be lost and ruin the earth of the fathers and the grandfathers which have extracted its work by the great; but live peacefully, obeying the brother of the brother. Here I charge my table in Kiev to my elder son and the brother to your Izjaslavu; obey him as obeyed me, let there will be it to you instead of me; and to Svjatoslavu I give Chernigov, and Vsevolodu Pereyaslavl, and to Igor Vladimir, and Vyacheslav Smolensk". And so has divided between them cities, having forbidden them to transcend other brothers and to expel them, and has told to Izjaslavu:" If who wants to offend the brother, you help the one whom offend ". And so edified the sons to live in love. Itself already it was sick then and, having arrived to Vyshgorod, has strongly fallen ill. Изяслав then was... And Svjatoslav in Vladimir. Всеволод was then at the father for his father of most brothers loved and kept it always around. The end of a life of Yaroslav Also has come, and has given the soul to God to the first Saturday of a post of sacred Feodor. Всеволод has got up a body of the father, having assigned to sledge, has carried it to Kiev, and priests sang the put church chanting. People cried after it; and, having brought, have put it in a coffin marble in churches of sacred Sofia. After it Vsevolod and all people also cried, he Lived all years 76.

The beginning of reigning of Izjaslava in Kiev. Having come, villages Izjaslav on a table in Kiev, Svjatoslav in Chernigov, Vsevolod in Pereyaslavl, Igor in Vladimir, Vyacheslav in Smolensk. In the same year Vsevolod on торков to Voinju has in winter gone and has won торков. Bolush with half-sheep The same year came, and has made the peace with them Vsevolod, and half-sheep have come back back, whence have come.

In a year 6564 (1056).

In a year 6565 (1057). Vyacheslav, Yaroslav's son, in Smolensk has passed away, and have planted Igor in Smolensk, having deduced it from Vladimir.

In a year 6566 (1058). Has won Izjaslav голядь.

In a year 6567 (1059). Изяслав, Svjatoslav and Vsevolod have released the uncle of Sudislava from поруба where it sat 24 years, taking from it a God kissing; also there was it чернецом.

In a year 6568 (1060). Igor, Yaroslav's son has passed away. The same year Izjaslav, both Svjatoslav, and Vsevolod, and Vseslav have collected soldiers uncountable and have gone a campaign on торков, on horses and in castles, without number it is a lot of. Having heard about it, торки were frightened, both have left, and have not returned till now, - and перемерли be in hiding. Bozhiim anger driven, who from an icy cold, who for hunger, others from мора and court Bozhiim. So God of Christians has relieved of the nasty.

In a year 6569 (1061). Half-sheep войною on Russian earth For the first time have come; Всеволод left against them month of February in 2nd day. And fight have won Vsevoloda and, having done some fighting the earth, have left. That was the first harm from nasty and godless enemies. There was a prince them Searched.

In a year 6570 (1062).

In a year 6571 (1063). Судислав has passed away, Yaroslav's brother, and погребли it in sacred George's church. In the same year in Novgorod Volkhov flew in the opposite direction 5 days. Знаменье it was bad, for for the fourth year пожег Vseslav a city.

In a year 6572 (1064). Rostislav ran, Vladimir's son, Yaroslav's grandson, in Tmutarakan, and with it ran Porej and Vyshata, son Ostromira, воеводы the Novgorod. And, having come, has expelled Gleb from Tmutarakani, and itself has sat down on its place.

In a year 6573 (1065). Svjatoslav on Rostislava to Tmutarakani has gone. Ростислав has receded from a city - not because Svjatoslava was frightened, but without wishing to lift against the uncle of the weapon. Святослав, having come to Tmutarakan, again has planted the son the Gleb and has returned back. Ростислав, having come, has again expelled Gleb, and Gleb to the father has come. Ростислав has sat down in Tmutarakani. The same year Vseslav has begun war.

In the same times was знаменье in the west, a star great, with beams as though bloody; since evening it ascended to the sky after a sunset and so there were 7 days. The sign it was not to good, after that there were intestine wars many and invasion nasty on Russian earth for this star was as though bloody, foretelling blood promoulding. During the same times the child has been thrown in Setoml; this child was pulled out by fishermen in a seine, and we considered it till the evening and have again thrown in water. There was it such: on the person at it were срамные parts, and other it is impossible and to tell shame for the sake of. Before in the meantime and the sun has changed and did not become light, but was as a month, about such sun of the ignoramus say that it объедено. These signs happen not to good. We therefore so think, what exactly so happens in the ancient time, "at Antiohe, in Jerusalem: suddenly on all city within forty days horsemen skipping, with the weapon, in gold clothes began to be in air, regiments of both parties were, rattling the sabre: And it foretold an attack of Antioha, host invasion to Jerusalem. Then at Nerone цесаре in the same Jerusalem over a city воссияла a star in the form of a spear; it foretold invasion of the Roman army. And again so was at Justiniane цесаре: a star воссияла in the west, letting out beams, also have nicknamed its icon lamp and so she shone days 20; after that was звездотечение in the sky since evening till the morning so all thought as if stars fall, and again the sun shone without beams: it foretold seditions, illnesses to people, death. Again, already at Mauritius цесаре, was so: the wife has given birth to the child without eyes and without hands, and at it the fish tail has grown to hips; and the dog was born шестиногий; in Africa already two children was born: one about four feet, and another about two heads. Then was at tsar Konstantin Ikonobortse, the son of Leon, звездотечение in the sky, stars broke on the earth so the seeing thought that the world end; then воздухотечение was strong; In Syria there was an earthquake great so the earth was opened wide on three fields, and, marvellously, the earth left the mule, speaking a human voice and predicting invasion of foreigners, as well as happens then ": have attacked сарацины the Palestinian earth. Signs after all in the sky, either in stars, or in the sun, either in birds or in what other not to good happen; but these signs to harm happen: either war foretell, or hunger, or death.

In a year 6574 (1066). When Rostislav was in Tmutarakani and took a tribute with касогов and from other people, so Greeks were frightened of it that with a deceit have sent to it котопана. When it has come to Rostislavu, - it has gained the confidence of it, and honoured its Rostislav. Once, when Rostislav feasted with дружиною своею, котопан has told: "the Prince, I wish to drink for you". The Same has answered: "Drink". He has drunk half, and half has allowed to drink to the prince, having lowered a finger in a bowl; and under a nail there was at it a poison deadly, and has given to the prince, dooming him to death not later than the seventh day. That has drunk, котопан, having returned to Korsun, has told there what exactly this day will die Rostislav, as well as happens. Котопана it people have beaten stones корсунские. There was Rostislav the husband valorous, aggressive, is fine addition both is beautiful the person and is mercy to the poor. Also has died February in 3rd day and it is put there in churches of the sacred Virgin.

In a year 6575 (1067). Vseslav, son Brjachislava has lifted a host in Polotsk, and has occupied Novgorod. Three Jaroslavichej, Izjaslav, Svjatoslav, Vsevolod, having collected soldiers, have gone on Vseslav to a strong frost. Also have approached to Minsk, and минчане were shut in a city. These brothers took Minsk and have interrupted all husbands, and wives and children have captured and have gone to Nemiga, and Vseslav has gone against them. Also there were opponents on Nemiga of month of March in 3rd day; and snow was great, both have gone against each other. Also was сеча severe, and many have fallen in it, and have overcome Izjaslav, Svjatoslav, Vsevolod, Vseslav ran. Then month of July in 10th day Izjaslav, Svjatoslav and Vsevolod, having kissed a cross fair to Vseslav, have told to it:" Come to us, we will not create to you harm ". It, hoping for them крестоцелование, has moved to them in a castle through Dnepr. When Izjaslav the first has entered into a tent, have seized here Vseslav, on Rshi at Smolensk, having broken крестоцелование. Изяслав, having resulted Vseslav to Kiev, has planted it in a dungeon with two sons.

In a year 6576 (1068). Have come иноплеменники on Russian earth, половцев set. Изяслав, both Svjatoslav, and Vsevolod left against them on the Alto. And have gone against each other at night. God nasty for our sins has guided at us, and Russian princes have run, and have won half-sheep.

In the anger, иноплеменников God directs at the earth and then in a grief people recollect God; interstine war happens from devil temptation, God after all does not want harm to people, but the blessing; and the devil rejoices to malicious murder and blood to prolithium, kindling quarrels and envy, братоненавидение, slander. When any people run into a sin, God his death, either hunger, or invasion nasty executes, either a drought, or a caterpillar, or other executions that we have confessed for God orders to live to us in a repentance and speaks to us through the prophet: "Address to me all your heart, in a post and crying". If we so arrive, sins will say goodbye to all of us; but we to harm come back, as a pig, in кале sinful eternally soiled and so we stay. Lips of the same prophet the Lord speaks to us: "I Know, - speaks, - that you are rigid also a neck your iron", therefore "have not started up to you a rain, one earth одождил, and another not одождил, and have withered";" Also has amazed you with heat and various executions, but also here you have not addressed to me. Therefore your gardens, your figs, fields and your oak groves were ruined by me, - the Lord speaks, - and злоб yours could not destroy. Has sent on you various illnesses and death awful and on cattle has sent the execution, but also here have not addressed to me, but have told: "we will not give in". How long will not be sated злобами with yours? You after all have evaded from my way, - the Lord speaks, - and have tempted many "; therefore:" I witness fast against enemies, both fornicators, and swearing my name it is false, and depriving bribe of the mercenary, repairing violence over orphans and widows and уклоняющих court from the truth. Why will not confess in your sins? But deform my laws and do not observe them? Address to me - and I will address to you, - the Lord speaks, - and разверзу to you хляби heavenly and I will avert from you my anger, yet there will be no at you all much and not begin to be exhausted neither your gardens, nor fields. But you have brought down on me your words, speaking:" It is insignificant serving to God "". Therefore: "Lips чтут me, and heart will far defend them from me". Because, that we ask, it is not comprehensible. "Will be so, - speaks, - when will call me, I will not begin to listen to you". Will search for me in a trouble - and not обрящете for not восхотели to go on my ways ", paternal and the sky is shut or, on the contrary, on a grief is opened wide, hailstones instead of a rain letting out or a frost fruits beating and the earth heat wearying, for our evil deeds. If we will confess in our evil deeds" as to the own children "it will give to all of us просимое and a rain early or late." Also your barns пшеницею will be filled. Will spill pressed wine and oil. Also I will compensate to you for years in which have eaten at you a locust, both bugs, and caterpillars; force washing it is great, which I have sent on you ", - the Lord the Almighty speaks. Hearing all it, we will address to good; collect just court, relieve the offended; we will address to a repentance, without rendering harm for harm, slander for slander, but we will love our Lord, a post, both sobbing, and tears washing all our sins, not so that a word only we are called as Christians, and we live, as pagans. Here unless not in a pagan way we live, if in a meeting we trust? After all if who meets черноризца comes back as arrives and having met a wild boar or a pig, - unless it not in a pagan way? It after all on an instigation of a devil these signs keep; others in чихание believe, which actually happens on health to a head! But the devil deceives also these and the different ways, any cunnings averting us from God, pipes and buffoons, a psaltery and русалиями. We see after all as places игрищ are trampled down, and people set on them as push each other, arranging shows, a demon conceived, - and churches are empty stand; when there is time of the prayer, praying it appears in church a little. Therefore also executions all it is accepted from God and attacks of enemies; on the Divine command we accept punishment for our sins.

Then Greeks to Vladimir have sent the philosopher, so the told: "we Heard that Bulgarians came and learnt you to accept the belief; their belief profanes the sky and the earth, and прокляты they over all people, have assimilated to inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah on whom the Lord has filled with a burning stone both has flooded them, and have sunk, and so and these day of their death when God will come to judge the people expects and will ruin everything which are violating justice and nasty doing. For, having washed away, pour in this water in a mouth, smear with it on a beard and remember Magometa. As also wives create them the same скверну, and still even б'ольшую...". Having heard about it, Vladimir has spat the earth and has told: "this business is dirty". The philosopher has told: "we Heard and that came to you from Rome to learn you to the belief. Their belief a little from sew differs: serve on опресноках, that is on облатках about which God not заповедал, having enjoined to serve on bread, and taught apostles, taking bread:" This is my body, ломимое for you..." . As also a bowl took and has told: "This is my blood of the new testament". The Same which do not create it, incorrectly believe ". Vladimir has told:" Jews Have come to me and have told that Germans and Greeks believe in the one whom they have crucified ". The philosopher has answered:" it is Truly believed in that; their prophets foretold that God will be born, and others - that will be crucified and is buried, but in the third day will revive and will ascend to heavens. They beat one prophets, and others tortured. When their prophecies when it has descended on the earth have come true, he has been crucified and, having revived, has ascended to heavens, from them God of a repentance of 46 years expected, but have not confessed, and then has sent on them Romans; also have broken their cities, and have disseminated on other earths where stay in slavery ". Vladimir has asked:" God on the earth What for has descended and has accepted such suffering? ". The philosopher has answered:" If you wish to listen, I will tell to you one after another from the very beginning, what for God has descended on the earth ". Vladimir has told:" Is glad to listen ". The philosopher so Also has started to speak:

"In the beginning, in the first day, God has created the sky and the earth. In the second day has created твердь in the middle of water. This very day waters were divided - their half has ascended on твердь, and half has descended under твердь, In the third day he has created the sea, the rivers, sources and seeds. In the fourth day - the sun, the moon, stars, also God has decorated the sky. Has seen all he/she is the first of angels - the elder of a rank angelic, and has thought:" I will descend on the earth, both I will seize it, and I will be similar to God, and I will put the throne on clouds northern ". And immediately was will dethrone from heavens, and after it those who was under his supervision - the tenth angelic rank have fallen. There was a name to the enemy - Satanail, and on its place God has put elder Michael. A Satan, having deceived in the plan and having lost initial glory, was called as the opponent to God. Then, in the fifth day, God of whales, fishes, reptiles and birds feathery has created. In the sixth day God of animals, cattle, reptiles terrestrial has created; has created also the person. In the seventh put, that is on Saturday, почил God from the affairs. God also has spread paradise in the east in Edeme, and has entered into it the person who has created, and заповедал to it there are fruits of each tree, and fruits of one tree - good and harm knowledge - not is. Also there was Adam in paradise, saw God and glorified it when angels glorified, And sleepy God has made Adam, both Adam has fallen asleep, and took God one edge from Adam, and has created to it the wife, and has entered it into paradise to Adam, and Adam has told: "Here a bone from my bone and a flesh from my flesh; it will be called женою". Adam Also has named names to cattle and birds, to animals and reptiles and has given names even to angels. God to Adam also has subordinated animals and cattle, and it possessed everything, and all listened to it. A devil, having seen, as почтил God of the person, began it to envy, has changed in змия, has come to Eve and has told to it: "Why do not eat from a tree growing in the middle of paradise?". The wife змию also has told: "God Has told:" do not eat, if will eat, death will die "". Also has told to the wife змий:" Смертию will not die; for God knows that that day in which will eat from a tree of it, your eyes will open and will be as God, having learnt good and harm ". The wife Also has seen that a tree edible, and, taking, has eaten a fruit, and has given to the husband, and both fur-trees, and eyes both have opened, and they have understood that are nude, and have sewed to itself препоясание from fig foliage. God also has told:" the earth Prokljata for your affairs, in grief you will be sated all the days long your life ". The Lord Also has told:" When will stretch hands and take from a life tree - will live eternally ". Adam's Lord from paradise Also has expelled. He also has lodged against paradise, being cried and cultivating the land, and the Satan about an earth damnation was glad. This first our falling and bitter payment, отпадение from angelic life. Adam Kaina and Avel has given birth, Kain was the plowman, and Avel the shepherd. Kain in a victim to God also has incurred fruits terrestrial, and God of its gifts has not accepted. Avel has brought the first-born of a lamb, and God has accepted Avel's gifts. The Satan has entered in Kaina and began to incite to kill him Avel. Also has told to Kain Avel:" we Will go in the field its Avel, and when left has listened, Kain on Avel has risen and wished to kill him, but did not know, how it to make. To it the Satan also has told: "Take a stone and strike it". It took a stone both has killed Avel. God Kainu also has told: "Where your brother?". He has answered: "Unless I the watchman to my brother?". God also has told:" Blood of your brother вопиет to me, you will groan and shiver till the end of the life ". Adam and Eve cried, and the devil rejoiced, speaking:" Whom God почтил, that I have forced to disappear from God and here nowadays a grief upon it have drawn ". Also 30 years were cried after Avel, and its body has not decayed, and were not able to bury him. And command Divine two baby birds have arrived, one of them has died, another ископал and has put a hole in it died and has buried him. Having seen it, Adam and Eve have dug out a hole, have put in it Avel and have buried with we cry. When Adam was 230 years old, he has given birth Sifa and two daughters, and one Kain took, and other Sif so have gone to breed people and to be multiplied on the earth. Also have not learnt created them, a sewage, and murders, and envy was executed fornication, both everyone, and there lived people, as cattle. Only Ache one it was just in a human race. He also has given birth three sons: Сима, the Boor and Iafeta. God Also has told:" my spirit among people will not be to stay "; and still:" I will exterminate that has created, from the person and to cattle ". The Lord Also has told I Ache:" Construct an ark in length of 300 elbows, width 80, and height 30 "; Egyptians name an elbow sazhen. 100 years did Ache the ark and when has told Ache to people that there will be a flood, have laughed over it. When has made an ark, has told I Ache the Lord:" Enter into it you, both your wife, and your sons, and the daughter - in-law yours, and enter to itself on steam from all animals, and from all birds, and from all reptiles ". Also has entered Ache, whom God has ordered to it. God has guided a flood at the earth, all has sunk live, and the ark floated on water. When water slept, left Ache, his sons and its wife. From them both the earth was occupied. Also was people much, and they spoke in one language, and they have told each other:" we Will construct a pillar to the sky ". Have started to build, and there was an elder of their Nevrod; God also has told:" Here people and their plans vain "were increased. Both God has descended, and has divided their speech into 72 languages. Only Adam's language has not been taken away from Evera; this one of all remained is not privy to their mad business and has told so:" If God has ordered to people to create a pillar to the sky God would enjoin over the word, - just as has created the sky, the earth, the sea, all visible and invisible ". That is why its language was not changed; from it Jews have gone. So, people were divided into 71 language and have dispersed on all countries, and each people have accepted the customs. On научению the devil was brought by them of a victim to groves, wells and the rivers and have not known God. From Adam and to a flood has passed 2242, and from a flood before division of the people of 529 years. Then the devil has entered people in even большее error, and they began to create idols: one - wooden, others - copper, the third - marble, and some - gold and silver. Both bowed to them, and led to them of the sons and daughters, and pinned up them before them, and all earth has been profaned. By the first began to do idols of Seruh, he created them in honour of the died people: to some former tsars, or brave people and magicians, and wives to fornicators. Серух has given birth to Farru, Farra has given birth three sons: Avraam, Nahora and Aaron. Фарра did idols, having learnt it at the father. Avraam, having started to understand true, has looked at the sky, and has seen stars and the sky, and has told: "Truly that God who has created the sky and the earth, and my father deceives people". Avraam Also has told: "I Will test gods of the father", and has addressed to the father: "the Father! What for you deceive people, doing wooden idols? That God who has created the sky and the earth". Avraam, taking fire, has lighted idols in a temple. Aaron, Avraam's brother, having seen it and honouring idols, has wanted to take out them, but also itself has there and then burnt down and has died before the father. Before same the son before the father, but the father before the son did not die; and since then sons fathers began to die before. God has loved Avraam and has told to it:" Изыди from the house of your father also go to the earth which I will show you, and I will create from you the great people, and will bless you generations human ". Avraam how заповедал to it God Also has made. Also took Avraam the nephew Lota; this Prize was to it both the brother-in-law, and the nephew as Avraam took for itself the daughter of brother Aaron - Saru. Avraam Also has come to the earth Hananejsky to a high oak, and God to Avraam has told:" to your Posterity I will give this earth ". Avraam Bogu Also has bowed.

Avraam was 75 years old when there was it from Xаррана. Сара was неплодной, was ill бесчадием. Also has told to Sara Avraam: "Enter to the slave to mine". Both took Sara Agar, and has given to the her husband, and Avraam to Agari has entered, Agar has conceived and has given birth to the son, and its Avraam Izmailom named; Avraam was 86 years old when Izmail was born. Then has conceived Sara, both has given birth to the son, and has named a name to it Isaak. God Also has ordered to Avraam to make trimming of the adolescent, and cut off it for the eighth day. Avraam's God and its tribe has loved, and named its people, and naming the people, has separated it from others. Isaak also has grown up, and Avraam lived 175 years, both has died, and has been buried. When Isaaku was 60 years, he has given birth two sons: Исава and Iakova. Исав it was false, and Iakov - is just. This Iakov worked for the uncle seven years, achieving his younger daughter, and has not given it to it of Lavan - its uncle, having told so: "Take senior". Also has given it Liju, senior, and for the sake of another has told to it:" Work as early as seven years ". It worked as early as seven years for the sake of Rahili. And so took to itself of two sisters and has given birth from them eight sons: Рувима, Simeona, Levgiju, Judas, Isahara, Zaulona, Joseph and Veniamin, and from two slaves: It is given, Neftalima, the Reptile and Asira. And from them Jews, Iakov when he was 130 years old have gone, has gone to Egypt, together with all it come the, number 65 of souls. He has lived in Egypt 17 years and has died, and its posterity was in slavery of 400 years. After the lapse of these years Jews have amplified and were increased, and Egyptians oppressed them as slaves. During these times was born at Jews of Moisej, and magicians to the Egyptian tsar have told:" The child at Jews which will ruin Egypt "was born. The tsar of all born Jewish children in the river Also has immediately enjoined to throw. Mother of Moiseja, having been frightened of this destruction, took the baby, has put it in a basket and, having carried, has put it beside the river. The daughter of Pharaoh Fermufi at this time has come to bathe and has seen the crying child, took it, has spared, and Moisej has named it, and has raised. That boy was beautiful, and when it was executed to it four years, his daughter of the Pharaoh has led to the father. The Pharaoh, having seen Moiseja, has grown fond of the boy. Моисей, catching somehow at a neck of the tsar, has dropped from an imperial head a wreath and has attacked it. The magician, having seen it, has told to the tsar:" About the tsar! Ruin the adolescent of it if you will not ruin he will ruin all Egypt ". The tsar not only has not listened to it, but, it is more than that, has ordered not to ruin the Jewish children. Моисей has grown up and became the great husband in the house of the Pharaoh. When there was in Egypt other tsar, boyars have started to envy Moiseju. Моисей, having killed the Egyptian who has offended the Jew, ran from Egypt and has come to the earth Madiamsky, and when went through desert, he has learnt from Gabriel's angel about life of all world, about the first person and that was after it both after a flood, and about confusion of languages and who how many years of veins, and about movement of stars, and about their number, and about an earth measure, and any knowledge, Then were Moiseju God fire in a blackthorn and has told to it:" Saw I disasters of my people in Egypt and have descended to release them from under the power Egyptian, to deduce them from this earth. Go to the Pharaoh, the tsar Egyptian, and tell to it:" Let out Israel that three days were made by them требу to God ". If the tsar Egyptian I will beat its all my miracles" does not listen to you. When Moisej has come, its Pharaoh has not listened, and God on it has filled with 10 executions: first, the blood-stained rivers; secondly, toads; thirdly, midges; fourthly, песьи flies; fifthly, мор cattle; sixthly, abscesses; seventhly, hailstones; the v-eighth, a locust; the v-ninth, three-day darkness; the v-tenth, мор on people. Therefore God on them has filled with ten executions that 10 months they heated children Jewish. When has begun мор in Egypt, Pharaoh Moiseju and to the brother its Aaron has told: "leave More soon!". Моисей, having collected Jews, has gone from Egypt. Their Lord through deserts to Red sea also conducted, and the fiery pillar at night, and in the afternoon - cloudy went in advance them. The Pharaoh that people run has heard, and has pursued them, and has pressed them to the sea. When Jews have seen it, have begun to yell to Moiseju: "What for has led us to death?" . Moisej also has appealed to God, and the Lord has told: "That you appeal to me? Strike a staff on the sea". Moisej so Also has arrived, and water in two has parted, and children of Israel have entered into the sea. Having seen it, the Pharaoh has pursued them, sons of Israel have passed the sea on суху. And when left on coast, the sea over the Pharaoh and its soldiers was closed. God of Israel also has loved, and there were they from the sea three days on desert, and have come in Merru. Here water was bitter, and возроптали people on God, and the Lord has shown them a tree, and has put its Moisej in water, and water was charmed. Then again возроптали people on Moiseja and on Aaron: "it was better to us in Egypt where we ate meat, an onions and bread to satiety". Lord Moiseju Also has told:" Heard grumble of sons of Izrailevyh ", and has given to them is a god-send. Then has given them the law on a grief Sinai. When Moisej has climbed mountain to God, people have cast a head of a little body and have bowed to it, as to god. And иссек Moisej of three thousand these people. And then again возроптали people on Moiseja and Aaron as there was no water. Lord Moiseju also has told:" Strike a staff in a stone ". Moisej Also has answered:" And what if it will not let out water?" . The Lord also was angry with Moiseja that has not glorified the Lord, and it has not entered into the promised land because of grumble of people, but has erected it to mountain Vamsky both has shown the promised land. Moisej here on a grief also has died. The power Jesus Navin also has accepted. This has entered into the promised land, has beaten хананейское a tribe and has installed to the place of their sons of Izrailevyx. When Jesus has died, there was on its place judge Judas; and other judges was 14. At them Jews of God who has deduced them from Egypt have forgotten, and began to serve demons. Both God was angry, and has betrayed them иноплеменникам on plunder. When they started to repent, - their God pardoned; and when relieved them, - again evaded on service to demons. Then there was judge Ilja a priest, and then prophet Samuil. People of Samuilu Also have told:" Put us the tsar ". The Lord on Israel Also was angry, and has put them tsar Saula. However Saul has not wanted to obey to the law of Gospodnju, and David's Lord has selected, and has put its tsar to Israel, and David Bogu has pleased. David to it was promised by God that God from its tribe will be born. He began to prophesy the first about an embodiment Divine, speaking:" From a belly before a morning star has given birth to you ". So he prophesied 40 years and has died. And after it the son of its Solomon who has created a temple to God prophesied and named its Inner sanctum. And it was wise, but in the end has sinned; reigned 40 years and has died. After Solomona the son of its Rovoam reigned. At it the Jewish kingdom in two was divided: in Jerusalem one, and in Samaria another. In Samaria Ierovoam reigned. Lackey Solomona; he has created two golden calves and has put - one in Vefile on a hill, and another in Dane, having told:" Here your gods, Israel ". People Also worshipped, and God have forgotten. And in Jerusalem began to forget God and to worship to Vaalu, that is the war god, in other words - to Areju; also have forgotten God of the fathers. God to them also began to send prophets. Prophets have started to convict them of lawlessness and service to idols. They convicted, began to beat prophets. God was angry on Israel and has told:" I Will reject from myself, I will call other people who will be obedient to me. If will sin, I will not remember their lawlessness ". Also began to send prophets, speaking to them:" Prophesy about отвержении Jews and about calling of the new people ".

The first began to prophesy Osija: "I Will put an end to a kingdom of the house of Izrailev... I Will break onions Izrailev... I will not pardon more Any more the house Izrailev, but, sweeping aside, I will be rejected them", - the Lord speaks. "Also will be wanderers between the people". Иеремия has told: "Samuil and Moisej have at least risen... I will not pardon them". Same Ieremija Also has still told: "So the Lord speaks:" Here I have sworn a name my great that my name will not be said by lips of Jews "". Иезекииль has told: "So Lord Adonai speaks:" I Will disseminate you, and all your rest I will dispel on all winds... That have profaned my sanctuary all your nasty things; I will reject you... Also I will not pardon you "". Малахия has told: "So the Lord speaks:" Already there is no my goodwill to you... For from the east and to the West my name between the people will become famous, and on any place uplift an incense to my name and a victim pure as my name between the people is great. For that also I will give you on поношение and on dispersion among all people "". Исайя the great has told: "So the Lord speaks:" I Will stretch the hand on you, I will let rot and I will disseminate you, and again I will not collect you "". The same prophet Also has still told: "I Have begun to hate holidays and the beginnings of your months, and your Saturdays I do not accept". Amos the prophet has told: "Listen to a word of Gospodne:" I will lift crying about you, the house Izrailev has fallen and will not rise more "". Малахия has told: "So the Lord speaks:" I Will send on you a damnation and I will damn your blessing... I will destroy it and will not be with you "". And much prophets about отвержении prophesied them.

To the same prophets God about calling on their place of other people has enjoined to prophesy. Isajja so speaking also began to appeal: "From me there will be a law and my court - light for the people. My truth will soon come nearer and ascends... And for my muscle hope the people". Иеремия has told: "So the Lord speaks:" I Will conclude with the house of Iudinym the new testament. Giving them laws in their understanding, and on hearts them I will write them, and I will be it God, and they will be my people "". Исайя has told: "Former passed, and new I will announce, - before возвещания, it has been shown to you. Sing to God a new song". "The new name which will receive the blessing on all earth" will be given to my Slaves. "My House is called as the house of a prayer of all people". The Same prophet Isajja speaks: "the Lord Will bare a sacred muscle before eyes of all people, - and all ends of the earth will see rescue from our God". David speaks: "Praise the Lord all people, glorify its all people".

So God of new people has loved and has opened it that will descend to them, is the person in a flesh and will expiate suffering Adam's sin. Also began to prophesy about an embodiment of God, before others David: "the Lord to my Lord Has told:" Sit down одесную me, how long I will put your enemies to bottom of your feet "". And still: "the Lord Has told to me:" You my son; I have nowadays given birth to you "". Исайя has told: "Neither the ambassador, nor the bulletin, but God, having come, will rescue us". And still: "the baby will be born to us, sovereignty on its shoulders, and will name a name to it of great light an angel... Its power Is great, and its world does not have a limit". And still: "here, the maiden in a belly will conceive, and will name a name to it Emmanuil". Михей has told:" You, Bethlehem - the house of Efranta, unless you are not great between thousand иудиными? From you after all there will be what should be владыкою in Israel and which outcome from days eternal. Therefore it puts them till time, how long will not give birth to what will give birth and then their remained brothers to sons of Israel "will come back. Иеремия has told:" This is our God, and anybody another will not be compared to it. It has found all ways of knowledge and granted to its adolescent to Iakovu... After that it was on the earth and veins between people ". And still:" the person it; who learns, what it God? For dies, as the person ". Захария has told:" have not listened to my son, and I will not hear them, the Lord "speaks. And Osija has told:" So the Lord speaks: my flesh from them ".

ӫѬ and sufferings it, speaking, as Isajja has told: "the Grief to their shower! For council of harms have created, speaking:" we will connect the righteous person "". The same prophet Also has still told: "So the Lord speaks:"... I not воспротивляюсь, will not tell contrary to. My ridge was given by me for drawing of wounds, and my cheeks - on заушение, and my person have not turned on from desecration and оплевания "". Иеремия has told: "Come, we will put a tree in its food and we will tear away from the earth its life". Моисей has told about its crucifixion: "Will see a life your, hanging before your eyes". And David has told: "What for мятутся the people". Исайя has told: "As a sheep, веден there was it on sacrifice". Ездра has told: "God who spread the hands and has rescued Jerusalem Is blest".

And David has told about revival: "Rise, My God, judge the earth for you inherit among all people". And still: "as though from a dream the Lord has risen". And still: "yes God will revive, and yes its enemies" will be chiseled. And still: "revive, My God my God, yes your hand" will rise. Исайя has told: "the shades which have Descended in the country mortal, light воссияет on you". Захария has told: "And you for the sake of blood of your precept have released prisoners of of a ditch in which there is no water".

And prophesied about it much, as all has come true ".

Vladimir has asked: "When it has come true? And whether all has come true it? Or just now will come true?". The philosopher has answered it: "All it has already come true, when God was embodied. As I have already told, when Jews beat prophets, and their tsars broke laws, their (God) on plunder has betrayed, and have been deduced in a captivity to Assyria for the sins, and there were in slavery there 70 years. And then have come back in the earth, and there was no at them a tsar, but bishops dominated over them to иноплеменника the Tyrant who has become over them to dominate.

In board of this last, in a year 5500, Gabriel has been sent to Nazareth to maiden Maria who was born in a knee by Davidovom, to tell to it: "Rejoice, pleased. The Lord with you!". And from words of these it has conceived in Slovo Bozhie womb, both has given birth to the son, and named its Jesus. And here magicians have come from the east, speaking: "Where the born tsar Jewish? For saw its star in the east and have come to bow to it". Having heard about it, the Tyrant the tsar has come to confusion, and all Jerusalem with it, and, having called scribes and aged men, has asked them: "Where the Christ is born?". They have answered it: "In Bethlehem Jewish". The tyrant, having heard it, has sent with an order: "Beat babies of all till two years". They have gone and have exterminated babies, And Maria, having been frightened, has hidden the baby. Then Joseph with Maria, taking the baby, ran to Egypt where have stayed to death of the Tyrant. In Egypt the angel was to Joseph and has told:" Rise, take the baby and its mother and go to the earth to Izrailev ". And, having returned, has lodged in Nazareth. When Jesus has grown and there were to it 30 years, it has started to work wonders and preach a kingdom of heaven. Both has selected 12, and named their pupils, and began to create great miracles - to revive dead, to clear leprous, to cure lame, to give an enlightenment blind - and other many great miracles, which former prophets have predicted about it, speaking:" That has cured our illnesses and our illnesses on itself(himself) took ". Also it was christened in Jordan from John, having shown updating to new people. When it was christened, отверзлись heavens, and Spirit has descended in image pigeon, and the voice has told:" Here the son my beloved, it благоизволил ". It Also sent the pupils to preach царствие heavenly and a repentance for оставления sins. Also was going to execute a prophecy, and has started to preach how it is necessary to the son human to suffer, be распяту and in the third day to revive. When it learnt in church, bishops and scribes were executed envy, and wished to kill him, and, having seized it, have moved to governor Pilatu. Пилат, having found out that have resulted it without fault, has wanted it to release. They have told to it:" If you will release it you will not be the friend цезарю ". Then Pilat has ordered, that him have crucified. They, taking Jesus, have moved on a place of execution, and here have crucified him. The darkness on all earth from the sixth hour both to the ninth has come, and at the ninth o'clock Jesus has died, the Church veil was tore apart in two, many which has enjoined to enter into paradise have risen dead. Have removed it from a cross, have put it in a coffin, and the seals Jews have sealed a coffin, have put guards, having told:" its pupils As though have not stolen ". It has revived for the third day. Having revived from dead, it was to the pupils and has told it:" Go to all people and learn all people, christening them for the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit ". It has stayed with them 40 days, coming to them after the revival. When has passed 40 days, has enjoined over it to go on mountain Eleonsky. And here was it, both has blest them, and has told:" Be in hailstones Jerusalem, yet I will not send you обетование my father ". And, having told it, has risen on the sky, They have bowed to it. Also have come back to Jerusalem, and were always in church. After the lapse of fifty days the Spirit Sacred on apostles has descended. And when have accepted обетование the Holy Spirit have dispersed on the Universe, learning and christening водою".

Vladimir has asked: "Why he was born from the wife, has been crucified on a tree and christened водою?". The philosopher has answered it: "Here that for the sake of. In the beginning the human race женою has sinned: the devil has seduced Adam Evoju, and that has lost paradise, and God has revenged a devil: through the wife there was an initial victory of a devil, because of the wife Adam from paradise has originally been expelled; as through the wife God was embodied and has enjoined to enter into paradise the true. And on a tree he has been crucified because from a tree Adam has tasted and because of it has been expelled from paradise; God on a tree has accepted sufferings that the tree had been won a devil, and a life tree the just will escape. And updating водою was made because at Noe when sins at people were increased, God has guided a flood at the earth and has sunk people водою; to that God also has told:" As водою I have ruined people for their sins, and now again водою I will clear of sins of people - водою updatings "; for also Jews in the sea were cleared of the Egyptian malicious customs for the first had been created water, is told after all: the Spirit Divine rushed over waters therefore are nowadays christened водою and spirit. The first transformation too was водою to that Gedeon has given a prototype in the next way: when the angel has come to it, ordering to go to it on мадимьян, he, испытуя, has addressed to God, having put a fleece on a barn, has told:" If there will be on all earth a dew, and the fleece is dry..." . Also was so. Same was a prototype that all other countries were before without dew, and Jews - a fleece, after on other countries dew which is a sacred christening has fallen, and Jews remained without dew. And prophets have predicted that updating will be through water. When apostles learnt to believe on the Universe to God, their doctrine and we, Greeks, have accepted, the Universe believes to their doctrine. God and uniform in which, having descended from heavens has established day, will judge live and dead and will render to everyone on its affairs: to righteous persons - a kingdom of heaven, beauty not uttered, веселие endlessly and immortality eternal; to sinners - torture fiery, a worm not covering and a flour endlessly. Tortures that who does not trust God our Jesus Christ will be that: those who is not christened "will suffer on fire.

And, having told it, the philosopher has shown to Vladimir a veil on which the court of Gospodne has been represented, has specified to it on just on the right, in веселии going to paradise, and sinners at the left, going on torture. Vladimir, having sighed, has told: "who is good that on the right, a grief that who at the left". The philosopher has told: "If you wish to become on the right with righteous persons be christened". To Vladimir it has sunk down in heart, and he has told: "I Will wait a little more", wishing to find out about all beliefs. Vladimir also has given it many gifts and has released it with честию великою.

In a year 6495 (987). Vladimir has called the boyars and aged men town and has told it: "to me Bulgarians Here came, speaking:" pass our law ". Then Germans came and praised the law. Behind them Jews have come. After all Greeks have come, scolding all laws, and the eulogising, and much told, telling from the world beginning, about life of all world. They wisely speak, and miraculously to hear them, and to everyone любо to them to listen, they tell and about other light: if who, speak, will pass in our belief, that, having died, again will rise, and not to die to it for ever and ever; if in other law will be in the next world to burn to it on fire. What will you advise? What will answer?". Boyars and aged men also have told: "Know, the prince that scolds nobody the, but praises. If you wish to find out really about all after all you have at yourself husbands: having sent them, find out, at whom what service and who as serves God". Speech Also was pleasant to their prince and all people; have selected husbands nice and clever, number 10, and have told it:" Go at first to Bulgarians and test their belief ". They have gone, and, having come to them, saw their nasty affairs and worship in a mosque, and have returned to the earth. It Vladimir also has told:" Go to Germans, notice and at all of them, and therefrom go to the Greek earth ". They have come to Germans, have seen their service church, and then have come to Tsargrad and were to the tsar. The tsar has asked them:" What for have come? ". They have told to it all. Having heard it, the tsar was delighted and this very day has created it honours great. The next day has sent to the patriarch so speaking to it:" Russian about our belief have come to find out, prepare church and clergy and itself put on in святительские copes that they saw glory of our God ". Having heard about it, the patriarch has enjoined to call clergy, has created on custom celebratory service, and censers взожгли, and have arranged singing and choruses. Also has gone with Russian to church, and have put them on the best place, having shown them church beauty, singing and service архиерейскую, prestanding of deacons and having told it about service to the God. They were in admiration, marvelled and praised their service. Their tsars Vasily and Konstantin also have called, and have told it:" Go to your earth ", and have released them with gifts great and with honour. They have returned to the earth. The prince of the boyars and aged men also has called, and Vladimir has told:" Here have come sent by us мужи, we will listen to everything that was with them ", - and has addressed to ambassadors:" Speak before дружиною ". They have told:" Went to Bulgaria, looked, how they pray in a temple, that is in a mosque, stand there without a belt; having made bow, will sit down and looks there and here as mad, and there is no in them a fun, only grief and a stench great. Their law is not kind. We also have come to Germans, and saw in temples their various service, but beauty did not see any. We also have come to the Greek earth, and have entered us there where they serve the God, and did not know - in the sky or on the earth we: for is not present on the earth of such show and beauty such, and we do not know, as well as to tell about it, - we know only that God with people stays there, and their service is better, than in all other countries. We cannot forget that beauty for each person if will taste sweet, does not take then bitter; and we cannot stay here already ". Boyars have told:" If the law Greek its grandma your Olga would not accept was bad, and there was it the wisest of all people ". Vladimir Also has asked:" Where we will accept a christening? ". They have told:" Where to you любо ".

And when has passed year, in 6496 (988) Vladimir with an army on Korsun, a city Greek has gone, and were shut корсуняне in a city. Also there was Vladimir on that party of a city at landing stage, in distance of flight of an arrow from a city, and battled strong from a city. Vladimir has besieged a city. People in a city began to be exhausted, and Vladimir to townspeople has told: "If will not surrender, to idle time and three years". They have not obeyed him, Vladimir, having made the army, has ordered присыпать an embankment to city walls. And when filled, they, корсунцы, having undermined a wall city, выкрадывали подсыпанную the earth, and carried it to itself in a city, and poured in the middle of a city. Soldiers присыпали it is even more, and Vladimir stood. And here a certain husband корсунянин, a name of Anastas, has started up an arrow, having written on it: "Dig over and перейми water, there is it on pipes from wells, which for you from the east". Vladimir, having heard about it, has looked at the sky and has told: "If it comes true, - itself I am christened!" . Also has immediately enjoined to dig across to pipes and has adopted water. People were exhausted from thirst and have surrendered. Vladimir has entered into a city with дружиною the and has sent to tsars Vasily and Konstantin to tell: "Here took already your city nice; heard that have sister the maiden; if will not give it for me I will make to your capital the same, as to this city". And, having heard it, tsars have grieved, and have sent it a message such: "has not stuck to Christians to give out wives for pagans. If you are christened, also it you will receive, and a kingdom of heaven восприимешь, and with us единоверен you will be. If you will not make it we can not give out sister for you". Having heard it, Vladimir sent to it from tsars has told: "Tell to your tsars so: I am christened, for still before have tested your law and люба to me your belief and divine service about which have told to me sent by us мужи". Also tsars were glad, having heard it, and have asked the sister, a name Anna, and have sent to Vladimir, speaking:" Be christened, and then we will send the sister to you ". Vladimir has answered:" Let come with сестрою вашею also christen me ". Both tsars have obeyed, and have sent the sister, dignitaries and пресвитеров. She did not wish to go, speaking:" I go, as in it is full, it is better to die here to me ". To it brothers Also have told:" you God Perhaps, will turn Russian earth to a repentance, and the Greek earth will relieve of awful war. You see how many harm was done to Greeks by Russia? Now, if you will not go, will make also to us the same ". Also have hardly forced it. It has sat down in the ship, has said goodbye to the near with we cry and has gone through the sea. Also has come in Korsun, and left корсунцы towards to it with bow, and have entered it into a city, and have planted it in chamber. On a divine craft Vladimir eyes has ached at that time, both did not see anything, and grieved strongly, and did not know what to make. To it the tsarina also has sent to tell:" If you wish to get rid of illness of this be christened more soon; if you are not christened, you can not get rid of the illness ". Having heard it, Vladimir has told:" If it God Christian "is really great truly is executed. Also has enjoined to christen itself. The bishop корсунский with tsarina's priests, having announced, christened Vladimir. And when has assigned a hand to it, that has immediately begun to see clearly. Vladimir, having felt the sudden healing, has glorified God:" Now I have learnt true God ". Many of combatants, having seen it, were christened. It was christened in sacred Vasily's church, and there is that church in the city of Korsuni in the middle of hailstones where gather корсунцы for the auction; Vladimir's chamber costs from edge of church and up to now, and tsarina's chamber - behind an altar. After a christening have resulted the tsarina for marriage fulfilment. Not knowing trues say that Vladimir in Kiev was christened, others speak - in Vasileve, and others and differently will tell. When Vladimir christened and have learnt to its belief Christian, have told to it so:" Let no heretics will seduce you, but believe, speaking so: "I Believe in uniform God of the Father of the Almighty, the creator of the sky and the earth" - and up to the end this creed. And still:" I believe in uniform God of the Father not born and in the uniform Son born, in uniform Spirit Sacred, proceeding: three made natures, mental, divided on number and a nature, but not in divine essence: for God unseparably is divided and incorporates without mixture, the Father, God the Father eternally existing, stays in the paternity, not born, безначальный, the beginning and an original cause to everything, only нерождением the the senior, than the Son and Spirit; from it the Son all times is born before. The spirit Sacred proceeds out of time and out of a body; together there is a Father, together the Son, together and Spirit Sacred. The son подобосущен to the Father, only a birth differing from the Father and Spirit. The spirit пресвятой подобосущен to the Father and the Son and eternally co-exists with them. For to the Father paternity, to the Son сыновство, to Sacred Spirit исхождение. The father passes in the Son or Spirit, neither the Son in the Father or Spirit, nor Spirit in the Son or in the Father: for their properties are invariable... Not three Gods, but one God as the deity is uniform in three persons. Desire of the Father and Spirit to rescue the creation, without changing a human seed, has descended and has entered, as a divine seed, in the maiden bed пречистое and has accepted a flesh animated, verbal and clever, before not were, and God embodied was, was born not uttered way, having kept indestructible девство mothers, without having undergone neither confusions, nor mixtures, changes, and remained as was, and becoming what was not, having become slavish - actually, instead of in imagination, everything, except a sin, being is similar to us (people)... Of the own free will was born, has of the own free will felt hunger, has of the own free will felt thirst, of the own free will mourned, it was of the own free will frightened, has of the own free will died - has died actually, instead of in imagination; all peculiar to a human nature, has endured genuine tortures. When has been crucified and has tasted death innocent, - has revived in own body, without knowing decay, has ascended to heavens, and villages to the right of the Father, and will come again with славою to judge live and dead; Both has risen with the flesh, and will descend... I Profess and is uniform a christening водою and spirit, I start to пречистым to secrets, I believe truly in a body and blood... I accept church legends and I worship пречестным to icons, I worship пречестному to a tree and any cross, sacred hallows and sacred vessels. I believe and in seven cathedrals of sacred fathers from which the first was in Nikei 318 fathers, damned the Aria both preaching pure and right belief. The second cathedral in Constantinople 150 sacred fathers who have damned духоборца Macedonia, preaching единосущную the Trinity. The third cathedral in the Hilt, 200 sacred fathers against Nestorija, having damned which, проповедали the sacred Virgin. The fourth cathedral in Halkidone 630 sacred fathers against Evtuha and Dioskora who were damned by sacred fathers, having proclaimed the Lord our Jesus Christ perfect God and the perfect person, the Fifth cathedral in Tsargrad 165 sacred fathers against the doctrine of Origena and against Evagrija who were damned by sacred fathers. The sixth cathedral in Tsargrad 170 sacred fathers against Sergija and the Hen, damned sacred fathers. The seventh cathedral in Nikee 350 sacred fathers who have damned those who does not worship to sacred icons ".

The beginning of reigning of Svjatoslava, son Igoreva. In a year 6454 (946). Olga with the son Svjatoslavom has collected many brave soldiers and has gone on the Derevsky earth. Also left древляне against it. And when both armies for fight have converged, Svjatoslav has thrown a spear in древлян, and the spear has flown by between ears of a horse and has struck a horse on feet for there was Svjatoslav still the child. Sveneld and Asmud also have told: "the Prince has already begun; we will follow, a team, for the prince". Also have won древлян. Древляне have run and were shut in the cities. Olga has directed with the son to the city of Iskorostenju as those have killed her husband, and became with the son about a city, and древляне were shut in a city and with firmness defended from a city for knew that, having killed the prince, there is nothing it to hope. Both there was Olga all the summer long and could not take a city, and has planned so: it has sent to a city with words:" To what want досидеться? After all all your cities have already surrendered to me and have agreed on a tribute and already cultivate the fields and the earths; and you, refusing to render tribute, be going to die from hunger ". Древляне have answered:" We are glad to render tribute, but after all you wish to revenge for the husband ". Olga has told it that-de" I already revenged for insult of the husband when you came to Kiev, and in the second time, and in the third - when have arranged funeral feast after the husband. More any more I do not wish to revenge, - I wish to take only from you a small tribute and, having made with you the peace, I will leave away ". Древляне have asked:" That you want from us? We are glad to give you honey and furs ". She has told:" Is not present at you now either honey, nor furs, therefore I ask from you a little: give to me from each court yard on three pigeons yes on three sparrows. I after all do not wish to assign to you a heavy tribute as my husband, to it and I ask from you a little. You were exhausted in a siege, because and I ask from you this малости ". Древляне, having been delighted, have collected from a court yard on three pigeons and on three sparrows and have sent to Olga with bow. Olga has told it:" Here you also have obeyed already to me and to my child, - go to a city, and I will recede tomorrow from it and I will go to the city ". Древляне with pleasure have entered into a city and have told about all to people, and people in a city were delighted. Olga, having distributed to soldiers - to whom on a pigeon to whom on a sparrow, has ordered to adhere to each pigeon and a sparrow a tinder, wrapping it in small kerchiefs and attaching a thread to everyone. And, when began to get dark, Olga has ordered to the soldiers to start up pigeons and sparrows. Pigeons and sparrows have departed to the nests: pigeons in dovecots, and sparrows under eaves and so have lighted up - where dovecots where cages where sheds and mows, and there was no court yard where would not burn, and it was impossible to extinguish as all court yard at once have lighted up. People from a city also have run, and Olga has ordered to the soldiers to suffice them. And as took a city and has burnt it, city elders has taken away in a captivity, and other people has killed, and others has given to slavery мужам to the, and the others has left to render tribute.

Also has assigned to them a heavy tribute: two parts of a tribute went to Kiev, and the third in Vyshgorod Olga for there was Vyshgorod the city of Olginym. Olga with the son and with a team on the Drevljansky earth Also has gone, establishing tributes and taxes; places of its parking and a place for hunting also have remained. Also has come to a city the Kiev with the son Svjatoslavom, and has stayed here year.

In a year 6455 (947). Olga to Novgorod has gone and has established on Mste country churchyards and tributes and across Luga - quitrents and tributes, and ловища it have remained on all earth, and there are certificates on it, both its places and country churchyards, and its sledge stand in Pskov and until now, and across Dnepr there are its places for catching of birds, and across Desna, and the village of its Olzhichi has remained till now. And so, having established everything, has come back to the son to Kiev, and there stayed with it in love.

In a year 6456 (948).

In a year 6457 (949).

In a year 6458 (950).

In a year 6459 (951).

In a year 6460 (952).

In a year 6461 (953).

In a year 6462 (954).

In a year 6463 (955). Olga has gone to the Greek earth and has come to Tsargrad. Also was then tsar Konstantin, the son of the Lion, and Olga has come to it, and, having seen that it is very beautiful the person and is reasonable, the tsar to its reason has marvelled, talking to it, and has told to it: "you Are worthy to reign with us in our capital". It, having thought, has answered the tsar: "I the pagan; if you wish to christen me christen me - differently I am not christened". Its tsar with the patriarch Also christened. Having educated, she rejoiced soul and a body; its patriarch in belief also has set, and has told to it: "you Are blest in wives of Russian as has loved light and have left darkness. Sons Russian to last generations of your grandsons" will bless you. Also has given it precepts about the church charter, both about a prayer, and about a post, both about alms, and about observance of cleanliness corporal. It, having inclined a head, stood, listening to the doctrine, as a sponge напояемая; also has bowed to the patriarch with words:" Your prayers, the lord, let I will be kept from networks devil ". Also the name Elena, as well as the ancient tsarina - Konstantin Velikogo's mothers has been named to it in a christening. Its patriarch also has blest, and has released. After a christening its tsar has called and has told to it:" I Wish to take you in marriage ". She has answered:" As you wish to take me when itself christened me and named the daughter? And at Christians it is not authorised - you know ". To it the tsar Also has told:" you Have outwitted me, Olga ". Also has given it numerous gifts - gold, and silver, and паволоки, and vessels various; also has released it, naming своею the daughter. It, having gathered home, has come to the patriarch, and has asked for it blessings to the house, and has told to it:" my People and my son pagans, - yes God from any harm will keep me ". The patriarch Also has told:" The child true! In the Christ you were christened and in the Christ have clothed, and the Christ will keep you as has kept Enoha at the time of праотцев, and then Aching in an ark, Avraam from Avimeleha, Lota from содомлян, Moiseja from the Pharaoh, David from Saula, three adolescents from the furnace, Daniel from animals, - and will relieve you it of intrigues of a devil and from its networks ". Its patriarch Also has blest, and it has gone with the world to the earth, and has come to Kiev. There was it, as at Solomone: the tsarina Ethiopian to Solomonu has come, aspiring to hear knowledge of Solomona, and has seen great wisdom and miracles: as also this blissful Olga searched the present divine wisdom, but that (the tsarina Ethiopian) - human, and this is Divine." For searching wisdom will find "." The Knowledge in streets proclaims, on ways raises the voice, on city walls preaches, in city collars loudly speaks: how long ignoramuses will love ignorance..." . The same blissful Olga since small years searched wisdom that there is the best in the light of it, and has found multivaluable pearls - the Christ. For Solomon has told: "the Desire благоверных is pleasant as a hobby"; and: "you Will incline your heart to reflexion"; "Loving me I love, and searching for me will find me". The Lord has told: "Coming to me I will not expel".

The same Olga has come to Kiev, and the Greek tsar of ambassadors with words has sent to it: "I am a lot of gifts have given to you. You after all spoke to me: when I will come back to Russia, many gifts I will send you: servants, wax, both furs, and soldiers in the help". Olga through ambassadors answered: "If you as stand at me in Pochajne, as I in Court then I will give to you". Also has released ambassadors with these words.

There lived Olga together with the son Svjatoslavom and learnt it to accept a christening, but he and did not think to listen to it; but if who was going to be christened, did not forbid, but only sneered at that. "For for non-believers the belief Christian юродство is";"For do not know, those who go in darkness" do not understand, and glories Dominical do not know; "their hearts Have coarsened, hardly their ears hear, and eyes see". For Solomon has told: "Affairs impious are far from reason";"Because called you and have not obeyed me, has addressed to you, and did not listen, but have rejected my councils and my accusations have not accepted";"Have begun to hate knowledge, and fear Divine have not selected for itself, have not wanted to accept my councils, have disdained my accusations". And Olga often spoke: "I have known God, my son, and I rejoice; if also you learn - too will begin to rejoice". He did not listen to that, speaking: "As to me to one to accept other belief? And a team washing begins to sneer". She has told to it:" If you are christened, also all will make the same ". He has not obeyed mother, continuing to live on pagan customs, without knowing that who will not listen to mother - into a trouble will run, as is told:" If who or mother does not listen to the father, the death will accept ". Святослав besides was angry on mother, Solomon has told:" Teaching the malicious will acquire to itself a trouble, convicting impious most will offend; for accusations for impious, as ulcers. Do not convict malicious that have not begun to hate you ". However Olga loved the son Svjatoslava and used to say:" Yes there will be a will Divine; if God wants to pardon my sort and the earth Russian will enclose it in heart the same desire to address to God that granted also to me ". And, speaking so, prayed for the son and for people any night and day, bringing up the son to its maturity and to its majority.

In a year 6464 (956).

In a year 6465 (957).

In a year 6466 (958).

In a year 6467 (959).

In a year 6468 (960).

In a year 6469 (961).

In a year 6470 (962).

In a year 6471 (963).

In a year 6472 (964). When Svjatoslav has grown and has grown up, it began to collect many soldiers brave, and fast was, as if пардус, and was at war much. In campaigns did not carry behind itself neither carts, nor coppers, did not cook some meat, but, it is thin having cut a horse-flesh, or зверину, or beef and having fried on coals so ate; it had no tent, but slept, spreading потник with a saddle in heads, - all its other soldiers were same also, And sent to other earths with words: "I Wish to go on you". Also has gone to Oka the river and to Volga, both has met вятичей, and has told вятичам: "to Whom a tribute give?". They have answered: "Hazaram - on щелягу from a plough we give".

In a year 6473 (965). Svjatoslav on хазар has gone. Having heard, хазары left towards led by the prince Kaganom and have converged to fight, and in fight has overcome Svjatoslav хазар, and their capital and White Vezhu took. Also has won ясов and касогов.

In a year 6474 (966). Вятичей has won Svjatoslav and a tribute to them has assigned.

In a year 6475 (967). Svjatoslav to Danube on Bulgarians has gone. Both parties also fought, and has overcome Svjatoslav of Bulgarians, and took their cities 80 across Danube, and villages to reign there in Perejaslavtse, taking a tribute from Greeks.

In a year 6476 (968). Have come for the first time печенеги on Russian earth, and Svjatoslav was then in Perejaslavtse, and Olga with the grandsons - Jaropolkom, Oleg and Vladimir in the city of Kiev was locked. Also have besieged печенеги a city силою the great: there was their uncountable set round a city, and it was impossible neither to leave a city, nor to conduct to send, and people were exhausted from hunger and thirst. People of that party of Dnepr in castles also have gathered, and stood on that coast, and it was impossible for anybody to make the way from them to Kiev, from a city to them. People in a city Also began to grieve, and have told: whether "There is no who who could get over on that party and tell it: if do not rise in the morning to a city, - we will surrender печенегам". One adolescent Also has told: "I will make the way", and have answered it: "go". It left a city, holding a bridle, and has run through parking печенегов, asking them: whether "saw somebody a horse?" . For he knew on-pechenezhski, and it accepted for the And when it has come nearer to the river, that, having thrown off clothes, has rushed to Dnepr and has floated, Having seen it, печенеги have rushed for it, shot at it, but could not make to it anything, On that coast have noticed it, have approached on it in a castle, took it to a castle and have brought it to a team. It the adolescent also has told: "If will not approach tomorrow to a city people will surrender печенегам". Воевода them, by name of Pretich, has told: "we Will go tomorrow in castles and, having grasped the princess and княжичей, we will whirl away on this coast. If we will not make it will ruin us Svjatoslav". And next morning, it is close to a dawn, lodge in castles and have loudly begun to trumpet, and people in a city have cried. Печенеги have decided that the prince has come, and have run from a city in all directions. Also there was Olga with grandsons and people to castles. The Pechenezhsky prince, having seen it, one has come back to воеводе Pretichu and has asked: "Who it has come?", and that has answered it:" People of that party (Dnepr) ", the Pechenezhsky prince has asked: whether" And you the prince? ". Претич has answered:" I its husband, have come with an advance party, and for me there is an army with the prince: their uncountable set ". So he that them to intimidate has told. The prince печенежский has told Pretichu:" Be to me the friend ". That has answered:" And I will make ". They each other Also have submitted hands, and prince Pretichu of a horse, a sabre and arrows has given печенежский. The same has given it a chain armour, a board and a sword. Also have receded печенеги from a city, and it was impossible to give to drink a horse: stood печенеги on Lybedi. Also have sent киевляне to Svjatoslavu with words:" You, the prince, search another's earth and of it care, and the have left, and us hardly were did not take печенеги, both your mother, and your children. If you will not come and you will not protect us take us. Really it is not a pity to you to the отчины, old mother, the children?" . Having heard it, Svjatoslav with дружиною villages quickly on horses also has returned to Kiev; welcomed the mother and children and was distressed about transferred from печенегов. Both has collected soldiers, and has banished печенегов in steppe, and there has come the world.

In a year 6477 (969). Svjatoslav of mother and to the boyars has told: "Not любо to me to sit in Kiev, I wish to live in Perejaslavtse on Danube - for there the middle of my earth, all blessings there are flown down: from the Greek earth - gold, паволоки, fault, various fruits, from Czechia and from Hungary silver and horses, from Russia furs and wax, honey and slaves". Olga answered it: "you See - I am sick; where you wish to leave from me?" - for it has already ached. Also has told: "When you will bury me, - go where you will want", In three days Olga has died, and cried on it we cry great its son, both its grandsons, and all people, both have incurred, and have buried her on the chosen place, Olga bequeathed not to make on it funeral feast as had at itself the priest - that and has buried blissful Olga.

There was it предвозвестницей to the Christian earth, as денница before the sun, as a dawn before a dawn. It after all shone, as the moon in night; and it was shone among pagans, as pearls in a dirt; were then people are polluted by sins, not washed by a sacred christening. Same it was washed in a sacred font, and has dumped from itself sinful clothes of first person Adam, and has clothed in new Adam, that is in the Christ. We appeal to it: "Rejoice, Russian knowledge of God, the beginning of ours with it of reconciliation". It the first of Russian has entered into a kingdom of heaven, it and is eulogised by sons Russian - the начинательницу for and on death she prays to God for Russia. After all souls of the just do not die; as Solomon has told: "the people похваляемому to the righteous person Rejoice"; memory of the righteous person is immortal, as he admits and God and people. Here its all people glorify, seeing that it lies many years, not touched by decay; for the prophet has told: "Glorifying me I will glorify". About such after all David has told:" In eternal memory there will be a righteous person, will not be frightened of bad reputation; its heart is ready to hope for the Lord; its heart is confirmed and will not tremble ". Соломон has told:" Righteous persons live for ever and ever; the award it from the Lord and care about them at Supreme. They therefore will receive a kingdom of beauty and a kindness wreath by hand the Lord for it will cover them десницею and will protect them мышцею ". It has protected after all and this blissful Olga from the enemy and супостата - a devil.

In a year 6478 (970). Святослав has planted Jaropolka in Kiev, and Oleg at древлян. Have at that time come новгородцы, asking itself the prince: "If will not go to us we will extract to themselves the prince". It Svjatoslav Also has told: "And who would go to you?". Jaropolk and Oleg also have refused. Dobrynja also has told: "Ask Vladimir". Vladimir was from Malushi - ключницы Olginoj. Малуша there was sister Dobryni; the father it was Malk Ljubechanin, and Dobrynja of uncles Vladimir had. Also have told новгородцы to Svjatoslavu: "Give us Vladimir", He has answered them: "Here it to you". Also took to itself новгородцы Vladimir, and with Dobryneju, the the uncle, Vladimir has gone to Novgorod, and Svjatoslav in Perejaslavets.

In a year 6479 (971). Svjatoslav in Perejaslavets has come, and Bulgarians in a city were shut. Also there were Bulgarians on fight with Svjatoslavom, and сеча was great, and Bulgarians began to overcome. Svjatoslav to the soldiers also has told: "Here to us and to die; we will stand courageously, brothers and a team!". And by the evening has overcome Svjatoslav, and has taken a city by storm, and has sent to Greeks with words: "I Wish to go on you and to take your capital, as well as this city". Greeks Also have told: "Unbearable to us to resist to you so take from us a tribute and on all team and tell, how many you, and we will give on number of your combatants". So Greeks spoke, deceiving Russian for Greeks are false and up to now. It Svjatoslav also has told:" Us of twenty thousand ", also has added ten thousand: for was Russian all ten thousand. Greeks against Svjatoslava of hundred thousand also have exposed, both have not given a tribute. Svjatoslav on Greeks also has gone, and there were those against Russian. When Russian have seen them is strongly were frightened of such great variety of soldiers, but Svjatoslav has told:" We have no place to get to already, we want or we do not want - should battle. So not посрамим the earths Russian, but we will lay down here костьми for the dead does not conduct a shame. If we will run - the shame to us will be. So we will not run, but we become strong, and I will go ahead of you: if my head lays down, of the take care ". Soldiers Also have answered:" Where your head will lay down, there and the heads we will combine ". And исполчились Russian, also was severe сеча, and has overcome Svjatoslav, and Greeks ran. Svjatoslav to capital also has gone, being at war and breaking cities that stand and hitherto are empty. The tsar of the boyars in chamber also has called, and has told it:" That to us to do: we can not after all resist to it?" . To it boyars also have told: "gifts Have gone to it; we will test it: whether he loves gold or паволоки?". Also has sent to it gold and паволоки with the wise husband, having punished it: "Watch its kind, both the person, and thoughts". It, taking gifts, has come to Svjatoslavu. Also have told Svjatoslavu that Greeks with bow have come, And he has told: "Enter them here". Those have entered, both have bowed to it, and have put before it gold and паволоки. Svjatoslav to the adolescents Also has told, looking aside: "Hide". Greeks have returned to the tsar, and the tsar of boyars has called. Sent have told: "we Have come-de to it and have brought gifts, and he and has not looked at them - has ordered to hide". One Also has told: "Test it once again: send to it the weapon". They have listened to it, and have sent it a sword and other weapon, and have brought to it. It took and began reigning to praise, expressing it love and gratitude. Have again returned sent to the tsar and have told it everything as was. Boyars also have told:" Лют there will be this husband for riches neglects, and the weapon takes. Agree on a tribute ". To it the tsar Also has sent, speaking so:" do not go to capital, take a tribute, how many you want "for it a little has not reached Tsargrad. Also have given it a tribute; it took and on killed, speaking:" Takes-de for killed its sort ". Took also for nothing much and has come back in Perejaslavets with славою великою, Having seen that it is not enough at it a team, has told to itself:" As though have not killed any cunning and my team, and me ". As many were lost in fights. Also has told:" I Will go to Russia, I will result still teams ".

Also has sent ambassadors to the tsar in Dorostol for there there was a tsar, speaking so: "I Wish to have with you a stable peace and love". The tsar, having heard it, was delighted and has sent to it of gifts more than the former. Святослав has accepted gifts and began to think with дружиною своею, speaking so: "If we will not make the peace with the tsar and the tsar learns that it is not enough of us, will come and will besiege us in a city. And Russian earth far, and печенеги to us are hostile, and who will help us? We will make with the tsar the peace: after all they were already obliged to pay to us a tribute, - that from us and will suffice. If will cease to render tribute to us again from Russia, having collected set of soldiers, we will go to Tsargrad". Also there was люба speech this to a team, and have sent the best husbands to the tsar, and have come in Dorostol, and have told about that to the tsar. The tsar next morning has called them for itself and has told: "ambassadors Russian Let speak". They have begun: "So our prince speaks:" I wish to have true love with the Greek tsar for all future times "". The tsar was delighted and has enjoined to write down to the copyist all speeches of Svjatoslava on a charter. The ambassador also began to tell all speeches, and the copyist began to write. He spoke so:

"The list from the contract concluded at Svjatoslave, the grand duke Russian, and at Svenelde, писано at Feofile Sinkele to John named Tsimishiem, the tsar Greek, in Dorostole, month of July, 14 индикта, in a year 6479. I, Svjatoslav, the prince Russian, both swore, and I confirm with the contract this my oath: I want together with all subject to me Russian, with boyars and other to have the world and true love with all great tsars Greek, with Vasily both with Konstantin, and with vaticinal tsars, and with all your people till the end of the world. Also I will never plan on your country, and I will not collect on it soldiers, and I will not guide other people at your country, on that that is under the power of Greek, on the Korsunsky country and all cities local, on the country Bulgarian. And if who plans other against your country I to it will be the opponent and I will be at war with it. As I already swore to the Greek tsars, and with me boyars and all Russian, yes we invariable will observe the contract. If we do not observe something from told earlier, let I and those who with me and under me, we will be прокляты from god in whom we believe, - in Peruna and in Hair, god of cattle, and yes we will be yellow, as gold, and the weapon посечены we will be. Do not doubt the truth of that we promised to you nowadays, and have written to charters of this and have fastened the seals ".

Having made the peace with Greeks, Svjatoslav in castles has gone to thresholds. Also has told to it воевода the father of its Sveneld: "Bypass, the prince, thresholds on horses for stand at thresholds печенеги". Both has not listened to it, and has gone in castles. And переяславцы have sent to печенегам to tell: "Here there is by you to Russia Svjatoslav with a small team, having taken away from Greeks a lot of riches and captured without number". Having heard about it, печенеги thresholds have taken up. Svjatoslav to thresholds also has come, and it was impossible to pass them. Also has stopped to winter in Beloberezhe, and there was no at them a meal, and there was at them a great hunger so on semigrivna paid for a horse head, and Svjatoslav here has wintered.

In a year 6480 (972). When there has come spring, Svjatoslav to thresholds has gone. Also has attacked it Smoking, the prince печенежский, both have killed Svjatoslava, and took its head, and have made a bowl of a skull, having fettered it, and drank from it. Свенельд has come to Kiev to Jaropolku. And all years of reigning of Svjatoslava was 28.

In a year 6481 (973). Jaropolk has started to reign.

In a year 6482 (974).

In a year 6483 (975). Once Sveneldich, a name of Ljut, left Kiev on hunting and drove an animal in wood. Its Oleg also has seen, and has asked the: "Who it?". Also have answered it: "Свенельдич". And, having attacked, its Oleg as also itself hunted in the same place has killed, And hatred between Jaropolkom and Oleg has risen because, and constantly instigated Sveneld Jaropolka, aspiring to revenge for the son: "Go on the brother and grasp its volost".

In a year 6484 (976).

In a year 6485 (977). On the brother the Oleg Jaropolk has gone to the Derevsky earth. Also there was against it Oleg, and исполчились both parties. And the begun fight has won Jaropolk Oleg. Oleg with the soldiers has run in a city named Ovruch, and through a ditch to city collars the bridge has been thrown, and people, being restricted on it, pushed together each other downwards. Also have pushed off Oleg from the bridge in a ditch. Many people fell, and horses pressed people, Jaropolk, having entered into Oleg's city, has seized power and has sent to search for the brother, and searched for it, but have not found. One also has told древлянин: "I as yesterday have got rid of him from the bridge" Saw. Also has sent Jaropolk to find the brother, and pulled out corpses from a ditch since morning and about one half-day, and have found Oleg under corpses; have taken out it and have put on a carpet. Jaropolk also has come, cried over it and Sveneldu has told: "Look, you and wanted it!" . Also have buried Oleg in the field at the city of Ovrucha, and there is its tomb at Ovrucha and till this moment. Also inherited the power of its Jaropolk. Jaropolka had a wife the Greek woman, and before that there was it the nun, her father of its Svjatoslav in due time has resulted and has given out it for Jaropolka, beauty for the sake of its person. When Vladimir in Novgorod has heard that Jaropolk has killed Oleg was frightened and ran for the sea. And Jaropolk has planted the посадников in Novgorod and one Russkoju землею owned.

In a year 6486 (978).

In a year 6487 (979).

In a year 6488 (980). Vladimir has returned to Novgorod with Varangians and has told посадникам Jaropolka: "Go to my brother and tell to it:" Vladimir goes on you, be going to fight with it "". And villages in Novgorod.

Also has sent to Rogvolodu to Polotsk to tell: "I Wish to take your daughter to myself in marriage". The Same has asked the daughter: whether "you Want for Vladimir?". She has answered: "I do not wish to undress the son of the slave, but I want for Jaropolka". This Rogvolod has come from overseas and held the power in Polotsk, and Rounds held the power in Turove, on it both tourist's sheep were nicknamed. Vladimir's adolescents also have come and have told it all speech of Rognedy - daughters of Polotsk prince Rogvoloda. Vladimir has collected many soldiers - Varangians, словен, behave in a queer way and кривичей - and has gone on Rogvoloda. And at this time were going to conduct already Rognedu for Jaropolka. Vladimir Also has attacked Polotsk, and has killed Rogvoloda and two his sons, and the daughter it has taken in marriage.

Also has gone on Jaropolka. Vladimir to Kiev with the big army Also has come, and Jaropolk could not leave to it towards and was shut in Kiev with the people and with Fornication, and there was Vladimir, having dug round, on Dorogozhiche - between Dorogozhichem and Kapichem, and there is that ditch and until now. Vladimir has sent to Fornication - воеводе Jaropolka, - with cunning speaking: "Be to me the friend! If I will kill my brother I will esteem you as the father, and honour big you will receive from me; not I after all have started to kill brothers, but it. I, having been frightened of it, has opposed it". Fornication to ambassadors of Vladimirovym Also has told: "I Will be with you in love and friendship". About malicious insidiousness human! As David speaks: "the Person who ate my bread, has said me slander". Same a deceit has conceived change to the prince. And still: "the Language flattered. Condemn them, My God, yes they will refuse the plans; on set нечестия them reject them for they have made angry you, My God". The same David Also has still told:" The husband fast on bloodshed and artful will not live also half of days ". Harms council of those who pushes on bloodshed; those madmen who, having accepted from the prince either the mister of honour or gifts, plan to ruin a life of the prince; worse they of demons, And so and Fornication has betrayed the prince, having accepted from it many honour: therefore it is guilty of that blood. Fornication (in a city) together with Jaropolkom was shut, and itself, deceiving him, often sent to Vladimir with appeals to go an attack on a city, planning at this time to kill Jaropolka, but because of townspeople it was impossible to kill him. Could not ruin in any way Fornication it and has thought up cunning, instigating Jaropolka not to leave a city on fight. Blud Jaropolku has told:" Kievljane send to Vladimir, speaking to it:" Start a city, we will betray-de to you Jaropolka ". Run from a city". Its Jaropolk Also has obeyed, has run out from Kiev and it was shut in a city to Relatives in a river Rosi mouth, and Vladimir has entered into Kiev and has besieged Jaropolka in Relatives, And there was there a severe hunger so there was a saying and up to now: "the Trouble as in Relatives". Blud Jaropolku Also has told: "you See, how many soldiers at your brother? To us them not to win. Make the peace with the brother", - so he spoke, deceiving him. Jaropolk also has told: "Let so!", Also has sent Fornication to Vladimir with words: "your thought, and as I will lead to you to Jaropolka Has come true-de, be ready to kill him". Vladimir, having heard it, has entered into a paternal court yard теремной which we already mentioned, and has sat down there with soldiers and with дружиною своею. Fornication of Jaropolku Also has told: "Go to the brother and tell to it:" That you will give to me, I and the tonic "". Ярополк has gone, and Varjazhko has told to it:" Do not go, the prince, will kill you; run to печенегам and you will result soldiers ", and has not listened to its Jaropolk. Jaropolk to Vladimir Also has come; when entered into the doors, two Varangians have lifted its swords under пазуxи. Fornication has shut doors and has not allowed to enter behind it the. And so Jaropolk has been killed. Варяжко, having seen that Jaropolk is killed, ran from that court yard теремного to печенегам and long was at war with печенегами against Vladimir, its Vladimir on the party has hardly involved, having made it the oath promise, Vladimir began to live with женою the brother - the Greek woman, and it was pregnant, and Svjatopolk was born from it. From a sinful root of harms the fruit happens: first, there was his mother the nun, and secondly, Vladimir lived with it not in marriage, and as the fornicator. To That also did not love Svjatopolka its father that there was it from two fathers: from Jaropolka and from Vladimir.

After all it Varangians to Vladimir have told: "It is our city, we have grasped it, - we wish to take the repayment from townspeople on two grivnas from the person". It Vladimir Also has told: "Wait for about a month while will collect to you куны". They Also waited month, and Vladimir has not given them the repayment, and Varangians have told: "Has deceived us so release in the Greek earth". He has answered them: "go". Also has chosen from them husbands kind, clever and brave and роздал it cities; the others have gone to Tsargrad to Greeks. Vladimir still has sent them before ambassadors to the tsar with such words: "Here there are to you Varangians, do not take in head to hold them in capital, differently will do to you the same harm, as well as here, but settle them in different places, and here do not start up any".

Also Vladimir began to reign in Kiev one, and has put idols on a hill for теремным a court yard: wooden Peruna with a silver head both gold moustaches, and Horsa, Dazhboga, both Striboga, and Simargla, and Mokosh. Also brought it of a victim, naming their gods, and resulted the sons and daughters, both made a sacrifice to demons, and profaned the earth the sacrifices. Also the earth Russian and that hill was profaned by blood. But преблагой God has not wanted destruction of sinners, and on that hill there is nowadays sacred Vasily's church as we will tell about it after. Now we will come back to the former.

Vladimir has planted Dobrynju, the uncle, in Novgorod. And, having come to Novgorod, Dobrynja has put an idol over рекою Volkhov, and brought to it of a victim новгородцы as to god.

Vladimir has been won by lust, and there were his wives: Рогнеда which has lodged on Lybedi where nowadays is сельцо Predslavino, from it it had four sons: Изяслава, Mstislava, Yaroslav, Vsevoloda, and two daughters; from the Greek woman it had Svjatopolka, from чехини - Vysheslava, and from one wife - Svjatoslava and Mstislava, and from болгарыни - Boris and Gleb, and concubines was at it 300 in Vyshgorode, 300 in Belgorod and 200 on Berestove, in сельце which name now Berestovoe. And it was insatiable in fornication, leading to itself of married women and растляя maidens. There was it same женолюбец, as well as Solomon for say that at Solomona was 700 wives and 300 concubines. It was wise, and eventually was lost, Same there was an ignoramus, and in the end has found to itself eternal rescue. "The Lord is great, and its fortress is great, and its reason does not have the end!". Female прельщение - angrily; here is how, having confessed, Solomon has told about wives:" Do not listen to the malicious wife; for honey каплет from its lips, the wife прелюбодейцы; for an instant only наслаждает your throat, after горчее to bile becomes... Approaching with it will go after death to a hell. By the way of a life there is no it, распутная its life is imprudent ". Here that Solomon has told about fornicators; and he has told about good wives so:" More expensively it multivaluable камени. Its husband rejoices on it. After all it does its life happy. Having got a wool and flax, creates all потребное the hands. It, as the merchant ship which is engaged in trade, from apart collects to herself riches, and rises even at night, and distributes food in the house and business to the slaves. Having seen a field - buys: from fruits of the hands will spread an arable land. Strong подпоясав the camp, will strengthen the hands on business. She also has tasted that the blessing - to work, and its fixture all night long does not die away. The hands stretches to useful, the elbows directs to a spindle. The hands stretches poor, the fruit submits to the beggar. Its husband does not care of the house because where it was, - all house it will be dressed. Double clothes will make to the husband, and червленые and crimson attires - for itself. Its husband is swept up by all at gate when will sit down on council with elders and inhabitants of the earth. Coverlets will be made by it and will give to sale. The lips opens with wisdom, with advantage speaks the language. It has clothed in force and in beauty. Favour it are extolled by children it and humour it; the husband praises it. The reasonable wife for she will praise fear Divine is blest. Give to it from a fruit of its lips, and yes will glorify its husband at gate ".

In a year 6489 (981). Vladimir on Poles has gone and has grasped their cities, Peremyshl, Cherven and other cities, which and hitherto near Russia. Vladimir and вятичей has the same year won and has assigned to them a tribute - from each plough, as well as the father it took.

In a year 6490 (982). Have risen вятичи войною, and Vladimir has gone on them, and has won them again.

In a year 6491 (983). Vladimir against ятвягов has gone, both has won ятвягов, and has won their earth. Also has gone to Kiev, making a sacrifice to idols with the people. Aged men and boyars also have told: "we Will cast lots on the adolescent and the maiden on whom it will fall, that and we will kill in a victim to gods". There was then the Varangian one, and its court yard stood there, where now church of the sacred Virgin which was constructed by Vladimir. That Varangian from the Greek earth has come and professed Christian belief. Also there was at it a son, fine the person and душою, on it and the lot, on envy of a devil has fallen. For its devil having the power over everything did not suffer, and this was to it as терние in heart, and tried to ruin its damned and has set people. And sent to it, having come, have told: "On your son-de the lot has fallen, gods so we will bring a victim to gods" have selected it to themselves. The Varangian Also has told:" Not gods it, and a tree: now is, and tomorrow will decay; they do not eat, do not drink, do not speak, but are made by hands of a tree. God one, it is served by Greeks and worship; he has created the sky, both the earth, and stars, both the moon, and the sun, and the person and has intended it to live on the earth. And these gods that have made? They are made. I will not give the son to demons ". Sent have left and have told about all to people. The same, taking the weapon, have gone on it and have carried its court yard. The Varangian stood on an outer entrance hall with the son. Have told to it:" Give the son, yes we will bring to its gods ". He has answered:" If gods they let will send one of gods and take my son. And you what for make it требы? ". Both have cluck, and have cut under them a shade and so them have killed. Anybody where them have put also does not know. After all were then people of the ignoramus and нехристи. The devil rejoiced to that, without knowing that its death is close already. So he tried to ruin all sort Christian, but has been banished by a fair cross from other countries." Here, - thought damned, - I will find to itself dwelling for apostles for here prophets did not predict here did not learn? ", without knowing that the prophet has told:" Also I will name people not mine my people "; about apostles it is told:" On all earth their speeches, and till the end of the Universe - their words have dispersed ". If there were no here apostles, however their doctrine as blares, it is distributed in церквах on all Universe: their doctrine we win the enemy - a devil, trampling on it under feet as these two fathers of ours have trampled also, having accepted a wreath heavenly on the same level with sacred martyrs and righteous persons.

In a year 6492 (984). Vladimir on радимичей has gone. Was at it воевода the Wolf Tail; Vladimir Volchego Hvosta forward also has sent itself, and that has met радимичей on the river Pishchane, and has won радимичей the Wolf Tail. Because Russian радимичей also tease, speaking: "Pishchantsy from the wolf tail run". Were радимичи from a sort of poles, have come and have lodged here and render tribute to Russia, повоз carry and hitherto.

In a year 6493 (985). Vladimir on Bulgarians in castles with дядею Dobryneju has gone, and торков has resulted coast on horses; also has won Bulgarians. Has told to Dobrynja Vladimir: "Has examined captured колодников: all of them in boots. To these a tribute to us not to give - we will go, we will look to themselves лапотников". Vladimir Also has made the peace with Bulgarians, and an oath have given each other, and Bulgarians have told: "Then there will be no between us a world when the stone begins to float, and hop - to sink". Vladimir Also has returned to Kiev.

In a year 6494 (986). Bulgarians of Mohammedan belief have come, speaking: "You, the prince, are wise and смыслен, and the law do not know, believe in our law and bow to Magometu". Vladimir Also has asked: "What your belief?". They have answered: "It is believed to God, and learns us to Magomet so: to make trimming, there is no pork, not to drink some wine, but on death, speaks, it is possible to create fornication with wives. Will give Magomet to everyone on seventy beautiful wives, and will select one of them the most beautiful, and will assign to it beauty of all; that also will be to it the wife. Here, speaks, it is necessary to indulge in any fornication. If who is poor in this world and on that", and other any lie spoke about which and it is a shame to write. Vladimir listened to them as both itself loved wives and any fornication; therefore listened to them thoroughly. But here that was to it нелюбо: trimming and abstention from pork, and he, on the contrary, has told about drink: "Russia is веселие to drink: we can not be without that". Foreigners from Rome have then come and have told:" We sent by the daddy have come ", and have addressed to Vladimir:" So the daddy speaks to you: "the Earth your same, as well as ours, and your belief is not similar on trust ours, as our belief - light; we bow to God who has created the sky and the earth, stars and month and everything that breathes, and your gods - the tree" is simple. Vladimir has asked them: "In what your precept?". They also have answered: "the Post on force:" if who drinks or eats, all it in glory of Bozhiju ", - as the teacher our Pavel" has told. Vladimir to Germans has told: "Go, whence have come, for our fathers have not accepted it". Having heard about it, Hazaria Jews have come and have told: "we Heard that Bulgarians and Christians came, learning you everyone to the belief. Christians believe in the one whom we have crucified, and we believe in uniform God Avraamova, Isaakova and Iakovlja". Vladimir Also has asked: "That at you for the law?". They have answered: "To be cut off, there is no pork and заячины, to observe Saturday". He has asked: "And where your earth?" . They have told: "In Jerusalem". And he has asked: whether "it is exact it there?". Also have answered: "God Was angry with our fathers and has disseminated us on the various countries for our sins, and our earth has given to Christians". Vladimir has told on it: "As you learn others, and are rejected by God and disseminated? If god loved you and your law you would not be disseminated on another's earths. Or and to us the same want?".


So we will begin this story.

After a flood of three sons Aching have divided the earth - This, Xaм, Иaфeт. The east of Simu Also has got: Persia, Bactria, even to India in a longitude, and at width to Rinokorura, that is from the east and to the south, and Syria, and the Mussel to the river Euphrates, Babylon, Korduna, ассирияне, Mesopotamia, Arabia the Oldest, Elimais, Indi, Arabia Strong, Kolija, Kommagena, all Phoenicia.

The boor managed the south: Egypt, Ethiopia, соседящая with India, and other Ethiopia from which the river Ethiopian Red, flowing on the east, Thebes, Libya, соседящая with Kiriniej, Marmarija, Sirty, other Libya, Numidia, Masurija, Mauritania which is opposite to Gadira follows. B its possession in the east are also: Киликня, Pamphylia, Pisidija, Misija, Likaonija, Phrygia, Kamalija, Lycia, Karija, Lydia, other Misija, Troada, Eolida, Bифиния, Old Фpигия and islands нeкии: Sardinia, Crete, Cyprus and the river Geona, differently named Nile.

Иафету northern countries and western have got: Mидия, Albania, Armenia Small and Great, Kaппaдoкия, Пaфлaгoния, Гaлaтия, Colchis, Bosporus, Meoты, Дepeвия, Capмaтия, inhabitants of Taurida, Cкифия, Thrace, Macedonia, Dalmatija, Malosija, Thessaly, Lokrida, Pelenija who is called also Peloponnese, Arcady, Epirus, Illyria, Slavs, Lihnitija, Adriakija, Adriatic sea. Islands have got also: Britain, Sicily, Euboea, Rhodes, Chios, Lesbos, Kithira, Zakynthos, Kefallinija, Itaka, Corfu, a part of Asia, the named Ionia, and the river the Tiger flowing between the Mussel and Babylon; to the Pontijsky sea on the north: Danube, Dnepr, Kavkasinsky mountains, that is Hungarian, and therefrom to Dnepr, and the other rivers: Desna, Pripyat, Dvina, Volkhov, Volga which flows on the east in a part to Simovu. In Iafetovoj parts sit Russian, чудь and any people: меря, мурома, everything, мордва, заволочская чудь, пермь, печера, ямь, угра, литва, зимигола, корсь, летгола, ливы. Poles and пруссы, чудь sit near the sea Varjazhsky. On this sea Varangians sit: from here to the east - to limits of Simovyh, sit on the same sea and to the West - to the earth English and Voloshsky. Posterity of Iafeta also: Varangians, Swedes, Normans, готы, русь, англы, галичане, волохи, Romans, Germans, корлязи, Venetians, фряги and other, - they adjoin in the west the southern countries and соседят with a tribe of Hamovym.

This, the Boor and Iafet have divided the earth, having cast lots, and have settled not to enter to anybody a share of the brother, and lived everyone in the part. Also there were uniform people. And when people on the earth were increased, they have planned to create a pillar to the sky, - there was it in days Nektana and Faleka. Also were going to build on a place of a field of Senaar a pillar to the sky and about it the city of Babylon; also built that pillar of 40 years, both have not made it. The Lord also has descended to see a city and a pillar, and the Lord has told: "Here the sort is uniform also the people is uniform". God Also has mixed the people, and has divided into 70 and 2 people, and has disseminated on all earth. After mixture of the people God a wind great has destroyed a pillar; also there are its rests between Assyria and Babylon, and have in height and at width 5433 elbows, and many years remain these rests.

After destruction of a pillar and after division of the people sons of Sima east countries, and sons of the Boor - the southern countries took, Iafetovy took the West and northern countries. From the same 70 both 2 language there were also people slavic, from a tribe of Iafeta - so-called норики which Slavs and is.

After many time Slavs across Danube, where the earth Hungarian and Bulgarian have sat down now. From those Slavs Slavs by the ground have dispersed and were nicknamed the names from places on which have sat down. So one, having come, have sat down on the river a name Morava and were nicknamed морава, and others were called Czechs. And here still the same Slavs: white Croats, and Serbs, and хорутане. When волохи have attacked Slavs Danube, and have lodged among them, and oppressed them these Slavs have come and have sat down on Vistula and were nicknamed poles, and from those poles Poles, other poles - лутичи, others - мазовшане, others - поморяне have gone.

As also these Slavs have come and have sat down across Dnepr and were called as glades, and others - древлянами because have sat down in woods, and others have sat down between Pripyat and Dvinoju and were called дреговичами, others have sat down across Dvina and were called полочанами, on the small river running into Dvina, called Polota, from it and were called полочане. The Same Slavs who have sat down about lake of Ilmen, were called as the name - Slavs, both have constructed a city, and named its Novgorod. And others have sat down across Desna, both on the Diet, and on Sule, and were called as northerners. And so the slavic people have dispersed, and on his name and the reading and writing was called as slavic.

When to a glade lived separately on these mountains, here there was a way from the Varangian in Greeks and from Greeks across Dnepr, and in upper courses of Dnepr - dragged to Lovoti, and on Lovoti it is possible to enter into Ilmen, lake great; Volkhov follows from the same lake and great Nevo runs into lake, and the mouth of that lake runs into the sea Varjazhsky. And on that sea it is possible to float to Rome, and from Rome it is possible to come on the same sea to Tsargrad, and from Tsargrad it is possible to come to Pontus the sea into which Dnepr the river runs. Dnepr follows from Okovsky wood and flows on the south, and Dvina from this woods flows, and goes on the north, and runs into the sea Varjazhsky. From this woods Volga on the east flows and runs seventy устьями into the sea Hvalissky. Therefore from Russia it is possible to float across Volga in Bulgarians both in Hvalisy, and on the east to pass in destiny of Sima, and across Dvina - in the earth of Varangians, from Varangians to Rome, from Rome and to a tribe of Hamova. And Dnepr runs a mouth into the Pontijsky sea; This sea has a reputation for Russian, - on its coast learnt, as speak, sacred Andrey, Peter's brother.

When Andrey learnt in Sinop and has arrived in Korsun, he has learnt that near to Korsunja a mouth of Dnepr, and has wanted to go to Rome, and has floated in a mouth днепровское, and therefrom has gone upwards across Dnepr. Also happens so that it has come and became under mountains ashore. And has risen in the morning and has told to the pupils who were with it: whether "See these mountains? On these mountains воссияет the good fortune of Bozhija, will be a city great, and God will erect many churches". And having ascended to these mountains, has blest them, both has given up as a bad job, and has prayed to God, and has descended from mountain of this where subsequently there will be Kiev, and has gone upwards across Dnepr. Also has come to Slavs where now there is Novgorod, and has seen people living there - what their custom and as wash and whipped, both was surprised with it. Also has gone to the country of Varangians, and has come to Rome, and has told how learnt and that saw, and has told:" Miracle saw I in the Slavic earth on the way here. Saw baths wooden, and will heat them strongly, and will undress and will be nude, and will have a shower bath kvass tanning, and will lift on itself rods young and beat itself, and before itself will finish that hardly will get out, hardly live, and will have a shower bath водою студеною, and only so will revive. Also create it constantly, anybody not мучимые, but itself мучат, and that create омовенье to itself, instead of мученье ". The Same, слышав about it, were surprised; Andrey, having stayed in Rome has come to Sinop.

To glade lived in those days separately and coped the sorts; for and to that brotherhood (about which speech further) were already to a glade, and all of them lived the sorts on the places, and everyone coped independently. Also there were three brothers: one by name of Ky, another - Cheeks and the third - Horiv, and their sister - Lybed. Ky on a grief where nowadays lifting Borichev, and Cheeks sat on a grief which is nowadays called ShChekovitsa, and Horiv on the third mountain which was nicknamed by name of its Horivitsej sat. Also have constructed a city in honour of the senior brother, and named its Kiev. There was round a city a wood and a pine forest is great, and caught there animals, and those мужи were wise and смыслены, and were called they as glades, from them to a glade and hitherto in Kiev.

Some, without knowing, say that Ky was a carrier; there was then at Kiev a transportation from that party of Dnepr, paternal and spoke: "On transportation to Kiev". If there was Ky a carrier would not go to Tsargrad; and this Ky reigned in the sort and when it went to the tsar, that, say that great honours has received from the tsar to whom it came. When came back, it has come to Danube, both has chosen a place, and has cut down small town insignificant, and wished to sit down in it with the it come, yes have not given to it living окрест; and hitherto name придунайские inhabitants a site of ancient settlement that - Kievets. Кий, having returned to the city of Kiev, here also has died; and brothers of its Cheeks and Horiv and sister of their Lybed have there and then died.

And after these brothers began to hold their sort reigning at glades, and at древлян there was a reigning, and at дреговичей the, and at Slavs in Novgorod the, and another on the river Polote, where полочане. From these last have occurred кривичи, sitting in upper courses of Volga, and in upper courses of Dvina, and in upper courses of Dnepr, their city - Smolensk; there sit кривичи. From them there are also northerners. And on Beloozere everything sits, and on the Rostov lake меря, and on lake Kleshchine also меря. And on the river Oka - there where it runs into Volga, - мурома, speaking in the language, and черемисы, speaking in the language, and мордва, speaking in the language. Here only who speaks on-slavjanski in Russia: to a glade, древляне, новгородцы, полочане, дреговичи, northerners, бужане, nicknamed so because sat across Bug, and then begun to be called волынянами. And here other people giving a tribute of Russia: чудь, меря, everything, мурома, черемисы, мордва, пермь, печера, ямь, литва, зимигола, корсь, нарова, ливы, - these speak in the languages, they - from a knee of Iafeta and live in northern countries.

When the slavic people as we spoke, veins on Danube, have come from Scythians, that is from хазар, so-called Bulgarians, and have sat down across Danube, and were settlers on the earth of Slavs. Then have come white угры and have occupied the earth Slavic. Угры these have appeared at tsar Iraklii, and they were at war with Hosrovom, the Persian tsar. In those days existed and обры, they were at war against tsar Iraklija and hardly was it have not grasped. These обры were at war and against Slavs and oppressed дулебов - also Slavs, and created violence to wives дулебским: happened, when will go обрин did not allow to harness a horse or an ox, but ordered to put to a cart of three, four or five wives and to carry it is обрина, - and so tormented дулебов. These обры were great a body, and of mind are proud, and God has exterminated them, everything have died, and does not remain any обрина. Also there is a saying in Russia and hitherto:" Were lost, as обры ", - they are not present either a tribe, or posterity. After обров have come печенеги, and then have passed black угры by Kiev, but there was it after - already at Oleg.

To the glade, living in itself as we already spoke, were from a slavic sort and only after were called as glades, and древляне have occurred from the same Slavs and also not at once were called древляне; радимичи and вятичи - from a sort of poles. There were after all two brothers at poles - Radim, and another - Vjatko; also have come and have sat down: Радим on Sozhe, and from it were nicknamed радимичи, and with it come from villages Vjatko the across Oka, from it have received the name вятичи. Also lived between itself in the world to a glade, древляне, northerners, радимичи, вятичи and Croats. Дулебы lived across Bug where nowadays волыняне, and convict and тиверцы sat across Dnestr and near Danube. There was their set: they sat across Dnestr to the sea, and their cities and have remained hitherto; and Greeks named them "Great Skif".

All these tribes had the customs, and laws of the fathers, both legends, and everyone - the customs. To a glade have custom of the fathers mild and silent, are bashful before снохами the and sisters, mothers and parents; before свекровями and brothers-in-law great bashfulness have; have also marriage custom: there is no son-in-law for the bride, but results it the day before, and next day bring for it - that give. And древляне lived animal custom, lived in a bestial way: killed each other, ate all dirty, and marriages at them did not happen, but умыкали maidens at water. And радимичи, вятичи and northerners had the general custom: lived in wood, as well as all animals, ate all dirty and срамословили at fathers and at снохах, and marriages at them did not happen, but were arranged игрища between villages, and converged on these игрища, on dancings and on any devilish songs, here again умыкали to itself of wives on arrangement to them; had on two and on three wives. And if who died, arranged after it funeral feast, and then did the big pack, and assigned to this pack of the dead person, and burnt, and after, having collected bones, put them in a small vessel and put on columns on roads as do and now still вятичи. The Same custom kept and кривичи, and the other pagans who are not knowing the law Divine, but establishing law.

George in the annals speaks:" Each people have either the written law, or custom which the people who are not knowing the law, observe as the legend of fathers. From them the first - Syrians living at the world's end. They the law to themselves have customs of the fathers: not to be engaged любодеянием and прелюбодеянием, not to steal, not to slander or kill and, especially, not to do harm. The law and at бактриан, named differently рахманами or islanders is same; these on precepts of great-grandfathers and from piety do not eat some meat and wines do not drink, do not create fornication and any harm do not do, having great fear of the Divine belief. Otherwise - at the Indians next to them. They are murderers, сквернотворцы and are irascible excessively; and in internal areas of their country - there eat people, and kill travellers, and even eat, as dogs. The law both at халдеян, and at вавилонян: mothers to take on a box, fornication to create with children of brothers and to kill. And any shamelessness create, including its virtue even if will far from the country.

Other law at гилий: wives at them plough, and build houses, and man's affairs make, but also in love indulge, how many want, not constrained the husbands and without being ashamed; is among them and brave women, skilful in hunting for animals. These wives over the husbands dominate and rule over them. In Britain some husbands with одною женою sleep, and many wives with one husband communication have also lawlessness as the law of fathers make, nobody condemned and not constrained. Amazons have no husbands, but as dumb cattle, once in a year, it is close by spring days, leave the earth and are combined with neighbouring men, considering that time as though некиим as a celebration and a great holiday. When will conceive from them in a belly, - again will run up from those places. When will come to give birth to time and if the boy kill him if the girl will raise her and will diligently bring up "is born.

And so and at us now half-sheep keep the law of the fathers: blood spill and even are praised by it, eat carrion and everyone нечистоту - hamsters and gophers, and take the stepmothers and daughters-in-law, and follow other customs of the fathers. We, Christians of all countries where believe in a sacred Trinity, on a uniform christening and profess uniform belief, we have the uniform law as we were christened in the Christ and in the Christ have clothed.

After the lapse of time, after death of these brothers (Kija, the Cheek and Horiva), began to oppress glades древляне and other neighbouring people. Also have found them хазары sitting on these mountains in woods and have told: "Pay to us a tribute". To a glade, having conferred, distances from a smoke on a sword, also have carried them хазары to the prince and to elders, and have told it: "Here, a new tribute we have found". The Same have asked them: "Whence?". They have answered: "In wood on mountains over рекою Dnepr". Those have again asked: "And what distances?". They have shown a sword. Aged men Hazaria also have told: "Not this kind tribute, княже: we have extracted its weapon, sharp only on the one hand, - sabres, and at these the weapon two-edged - swords. They can collect a tribute both from us and from other earths". All Also has come true it for they against the will spoke, but on the Divine command. So was and at the Pharaoh, the tsar Egyptian when Moiseja have led to it and elders of the Pharaoh have told:" It can humiliate the earth Egyptian ". And happens: Egyptians from Moiseja were lost, and on them Jews at first worked. As also these: at first dominated, and after over them dominate; indeed: Russian princes хазарами and till this day own.

In a year 6360 (852), индикта 15 when Michael has started to reign, Russian earth began to be nicknamed. We have learnt about it because at this tsar Russia to Tsargrad as it is written about it in annals Greek came. That is why since then we will begin also numbers we will put." From Adam and to a flood of 2242, and from a flood to Avraam 1000 and 82 years, and from Avraam till an outcome of Moiseja of 430 years, and from an outcome of Moiseja to David 600 and 1 year, and from David and from the beginning of reign of Solomona before capture of Jerusalem 448 years "and from capture to Alexander of 318 years, and from Alexander to a Christmas 333 years, and from Christ's Christmas to Konstantin of 318 years, from Konstantin to Michael these 542 years". And from the first year of reign of Michael till first year of reigning of Oleg, the Russian prince, 29 years, and from the first year of reigning of Oleg since it has sat down in Kiev, till first year Igoreva 31 year, and from the first year of Igor till first year Svjatoslavova 33 years, and from the first year Svjatoslavova till first year Jaropolkova of 28 years; and Jaropolk of 8 years reigned, and Vladimir reigned 37 years, and Yaroslav reigned 40 years. Thus, from death of Svjatoslava to Yaroslav's death of 85 years; from Yaroslav's death to death of Svjatopolka of 60 years.

But we will come back to former and we will tell that has occurred these years as have already begun: from first year of reign of Michael, also we will arrange in the order of a year.

In a year 6361 (853).

In a year 6362 (854).

In a year 6363 (855).

In a year 6364 (856).

In a year 6365 (857).

In a year 6366 (858). Tsar Michael has gone with soldiers on Bulgarians on coast and the sea. Bulgarians, having seen that could not resist to them, have asked to christen them and promised to obey Greeks. The tsar christened their prince and all boyars and has made the peace with Bulgarians.

In a year 6367 (859). Varangians from oversea country raised a tribute with behave in a queer way, both with словен, and with мери, and with кривичей. And хазары took from a field, both from northerners, and with вятичей on a silver coin and on fiber from a smoke.

In a year 6368 (860).

In a year 6369 (861).

In a year 6370 (862). Have expelled the Varangian for the sea, and have not given them a tribute, and have started by itself to own, and there was no among them a truth, and there was a sort on a sort, and there was at them an intestine war, and began to be at war with each other. Also have told to itself: "we Will look to themselves for the prince who would own us and judged by right". Also have followed the sea to Varangians, to руси. Those Varangians were called русью as others are called Swedes, and other Normans and англы, and still others готландцы, - here and these. Have told руси чудь, словене, кривичи and all:" Our Earth is great and plentiful, and the order in it is not present. Come to reign and own us ". Also three brothers with the to sorts were selected, and took with itself all русь, and have come, and villages the senior, Rjurik, in Novgorod, and another, Sineus, - on Beloozere, and the third, Truvor, - in Izborske. And from those Varangians Russian earth was nicknamed. Новгородцы - those people from варяжского sorts, and were before словене. In two years Sineus and the brother of its Truvor have died. Also has accepted all power one Rjurik, and began to distribute мужам to the cities - to that Polotsk, to it Rostov, to other Beloozero. Varangians in these cities - находники, and indigenous population in Novgorod - словене, in Polotsk - кривичи, in Rostov - меря, in Beloozere - everything, in Murom - мурома, and over those all dominated Rjurik. Also there were at it two husbands, not its relatives, but boyars, and they have asked for leave to Tsargrad with the it come. Also have gone across Dnepr and when floated by have seen on a grief a small city. Also have asked:" Whose it is small town?" . The same have answered: "There were three brothers of" Ky "Cheeks and Horiv who have constructed this small town and have disappeared, and we here sit, their descendants, and we render tribute хазарам". Аскольд and Dir remained in this city, have collected at itself many Varangians and began to own землею glades. Рюрик reigned in Novgorod.

In a year 6371 (863).

In a year 6372 (864).

In a year 6373 (865).

In a year 6374 (866). Askold and Dir war on Greeks have gone and have come to them to 14th year of reign of Michael. The tsar was at this time in a campaign on агарян, has reached already the Black river when the eparch has sent it a message that Russia goes a campaign to Tsargrad, and the tsar has come back. Same have entered in Court, set of Christians have killed and have besieged Tsargrad of two hundred ships. The tsar has hardly entered into a city and all night long prayed with patriarch Fotiem in church of the sacred Virgin in Vlaherne, and they with songs have taken out a divine cope of the sacred Virgin, and have moistened in the sea to its floor. There was at this time a silence and the sea was quiet, but the storm with a wind here has suddenly risen, and there were again huge waves, swept the ships of godless Russian, and has beaten them to coast, and has broken, so few of them managed to avoid this trouble and to come back home.

In a year 6375 (867).

In a year 6376 (868). Vasily has started to reign.

In a year 6377 (869). Крещена there was all earth Bulgarian.

In a year 6378 (870).

In a year 6379 (871).

In a year 6380 (872).

In a year 6381 (873).

In a year 6382 (874).

In a year 6383 (875).

In a year 6384 (876).

In a year 6385 (877).

In a year 6386 (878).

In a year 6387 (879). Rjurik has died and has transferred the reigning to Oleg - to the relative, having given to it on hands of son Igor for that was still very small.

In a year 6388 (880).

In a year 6389 (881).

In a year 6390 (882). Oleg has acted in a campaign, taking with itself many soldiers: Varangians, чудь, словен, I will measure, everything, кривичей, and has come to Smolensk with кривичами, and has accepted the power in a city, and has planted in it the husband. Therefrom has gone downwards, and took Ljubech, and also has planted the husband. Also have come to mountains Kiev, and Oleg that Askold and Dir reign here has learnt. It has hidden one soldiers in castles, and others has left behind, and itself has started, bearing baby Igor. Also has swum up to the Ugrian mountain, having hidden the soldiers, and has sent to Askoldu and Diru, saying to them that-de "we merchants, go in Greeks from Oleg and княжича Igor. Come to us, to the relatives". When Askold and Dir have come, all have jumped out other of castles, and Oleg Askoldu and Diru has told: "Not princes you and not a princely sort, but I of a princely sort", also have shown Igor:" And it is son Rjurika ". Also have killed Askolda and Dira, have carried on mountain and погребли Askolda on a grief which is called nowadays as Ugrian, where now Olmin a court yard; on that tomb of Olma has put church of sacred Nikoly; and Dirova a tomb - behind sacred Irina's church. Oleg also has sat down, reigning, in Kiev, and Oleg has told:" Yes there will be it mother to cities Russian ". Also there were at it Varangians, both Slavs, and other, nicknamed русью. That Oleg has started to put cities and has established tributes словенам, both кривичам, and мери, and has established to Varangians to give a tribute from Novgorod on 300 grivnas annually for the sake of a preservation of peace, as was given to Varangians to Yaroslav's death.

In a year 6391 (883). Oleg against древлян has started to be at war and, having subdued them, took a tribute from them on a black marten.

In a year 6392 (884). Oleg on northerners has gone, both has won northerners, and has assigned to them an easy tribute, and did not order to render tribute to them хазарам, having told: "I their enemy" and to you (it to pay) am no need ".

In a year 6393 (885). (Oleg) to радимичам has sent, asking: "to Whom give a tribute?". They have answered: "Хазарам". It Oleg Also has told: "do not give хазарам, but pay to me". Also have given to Oleg on щелягу, as well as хазарам gave. Oleg over glades, and древлянами also dominated, and northerners, and радимичами, and with уличами and тиверцами was at war.

In a year 6394 (886).

In a year 6395 (887). Leon reigned, Vasily's son who was nicknamed the Lion, and the brother its Alexander, and 26 years reigned.

In a year 6396 (888).

In a year 6397 (889).

In a year 6398 (890).

In a year 6399 (891).

In a year 6400 (892).

In a year 6401 (893).

In a year 6402 (894).

In a year 6403 (895).

In a year 6404 (896).

In a year 6405 (897).

In a year 6406 (898). Went угры by Kiev горою which is nicknamed now Ugrian, have come to Dnepr and a steel вежами: they went the same as now half-sheep. And, having come from the east, have directed through great mountains which were nicknamed Ugrian mountains, and began to be at war with living there волохами and Slavs. Slavs sat after all here before, and then the Slavic earth have grasped волохи. And after угры have banished волохов, have inherited that earth and have lodged with Slavs, having subdued them to itself; and since then the earth Ugrian was nicknamed. Also began угры to be at war with Greeks and попленили the earth Thracian and Macedonian to Seluni. Also began to be at war with моравами and Czechs. The people slavic were uniform: Slavs who sat across Danube, subdued уграми, and моравы, both Czechs, and Poles, and a glade which are called now русь. For them after all, моравов, the first the letters named the slavic reading and writing are created; the same reading and writing both at Russian, and at Bulgarians Danube.

When Slavs lived already крещеными, princes of their Rostislav, Svjatopolk and Kotsel have sent to tsar Michael, speaking: "our Earth крещена, but is not present at us the teacher who would set us and taught us and has explained sacred books. After all we do not know neither the Greek language, nor Latin; one learn us so, and others differently, from it we neither do not know a tracing of letters, nor their value. Also send us teachers who could interpret to us words book and their sense". Having heard it, tsar Michael has called all philosophers and has transferred to all of them told by slavic princes. Philosophers also have told: "In Seluni there is a husband, a name the Lion. It has the sons knowing slavic language; two sons at it skilful philosophers". Having heard about it, the tsar has sent behind them to the Lion in Selun, with words: "Have gone to us immediately the sons of Mefodija and Konstantin". Having heard about it, the Lion soon has sent them, and they have come to the tsar, and he has told it:" Here, the Slavic earth has sent ambassadors to me, asking itself the teacher who could interpret it sacred books for they want it ". Their tsar Also has persuaded, and has sent them to the Slavic earth to Rostislavu, Svjatopolku and Kotselu. When (these brothers) have come, - they have started to make the slavic alphabet and have translated the Apostle and the Gospel. Also Slavs that they have heard about greatness Divine in the language were glad. Then have translated Psaltyr and Oktoih and other books. Certain began to abuse slavic books, saying that" any people should not have the alphabet, except Jews, Greeks and латинян, according to an inscription of Pilata which on a cross Dominical has written (only in these languages) ". Having heard about it, the Pope has condemned those who abuses slavic books, having told so:" Yes the Writing word will be executed: "Let will eulogise God all people", and another:" Let all people will eulogise greatness of Bozhie as the spirit sacred has let them speak ". If who scolds the slavic reading and writing, yes will be separated from church, will not be corrected yet; they are wolves, instead of sheep, they should be learnt on their acts and to be protected them. You, children, listen the divine doctrine and do not reject church lecture which the instructor has given you your Mefody". Konstantin has returned back and has gone to learn the Bulgarian people, and Mefody remained in Moravia. Then prince Kotsel has put Mefodija the bishop in Pannonii on a table of the sacred apostle Andronik, one of seventy, the pupil of sacred apostle Pavel. Мефодий has planted two priests, good скорописцев, and has translated all books completely from the Greek language on slavic for six months, having begun in March, and having finished in 26 day of October. Having finished, has rendered worthy praise and glory to God who has given such good fortune to bishop Mefodiju, Andronik's successor; for the teacher to the slavic people - apostle Andronik. To моравам apostle Pavel went also and learnt there; in the same place there is also Illyria which apostle Pavel reached and where originally there lived Slavs. Therefore the teacher of Slavs - apostle Pavel, from the same Slavs - and we, русь; therefore and to us, руси, teacher Pavel as learnt the slavic people and has put on itself at Slavs the bishop and Andronik's deputy. And the slavic people and Russian is uniform, from Varangians after all were nicknamed русью, and before there were Slavs; though also glades were called, but speech was slavic. By glades have been nicknamed because sat in the field, and language was it the general - slavic.

In a year 6407 (899).

In a year 6408 (900).

In a year 6409 (901).

In a year 6410 (902). Leon-tsar has employed угров against Bulgarians. Угры, having attacked, попленили all earth Bulgarian. Симеон, having learnt about it, has gone on угров, and угры have moved against it and have won Bulgarians so Simeon has hardly escaped in Dorostol.

In a year 6411 (903). When Igor has grown, accompanied Oleg both listened to it, and have resulted to it the wife from Pskov, a name Olga.

In a year 6412 (904).

In a year 6413 (905).

In a year 6414 (906).

In a year 6415 (907). Oleg on Greeks has gone, having left Igor in Kiev; took with itself set of Varangians, and Slavs, and behave in a queer way, and кривичей, and I will measure, both древлян, and радимичей, both glades, and northerners, and вятичей, and Croats, both дулебов, and тиверцев, known as толмачи: these all named Greeks "Great Skif". And with these all Oleg on horses and in the ships has gone; also was the ships number 2000. Also has come to Tsargrad: Greeks have closed Court, and a city have shut. Also there was Oleg on coast, and has started to be at war, and many murders have created in vicinities of a city to Greeks, and have broken set of chambers, and churches пожгли. And those whom have captured, one иссекли, others have tortured, others have shot, and some have abandoned in the sea, and a lot of other harm Russian to Greeks as enemies usually do have made.

Also Oleg to the soldiers has enjoined to make wheels and to put on wheels the ships. And when the fair wind has blown, they have lifted in the field of a sail and have gone to a city. Greeks, having seen it, were frightened and have told, having sent to Oleg: "do not ruin a city, we will give you a tribute what you will want". Oleg Also has stopped soldiers, and have taken out to it food and wine, but has not accepted it as it has been poisoned. Both Greeks were frightened, and have told: "It not Oleg, but the sacred Dmitry sent on us by God". Oleg Also has ordered to give tributes on 2000 ships: on 12 grivnas on the person, and was in each ship on 40 husbands.

Also Greeks have agreed on it, and Greeks of the world that was not at war the Greek earth began to ask. Oleg, a few having departed from capital, has begun negotiations about the world with the Greek tsars Leon and Alexander and has sent to them to Charles's capital, Farlafa, Vermuda, Rulava and Stemida with words: "Pay to me a tribute". Greeks Also have told: "That you want, we will give to you". Oleg Also has ordered to give to the soldiers on 2000 ships on 12 grivnas on a rowlock, and then to give a tribute for Russian cities: first of all for Kiev, then for Chernigov, for Pereyaslavl, for Polotsk, for Rostov, for Ljubecha and for other cities: for on these cities the grand dukes subject to Oleg sit." When Russian come, let take the maintenance for ambassadors, how many want; and if merchants come, let take monthly for 6 months: bread, wine, meat, fish and fruits. And let arrange with it a bath - how many will want. When Russian will go home, let take from the tsar on road meal, anchors, ropes, a sail and that is necessary for them ". Both Greeks were obliged, and tsars and all boyars have told:" If Russian are not for trade let do not take monthly; the Russian prince the decree let will forbid the Russian coming here to create excesses in villages and in our country. Russian coming here let live at church of a sacred Mammoth, and will send to them from our kingdom, and will copy their names then take relying it monthly, - at first those who have come from Kiev, then from Chernigov, both from Pereyaslavl, and from other cities. And let enter into a city only through one collar accompanied by the imperial husband, without the weapon, on 50 persons, and trade, how many it is necessary for them, without paying any gathering ".

Reign Leon and Alexander have made the peace with Oleg, were obliged to pay a tribute and swore each other: kissed a cross, and Oleg with мужами it drove to swear under the law to Russian, and those swore the weapon and Perunom, the god, and Volosom, god of cattle, both have confirmed the world. Oleg also has told: "Sew for руси sails from паволок, and to Slavs копринные", - both was so. Also has hung up the board on a gate as a sign of a victory, and has gone from Tsargrad. Also has lifted русь sails from паволок, and Slavs копринные, and has torn apart their wind; Slavs also have told: "we Take the толстины, are not given Slavs of a sail from паволок". Oleg Also has returned to Kiev, bearing gold, and паволоки, both fruits, and wine, and everyone узорочье. Also have nicknamed Oleg Veshchim as there were people pagans and uneducated.

In a year 6417 (909).

In a year 6418 (910).

In a year 6419 (911). The big star in the form of a spear was in the west.

In a year 6420 (912). Oleg has sent the husbands to make the peace and to establish the contract between Greeks and Russian, speaking so:" The list from the contract concluded at the same tsars the Lion and Alexander. We from a Russian sort - Karly, Inegeld, Farlaf, Veremud, Rulav, the Buzzing, Ruald, Karn, Frelav, Ruar, Aktevu, Truan, Lidul, Fost, Stemid - sent from Oleg, the grand duke of Russian, and from all, who under рукою it, - light both grand dukes, and its great boyars, to you, the Lion, Alexander and Konstantin, great autocrats in God, to tsars Greek, for strengthening and for the certificate of the long-term friendship which was between Christians and Russian, at will of our grand dukes and on command, from all being under рукою its Russian. Our grace, above all wishing to strengthen and certify in God the friendship existing constantly between Christians and Russian, have judged on justice, not only in words, but also on the letter, and клятвою твердою, swearing the weapon, to confirm such friendship and to certify it on belief and under our law.

Such are an essence of the head of the contract concerning which we have obliged ourselves on the Divine belief and friendship. The first words of our contract we will reconcile with you, Greeks, and we begin to love each other from the bottom of the heart and at all good will, and we will not allow to occur, as it in our power, to any deceit or a crime from real under рукою our light princes; but we will try, how much in our forces, to keep with you, Greeks, the next years and for ever непревратную and invariable friendship, expression and the legend to the letter with fastening, an oath the certified. As also you, Greeks, observe the same unshakable and invariable friendship to princes our light Russian and to all who is under рукою our light prince always and in all years.

And about the heads, concerning possible evil deeds, we will agree so: those evil deeds which will be obviously certified, let are considered undoubtedly made; and what not begin to trust, that party which solicits that to evil deed to it did not trust let swears; and when that party will swear, let there will be such punishment the crime will appear what.

About it: if who kills, - Russian of the Christian or the Christian of Russian, - yes will die on the spot murders. If the murderer escapes, and it will appear имущим that part of its property which is necessary under the law, the relative killed let takes, but also the wife of the murderer let will keep that is necessary to it under the law. If there will be deprived a running murderer let remains under court, will not be found yet and then yes will die.

If who strikes a sword or will beat any other tool for that blow or a beating let will give 5 litre of silver under the law to Russian; if made this offence deprived let will give how many can, so that let will remove from itself and those clothes to which goes, and about the remained not paid sum let swears on the belief that nobody can help it, and this rest let is not collected from it.

About it: if Russian at the Christian steals that or, on the contrary, the Christian at Russian, and will be caught the thief by the victim during that time when makes theft or if the thief is going to steal and will be killed, its death neither from Christians, nor from Russian will not be collected; but let the victim takes that that has lost. If the thief let will be voluntary is given is taken by at whom it has stolen, and let will be connected, and will give that has stolen, in the threefold size.

About it: if who from Christians or from Russian by means of a beating attempts (upon a robbery) and takes obvious силою something belonging to another let will return in the threefold size.

If the castle by a strong wind on another's earth is thrown out and there will be there somebody from us, Russian, and will help to keep a castle with cargo it and to send again in the Greek earth it is spent it through any dangerous place, will not come yet to a place safe; if the castle this or on a bank sowing is detained by a storm and cannot come back in the places we will help oarsmen of that castle, Russian, and we spend them with their goods поздорову. If there will be about the Greek earth a same trouble with Russian castle we spend her to Russian earth and let sell the goods of that castle so if it is possible what to sell from that castle let we will take out (on the Greek coast) we, Russian. And when we come (we, Russian) to the Greek earth for trade or embassy to your tsar (we, Greeks) will pass the sold goods of their castle with honour. If happens to someone from us, the Russian which have arrived with ладьею to be убиту or something will be is taken from a castle let originators will be awarded to the aforesaid to punishment.

About these: if the captive of this or that party is violently kept by Russian or Greeks, being is sold in their country and if, really, there will be a Russian or the Greek let will redeem and will return the redeemed person in its country and take its price bought, or for it the price relying for челядина let will be offered. Also, if and in the war it is taken there will be it those Greeks, - all the same it let will come back in the country and its usual price as it is already told above will be given for it.

If there will be a set in an army and these (Russian) will want почтить your tsar and however many has come them to what time, and will want to remain with your tsar of the own free will let so will be.

About Russian, about captives. Was of any country (captured Christians) to Russia and sold (Russian) back to Greece or the captured Christians resulted to Russia from any country, - all these should be on sale on 20 златников and come back in the Greek earth.

About it: if Russian is stolen челядин, either will escape, or will be violently sold and Russian begin to complain, let will prove it about the челядине and take it to Russia, but also merchants if will lose челядина and will appeal against, let demand court and when will find, - take it. If someone does not allow to make inquiry, - thereby will not be recognised by right.

And about the Russian serving in the Greek earth at the Greek tsar. If who dies, without having disposed of the property, and the (in Greece) at it will not be, its property let will come back to Russia to the nearest younger relatives. If will make the will the one to whom has written takes завещанное to it to inherit its property, and yes inherits it.

About Russian trading.

About the various people who are going to the Greek earth and in debt. If the villain does not come back to Russia Russian to the Greek kingdom let complain, and it will be violently seized and returned to Russia. The same will be made let also by Russian to Greeks if happens same.

As a sign of a fortress and an invariance which should be between you, Christians, and Russian, this peace treaty was created by us Ivanov a writing on two charters - your Tsar and своею рукою, - have fastened it клятвою a prelying fair cross and святою единосущною Troitseju of uniform true your God and have given to our ambassadors. We swore to the tsar your, put from God as divine creation, on belief and on custom ours, not to break to us and anybody from the country our any of the established heads of the peace treaty and friendship. And this writing have given to your tsars on the statement that this contract became a basis of the statement and the certificate of the world existing between us. Month of September 2, индикта 15, in a year from creation of the world 6420 ".

The tsar Leon почтил Russian ambassadors for nothing - gold, both silks, and precious fabrics - also has put to them the husbands to show them church beauty, gold chambers and riches stored in them: set of gold, паволоки, jewels and passions of Gospodni - a wreath, nails, багряницу and hallows sacred, learning to their belief and showing them true belief. And so has released them in the earth with великою honour. The ambassadors sent by Oleg, have returned to it and have told it all speeches of both tsars as have made the peace and the contract have put between Grecheskoju землею and Russkoju and have established not to break an oath - to Greeks, руси.

Also there lived Oleg, reigning in Kiev, the world having with all countries. Both the autumn has come, and Oleg has recollected the horse who has put before to feed, having decided to sit down never on it For he asked magicians and magicians: "Of what I will die?". To it one magician also has told: "the Prince! From a horse your favourite by which you go, - of it to you and to die?". These words in soul to Oleg have sunk down, and he has told: "Never I will sit down on it and I will not see it more". Also has enjoined to feed him and not to drive it to it, and has lived some years, without seeing it, has not gone yet on Greeks. And when has returned to Kiev and has passed four years, - for the fifth year it has remembered the horse from whom magicians have predicted to it death. He also has called the elder of grooms and has told: "Where my horse whom I have ordered to feed and protect?". The same has answered: "Has died". Oleg has laughed and has reproached that magician, having told: "magicians, but all Incorrectly tell that lie: the horse has died, and I am live". Also has ordered to saddle to itself a horse:" Yes I will see its bones ". Also has arrived on that place where its naked bones and a skull naked lay, tears from a horse, has laughed and has told: whether" From this skull death to me to accept? ". He also has stepped ногою into a skull, and has crept out of a skull of a dragon, and has stung it in a foot. And from that has ached and has died. Its all people mourned we cry great, both have incurred it, and have buried on a grief, называемою ShChekovitsa; there is its tomb and hitherto, Olegovoj has a reputation for a tomb. Also was all years of its reigning thirty and three.

It is no wonder that from волхвования comes true чародейство. So was and in reign of Domitsiana then a certain magician for a name of Apollony Tiansky which went was known and created everywhere devilish miracles - in cities and villages. Once, when from Rome it has come to Byzantium, have asked its living to make the following there: it has expelled set of snakes and scorpions that there was no from them a harm to people from a city and fury horse has bridled in the face of boyars. And in Antiohiju has come, and, asked by those people - антиохиянинами, suffering from scorpions and mosquitoes, has made a copper scorpion, both has earthed it, and has put over it a small marble pillar, and has enjoined to take to people of a stick and to go on a city and выкликивать, shaking by those sticks: "To be to a city without a mosquito!" . And so scorpions and mosquitoes have disappeared from a city. Also have asked it even about earthquake threatening to a city, and, having sighed, he on a plate has written the following "Alas to you, an unfortunate city, much you will be shaken also by fire will be попален, оплачет you (the one who will be) on coast Oronta". About (Аполлонии) it and great Anastas Bozhego of hailstones has told:" The miracles created by Apolloniem, even on some places are executed till now: one - to drive away four-footed animals and birds whom others could harm to people - for deduction of the river streams which have been pulled out from coast, but others both on death and to the detriment of people though and on their bridling. Not only after all during lifetime of it so demons did such miracles, but also on death, at its coffin, worked wonders with his name to seduce pity people, is frequent уловляемых on them a devil ". So, who that will tell about affairs creating by a magic temptation? After all here, it was skilful on magic seduction and never Apollony with that was considered that in madness has indulged in a wise shift; and followed to it tell:" Word I only create that wanted ", and not to make the actions expected from it. That all попущением Bozhiim and creation devilish happens - all similar affairs our orthodox belief that it is firm is tested and is strong staying beside the Lord and is not carried away by a devil, its illusive miracles and devilish affairs, творимыми enemies of a human race and servants of harm. Happens that some and a name of the Lord prophesy, as Valaam, both Saul, and Kaiafa, and demons even expel, as Judas and sons of Skevaveli. Because and on unworthy the good fortune as many testify repeatedly operates: for Valaam all was alien - and just life and belief, but in it the good fortune for belief of others nevertheless was. And the Pharaoh same was, but also to it the future has been opened. And Navuhodonosor was законопреступен, but also to it also was openly future many generations, that testifying that many, having превратные concepts, even before coming of the Christ create signs not on own will on прельщение the people who are not knowing the kind. It was that both Simon the Magician, and Menandr, and others same because of which and on true it has been told: "Not with miracles to seduce...".

In a year 6421 (913). After Oleg Igor began to reign. During the same time Konstantin, the son of Leon began to reign. Also were shut from Igor древляне on Oleg's death.

In a year 6422 (914). Igor on древлян has gone and, having won them, has assigned to them a tribute more Olegovoj. In the same year Simeon Bulgarian to Tsargrad has come and, having made the peace, has returned back home.

In a year 6423 (915). Have come for the first time печенеги on Russian earth and, having made the peace with Igor, have gone to Danube. Simeon has come to the same times, попленяя Thrace; Greeks have sent for печенегами. When печенеги have come and were going to act already on Simeona, Greek воеводы have quarrelled. Печенеги, having seen that they between themselves quarrel, have left back home, and Bulgarians have battled to Greeks, and Greeks have been interrupted. Симеон has grasped the city of Adrianov which originally was called as the city of Oresta - son Agamemnona: for Orest once bathed in three rivers and has got rid here of the illness - because and named a city the name. Subsequently it has updated цезарь Adrian and named in the name Adrianom, we call its Adrianom-hailstones.

In a year 6424 (916).

In a year 6425 (917).

In a year 6426 (918).

In a year 6427 (919).

In a year 6428 (920). At Greeks the tsar the Novel is put. Igor was at war against печенегов.

In a year 6429 (921).

In a year 6430 (922).

In a year 6431 (923).

In a year 6432 (924).

In a year 6433 (925).

In a year 6434 (926).

In a year 6435 (927).

In a year 6436 (928).

In a year 6437 (929). Simeon to Tsargrad, and попленил Thrace and Macedonia has come, and has approached to Tsargrad in great force and pride, and has created the world with the Novel-tsar, and has come back back home.

In a year 6438 (930).

In a year 6439 (931).

In a year 6440 (932).

In a year 6441 (933).

In a year 6442 (934). For the first time have come to Tsargrad угры and попленили all Thrace, the Novel has made the peace with уграми.

In a year 6444 (936).

In a year 6445 (937).

In a year 6446 (938).

In a year 6447 (939).

In a year 6448 (940).

In a year 6449 (941). Igor on Greeks has gone. Bulgarians also have sent a message I reign that there are Russian to Tsargrad: 10 thousand ships. Both have come, and have swum up, and began to be at war the country Vifinsky, and попленили the earth on the Pontijsky sea to Iraklii and to the Paflagonsky earth, and all country Nikomidijsky попленили, and Court all пожгли. And whom have grasped - one crucified, in others, before itself them putting, shot, sufficed, connected back hands and drove in iron nails into heads. It is a lot of and sacred churches have set fire, monasteries and villages пожгли and on both coast of Court have grasped many riches. When soldiers - Panfir-demestik with forty thousand, the Foka-patrician with македонянами, Feodor-stratilat with Thracians, with them and stately boyars have surrounded русь have come from the east. Russian, having conferred, left against Greeks with the weapon, and in severe battle Greeks have hardly overcome. Russian by the evening have come back to the team and at night, sowing in castles, have sailed. Феофан has met them in castles with fire and began pipes to start up fire on castles of Russian. Also the terrible miracle was visible. Russian, having seen a flame, have plunged into the water sea, aspiring to escape, and so the remained have come back home. And, having come to the earth, have told - everyone to the - about an event and about ладейном fire. "As if the lightning heavenly, - was told by them, - Greeks have at themselves and, starting up it, пожгли us; because also have not overcome them". Igor, having returned, has started to collect set of soldiers and has sent for the sea to Varangians, inviting them to Greeks, again going to go for them.

And year 6430 (942). Симеон went on Croats, and its Croats have won, and has died, having left Peter, the son, the prince over Bulgarians.

In a year 6451 (943). Again have come угры to Tsargrad and, having created the world with the Novel, have come back back home.

In a year 6452 (944). Igor has collected soldiers of many: Varangians, русь, and glades, both словен, and кривичей, and тиверцев, - also has employed печенегов, and hostages from them took, - and has gone on Greeks in castles and on horses, aspiring to revenge for itself. Having heard about it, корсунцы have sent to the Novel with words: "Here there are Russian, without number of the ships them, have covered the sea the ships". As well Bulgarians have sent a message, speaking: "There are Russian and have employed to itself печенегов". Having heard about it, the tsar has sent to Igor the best boyars with мольбою, speaking: "do not go, but take a tribute what took Oleg, I will add and to that tribute". As well to печенегам has sent паволоки and a lot of gold. Igor, having reached Danube, has called a team, and began to take with it council, and has told it speech цареву. The team of Igoreva has told:" If so the tsar that still it is necessary for us, - not бившись speaks, to take gold, and silver, and паволоки? Unless who knows - to whom to overcome: whether to us, whether it? Or with the sea who in the union? Not by the ground after all we go, but on depth sea: all the general death ". Has listened to their Igor and has enjoined печенегам to be at war the Bulgarian earth, and itself, taking from Greeks gold and паволоки on all soldiers, has come back back and has come to Kiev back home.

In a year 6453 (945). Have sent the Novel, both Konstantin, and Stefan of ambassadors to Igor to restore the former world, Igor spoke with them about the world. Also has sent Igor the husbands to the Novel. The novel has called boyars and dignitaries. Also have resulted Russian ambassadors, and ordered to tell and write down it speeches of those and others on a charter.

"The list from the contract concluded at tsars the Novel, Konstantin and Stefane, religous lords. We - from a sort of Russian ambassadors and merchants, Ivor, Igor's ambassador, the grand duke of Russian, and the general ambassadors: Вуефаст from Svjatoslava, son Igor; Искусеви from princess Olga; Слуды from Igor, nephew Igorev; Улеб from Volodislava; Каницар from Preglory; Shihbern Sfandr from wife Uleba; Prasten Tudorov; Libiar Fastov; the Make-up Sfirkov; Prasten Akun, nephew Igorev; Penalties Tudkov; Karshev Tudorov; Egri Evliskov; Voist Vojkov; Istr Aminodov; Prasten Bernov; Javtjag Gunarev; Шибрид Aldan; Kol Klekov; Steggi Etonov; Сфирка...; Алвад the Buzzing; Fudri Tuadov; Mutur Utin; Merchants of Adun, Adulb, Iggivlad, Uleb, Frutan, Gomol, Kutsi, Emig, Tourist's insults, Furosten, Bruny, Roald, Gunastr, Frasten, Igeld, Turbern, Monet, Ruald, Sven, Stir, Aldan, Tilen, Apubeksar, Vuzlev, Sinko, Borich sent from Igor, the grand duke of Russian, and from everyone княжья, and from all people of Russian earth. And it is entrusted to them to renew the old world broken already of many years hating good and враждолюбцем by a devil, and to confirm love between Greeks and Russian.

The grand duke our Igor, both its boyars, and people all Russian have sent us to the Novel, Konstantin and Stefanu, to great tsars Greek, to conclude the alliance of love with tsars, with all nobility and with all people Greek for all years while the sun and all world shines costs. And who from Russian party will plan to destroy this love let those from them which have accepted a christening, will receive punishment from God of the Almighty, condemnation on death in afterlife, and those from them which not крещены, yes have no help neither from God, nor from Peruna, yes will not be protected they by own boards, and yes they will be lost from the swords, from arrows and from other weapon, and yes will be slaves in all afterlife.

And the grand duke Russian and boyars it let send to the Greek earth to great tsars Greek the ships, how many want, with ambassadors and with merchants as it is established for them. Ambassadors the gold press, and merchants silver Earlier brought; your prince has nowadays enjoined to send reading and writing to us, tsars; those ambassadors and visitors who will be sent by them, let bring the reading and writing so having written it: has sent so much ships that from these reading and writing we have learnt that they have come with the world. If will come without the reading and writing and will appear in our hands we will contain them under supervision, we will not announce yet to your prince. If will not be given to us and сопротивятся we will kill them, and their death from your prince let will not be collected. If, having escaped, will return to Russia we will write to your prince, and let do that want, If Russian come not for trade let do not take месячины. The prince to the ambassadors and Russian coming here that did not create excesses in villages and in our country Let will punish. And, when will come, let there live at church of a sacred Mammoth and then we will send, tsars that have copied your names, and let take месячину - ambassadors ambassadorial, and merchants месячину, at first those who from a city of Kiev, then from Chernigov, both from Pereyaslavl, and from other cities. Yes they enter into a city through one only gate accompanied царева the husband without the weapon, the person on 50, and trade how many in it it is necessary, and leave back; the husband our imperial yes protects them so if who from Russian or Greeks will create wrongly let will judge that business. When Russian are included into a city let do not create harm and have no right to buy паволоки more expensively, than on 50 zolotniks; and if who buys those паволок let shows цареву to the husband, and that will impose the press and will give to them. And those Russian which go from here, let take from all of us necessary: Food on road also that is necessary for castles as it has been established earlier, and yes come back in safety in the country, and at a sacred Mammoth to winter yes have no right.

If will escape челядин at Russian let will come behind it to the country of our kingdom and if it will appear at a sacred Mammoth let take it; if will not be, our Russian Christians on their belief let swear, and нехристиане under the law, and let then take from us the price as it has been established before, - on 2 паволоки for челядина.

If who from челядинов our imperial either our city, or other cities escapes to you and will grasp with itself something let again will return it; and if that it has brought, all is whole, take from it two zolotniks for capture.

If who attempts from Russian to take something from our imperial people the one who will make it, let will be severely punished; if already takes, let will pay doubly; and if will make the same the Greek to Russian, yes will receive the same punishment what was received also by those.

If it is possible to steal something to Russian at Greeks or to the Greek at Russian it is necessary to return not only stolen, but also the price of the stolen; if it will appear that stolen it is already sold, yes will return its price doubly and it will be punished under the law Greek both under the charter and under the law to Russian.

How many captives of Christians of our citizens were resulted by Russian for the young man or the maiden kind let we give 10 zolotniks and take them if middle age let will give them 8 zolotniks and take it; if there will be an old man or the child let will give for it 5 zolotniks.

If there will be Russian in slavery at Greeks, if they are captives, their Russian on 10 zolotniks let redeem; if it will appear that they are bought by the Greek it is necessary it to swear on a cross and to take the price - how many it has given for the captive.

And about the Korsunsky country. Yes the prince Russian has no right to be at war in those countries, in all cities of that earth, and that country yes does not obey you, but when the prince Russian will ask for us soldiers to be at war, - I will give to it, how many it will be necessary for it.

And about that: if Russian find the ship Greek, thrown out somewhere on coast, yes will not cause it a damage. If somebody takes from it something, or will turn somebody from it into slavery, or will kill, will be subject to court under the law Russian and Greek.

If Russian корсунцев in a mouth of Dnepr behind fishing find, yes will not cause them any harm.

And yes have no right Russian to winter in a mouth of Dnepr, in Beloberezhe and at sacred Elferja; but with approach of autumn let go on houses to Russia.

And about these: if black Bulgarians come and begin to be at war in the Korsunsky country we order to the prince to Russian that did not start up them, differently will cause a damage and its country.

If evil deed by somebody from Greeks - our imperial citizens is made, - yes have no right to punish them, but on our imperial command that let will receive punishment moderately the offence.

If will kill our subject Russian or Russian of our citizen yes relatives killed will detain the murderer, and yes will kill him.

If the murderer escapes and will disappear, and there will be at it a property let relatives killed take its property; if the murderer appears deprived and also will disappear, let search for it, will not be yet and when will be, yes will be killed.

If Russian of the Greek or the Greek of Russian for that lawlessness let will pay guilty 5 litre of silver under the law to Russian strikes a sword, either a spear, or other any weapon; if it will appear deprived let will sell at it everything that only it is possible, so even clothes to which it goes, and those let will remove from it, and about lacking let will bring an oath on the belief that has no anything, and only then let will be released.

If we wish, tsars, at you soldiers against our opponents, yes we will write about that to your grand duke, and it will send to us so much them, how many we will wish: and from here learn in other countries, what love Greeks and Russian have among themselves.

We have written this contract on two charters, and one charter is stored at us, tsars, - on it there is a cross and our names are written, and on another - names of ambassadors and your merchants. And when ambassadors our imperial will leave, - let spend them to the grand duke Russian Igor and to its people; and those, having accepted a charter, will swear to observe truly about what we have agreed and about what have written on a charter of this on which our names are written.

We, those from us who крещен, in cathedral church swore church of sacred Ili prelying of a fair cross and a charter of this to observe everything that in it is written, and not to break from it anything; and if will break it someone from our country - whether the prince or other who, крещеный or non-Christian, - yes it will not receive the help from God, yes there will be it the slave in the afterlife and yes will be заклан own weapon.

And non-Christian Russian put the boards and the bared swords, hoops and other weapon to swear that everything that is written to charters of this, will be observed by Igor, both all boyars, and all people of Russian country all next years and always.

If somebody from princes or from people of Russian, Christians or нехристиан, breaks that is written to charters of this, - yes will be worthy to die of the weapon and yes there will be проклят from God and from Peruna that has broken the oath.

And if for the blessing Igor, the grand duke, keeps this love true, yes it will not be broken until the sun shines also all world costs, nowadays and in all future ".

The ambassadors sent by Igor, have returned to it with ambassadors Greek and have told it all speeches of the tsar of the Novel. Igor has called the Greek ambassadors and has asked them: "Tell, what the tsar has punished to you?". Ambassadors of the tsar also have told:" Here the tsar pleased with the world has sent us, he wishes to have the world and love with the prince Russian. Your ambassadors swore in our tsars, and us have sent to swear in you and your husbands ". Promised Igor to make so. Next day has called Igor ambassadors and has come on a hill where there was Perun; also have laid down arms the, both boards, and gold, and swore Igor and its people - how many was pagans between Russian. And Christians of Russian swore in in church of sacred Ili that is above the Stream in the end of Pasynchej of conversation and Hazar, is there was a cathedral church as was Christians - Varangians much. Igor, having confirmed the world with Greeks, has released ambassadors, having presented with their furs, slaves and wax, and has released them; ambassadors have come to the tsar and have told it Igor's all speeches, and about its love to Greeks.

Igor has started to reign in Kiev, the world having to all countries. Both the autumn has come, and it began to plan to go on древлян, wishing to take from them still the big tribute.

In a year 6453 (945). That year the team to Igor has told: "Adolescents of Svenelda изоделись the weapon and clothes, and we are nude. We will go, the prince, with us behind a tribute, both you will extract, and to us". Also has listened to their Igor - has gone to древлянам behind a tribute and has added to a former tribute new, and created violence over them мужи it. Taking a tribute, it has gone to the city. When there was it back, - having thought, has told to the team: "Go with a tribute home, and I will come back and I resemble still". Also has released the team home, and itself with a small part of a team has returned, wishing большего riches. Древляне, having heard that goes again, took council with the prince Small: "If повадится a wolf to sheep will take out all herd, yet will not kill him; and this: if we will not kill him all of us will ruin". Also have sent to it, speaking:" What for you go again? Has taken away already all tribute ". Also has not listened to their Igor; and древляне, leaving the city of Iskorostenja, have killed Igor and its combatants as was them a little. Also Igor has been buried, and there is its tomb at Iskorostenja in the Derevsky earth and till this moment.

Olga was in Kiev with the son, child Svjatoslavom, and its supporter was Asmud, and воевода Sveneld - father Mstishi. Have told древляне: "we Here have killed the prince of Russian; we take the wife its Olga for our prince Svjatoslava Is small also we take and we will make to it that we will want". Also have sent древляне the best husbands, number twenty, in a castle to Olga, and have stuck in a castle under Borichevym. After all water then flew near the Kiev mountain, and people sat not on the Hem, but on a grief. The city Kiev was there where nowadays a court yard of Gordjaty and Nikifora, and the princely court yard was in a city where nowadays a court yard of Vorotislava and Tchudin, and the place for catching of birds was outside the city; was outside the city and other court yard where there is now a court yard доместика, behind church of the sacred Virgin; over горою was теремной a court yard - there was there a stone tower. Also have told to Olga that have come древляне, and their Olga has called for itself, and has told it: "Visitors kind have come". Also have answered древляне: "Have come, the princess". It Olga Also has told:" So speak, what for have come here? ". Have answered древляне:" the Derevsky earth with such words Has sent us: "we have killed your Husband, as your husband as the wolf, plundered and plundered, and our princes good because protect the Derevsky earth, - go in marriage for our prince for It is small" ". There was after all a name to it Is small, to the prince древлянскому. Olga has told it:" your speech Is kind to me, - my husband to me not to revive any more; but I wish to render to you tomorrow honour before the people; nowadays go to the castle and lay down in a castle, being called, and in the morning I will send for you, and you speak: "we do not go on horses, пеши we will not go, but incur us in a castle", - and will uplift you in a castle ", and has released them to a castle. Olga has ordered to dig out a hole great and deep on теремном a court yard, out of hailstones, next morning, sitting in a tower, Olga for visitors has sent, and have come to them, and have told:" Olga for honour great Calls you ". They have answered:" We do not go neither on horses, nor on carts and пеши we do not go, but incur us in a castle ". Also have answered киевляне:" To us bondage; our prince is killed, and our princess wants for your prince ", - and have incurred them in a castle. They sat, being called, избоченившись and in great breast metal plates. Also have brought them on a court yard to Olga, and both bore, and have dumped them together with a castle in a hole. And, having tended to a hole, their Olga has asked: whether" honour Is good to you? ". They have answered:" Gorshe to us Igorevoj of death ". Also has enjoined to fall asleep their live; also fell asleep them.

Also Olga to древлянам has sent, and has told it: "If truly me ask, send the best husbands that with great honour to follow your prince, me the Kiev people" differently will not start up. Having heard about it, древляне have selected the best husbands operating Derevskoju землею, and have sent behind it. When древляне have come, Olga has ordered to prepare a bath, speaking to them so: "Having washed up, come to me". Both have heated a bath, and have entered into it древляне, both began to wash; also have locked behind them a bath, and Olga has enjoined to light it from doors, and here have burnt down all.

Also has sent to древлянам with words: "Here already I go to you, prepare honeys many in a city where have killed my husband, yes I will be cried on its tomb and I will create funeral feast after the husband". They, having heard about it, have brought set of honey and have made it. Olga, taking with itself a small team, has gone with light baggage, has come to a tomb of the husband and оплакала it. Also has enjoined to fill to the people a high hill sepulchral, and when filled, has ordered to make funeral feast. After that have sat down древляне to drink, and Olga has ordered to the adolescents to serve them. Also have told древляне to Olga: "Where our team which have sent for you?". She has answered: "Follow me with дружиною my husband". And when have got drunk древляне, ordered to drink to the adolescents in their honour, and itself has departed nearby and has ordered to a team to cut древлян, and иссекли them 5000. And Olga has returned to Kiev and has collected an army on the remained.

But we will come back to the narration. When Izjaslav with Vsevolodom ran to Kiev, and Svjatoslav - to Chernigov киевляне have come running to Kiev, and have collected veche at the auction, and have sent to the prince to tell: "Here, half-sheep have dissipated on all earth, give, княже, the weapon and horses, and we once again will battle to them". Изяслав to that has not listened. People on воеводу Kosnjachka also began to grumble; have gone on mountain with веча, and have come on a court yard Kosnjachkov, and, without having found it, a steel at a court yard of Brjachislava, and have told: "we Will go we will release a team the of a dungeon". Also were divided in two: their half has gone to a dungeon, and their half has gone on the bridge, these and have come on a princely court yard. Изяслав at this time on an outer entrance hall council held with the team, and those who stood below have begun to argue with the prince. When the prince looked from a window, and the team stood near it, Tuky, Tchudin's brother, Izjaslavu has told:" You see, the prince, people have got noisy; have gone, let постерегут Vseslav ". And while he told it, other half of people has come from a dungeon, having opened it. The team to the prince also has told:" Malicious it was committed; have gone to Vseslav, let, having called up its deceit to a window, will pierce with a sword ". To that the prince Also has not listened. People have cried and have gone to Vseslav's dungeon. Изяслав, seeing it, has run with Vsevolodom from a court yard, people have released Vseslav from поруба - in 15th day of September - and have glorified it among a princely court yard. A court yard княжий have plundered - uncountable set of gold and silver, in coins and ingots. Изяслав ran to Poland.

Subsequently, when half-sheep were at war by the ground Russian, and Svjatoslav was in Chernigov and when half-sheep began to be at war about Chernigov, Svjatoslav, having collected a small team, left against them to Snovsku. Also have seen half-sheep a going regiment, and were going to meet him. And Svjatoslav, having seen that their set, has told to the team: "we Will battle, there is no place us to get to already". And стегнули horses, also Svjatoslav with three thousand has overcome, and половцев was 12 thousand; and so them have beaten, and others have sunk in Snovi, and their prince took in 1st day of November. With победою in a city Svjatoslav also has come back.

Vseslav has sat down in Kiev. It God showed force of a cross because Izjaslav kissed a cross to Vseslav, and has then seized it: because of that God nasty also has guided, Vseslav was obviously relieved by a cross of the fair! For in day Vozdvizhenija Vseslav, having sighed, has told: "About a cross of the fair! As I trusted in you, you and have relieved me of this dungeon". God has shown force of a cross in поученье to the earth Russian that did not break a fair cross, целовав it; if who here again, on the earth, will accept execution and in the next century execution eternal breaks. For force God is great; a cross happen forces devilish are won, the cross helps princes with battles, by a cross are protected in the fights, believing people win супостатов, the cross quickly relieves of misfortunes calling it with верою. Nothing demons, only are afraid of a cross. If happen from demons of vision, that, having dawned upon the person a cross, them drive away. Vseslav sat in Kiev 7 months.

In a year 6577 (1069). Izjaslav with Boleslav on Vseslav has gone; Vseslav has acted towards. To Belgorod Vseslav Also has come, and with approach of night secretly from киевлян ran from Belgorod to Polotsk. Next morning people, having seen that the prince ran, have come back to Kiev, both have arranged veche, and have addressed to Svjatoslavu and Vsevolodu, speaking: "We already bad have made, the prince having banished, and it conducts on us the Polish earth: go to a city of the father; if do not want, necessarily it is necessary to set fire to the city and to leave in the Greek earth". It Svjatoslav Also has told: "We will send to the brother; if will go with Poles to ruin you we will go on it войною for we will not allow to ruin a city of the father; if wishes to go with the world let will come with a small team". Also have consoled киевлян, Svjatoslav and Vsevolod have sent to Izjaslavu, speaking:" Vseslav ran, do not conduct Poles to Kiev, here after all enemies at you are not present; if you wish to give vent to anger and to ruin a city know that it is a pity to us of a fatherly table ". Слышав that, Izjaslav has left Poles and has gone with Boleslav, taking a few Poles, and forward itself has sent to Kiev the son of Mstislava. And, having come to Kiev, Mstislav has interrupted киевлян, released Vseslav, number 70 the person, and has blinded others, and others without fault has destroyed, without a consequence. When Izjaslav went to a city, there were to it people with bow, and have accepted the prince киевляне; and villages Izjaslav on the table, month of May in 2nd day. Also has dismissed Poles on покорм, and beat them secretly; Boleslav to Poland, in the earth also has come back. Изяслав has overtaken the auction on mountain and, having expelled Vseslav from Polotsk, has planted the son of Mstislava in Polotsk; he soon has died there. Also has planted to the place of his brother of its Svjatopolka, Vseslav ran.

In a year 6578 (1070). The son was born at Vsevoloda, and have named a name to it Rostislav. In the same year sacred Michael's church in a monastery of Vsevoloda has been put.

In a year 6579 (1071). Half-sheep at Rostovtsa and Nejatina were at war. In the same year Vseslav Svjatopolka from Polotsk has expelled. In the same year has won Jaropolk Vseslav at Goloticheska. The magician seduced by a demon has come To the same times; having come to Kiev, he told to people that for the fifth year Dnepr will begin to flow back and that the earths will start to move that the Greek earth becomes to the place of Russian, and Russian to the place of Greek, and the other earths will move. Ignoramuses listened to it, believers laughed, speaking to it: "the Demon you plays on death to you". As has come true with it: in one of nights was missing.

Demons after all, inciting people, into harm them enter, and then sneer, having cast them into death mortal, having learnt them to speak; as we now also will tell about this devilish instigation and act.

Once during a poor harvest in the Rostov region two magicians from Yaroslavl were, saying that "we know, who holds stocks". They Also have gone across Volga and where will come to a country churchyard, here and named notable wives, saying that that жито hides, and that is honey, and that is fish, and they be furs. Also led to them of the sisters, mothers and the wives. Magicians, fooling people, cut behind shoulders and took out therefrom or жито, or fish and killed many wives, and property them took away to itself. Also have come on Beloozero, and was with them people 300. During the same time there was Janju, to son Vyshatinu, collecting a tribute, to come from prince Svjatoslava; have told to it белозерцы that two magicians have killed already many wives across Volga and across Sheksna and have come here. Янь, having asked, whose смерды, and having learnt that they смерды its prince, has sent to those people who were about magicians, and has told it:" Give out me magicians, because смерды they mine and my prince ". They have not listened to it. Янь has gone itself without the weapon, and its adolescents have told to it:" do not go without the weapon, will shame you ". He ordered to take the weapon to adolescents and with twelve adolescents has gone to them to wood. They исполчились against it. And here, when Jan went on them with топориком, three husbands have spoken on behalf of them, have approached to Janju, speaking to it:" you See that you go to death, do not go ". Янь has ordered to kill them and has gone to remained". They have rushed on Janja, and one of them has missed in Janja an axe. Янь, having turned an axe, has struck that a butt and has ordered to adolescents to cut them. They ran in wood and have killed here Janeva of the priest. Янь, having entered into a city to белозерцам, has told it: "If do not seize these magicians, I will not leave from you all year". Белозерцы have gone, have grasped them both Janju have led. Also has told it: "That for the sake of have ruined so much people?" . The same have told that "they hold stocks and if we will exterminate them, there will be an abundance; if you want, we before you will take out жито, or fish, or that another". Янь has told: "Really lie it; God of the person from the earth has created, it is made of bones and veins blood, there is in it more nothing, anybody knows nothing, only God knows one". They have told: "We know, how the person is created". He has asked: "As?", They answered: "God washed in a bath and has sweated, was wiped ветошкой and has thrown it from heavens on the earth. The Satan good luck whom from it to create the person also has begun to argue. The devil of the person also has created, and God I smother in it has enclosed. That is why, if the person dies, - to the earth there is a body, and soul to God". Jan has told it: "the demon has really seduced you; to what god believe?". The same have answered: "Antihristu!". He has told it: "Where it?". They have told: "Sits in a chasm". Jan has told it:" What is god, if sits in a chasm? He/she is a demon, and God in heavens, sits on a throne, славимый angels who are coming it with fear and cannot look at it. One of angels was will dethrone - the one whom you name антихристом; it has been overthrown from heavens for the arrogance and now in a chasm as you and speak; he when God will descend from the sky expects. It антихриста God will connect bonds and will plant in a chasm, having seized it together with its servants and those who believes in it. To you here again to accept a flour from me, and on death - there ". The Same have told:" gods Speak to us: you can not make to us anything! ". He has told it:" gods Lie to you ". They have answered:" We become before Svjatoslavom, and you cannot make anything to us ". Янь has enjoined to beat them and to pull out it beards. When them beat and tore out расщепом beards, has asked their Jan:" That to you gods say? ". They have answered:" To become us before Svjatoslavom ". Also has enjoined over Jan to enclose roubles in lips it and to adhere them to a mast and has started up them before itself in a castle, and itself has followed them. Have stopped on a mouth of Sheksna, and Jan has told it:" That to you now gods say? ". They have told:" So to us gods say: not to be to us live from you ". It Jan Also has told:" Here they the truth have told it to you ". Magicians have answered:" But if us you will start up, much to you of good will be; if us you will ruin, a lot of grief you will accept also harms ". He has told it:" If you I will start up, it will be bad to me from God if you I will ruin there will be to me an award ". Jan to oarsmen Also has told:" At whom from you who from relatives is killed by them? ". They have answered:" My mother, at that sister, at another the daughter ". He has told it:" Revenge for the ". They, having seized, have killed them and have hung up on an oak: so vengeance was received by them from God under the truth! When Jan has gone home for other night the bear has climbed up, загрыз them and has eaten. And so they were lost on an instigation devilish, another prophesying, and the destruction without expecting. If after all knew, would not come into place it where they could be seized; and when have been seized, what for spoke:" not to die to us "when Jan has already conceived to kill them? But it also is a devilish instigation: demons after all do not know thoughts of the person but only влагают thoughts in the person, secret without knowing. God one knows помышления the human. Demons do not know anything for they are ailing and are nasty a kind.

Here and still we will tell about their kind and about their delusions. At the same time, in the same years, it was possible certain новгородцу to come to the earth Chudsky, and has come to the magician, asking волхвования it. The same on the custom has started to call demons in the house. Новгородец sat on a threshold of that house, and the magician lay in catalepsy, and the demon has suddenly struck it. And, having risen, the magician новгородцу has told: "Gods do not dare to come, - have on itself something of that they are afraid". He has recollected that on it a cross, and, having departed, has put it out of door that. The magician has started to call demons again. Demons, shaking it, have told for the sake of what has come новгородец. Then новгородец began to ask the magician: "That for the sake of demons are afraid of on ourselves we carry what cross?". He has told: "This sign of heavenly God which our gods are afraid". Новгородец has told: "And what your gods where live?". The magician has told:" In chasms. An appearance they are black, крылаты, have tails; climb up and under the sky to listen to your gods. Yours after all gods in heavens. If who dies from your people it uplift on the sky if who from ours dies, it bear to our gods in a chasm ". So after all also is: sinners in a hell stay, expecting a flour eternal, and righteous persons in heavenly dwelling are installed with angels.

Such is devilish force, both their appearance, and weakness. They also seduce with That people that the visions which are him, unsteady in the belief, one in the sleep, and another in delusion, and so волхвуют научением the devilish order to tell it. It is more than all through wives devilish волхвования happen, for искони the demon has seduced the woman, it the man therefore and today it is a lot of волхвуют the woman чародейством, and отравою, and other devilish intrigues. But also men incorrect happen are seduced by demons as it was during former times. At apostles after all there was Simon the Magician who forced to speak magic of dogs humanly and itself turned around that old young or somebody turned in other image, in dream. So created Anny and Mamvry: they волхвованием created miracles, confronting Moiseju, but soon already could nothing; and to make equal to it; and Kunop filled with delusion devilish as if on waters goes, and other delusions did, by a demon is seduced, on death to itself and another.

Such magician appeared and at Gleb in Novgorod; spoke to people, pretending to be god, and many has deceived, city all nearly, spoke after all: "I Expect all" and, abusing belief Christian, assured that "I will pass across Volkhov before all people". Also there was a distemper in a city, and all have believed to it and wished to ruin the bishop. The bishop took a cross in hands and has put on vestments, has risen and has told: "Who wishes to trust the magician, let follows it who believes to God, let to a cross goes". Also people in two were divided: prince Gleb and its team steels about the bishop have gone also, and people all have gone to the magician. The distemper great between them also has begun. Gleb took an axe under a raincoat, has approached to the magician and has asked: whether "you Know, what tomorrow happens and what today till the evening?". That has answered: "I Know all". Gleb Also has told: "And whether you know, what will be with you today?" - "Miracles great I will create", - has told. Gleb, having taken out an axe, has split the magician, and it has fallen is dead, and people have dispersed. So it was lost a body, and душою has indulged in a devil.

In a year 6580 (1072). Have transferred sacred страстотерпцев Boris and Gleb. Jaroslavichi - Izjaslav, Svjatoslav, Vsevolod have gathered, - the metropolitan then was George, bishop Peter Perejaslavsky, Michael Jurevsky, Feodosy the abbot Pechersky, Sofrony the abbot of a monastery of sacred Michael, Herman the abbot of sacred Spasa, Nikola the abbot of the Rejaslavsky monastery and all abbots, - both have arranged a holiday, and celebrated is light, and have shifted bodies in the new church constructed by Izjaslavom that costs both until now. And at first Izjaslav, Svjatoslav and Vsevolod took Boris in wooden to a coffin and, having assigned a coffin to the shoulders, have incurred, черноризцы went in advance, having control over candles, and behind them deacons with censers, and then пресвитеры, behind them bishops with the metropolitan; behind them went with a coffin. And, having brought it in new church, have opened to a cancer, and the church with a fragrance, a smell wonderful was filled; seeing it have glorified God. And the metropolitan объял horror for he not firmly trusted in them (Boris and Gleb); Also has fallen face downwards, being sorry. Having kissed hallows of Borisovy, have laid them in a coffin stone. After that, taking Gleb in stone to a coffin, have put on sledge and, undertaken cords, have carried it. When were already in the doorway, the coffin has stopped both did not go further. Also have enjoined to appeal to the people: "My God, pardon", both have carried it. Also have put their month of May in 2nd day. And, having read the burial service over a liturgy, together, everyone brothers had dinner with the boyars, in love great. Also operated then Vyshgorodom Tchudin, and church Lazar. Have then dispersed back home.

In a year 6581 (1073). The devil распрю in brotherhood of this has erected is in Jaroslavichah. Also were in that распре Svjatoslav with Vsevolodom at the same time against Izjaslava. Izjaslav has left Kiev, Svjatoslav and Vsevolod have entered into Kiev of month of March 22nd and have sat down on a table in Berestovom, having broken the fatherly will. Святослав was the originator of exile of the brother as aspired to even большей the authorities; Всеволода it has seduced, saying that "Izjaslav has agreed to Vseslav, planning against us; and if it we will not outstrip, us will banish". And so has restored Vsevoloda against Izjaslava. Изяслав has left to Poland with many riches, saying that "it I will find soldiers". All is Poles have taken away from it and have expelled him. And villages Svjatoslav in Kiev, having banished the brother, having broken a precept of the father, and Most of all divine. The sin is great after all - to break a precept of the father: for sons of Hamovy have in the ancient time attempted upon the earth Sifovu, and in 400 years vengeance have accepted from God; From a tribe after all Sifova have gone Jews whom, having beaten хананейское a tribe, have returned itself the part and the earth. Then has broken Isav a precept of the father and has been killed, not to good after all to enter a limit the stranger! The same year the church Pechersky has been based by abbot Feodosiem and bishop Michael, and metropolitan George was then in the earth Greek, Svjatoslav in Kiev sat.

In a year 6582 (1074). The feodosy abbot Pechersky has passed away. We will tell about its death in brief. Феодосий had custom with post approach, on Sunday on Buttered week in the evening, on custom saying goodbye to all brotherhood, to teach it, how to spend time a post: in prayers night and day to observe itself from thoughts nasty, from devilish temptation. "Demons after all, - spoke, - put черноризцам bad thoughts, thoughts crafty, kindling it desires, and by that are spoilt there are their prayers: when such thoughts come, it is necessary to drive away their sign the Godfather, speaking so:" My God, Jesus Christ, My God ours, pardon us, аминь ". And still it is necessary to abstain from plentiful food for from многоядения and пития the immense thoughts crafty increase, from the increased thoughts there is a sin"." Therefore, - he spoke, - oppose to devilish action and пронырству them, be careful of laziness and many dream, be awake for church singing and for mastering of the legend fatherlike and readings book; more all it is necessary черноризцам to have psalms of Davidovy on lips and them to banish devilish despondency more to have in itself love to all smaller and to seniors humility and obedience, the senior to smaller to show love, both to edify them, and to set itself an example of abstention, vigil and the restrained circulation; so to learn smaller and to console them and so to spend a post "." For, - he spoke, - God has given to us these 40 days for soul clarification; it after all десятина, given by us from a year to God: days in a year three hundred both sixty and five, and from these days to give to God the tenth day as десятину is and there is a post forty-day, and, these days having cleared, the soul celebrates is light day of revival of Gospodnja, in pleasure about God. For fast time clears mind of the person. The post after all искони had the prototype: Adam during the first times did not taste fruits from a forbidden tree; пропостившись 40 days, Moisej was honoured to receive the law on a grief Sinai and saw glory of Bozhiju; fasting, Samuila has given birth to mother; постившись, ниневитяне of anger of Bozhija have got rid; fasting, Daniel was honoured with a great image; fasting, Ilja as though on the sky is taken was in good fortune paradise; fasting, three adolescents have extinguished force fiery; the Lord of 40 days fasted also, having shown us post time; a post apostles have eradicated the devilish doctrine; Thanks to a post our fathers in the world as shone that shine and on death were, having set an example of works great and abstention, as well as that great Antony, either Evfimy, or Savva and the other fathers to which example we will follow, brotherhood ". And so having taught brotherhood, Feodosy said goodbye to everyone by name and then left a monastery, taking a few small loafs, and, having entered into a cave, shut doors in a cave, and fell asleep them землею, and did not speak with anybody; when there was to it any necessary business through a window small he talked on Saturday or on Sunday, and in other days stayed in a post and prayers, in strict abstention. And again came to a monastery on Friday, on the eve of Lazareva of day for this day the post forty-day Fedorovoj of week beginning with the first Monday comes to an end, the post on Friday to Lazarevu comes to an end; and in the Holy Week is established to fast in memory of sufferings Dominical. And this time Feodosy, having returned, on custom welcomed brotherhood and celebrated with them Color Sunday when day of Revival has come, on custom celebrated it it is light and has run into illness. Having ached and having been ill days five, somehow he in the evening has ordered to take out itself(himself) on a court yard; brotherhood, having put it on sledge, has put them against church. He has ordered to call brotherhood everything, brothers have struck in beat, and have gathered all. He has told it: "Brotherhood washing, both my fathers, and my children! Here I leave from you, as it was opened to me by the Lord during a post, when I was in a cave what to depart to me from this light. You whom wish to have the abbot at yourselves? - I would submit to it blessing". They have told to it: "You to all of us the father and whom you will wish itself, that to us and will be the father and the abbot, and we will obey him, as well as you". The father our Feodosy has told:" Depart from me and name, whom want, except two brothers, Nikoly and Ignata; from other - whom want, from the oldest and to smaller ". They, having listened to it, have departed a little to church and, having conferred, have sent to it of two brothers to tell so:" Who will be wanted by God and your fair prayer whom to you любо, that and name ". Феодосий has told it:" If from me wish the abbot to accept, I will arrive against the will, and on Bozhiju to a craft ". Also named it Iakova пресвитера. Brotherhood it not любо was, said that" not here пострижен ". For Iakov has come about Altos, together with the brother the Pavel. The brotherhood also began to ask Stefana доместика, were then the pupil Feodosiya, saying that" that has grown near at hand yours and at you has served, it to us and appoint ". With казал it Feodosy:" Here I on Bozhiju to command named to you Iakova, and you insist on the will ". However has listened to them, has given them Stefana, yes will be the abbot. Both has blest Stefana, and has told to it:" The child, here I charge you a monastery, observe it carefully and as I have filled services, and hold. Legends monastic and the charter do not change, but create all under the law and on a rank monastic ". And after that his brothers took, have carried in a cell and have put on bed. And when the sixth day has come and to it it was already very bad, prince Svjatoslav with the son the Gleb and when they have sat down at it has come to it, Feodosy has told to it:" Here, I depart from this light and I charge monasteries to you on care if there will be in it any confusion. Also I charge игуменство Stefanu, do not give it in insult ". The prince has said goodbye to it and promised to care of a monastery and has left. When the seventh day, Feodosy has come, already being exhausted, has called Stefana and brotherhood and began to speak to them so:" If after I quit this world, there will be I to God угоден and signs me God this monastery will start to be arranged and replenish; You can be sure of that that God has accepted me. If on my death the monastery черноризцами and monastic stocks know that I have not pleased God "starts to become scanty. And when he told it, brothers cried and have told:" Otche! Pray for us to God for we know that God created by you not презрит ". All that night at it and when day of the eighth has come, on the second Saturday on Easter, the brotherhood Also has stayed in the second to o'clock in the afternoon, has given of soul in charge Divine, month of May of 3rd, индикта in 11th year. The brotherhood cried after it, Feodosy bequeathed to put itself in a cave where showed feats many, having told so:" bury my body at Night ", as well as have made. When evening has come, brothers took a body it and have put it in a cave, having seen off with church chanting, with candles, adequately, on praise to God our Jesus Christ.

When Stefan corrected a monastery and the blissful herd collected by Feodosiem... Such чернецы as stars in Russia shine: for one were постники strong, others are strong on vigil, the third - on a worship knee, the fourth - on лощение, every other day and in two days, others ate only bread with water, others - vegetables boiled, others - crude. In love staying, younger obeyed seniors and did not dare to speak at them, but always behaved with humility and with obedience great. As well seniors had love to younger, taught them, consoling, as children возлюбленныx. If somebody from brothers ran into what sin, it consoled, and епитимью, imposed on one, three or four, from great love divided among themselves: here what love and abstention great in that brotherhood were. If the brother any left a monastery, all brotherhood happened it is strongly grieved, sent behind it, called him in a monastery, went all brotherhood to bow to the abbot, both asked the abbot, and accepted the brother in a monastery with pleasure. Here what people - full of love, воздержники and постники it were; from them I will name some wonderful husbands.

The first among them, Damian пресвитер, was such постник and воздержник that, except bread and water, ate nothing to the death. If who when brought in a monastery of the sick child, what illness afflicted, or the adult person, any illness afflicted, came to a monastery to blissful Feodosiya then he ordered to this Damian to create a prayer over the patient, and immediately created a prayer and елеем smeared and received healing coming to it. When it has ached and lay at deaths door in an infirmity, the angel to it in image Feodosiya has come, granting to it царствие heavenly for its works. Then Feodosy with братиею has come and have sat down about it; it, being exhausted, having looked at the abbot, has told: "do not forget, the abbot that promised to me". Also has understood great Feodosy that that saw vision, and has told to it: "Brother Damian that I promised, to you will be". The Same, смежив eyes, has given of spirit in charge Bozhii. The abbot and brotherhood have buried its body.

There was also other brother, a name of Eremija which remembered a christening of the earth Russian. Gift has been granted it from God: predicted the future and if saw that at somebody dirty thoughts convicted it secretly and learnt how to be saved from a devil. If somebody from brothers planned to leave a monastery, that, увидя it and having come to it, convicted its plan and consoled the brother. If it to whom predicted that, good or bad, the word of the aged man came true.

There was also other aged man, a name of Matvej: it was perspicacious. Once, when he stood still in church the, has lifted eyes, has led round them brotherhood which stood and sang on both parties on a choir, and has seen a demon bypassing them, in an image of the Pole, in a raincoat, bearing under полою a flower which is called mouldings. And, bypassing brotherhood, the demon took out covertly a flower and threw it on somebody; if the flower to somebody from singing brothers stuck, that, having stood, with the weakened mind a little, having thought up a pretext, left church, went to a cell and fell asleep and did not come back in church till the end of service; if threw a flower on another and to that the flower did not stick, that remained to stand strong on service, yet will not read the burial service утреню and then already went to the cell. Seeing such, the aged man has told about it to the brotherhood. At times saw the aged man the following: as usually when this aged man has defended matins, the brotherhood before a dawn went on келиям the, and this aged man left church after all. And here once, when it went so, it has sat down to have a rest under билом for there was its cell at some distance from church, and here sees, how the crowd goes from gate; has lifted eyes and has seen someone astride a pig, and others go about it. It the aged man Also has told: "Where go?". The demon sitting on a pig also has told: "For Mihalem Tolbekovichem". The aged man has dawned upon itself a sign of the cross and has come in келию the. When it is light the aged man in what business, he has told келейнику also has understood: "Podi ask, whether in a cell of Mihal". Also have told to it that "recently, after matins, has jumped through a fencing". The aged man about vision it Also has told to the abbot and brotherhood. At this aged man Feodosy has passed away, and Stefan became the abbot, and on Stefane Nikon: all it at the aged man. There is it somehow on matins, подымает eyes to look at abbot Nikona, and sees a donkey standing on игуменовом a place; he also has understood that there was no still an abbot. It is a lot of and other images the aged man, and почил it in an old age respectable in a monastery it saw.

And was also another черноризец, a name of Isaky; there was it when still veins in the world, it is rich for there was a merchant, it come торопчанин, and he has conceived to become the monk, and has distributed the property requiring and to monasteries, and has gone to great Antoniju to a cave, asking, that its postthreshing barns in monks, And has accepted its Antony, and has assigned to it an attire чернеческое, and Isaky has named it, and there was to it a name Common people. This Isaky has led a strict life: has clothed in власяницу, ordered to buy a goat, has peeled its fur and a plot on власяницу, and the skin crude has dried on it. Also it was shut in a cave, in one of passes, in small кельице, in four elbows, and there asked God with tears. There was its food просфора one, and that every other day, and waters moderately saws. Brought to it food great Antony and submitted it through a window - such that only a hand to push, and so accepted food. And so подвизался it of years seven, without leaving on light, never laying down sideways, but, sitting, slept a little. And once on custom with approach of evening, began to put bows and to sing psalms on midnight; when got tired, sat on the seat. Once, when it so sat as usual and has extinguished a candle, suddenly light воссиял in a cave as from the sun, precisely eyes taking out at the person. Two young men also have approached to it fine, and their persons as the sun, and have told to him shone: "Isaky, we - angels, and there goes to you the Christ, fall and bow to it". It, without having understood devilish delusion and having forgotten to cross, has risen and has bowed, to precisely Christ, devilish action. Demons have cried: "Ours you, Isaky, already!". And, having entered it in кельицу, have planted and began to sit down round it, and its cell and all pass cave was full. One of the demons, named the Christ also has told:" Take snuffled, tambourines and a psaltery and play, let to us Isaky will dance ". Demons Also have burst in snuffled, both in a psaltery, and in tambourines, and began them to be amused. And, having tired him, have left its hardly live and have left, so having outraged upon it. The next day, when it is light time of taste of bread also has approached, Antony as usually, to a window and has told has approached:" My God, bless, отче Isaky ". Both there was no answer; Antony also has told:" Here, it has already passed away ". Also has sent to a monastery for Feodosiem and behind brotherhood. And, having dug through there where the input has been filled up, have entered and took it, thinking that it is dead; have taken out and have put it before пещерою. Also have seen that it is live. Abbot Feodosy also has told that" there was it from devilish action ". Also have put it on bed, and Antony began to serve it. At that time it was possible to come to prince Izjaslavu from Poland, and Izjaslav on Antonija because of Vseslav has started to be angry. And Svjatoslav, having sent, has sent Antonija to Chernigov at night. Антоний, having come to Chernigov, has loved mountains Boldiny; having dug out a cave, there both has lodged. Also there is there a monastery of the sacred Virgin on mountains Boldinyh and till this day. Феодосий, having learnt that Antony has gone to Chernigov, has gone with brotherhood, both took Isakija, and has brought it to itself in a cell, and looked after it for it has been weakened by a body so that could not itself neither turn on other party, nor rise, sit down, but lay on one side and was constantly wetted under itself so from мочения and hearts were got at it under hips. Феодосий hands washed and changed clothes of it and did so within two years. That was a marvellous miracle that within two years that neither has not tasted some bread, nor water, the vegetables, any other food, language not проглаголал, but it and is deaf lay two years. Феодосий prayed to God for it and a prayer created over it day and night while that for the third year has not started talking and has not started to hear, and on feet to rise, as the baby, and began to go. But did not aspire to visit church, силою dragged it to church and so have gradually accustomed it. And then he has learnt on a meal to go, and put it separately from brotherhood, and put before it bread, and did not take it, yet did not put it in hands to it. Феодосий has told: "Put bread before it, but do not put it in hands to it, let itself eats"; and that did not eat week and, only gradually having looked round, began to bite off bread; so he has learnt is, and so has relieved its Feodosy of intrigues дьявольскиx. Исакий again began to adhere to abstention severe. When Feodosy has died and on its place there was Stefan, Isaky has told:" You already were the devil when I sat on one place has seduced me; and now I will not be shut any more in a cave, but I will win you, going on a monastery ". Also has clothed in власяницу, and on власяницу has put on retinue from a rough fabric and the beginnings юродствовать and to help cooks, cooking on brotherhood. And, coming on matins before everything, stood firmly and motionlessly. When there came winter and frosts fierce, stood in boots with протоптанными soles so its feet froze to a stone, and did not move feet, yet will not read the burial service over matins. And after matins went in поварню and prepared fire, water, fire wood, and then other cooks from brotherhood came. One cook, by name too Isaky, has derisively told Isakiju:" There the raven black sits, go take it ". Исакий has bowed to it to the earth, has gone, took a raven and has brought to it at all cooks, and those were terrified and have told about that to the abbot and brotherhood, and the brotherhood began to esteem him. It, without wishing glory human, the beginnings юродствовать and began to soil that to the abbot, brotherhood, to laymen so some both beat him. Also began to go begging, also юродствуя. He has lodged in a cave in which lived before, - Litanies already has died by then, - and has collected to itself children, and dressed them in clothes чернеческие, and accepted a beating that from abbot Nikona, from parents of those children. It that suffered all, took out a beating, both nakedness, and a cold, day and night. In one of nights it has kindled an oven in an izba at a cave, and when the furnace has inflamed, заполыхал fire through cracks for there was it shabby. Also was not to it than to put cracks, and has risen on fire feet barefooted, and has staid on fire, the furnace, and then tears has not burnt through yet. And many other things told about it, and to other I the eyewitness was. And so he has won demons as flies, despite of their intimidations and delusions, speaking to them: "Though you once also have seduced me in a cave because I did not know your intrigues and slyness, nowadays with me Lord Jesus Christ both my God and a prayer of my father Feodosiya, I hope for the Christ and I will win you". Many times demons soiled to it and spoke: "Ours you also have bowed to our elder and us". He spoke: "your elder антихрист, and you - demons". And осенял the person a sign of the cross so disappeared. Sometimes again came to it at night, frightening of its vision as if there are a lot of people with mattocks and picks, speaking: "we Will dig out this cave and we will fill up it here". Others spoke: "Run, Isaky, wish you to fall asleep". He spoke to them:" If you are people would come in the afternoon, and you - darkness, and in darkness go, and the darkness will absorb you ". And осенял their cross, also disappeared. At times frightened its that in an image of a bear, fierce animal, an ox crept to it snakes, either toads, or mice and any reptiles. Also could not make to it anything, and have told to it:" Isaky! You have won us ". He has told:" Once you have won me, having accepted an image Jesus Christ and angels, but you were unworthy that image, and now really are in image animal and bestial and in the form of snakes and reptiles whom you and are actually: nasty and malicious from it demons by sight have immediately disappeared, and since then there was no to it a dirty trick from demons as it and itself has told about it that "here there was at me with them three years a war". He Then began to live in severity and to observe abstention, a post and vigil. In such life also has terminated the life. It also has ached in a cave, and have transferred its patient to a monastery, and a week later in piety has died. The abbot John and brotherhood have cleaned a body it and have buried.

Were that черноризцы Feodosieva of a monastery they shine and on death as stars, and ask God for brotherhood living here, and for wordly brotherhood, and for endowing in a monastery in which and hitherto a virtuous life live all together, together, in singing both in prayers, and in obedience, wonderfully well to the God-almighty, хранимые prayers Feodosiya, to it glory eternal, аминь.

In a year 6583 (1075). There has been begun church Pechersky over the basis Stefanom the abbot; the basis of its beginnings of Feodosy, and over the basis Stefan has continued; also it has been ended for the third year, month of July in 11th day. In the same year ambassadors from Germans to Svjatoslavu have come; Святослав, being proud, has shown them the riches. They, having seen uncountable set of gold, silver and silk fabrics, have told: "It costs nothing, after all it lies is dead. Better it soldiers. After all мужи will extract and more than that". So Iezekija was praised, the tsar Judaic, before ambassadors of the Assyrian tsar at which all was is taken to Babylon: and on death of Iezekii its all property was chiseled.

In a year 6584 (1076). Vladimir, son Vsevoloda, and Oleg, son Svjatoslava, for the aid to Poles against Czechs went. Same year Svjatoslav has passed away, Yaroslav's son, month of December of 27th, from tumour cutting, and is put in Chernigov, at sacred Spasa. And villages after it on a table of Vsevolod, month of January in 1st day.

In a year 6585 (1077). Izjaslav with Poles has gone, Vsevolod left against it. Boris in Chernigov of month of May in 4th day has sat down, and there were its reignings eight days, and ran in Tmutarakan to the Novel. Всеволод has gone against brother Izjaslava to Volhynia; also have created the world, and, having come, villages Izjaslav in Kiev, month of July in 15th day, Oleg, son Svjatoslava, was at Vsevoloda in Chernigov.

In a year 6586 (1078). Oleg, son Svjatoslava, in Tmutarakan from Vsevoloda, month of April in 10th day ran. Same year Gleb, son Svjatoslava, in Zavoloche have been killed. Gleb was mercy to poor and loved wanderers, радел about церквах, hotly believed, was mild also the person is beautiful. Its body was necessary in Chernigov beyond Spasom, month of July in 23rd day. When Svjatopolk sat instead of it in Novgorod, son Izjaslava, Jaropolk sat in Vyshgorode, and Vladimir sat in Smolensk, - have resulted Oleg and Boris nasty on Russian earth and have gone on Vsevoloda with half-sheep. Всеволод left against them on Sozhitsu, and have won half-sheep русь, and many have been killed here: Ivan Zhiroslavich and Tuky, Chudinov the brother, and Porej, and others many, month of August in 25th day has been killed. Oleg and Boris have come to Chernigov, thinking that have won, and actually to the earth Russian the great have angrily caused, having shed blood Christian for which God will collect from them, and the answer will be given by them for the ruined souls Christian. Всеволод has come to the brother to Izjaslavu to Kiev; have greeted and have sat down. Всеволод has told about all event. To it Izjaslav also has told:" The brother, do not grieve. You see how many all has happened to me: whether have expelled me at first and whether have plundered my property? And then, of what I was guilty in the second time? Whether I have been expelled by you, my brothers? Whether I wandered on another's earths, deprived of a manor, without having made any harm? And nowadays, the brother, we will not grieve. If there will be to us a destiny in Russian earth, to both; if we will be deprived it, both. I will lay down the life for you ". And, so having told, has consoled Vsevoloda, and has enjoined to collect soldiers young and old. Also have gone to a campaign of Izjaslav with Jaropolkom, the son, and Vsevolod with Vladimir, the son. Also have approached to Chernigov, and черниговцы were shut in a city, Oleg and Boris there was not. And as черниговцы have not opened gate have started a city. Vladimir has started east collars from Strizheni, both has grasped gate, and took an external city, and пожег it, people have run in in an internal city. Изяслав and Vsevolod have heard that Oleg with Boris go against them, and, having outstripped them, have gone from a city against Oleg. Oleg Boris also has told: "we will not go against them, we cannot resist to four princes, but we will send with humility to дядьям to the". To it Boris Also has told:" Look, I am ready also to a camp against all ". It was praised strongly, without knowing that God opposes to the proud, and restrained gives good fortune that it was not praised strong силою своею. Also have met, and when there were they at village on Nezhatinoj to a field, соступились both parties and was сеча severe. The first have killed Boris, son Vyacheslav praised strongly. When Izjaslav stood among the pedestrian soldiers, unexpectedly someone has approached and has struck its spear behind in a shoulder. So Izjaslav, Yaroslav's son has been killed. Сеча proceeded, and Oleg with a small team has run, and has hardly escaped, having escaped in Tmutarakan. Prince Izjaslav of month of October in 3rd day has been killed. Also took a body it, have brought it in a castle and have put against Gorodtsa, and there was towards to it all city of Kiev, and, having assigned a body to sledge, have carried it; and with church chanting its priests and черноризцы in a city have incurred. Also it was impossible to hear singing because of crying great and a cry for all city of Kiev cried about it, Jaropolk followed it, crying with дружиною своею:" Отче, отче mine! You how many have lived without grief on light it, it is a lot of misfortunes having accepted from people and from братьи the. And here was lost not from the brother, but for the brother has put the chapter ". And, having brought, have put its body in churches of the sacred Virgin, having enclosed it in a coffin marble. Izjaslav the husband was beautiful a kind and a body is great, mild customs, lie hated, loving the truth. For there was no in it a cunning, but was simple mind, did not render harm for harm. How many after all harms have created to it киевляне: most have expelled, and the house it have plundered, - and has not rendered it harm for harm. If who tells to you:" Soldiers has chopped "not it has made it, and its son. At last, brothers have banished it and it went on another's earth, wandering. And when again sat on the table, and Vsevolod won has come to it, has not told to it:" How many from you натерпелся? ", has not rendered harm on harm, but has consoled, having told:" As you, my brother, have shown me the love, have erected me to my table and have named me the oldest yourself I will not remember to you former harm: you to me the brother, and I to you, also will put the head for you ", - as well as was. Has not told after all to it:" How many harms have created to me, and here now with you there was the same ", has not told:" It not my business ", but has incurred a grief of the brother, having shown love great, following words of the apostle:" Console sad ". Really, if he on light it has created what sin, will say goodbye to it because has put the head for the brother, without aspiring neither to большему to possession, nor to большему to riches, but for братню insult. About such the Lord has told:" Who will put the soul for други the ". Соломон spoke:" Brothers help with troubles each other ". For love above all. As well John speaks:" God is love; staying in love - in God stays, and God in it stays ". So the love that we had that in day judgement that also we on light it were same as it is made. Fear is not present in love, the true love rejects it as fear is мученье." Afraid it is not perfect in love. If who speaks: "I Love God, and the brother I hate", it is lie. For not loving the brother who sees how can love God who does not see? This precept have received from it that loving God loved also the brother ". In love after all all is made. Love for the sake of and sins disappear. Love for the sake of and the Lord has descended on the earth and has crucified itself for us guilty; taking our sins, has nailed itself to a cross, having given us the cross to drive away it hatred devilish. Love for the sake of martyrs shed blood the. Love for the sake of the prince sow has shed blood the for the brother, executing a precept of Gospodnju.

The beginning of reigning of Vsevoloda in Kiev. Всеволод has sat down in Kiev, on a table of the father and the brother, having accepted the power over all Russian earth. Also has planted the son the Vladimir in Chernigov, and Jaropolka in Vladimir, having given to it also Rounds.

In a year 6587 (1079). The Novel with half-sheep to Voinju has come. Всеволод became at Pereyaslavl and has created the world with half-sheep. The Novel with half-sheep also has come back back, and have killed its half-sheep, month of August in 2nd day. And hitherto its bones there, son Svjatoslava, grandson Yaroslav still lie. And Oleg хазары, having grasped, have sent for the sea to Tsargrad. Всеволод has planted in Tmutarakani посадником Ratibora.

In a year 6588 (1080). Have risen торки переяславские to Russia, Vsevolod has sent on them the son the Vladimir. Vladimir, having gone, has won торков.

In a year 6589 (1081). Davyd Igorevich with Volodarem Rostislavich, month of May in 18th day ran. They also have come to Tmutarakani, both have seized Ratibora, and have sat down in Tmutarakani.

In a year 6590 (1082). Os'en, половецкий the prince has died.

In a year 6591 (1083). Oleg from the Greek earth to Tmutarakani has come, and has seized Davyda and Volodarja of Rostislavich, and villages in Tmutarakani. And иссек хазар which advised to kill its brother and him, and and Volodarja has released Davyda.

In a year 6592 (1084). Jaropolk to Vsevolodu for Easter came. During the same time two Rostislaviches from Jaropolka have run and, having come, have banished Jaropolka, and has sent Vsevolod Vladimir, the son, both has expelled Rostislaviches, and has planted Jaropolka in Vladimir. In the same year Davyd has grasped Greeks in Oleshi and has taken away from them property. Всеволод, having sent behind it, has resulted it and has given it Dorogobuzh.

In a year 6593 (1085). Ярополк wished to go on Vsevoloda, having listened to malicious advisers. Having learnt it, Vsevolod has sent against it the son the Vladimir. Ярополк, having left the mother and a team in Lutsk, ran to Poland. When Vladimir has come to Lutsk, have surrendered лучане. Vladimir has planted Davyda in Vladimir to the place of Jaropolka, and mother Jaropolka, both its wife, and its team has resulted to Kiev and property it took.

In a year 6594 (1086). Jaropolk from Poland has come and has created the world with Vladimir, and Vladimir back to Chernigov has gone. Ярополк has sat down in Vladimir. And, having waited a few days, has gone to Zvenigorodu. Yet it Also has not reached a city as has been pierced to the damned Neradtsem learnt by a devil and malicious people. It lay on a cart, and has pierced it саблею from a horse of month of November in 22nd day. And then Jaropolk has risen, has pulled out from itself a sabre and has begun to yell a loud voice:" Oh, that enemy "has caught me. Neradets accursed in Peremyshl to Rjuriku ran, and Jaropolka took its adolescents, Radko, Vonkina and others, and carried it before itself on a game in Vladimir, and therefrom to Kiev. Also there was towards to it благоверный prince Vsevolod with the sons, Vladimir and Rostislavom, both all boyars, and blissful metropolitan John with черноризцами and with пресвитерами. And all киевляне mourned over it bitterly, with psalms and church chanting spent him to sacred Dmitry, having cleaned its body, with honour have put it in a coffin marble month of December in 5th day, in churches of sacred apostle Peter which itself has once started to erect. Many troubles having tested, innocently banished by the brothers, offended, plundered, then and death bitter has accepted, but with an eternal life and rest was honoured. So blissful this prince has been silent, mild, quiet and братолюбив, десятину gave to the sacred Virgin from all property annually and always asked God, speaking:" My God, My God! Accept my prayer and give me death same, as well as to my brothers Boris and Gleb, from another's hand, yes I will wash sins the all своею blood and I will get rid of vain this light and rebellious, from a network enemy ". Просимого it its mercy God has not deprived: it has received those blessings what neither the eye did not see, nor the ear did not hear, heart of the person has not foreseen, what уготовал God loving it.

In a year 6595 (1087).

In a year 6596 (1088). Sacred Michael's church in a monastery by Vsevolodovom metropolitan John has been consecrated, and the abbot of that monastery was then Lazar. Svjatopolk from Novgorod in Rounds has the same year gone to live. Nikon, the abbot Pechersky has the same year died. In the same year (Volga) Bulgarians Murom took.

In a year 6597 (1089). The church Pechersky the sacred Virgin in Feodosievom a monastery by John the metropolitan and Lukoju, the Belgorod bishop, Isaem, the Chernigov bishop has been consecrated, at the noble, majestic prince of Russian earth Vsevolode and its children, Vladimir and Rostislave when воеводство the Kiev thousand held Jan, and игуменство John held. John the metropolitan has the same year passed away. There was John сведущ in books and in the doctrine, is mercy to poor and вдовицам, is tender to everyone, rich and poor, смиренен and is mild, silent, talkative, when from sacred books consoled the sad; such was not before in Russia, and after it will not be such. In the same year has gone to the Greek earth Janka, daughter Vsevoloda about which it was told before. Also has resulted Janka of metropolitan John, скопца about which people seeing him spoke:" He/she is the dead person has come ". Having stayed year, has died. There was this person not книжен, but mind is simple and simple speech. In the same year sacred Michael's church in Pereyaslavl by Efremom, the metropolitan of that church which he has created великою for before was in Pereyaslavl митрополия, and обстроил it большою пристройкою has been consecrated, having decorated with its all красотою, church vessels. This Efrem was скопец, is high growth. It is a lot of then buildings has erected; has finished sacred Michael's church, has put church on collars city for the sake of sacred martyr Feodor, and then sacred Andrey's church at gate, and a structure банное stone that was not earlier in Russia. And walls has put stone from church of sacred martyr Feodor and has decorated a city Rejaslavsky with buildings church and other buildings.

In a year 6599 (1091). The abbot and черноризцы, having conferred, have told: "It is not necessary to lie to our father Feodosiya out of a monastery and out of the church for it and church has based and черноризцев has collected". Having conferred, have enjoined to arrange a place where to put its hallows. And when in three days there has come a holiday of the Assumption of the Virgin, the abbot there where its hallows, our father Feodosiya, on which command I guilty lie has enjoined to dig, the first was the eyewitness about what I I will tell not on hearings and as the initiator of all of that. So, the abbot to me has come and has told: "we Will go to a cave to Feodosiya". I also have come with the abbot, secretly from everything, and have considered where to dig, and have designated a place where to dig, - away from an input. The abbot has told to me:" Do not dare to tell to anybody from brotherhood that nobody has learnt, but take whom you want, that to you has helped ". I have prepared mattocks that day to dig. And on Tuesday evening, in twilight, took with itself of two brothers, and secretly from all has come to a cave, and, having read the burial service over psalms, began to dig. And, the charter, has allowed to dig to other brother and dug till midnight, have got tired and could not get to the bottom and has started to grieve that we dig not in that party. I, took a mattock, the beginnings assiduously to dig, and my friend had a rest before пещерою and has told to me:" Have struck in beat! ". And I during this instant have got to the bottom of hallows of Feodosievyh. And when he to me has told:" Have struck in beat ", I have told:" has already dug through ". When has dug through, has captured me horror, and began to appeal:" My God, pardon ". In a monastery two brothers At this time sat and looked towards a cave: the abbot has not told yet then with whom it will transfer it secretly. When have struck in beat, they have seen three pillars, precisely shone arches, and, having stood, these arches on church top where Feodosy has been put then have moved. During the same time of Stefan which was the abbot on a place Feodosiya earlier, and now was already the bishop, saw in the monastery behind a field a dawn great over пещерою; having decided that bear Feodosiya as a day before that to it it has been announced it, and having regretted that transfer without it, villages Stefan on a horse and has quickly gone, taking with itself Klimenta whom it has then put instead of itself(himself) the abbot. And when they went, saw they a great dawn. And when have come nearer, have seen candles set over пещерою, and have approached to a cave, both have not seen anything, and have entered into depth of a cave, and we sat then at hallows. When I have dug through, I have sent to the abbot:" Come, we will take out it ". The abbot has come with two brothers; and I have strongly dug out, both we have got and have seen lying hallows; joints have not broken up, and hair on a head have dried. And, having put it on a cloak and having lifted on shoulders, have taken out it before a cave. On another put bishops have gathered: Ефрем Rejaslavsky, Stefan Vladimir, John Chernigovsky, Marin Jurevsky, abbots from all monasteries with черноризцами; people благоверные have come also and took hallows of Feodosievy, with an incense and with candles. And, having brought, have put it in its churches, in притворе, on the right party, month of August in 14th day, on Thursday, at o'clock in the afternoon, индикта 14th, year... Also celebrated it is light that day.

Now I will shortly tell how the prophecy Feodosiya has come true. Still when Feodosy was live and held игуменство, operating herd черноризцев, God charged to it, baked it not only about them, but also about laymen - about their souls, as though it to escape, especially about spiritual sons, consoling and edifying coming to it, and sometimes coming to their houses and blessing by it submitting. Once, having come to the house Janev to Janju and to the wife of its Mare, - for Feodosy loved them that they lived on a precept Dominical and in love among themselves stayed, - once, having come to them, it taught them about alms poor, about царствии heavenly which righteous persons whereas sinners - a flour, and about a death hour will deserve. And when he spoke about position of their bodies in a coffin, wife Janja has told to it: "Who knows, where me will bury?". Feodosy has told to it:" Truly, where I will lay down, there and you will be buried ". As has come true. The abbot has died earlier it, and for 18th year it and has come true: for that year wife Janja a name of Marja, month of August in 16th day has passed away, and have come черноризцы, have read the burial service over the put church chanting and have brought and have put it in churches of the sacred Virgin, against Feodosieva of a coffin, on a left-hand side. Феодосий 14th has been buried, and that 16th.

So the prophecy of blissful our father Feodosiya, the kind shepherd grazing verbal sheep devoutly, with mildness and with attention has come true, observing of them and sponsoring them, praying for the herd charged to it and for people Christian, for the earth Russian for which, and on отшествии from this light, you pray for people true and for the pupils whom, looking at your coffin, recollect your lectures and your abstention and glorify God. I, guilty your slave and the pupil, am perplexed how to eulogise kind your life and abstention. But I will tell the little:" Rejoice, отче ours and the instructor! Wordly noise having rejected, silence having loved, to God was served by you in the silence, in the monastic life, divine gift everyone to was brought, by a post were extolled, carnal passions and pleasures have begun to hate, beauty and desires of this light have rejected, following in the footsteps of высокомысленных fathers, competing with them, in silence towering and by humility being decorated, in словесах book finding веселие. Rejoice, having become stronger надеждою for the eternal blessings, having accepted which, having destroyed carnal lust, a source of lawlessness and excitements, you, Saint, devilish intrigues избег and networks. With just, отче, почил, having received on your works requital, becoming the successor of fathers, having followed to their doctrine and their customs, their abstention and rules them observing. In total you more wished to assimilate great Feodosiya customs and a way of life, imitating its life and in abstention to it competing, последуя to its customs and passing from one good business to even best, and the put prayers to God uplifting, instead of a fragrance bringing a censer prayful, an incense fragrant. Having won wordly lust and миродержца - the prince of this world, the enemy having trampled on a devil and its intrigues, the winner was, противостав to its enemy arrows and proud thoughts, укрепясь the weapon the Godfather and верою непобедимою, Bozheju the help. Pray for me, отче fair to get rid to me of a network вражеския, and from the opponent-enemy observe me your prayers ".

In the same year the sign was on the sun, as if it should be lost and very little it remains, as month became, at o'clock of the second of day, month of May per 21st day. In the same year when Vsevolod hunted on animals for Vyshgorodom and were already закинуты a snare and кличане have cluck, the big dragon from the sky has fallen, and all people were terrified. The earth has knocked on the same time, so many heard. In the same year the magician appeared in Rostov and soon was lost.

In a year 6600 (1092). The Predivnoe miracle was in Polotsk in delusion: there was a footfall at night, something groaned in the street, demons, as people ransacked. If who left the house to look, is immediately invisible is wounded happened demons язвою so died, and nobody dared to leave the house. Then have started to be in the afternoon also on horses, instead of them it was visible, but were visible horses of their hoof; also wounded so they people in Polotsk and in its area. Therefore people also said that it is dead persons beat полочан. This sign with Drutska has begun. During the same times there was a sign in the sky - precisely circle in the middle of the sky big. In the same year the drought was, so изгорала the earth, and many woods flared up and bogs; and many signs were in places; and the host great was from половцев and from everywhere: took three cities, Pesochen, Perevoloku, Priluk, and villages much have done some fighting on both parties. In the same year went войною half-sheep on Poles with the Cornflower Rostislavich. In the same year Rjurik, son Rostislava has died. In the same times many people died of various illnesses so said selling coffins that "we have sold coffins from Filippova of day to мясопуста 7 thousand". It happens for our sins as our sins and a lie were increased. It was guided at us by God, ordering to confess and abstain to us from a sin, both with envy, and from other malicious affairs devil.

In a year 6601 (1093), индикта in 1st year, grand duke Vsevolod, Yaroslav's son, Vladimir's grandson, month of April in 13th day has passed away, and has been buried in 14th day; week was then passionate and day was Thursday when it has been put in a coffin in great church of sacred Sofia. This благоверный prince Vsevolod was since the childhood боголюбив, loved the truth, endowed poor, rendered honour to bishops and пресвитерам, especially loved черноризцев and gave to all of them that they asked. It and itself abstained from drunkenness and lust, for that and has been favourite by the father so its father spoke to it:" My son! The blessing to you that I hear about your mildness, and I rejoice that you покоишь my old age. God willing to you to receive my table after the brothers by right, instead of насильем, when God will send you death, lay down, where I will lay down, at my coffin because I love you more your brothers ". The word of its father, told to it Also has come true. It after all brothers has received a table of the father, on death of the brother, and villages to reign in Kiev. Was at it afflictions more than when it sat in Pereyaslavl. When reigned in Kiev, the grief was to it from its nephews as they have started to annoy it, one wishing one volost, and that another; it, that замирить them, distributed them volosts. In these afflictions there were also illnesses, and behind them the old age has come also, And he began to love views younger, arranging council with them; They became наущать it that it has rejected a team senior, and people could not achieve the truth княжой, have started these young to plunder and sell people, and the prince of that did not know because of the illnesses. When it has absolutely ached, it has sent for the son the Vladimir to Chernigov. Vladimir, having arrived to it and having seen its absolutely sick, has begun to cry. In the presence of Vladimir and Rostislava, the son smaller when hour has come, Vsevolod has passed away silently and is mild and year and in Chernigov a goal has joined the ancestors, княжив in Kiev 15 years, and in Pereyaslavl. Vladimir, оплакав it with Rostislavom, the brother, have cleaned its body. Bishops, and abbots, and черноризцы also have gathered, both priests, and boyars, and simple people, and, taking its body, with all relying church chanting have put it in churches of sacred Sofia as we have already told earlier.

Vladimir began to reflect, speaking:" If I will sit down on a table of the father I will be at war with Svjatopolkom as this table was his father ". And, размыслив, has sent on Svjatopolka in Rounds, and Rostislav itself has gone to Chernigov, and - to Pereyaslavl. And after Easter, after the lapse of celebratory week, in day of Antieaster, month of April in 24th day Svjatopolk has come to Kiev. Also left towards to it киевляне with bow, and have accepted it with pleasure, and villages on a table of the father and the uncle. Half-sheep on Russian earth at this time have come; having heard that Vsevolod has died, they have sent ambassadors to Svjatopolku to agree about the world. Святополк, without having consulted with старшею дружиною отцовскою and the uncle, has created council with come with it and, having seized ambassadors, has planted them in a log hut. Having heard it, half-sheep have started to be at war. Both has come половцев set and have surrounded the city of Torchesk. Святополк has released ambassadors половецких, looking for peace. The half-sheep of the world also have not wanted, and there came half-sheep, being at war. Святополк began to collect soldiers, gathering against them. Also have told to it мужи the reasonable: "do not try to go against them for you have soldiers" a little. He has told: "I Have adolescents of the 700 which can it противостать". Began others unreasonable to speak: "Go, the prince". Reasonable spoke: "If has exposed them and 8 thousand, and that would be thin: our earth has become scanty from war and from sales. But have gone to the brother the Vladimir that it has helped you". Святополк, having listened to them, has sent to Vladimir that that has helped it. Vladimir has collected the soldiers and has sent on Rostislava, the brother, to Pereyaslavl, ordering to help it Svjatopolku. When Vladimir has come to Kiev, there were they in sacred Michael's monastery, have started among themselves conflicts and quarrels, having agreed, kissed each other a cross, and half-sheep meanwhile continued to ruin the earth, - and have told it мужи the reasonable:" What for at you conflicts between itself? And nasty ruin the earth Russian. After will be settled, and now go towards to nasty - either with the world, or with войною ". Vladimir looked for peace, and Svjatopolk wanted war. Svjatopolk also have gone, both Vladimir, and Rostislav to Trepolju, and have come to Stugne. Святополк, both Vladimir, and Rostislav have called the team on council, going to pass through the river, both began to confer. Vladimir also has told:" While for рекою we stand, terrible force, we will make the peace with them ". Also have joined council to it reasonable мужи, Jan and other. Киевляне have not wanted to accept council of it, but have told:" We wish to fight, we will come over to that party of the river ". This council Also was pleasant, and have passed the Stugnu-river, it was strongly blew up then водою. And Svjatopolk, both Vladimir, and Rostislav, исполчив a team, have acted. Also went on the right party Svjatopolk, on left Vladimir, in the middle was Rostislav. And, having passed Trepol, have passed a shaft. And here half-sheep have met, and their arrows before them. Ours, becoming between shaft, has put the banners, and arrows because of a shaft have moved. And half-sheep, having approached to a shaft, have put the banners, and have leant first of all on Svjatopolka, and have broken through a system of its regiment. Святополк stood strong, and people it have run, without having endured an impact половцев, and after Svjatopolk has run also. Have then leant on Vladimir, and there was a fight fierce; its soldiers have run also Vladimir with Rostislavom, and. Also have come running to the river Stugne, and have gone вброд Vladimir with Rostislavom, and began to roll Rostislav in the face of Vladimir. Also has wanted to pick up the brother, and hardly has not sunk. Also Rostislav, son Vsevolodov has sunk. Vladimir has passed the river with a small team, - for has much fallen people from its regiment, and its boyars here have fallen, - and, having come over to that party of Dnepr, cried after the brother and on the team, and has gone to Chernigov in grieves great. Святополк has run in in Trepol, it was locked here, and was here till the evening, and in the same night has come to Kiev. Half-sheep, seeing that have won, were let to ruin the earth, and others have returned to Torchesku. There was this trouble in day of Rise of the Lord of our Jesus Christ, month of May in 26th day. Ростислава, having looked, have found in the river and, taking, have brought it to Kiev, and its mother cried after it, and all people mourned about it strongly, its youth for the sake of. Bishops, and priests, and черноризцы Also have gathered, having read the burial service over usual church chanting, have put it in churches of sacred Sofia about its father. Half-sheep meanwhile besieged Torchesk, and торки opposed and strong fought from a city, killing many enemies. Half-sheep began to lean both have dewatered, and in a city people have started to be exhausted from thirst and hunger. Also have sent торки to Svjatopolku, speaking: "If you will not send meal, we will surrender". Святополк has sent to them, but it was impossible to make the way in a city because of set of soldiers enemy. Also stood about a city of 9 weeks, and were divided in two: one steels at a city, struggling with the opponent, and others have gone to Kiev and have attacked between Kiev and Vyshgorodom. Святополк left on Zhelan, both have gone against each other, and have converged, both fight has begun. We also have run from иноплеменников, and the drop, wounded, before our enemies, and many were lost, and was dead more than at Trepolja. Святополк has come to Kiev itself, and half-sheep have come back to Torchesku. There was this trouble of month of July in 23rd day. Next morning 24th, in day of sacred martyrs Boris and Gleb, was crying great in a city, instead of pleasure, for sins our great and a lie, for multiplication of our lawlessnesses.

He/she is God has filled on us nasty, not them pardoning, and us punishing, that we have refrained from malicious affairs. It punishes us invasion of the nasty; it after all its scourge that we, having come round, have refrained from a malicious way. For this purpose on holidays God sends us complaint as this year there was on Voznesenie Gospodne a first misfortune at Trepolja, the second - to Boris and Gleb's holiday; it is a new holiday of Russian earth. That is why the prophet has told: "I Will turn your holidays into crying and your songs in sobbing". And crying was great in our earth, our villages and our cities have become empty, and we ran before our enemies. As the prophet has told:" Will fall before your enemies, will send on errands you hating you, and will run, are driven by nobody. I will break impudence of your arrogance, and there will be vain your force, will kill you захожий a sword, and your earth will be empty, and your court yard will be empty. As you дурны also are crafty, also I will come to you with fury crafty ". So the Lord израилев speaks. For artful sons of Izmail пожигали and barns and many churches have kindled villages fire, yes nobody will marvel to that:" Where set of sins, there we see also all punishment ". This for the sake of and the Universe has been betrayed, this for the sake of and the anger has extended, this for the sake of and the people have undergone to tortures: one conduct in a captivity, others kill, others give out on revenge and they accept bitter death, others tremble, seeing killed, others hunger destroy and жаждою. One punishment, one execution, various bearing disasters, are various grieves and torments of those whom connect are terrible and kick with feet, hold on a frost and to whom put wounds. And the more surprisingly and more terribly that in a Christian sort fear, and колебанье, and a trouble have extended. Justly and adequately, when we so are punished. So belief we will have, if we will be punished: it was necessary for us" devoted to be in hands of the people another's and the most lawless on all earth ". We will tell loudly:" you Are just, My God, and your courts "are right. We will tell by an example of that robber:" We worthy have received on our affairs ". We will tell and with Iovom:" As it was necessary for the Lord, and happens; yes the name of Gospodne will be blest for ever and ever ". Through invasion nasty and tortures from them we learn the Lord which we have made angry: have been glorified - and have not glorified it, have been celebrated - and not почтили it, educated us - and have not comprehended, have been employed - and have not worked, were born - and were not appealed to the conscience it as father, have sinned - and are punished now. Both have arrived, and we suffer: cities all have become empty; villages have become empty; we will pass through fields where herds of horses were grazed, sheep and an oxen, and all is empty nowadays we will see; fields overgrown steels dwelling to animals. But we hope nevertheless for favour of Bozhiju, us good the Lord," not on our lawlessness соделал to us fairly punishes, but on our sins has rendered to us ". So it is necessary good to the Lord to punish not on set of sins. So the Lord has created to us: has created us and the fallen has lifted. An Adam's crime has forgiven, нетление granted also the blood for us has spilt. Here and us seeing in a lie staying, has guided at us this war and grief that also those who does not want, in the future life have received favour; because a soul punished here, any favour in the future life обрящет and clearing of torments for the Lord twice for same does not revenge. About not uttered philanthrophy! For saw us, necessarily to it addressing. About its boundless love to us! For have wanted to evade from its precepts. Already also we do not want, and it is tolerant - necessarily and it is necessarily tolerant, but as though and of the own free will! For where there was at us an affection? And nowadays all is full some tears. Where we had a lamentation? And nowadays crying has extended on all streets because of killed of which have beaten the lawless.

Half-sheep have done some fighting much and have come back to Torchesku, and in a city people were exhausted from hunger, and have surrendered to enemies. Half-sheep, taking a city, have kindled its fire, and people have divided, and a lot of the Christian people have moved in вежи to the families and сродникам the; sufferers, sad, exhausted, an icy cold held down, in hunger, thirst and a trouble, with the haggard faces, the turned black bodies, in the unknown country, with language inflamed, undressed wandering and barefooted, with feet, исколотыми тернием, with tears they answered each other, speaking: "I was from this city", and another: "And I - villages from this"; so they questioned each other with tears, the sort naming and sighing, looks erecting to the sky to Vyshnemu, knowing the secret.

Yes nobody will dare to tell that we are hated by God! Yes will not be! For who so is loved by God how us has loved? Whom so почтил it how us has glorified and has extolled? Anybody! Therefore after all and more strongly was angry with us that most почтены were and more all have made sins. For have been most educated, knowing will of Vladychnuju, and, having disdained it as it is necessary, more than others are punished. Here and I guilty, much both often God гневлю and it is frequent согрешаю in all days!

In the same year Rostislav, son Mstislava, grandson Izjaslava, month of October in 1st day has died; and has been buried on November, 16th, in church of sacred Virgin Desjatinnoj.

In a year 6602 (1094). Has created the world of Svjatopolk with half-sheep and has taken to itself in marriage daughter Tugorkana, the prince половецкого. In the same year Oleg with half-sheep from Tmutarakani has come and has approached to Chernigov, Vladimir was shut in a city. Oleg, having risen to a city, пожег round a city and monasteries пожег. Vladimir has created the world with Oleg and has gone from a city on a table fatherly to Pereyaslavl, and Oleg has entered into a city of the father. Half-sheep began to be at war about Chernigov, and Oleg did not interfere with them for itself has enjoined over it to be at war. It already in the third time was guided by it nasty at the earth Russian, its sin yes will be forgiven to it by God for many Christians have been ruined, and others in a captivity are taken and disseminated on the different earths. In the same year the locust on Russian earth, month of August in 26th day has come, and has eaten any grass and much жита. Also it has not been heard in the earth Russian since its first days of that our eyes, for our sins saw. The bishop Vladimir Stefan has the same year passed away, month of April in 27th day at the sixth o'clock in the morning, and before was the abbot of the Pechersky monastery.

In a year 6603 (1095). Half-sheep on Greeks with Devgenevichem went, were at war on the Greek earth; and цесарь has grasped Devgenevicha and has ordered to blind it. In the same year half-sheep, Itlar and Kytan have come, to Vladimir to be reconciled. Itlar has come to the city of Pereyaslavl, and Kytan became between shaft with soldiers; Vladimir Kytanu also has given the son of Svjatoslava in hostages, and Itlar was in a city with the best team. Slavjata from Kiev to Vladimir from Svjatopolka on any business at the same time has come, and with prince Vladimir the team of Ratiborova began to think of ruining Itlarevu чадь, and Vladimir did not wish it to do, so answering them: "As I can make it, having sworn them?". The team also answered Vladimir:" Княже! There is no to you in that a sin: they after all always, having sworn you, ruin the earth Russian and blood Christian spill incessantly ". Their Vladimir Also has listened, and that night Vladimir Slavjatu with a small team and with graters between shaft has sent. And, having stolen at first Svjatoslava, have killed then Kytana and its team have interrupted. Evening was then Saturday, and Itlar that night slept at Ratibora on a court yard with дружиною своею and did not know that have made with Kytanom. Next morning on Sunday, at an o'clock of matins, has made Ratibor of adolescents with the weapon and has ordered to melt a log hut. Vladimir also has sent the adolescent of Bjandjuka beyond Itlarevoj чадью, and Bjandjuk Itlarju has told:" prince Vladimir Calls you, and has told so: "Having put shoes on in a warm log hut and having had breakfast at Ratibora, come to me" ". Itlar Also has told:" Let so ". And both they have entered into a log hut, and have locked them. Having got on a log hut, have dug through a roof and then Olber Ratiborich, taking onions and having imposed an arrow, Itlarju has got to heart, and its team all have interrupted. And so has terribly ended a life Itlar, in a week сыропустную, at an o'clock the first day, month of February in 24th day. Святополк and Vladimir have sent to Oleg, ordering to go to it on половцев with them. Oleg, обещав and leaving, has not gone with them to the general campaign. Святополк and Vladimir have gone on вежи, both took вежи, and have grasped cattle and horses, camels and servants, and have resulted them in the earth. Also began to hold anger on Oleg that has not gone with them on the nasty. Svjatopolk and Vladimir to Oleg also have sent, speaking so:" Here you have not gone with us on nasty which ruined the earth Russian, and hold at yourself Itlarevicha - either kill, or give it to us. It the enemy to us and Russian earth ". Oleg has not listened to that, and there was between them an enmity.

In the same year half-sheep to Jurevu have come and have staid about it summer all and hardly did not take it. Святополк замирил them. Half-sheep have come for Ros, юрьевцы have run out and have gone to Kiev. Святополк has ordered to cut a city on the Vitichevsky hill, on the name named its Svjatopolchim a city and has ordered to the bishop Marina with юрьевцами to lodge there and засаковцам, and other of other cities; and Jurev left by people have burnt half-sheep. In the end of the same year from Novgorod Davyd Svjatoslavich has gone to Smolensk; новгородцы have gone to Rostov beyond Mstislavom Vladimirovich. And, taking, have resulted it to Novgorod, and Davydu have told: "do not go to us". Also Davyd to Smolensk, and villages in Smolensk, and Mstislav in Novgorod of villages was turned back. During the same time, Vladimir's son, from Kursk Izjaslav has come to Murom. Also have accepted it муромцы, and посадника has seized Olegova. In the same summer the locust, month of August in 28th day has come, and has covered the earth, and it was terrible to see, there was it to northern countries, eating a grass and millet.

In a year 6604 (1096). Святополк and Vladimir have sent to Oleg, speaking so: "Come to Kiev, yes we will conclude the contract on Russian earth before bishops, both before abbots, and before мужами our fathers, and before people city, that оборонили Russian earth from nasty". Oleg, having executed by impudent intentions and haughty words, has told so: "not decently to judge me to the bishop, or abbots, or смердам". Also has not wanted to go to the brothers, having listened to malicious advisers. Святополк and Vladimir have told to it:" As you do not go on nasty, on council to us, that, means, you злоумышляешь against us and nasty wish to help, - so let God will judge us ". Svjatopolk and Vladimir on Oleg to Chernigov Also have gone. Oleg has run out from Chernigov of month of May in 3rd day, on Saturday. Святополк and Vladimir pursued it. Oleg has run in to Starodub and there was shut; Святополк and Vladimir have besieged it in a city, and fought strong besieged of a city, and those went an attack on a city, and wounded men was much from both parties. Also there was between them an abuse fierce, and stood about a city of days thirty and three, and people in a city were exhausted. Also there was Oleg a city, asking the world, and have given it the world, speaking so:" Go to the brother to Davydu, and come to Kiev on a table of our fathers and our grandfathers, for that the oldest city in the earth in everything, Kiev; there it is worthy to us to converge on meeting and the contract to conclude ". Oleg promised it to make, and on that kissed a cross.

At the same time Bonjak with half-sheep to Kiev has come, on Sunday evening, and the court yard princely has done some fighting about Kiev, and пожег on Berestove. At the same time was at war Smoking with half-sheep at Pereyaslavl and the Mouth has burnt, month of May in 24th day. Oleg left Starodub and has come to Smolensk, and have not accepted it смоленцы, and has gone to Ryazan. Святополк and Vladimir have gone back home. In the same month Tugorkan has come, father-in-law Svjatopolkov, to Pereyaslavl, month of May in 30th day, and became about a city, and переяславцы were shut in a city. Святополк and Vladimir have gone on it on this party of Dnepr, and have come to Zarubu, and there have waded, and have not noticed their half-sheep. God has kept them, and, исполчившись, have gone to a city; townspeople, having seen, were glad and left to them, and half-sheep stood on that party Trubezha, too исполчившись. Святополк and Vladimir have gone вброд through a boundary to half-sheep, Vladimir wished to build a regiment, they have not obeyed, but have jumped on horses on the enemy. Having seen it, half-sheep have run, and we have pursued after soldiers, cutting enemies. The Lord that day also has committed rescue great: month of July in 19th day have been won иноплеменники, and their prince was killed by Tugorkana, both its son, and other princes; and many our enemies here have fallen. Next morning have found Tugorkana dead, and took its Svjatopolk as the father-in-law and the enemy, and, having brought it to Kiev, have buried him on Berestovom, between a way going on Berestovo, and another, conducting to a monastery. And 20th days of the same month on Friday, at the first o'clock in the afternoon, Bonjak godless, mangy has again come to Kiev, secretly, as a predator, suddenly, and hardly was in a city half-sheep have not rushed, and have lighted предградье about a city, and have turned to a monastery, and have burnt out Stefanov a monastery, both villages, and Hermans. Also have come to a monastery Pechersky when we on cells rested after matins, and have called about a monastery, and have put two banners before a gate monastic, and we ran monastery backs, and others взбежали on choruses. Godless sons of Izmailovy have cut down a gate monastic and have gone on cells, cutting doors, and took out, if that found in a cell; then have burnt out the house of the sacred empress of our Virgin, and have come to church, and have lighted doors on a South side and the second - on northern, and, having rushed in притвор at a coffin of Feodosieva, sufficing an icon, lighted doors and offended our God and our law. God suffered, for the end to their sins and their lawlessnesses has not come still, and they spoke: "Where there is their God? Let will help them and will rescue them!" . And богохульные words told others on sacred icons, sneering, without knowing that God learns the slaves misfortunes military that they became as the gold tested in a forge: Christians after all through set of griefs and misfortunes should enter into a kingdom of heaven, and these nasty and оскорбители in this world have веселие and content, and in the next world will accept a flour, with a devil they are doomed to fire eternal. Then have lighted a court yard Red which were put благоверный by prince Vsevolod on a hill named Vydubitsky: all is damned half-sheep have kindled fire. To That and we, after prophet David, appeal: "My God, My God! Put them, as a wheel, as fire in the face of a wind that devours oak groves so you will send on errands them бурею твоею; execute persons their disappointment". For they have profaned and have burnt sacred your house, and a monastery of your mother, and corpses of your slaves. The godless sons of Izmailovy sent to punishment to Christians have killed after all some persons from our brotherhood the weapon.

There were they desert Etrivsky between the east and the north, there were them 4 knees: торкмены and печенеги, торки, half-sheep. Мефодий testifies to them that 8 knees have escaped, when иссек their Gedeon, yes 8 they ran in desert, and 4 it иссек. Others speak: sons of Amonovy, but it not so: sons after all Moab - хвалисы, and sons of Amona - Bulgarians, and сарацины from Izmail, give out themselves for sons of Sary, and named itself сарацины that means: "С'арины we". Therefore хвалисы and Bulgarians occur from the daughters the Lota who has conceived from the father therefore and their tribe is dirty. And Izmail has given birth to 12 sons, from them half-sheep who leave desert have gone торкмены, both печенеги, and торки, and куманы, that is. And after these 8 knees, at the world end, leave riveted in a grief Alexander the Great dirty people.

Lecture. I, thin, the grandfather the Yaroslav, blest, nice, named in a christening Vasily, Russian name Vladimir, the father the beloved and mother своею from a sort of Monomoves... And Christian for the sake of people for how many they have observed on the favour and on a fatherly prayer from all troubles! Sitting on sledge, I have thought in the soul and have praised God who me till these days, guilty, has kept. My children or other who, listening to this грамотку, do not laugh, but to whom from my children it will be люба, let its signs in the heart and not begins to be lazy, and will work.

First of all, For God's sake and the soul, fear have Divine in the heart and an alms submit not poor, it after all the beginning of any good. If to whom not люба грамотка this let will not laugh and so will tell: on a long journey, yes on sledge sitting, безлепицу said.

For ambassadors from my brothers on Volga have met me and have told: "Hasten to us, and we will expel Rostislaviches and volost them we will take away; if you do not go with us we - in itself will be, and - in itself". I Also have answered: "Though you also are angry, I cannot with you to go, крестоцелование to break".

And, having released them, took Psaltyr, in grief has unbent it, and here that to me was took out: "About what you mourn, my soul? What for you confuse me?" - and other. I also have then collected these grown fond words both have arranged them one after another and have written. If the last are not pleasant to you, initial though take.

"What for you mourn, my soul? What for you confuse me? Hope for God for I trust in it"."Do not compete with crafty, do not envy creating lawlessness for the crafty will be exterminated, obedient to the Lord will own the earth". And it is a little more:" Also there will be no sinner; you will look at a place it and you will not find it. Mild will inherit the earth and to much will take pleasure in the world. Злоумышляет guilty against just also gnashes on it the teeth; the Lord will laugh over it for sees that its day will come. The weapon was taken by sinners, pull the onions to pierce poor and poor, заклать right with heart. Their weapon will pierce their hearts, and their onions will be distressed. Better to the righteous person small, rather than many riches the guilty. For force of the guilty will be distressed, just the Lord strengthens. As sinners will be lost, - just pardons and presents. For blessing it inherit the earth, cursing it will be exterminated. The Lord of foot of the person go. When it will fall, will not break, for the Lord supports its hand. It was young and has grown old, and did not see the righteous person left, its descendants asking the corn. Any day alms is created by the righteous person and on loan gives, and its tribe will be blest. Evade from harm, create good, find the world both drive away harm, and live for ever and ever ".

"When people live would devour us would rise; when its fury в'оды would sink us" would become angry with us.

"Pardon me, My God, for the person has trampled on me; any day, attacking, restricts me. My enemies, for a lot of rising on me from above" have trampled on me. "Vozveselitsja the righteous person and when will see vengeance, hands will wash the in blood of the sinner. The person also will tell:" If there is an award to the righteous person, means there is God creating court on the earth "". "Release me from my enemies, My God, and from rising on me protect me. Relieve me from creating lawlessness and from the husband of blood rescue me for have already caught my soul". "For anger during an instant of its fury, and all life in its ox: crying, and next morning pleasure" in the evening will be installed. "For your favour is better, than a life washing, and my lips yes will eulogise you. So I will bless you during lifetime of mine and in your name I will upraise my hands". "Cover me from concourse crafty and from set doing a lie". "Vozveselites all just heart. I will bless the Lord at any time, praise to it", and other is incessant.

For as Vasily learnt, having collected the young man: to have soul pure and pure, a body thin, conversation mild and to observe a word of Gospodne: "to eat and drink without noise great, at old to be silent, wise to listen, to seniors to obey, with equal and younger love to have, without slyness talking and more to understand; not свиреповать a word not to abuse in conversation, not to laugh much, to be ashamed of seniors, to ridiculous women not to talk, eyes to hold from top to bottom, and I smother up, to avoid vanity; not to evade to learn taking a great interest in the power, in what to put general honour. If who from you can benefit another, from God for requital let hopes also the eternal blessings will take pleasure". "About the empress the Virgin! Take away from heart my poor pride and impudence that I was not called суетою this world" in insignificant this life.

Learn, the believing person to be to piety свершителем, learn, by an evangelical word, "to eyes to management, language to abstention, mind to humility, bodies to submission, anger to suppression, to have thoughts pure, inducing itself on good deeds, the Lord for the sake of; deprived - do not revenge, hated - love, driven - suffer, хулимый - be silent, destroy a sin". "Relieve offended, give court to the orphan, justify вдовицу. Come, yes it is combinable, the Lord speaks. If there will be your sins as empurpled, - as snow will rehabilitate them", and other. "Vossijaet spring of a post and a repentance flower; we will clear themselves, brothers, of any blood corporal and sincere. Appealing to светодавцу, we will tell:" Glory to you, a philanthropist! "".

Really, my children, understand that the philanthropist God is mercy and премилостив. We, people, are guilty and mortal, and if who to us creates harm we wish it to absorb and somewhat quicker to spill its blood; and our Lord, owning both a life and death, согрешения ours above our goals suffers all our life. As the father, the child loving, beats him and again involves in itself as also our Lord has shown us a victory over enemies as three affairs kind to get rid of them and to win them: a repentance, tears and милостынею. And it to you, my children, not a heavy precept of Bozhija as those affairs by three to get rid of the sins and царствия heavenly not to lose.

For God's sake, be not lazy, I ask you, do not forget those three affairs, they are not heavy after all; neither solitary life, nor a monkhood, the starvation, which other virtuous undergo, but small business it is possible to receive favour of Bozhiju.

"What is the person how you will think of it?"."You Are great, My God, and your affairs are wonderful; the reason human cannot постигнуть your miracles", - and again we will tell:" You are great, My God, and your affairs are wonderful, and your name for ever and ever on all earth "is blest and nice. For who will not eulogise and will not glorify your force and your great miracles and the blessings arranged in this world as the sky is arranged, either as the sun, or as the moon, or as stars, both the darkness, and light, and the earth on waters is put, My God, by your craft! Animals various, both birds, and fishes are decorated by your craft, My God! And to this miracle we will marvel, as from ashes has created the person as human faces are various; if also all people to collect, not at all one shape, but everyone has the shape of the person, on the Divine wisdom. And to that we will marvel, as birds heavenly of paradise go, and first of all to our hands, and do not settle in one country, but also strong and weak go on all earths, on the Divine command that woods and fields were filled. Nevertheless it was given by God on advantage to people, in food and on pleasure. Your favour to us as these blessings were created by you for the sake of the person guilty is great, My God. And the same birds heavenly are grown wise by you, My God: when повелишь will start singing also people amuse; and when not повелишь it, that, and having language, will grow dumb. "Both it is blest, My God, and it is glorified very much!". Any miracles and these blessings has created and has made. "And who will not eulogise you, My God, and does not believe all heart and with all the heart for the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, yes will be проклят!".

Having read these divine words, my children, praise God, submitted to us the favour; and that further is my own weak mind manual. Listen to me; if not all to a sign, though half.

If to you God softens heart, shed tears about the sins, speaking: "As the loose woman, the robber and мытаря was pardoned by you, and us guilty, pardon". And in church that do, and laying down. Do not pass any night, - if can, bow to the earth; if to you it will be fallen ill, three times. Do not forget it, be not lazy, for that night bow and a prayer the person wins a devil and that will sin a lot for a day it the person gets rid. If and on a game едучи there will be at you no business and if other prayers be not able to tell, "My God, pardon" appeal incessantly secretly for this prayer of all is better, - rather than to think безлепицу, going.

In total more poor do not forget, but, how much can, on forces feed and submit to the orphan and вдовицу justify, instead of let's strong ruin the person. Neither right, nor guilty do not kill and do not rule to kill him; if it will be guilty death do not ruin any Christian soul. Telling something, bad or good, do not swear God, are not christened, for there is to you in it no need ". If you have to kiss a cross brotherhood or to someone, that, having checked up the heart on what can resist, on that and kiss, and having kissed, observe, that, having broken, not to ruin the soul. Bishops, priests and abbots (honour), and with love accept from them blessing, and be not eliminated from them, and on forces love and care of them to receive on their prayer from God. It is more of all pride have no in heart and in mind, but we will tell: we are mortal, today are live, and tomorrow in a coffin; All it that you have given us, not ours, but yours, have charged us it on a few days. And in the earth keep nothing, it to us a great sin. Old honour, as father, and young, as brothers. In the house the be not lazy, but of all observe; do not rely on тиуна or on the adolescent that have not laughed coming to you neither over your house, nor over your dinner. On war leaving, be not lazy, do not rely on воевод; neither in drink, nor meal do not indulge, спанью; watchmen наряживайте, and at night, having placed guards from different directions, about soldiers lay down, and rise early; and the weapon do not remove from itself hurriedly, without having looked round by laziness, suddenly after all the person perishes. Of lie be careful, both drunkennesses, and fornication, from that after all the soul perishes also a body. Where you headed on the earths, let's to adolescents harm neither the, nor strangers, neither villages, nor crops that did not begin to damn you. Where will go and where stop, give to drink and feed the beggar, more all honour the visitor, whence to you has come, whether the commoner, either notable, or the ambassador; if cannot почтить its gift, - that food and drink: for they, passing, will glorify the person on all earths, either kind, or malicious. The patient visit, the dead man spend, for all of us are mortal. Do not pass the person, without having greeted it, and a kind word to it say. The wife love, but do not give them the power over self. And here to you and a basis to all: fear Divine have above all.

If will not remember it re-read is more often: both it will not be a shame to me, and to you it will be good.

That be able good do not forget and that be not able, in that study - as my father, sitting at home, knew five languages, because and honour from other countries. Laziness after all to all mother: that who is able, will forget, and that is not able, to that will not learn. Kindly creating, be not lazy on what good, first of all to church: let will not find you the sun in bed. So the father my blissful and all kind мужи the made arrived. On matins having praised God, then on sunrise and having seen the sun, it is necessary to glorify God with pleasure and to tell: "Educate my eyes, the Christ My God, light which has given to me your fine". And still: "My God, add to me year by a year that henceforth, in other sins having confessed, has corrected the life"; so I praise God and when I sit down to think with дружиною, or I am going to create court to people, or to go on hunting or for tribute gathering, or to lay down to sleep. Спанье at midday it is appointed by God; on it установленью rest after all both an animal, and a bird, and people.

And now I will tell to you, my children, about the work as I worked in travelling and on hunting from 13 years. At first I to Rostov have gone through the earth вятичей; the father has sent me, and it has gone to Kursk; and again I again went to Smolensk, with Stavkom Gordjatichem who then has gone to Berestju with Izjaslavom, and me have sent to Smolensk; and from Smolensk has gone in Vladimir. Me in Bereste brothers on a big fire in the same winter have sent that Poles пожгли, and I there corrected a city dragged off. Then went to Pereyaslavl to the father, and after Easter from Pereyaslavl in Vladimir - in Sutejske the world to conclude with Poles. Therefrom again for the summer in Vladimir.

Then has sent me to Svjatoslav to Poland: I went for Glogov to the Czech wood, and went in their earth 4 months. And the same year and the son was born at me the senior, Novgorod. And therefrom I went in Rounds, and for the spring to Pereyaslavl and again in Rounds.

And Svjatoslav has died, and I have again gone to Smolensk, and from Smolensk in the same winter to Novgorod: in the spring - to Gleb in the help. And in the summer with the father - under Polotsk, and for other winter with Svjatopolkom under Polotsk, also have burnt out Polotsk; it has gone to Novgorod, and I with half-sheep on Odresk войною and to Chernigov. From Smolensk to the father I also have again come to Chernigov. And Oleg has come there, from Vladimir deduced, and I have called him to myself for a dinner with the father in Chernigov, on the Red court yard, and have given to the father of 300 grivnas of gold. And again from Smolensk having come, I have made the way through половецкие armies with fight to Pereyaslavl and the father have found come back of a campaign. Then we went again the same year with the father and with Izjaslavom to Chernigov to fight with Boris and have won Boris and Oleg. And again have gone to Pereyaslavl and steels in Obrove.

And Vseslav Smolensk пожег, and I with черниговцами top with поводными horses has rushed off and have not found... In Smolensk. In that campaign for Vseslav пожег the earth also has done some fighting it to Lukomlja and to Logozhska, then on Drutsk войною and again to Chernigov.

And that winter half-sheep Starodub everything have done some fighting, and I, going with черниговцами and with the half-sheep, on Desna have taken prisoner princes of Asaduka and Sauka, and their team have interrupted. And next day behind the New City have broken a strong army of Belkatgina, and семечей and captives of all have taken away.

And successively two winters went to the Vjatichsky earth on Hodotu both on its son and to Kordnu went the first winter. And again we went and for Rostislaviches for Mikulin, and have not overtaken them. And that spring - to Jaropolku on council in Fords.

The same year pursued Horol for half-sheep who took Peas.

That autumn went with черниговцами and with half-sheep - читеевичами to Minsk, have grasped a city and have not left in it челядина, cattle.

That winter went to Jaropolku on gathering to Fords and friendship great have concluded.

And for the spring the father in Pereyaslavl above all brotherhood has planted me and went beyond Suloj. And on the way to Priluku to a city princes with 8 thousand have met us suddenly половецкие, and wanted was with them to battle, but the weapon has been sent forward on carts, and we have entered into a city; only семца one live have grasped yes смердов a little, and we половцев have more killed and have grasped, and half-sheep, without daring to descend from horses, have run to Sule in the same night. And next day, on the Assumption, we have gone to White Vezhe, God has helped us also the sacred Virgin: have interrupted 900 половцев and two princes took, Bagubarsovyh of brothers, Osenja and Sakzja, and only two husbands have escaped.

And then on Svjatoslavl pursued half-sheep, and then on Torchesk a city, and then on Jurev for half-sheep. And again on the same party, at It is red, половцев have won, and then with Rostislavom from Varina вежи took. And then went in Vladimir again, Jaropolka there has planted, and Jaropolk has died.

And again, on death of the father and at Svjatopolke, on Stugne we fought with half-sheep till the evening, fought at Halepa, and then the world have created with Tugorkanom and with other princes половецкими, and at Glebovoj smoke have taken away a team the all.

And then Oleg on me has come with всею Polovetskoju землею to Chernigov, and my team fought with them 8 days for a small shaft and has not allowed to them to enter into a jail; I have regretted Christian souls, both villages burning, and monasteries and have told: "pagans Let do not boast". Also has given to the brother of the father its table, and itself has gone on a table of the father to Pereyaslavl. Also there were we on sacred Boris day Chernigov and 100 persons, with children and wives went through regiments половецкие, nearby. On us half-sheep precisely wolves also licked lips, standing at transportation and on mountains. God and sacred Boris have not given out me to them on a gain, are safe we have reached Pereyaslavl.

Also I sat in Pereyaslavl 3 summers and 3 winters with дружиною своею, and many troubles were accepted by us from war and hunger. Also went on their soldiers for Rimov, and God to us has helped, have interrupted them, and others have grasped.

And again Itlarevu чадь have interrupted, and вежи them took, following Goltav.

And to Starodub went on Oleg because he has become friends with half-sheep. And to Bug went with Svjatopolkom on Bonjaka, for Ros.

And to Smolensk have gone, with Davydom having reconciled. Again went to the second time with Voronitsy.

Then and торки have come to me with half-sheep-chiteevichami, and we went it towards on Sulu.

And then again went to Rostov for the winter, and 3 winters went to Smolensk. From Smolensk I have gone to Rostov.

And again with Svjatopolkom pursued Bonjakom, but... Have killed, and have not overtaken them. And then beyond Bonjakom pursued Ros, and again have not overtaken it.

And for the winter to Smolensk has gone; Smolensk after Easter left; and Jureva mother has died.

To Pereyaslavl having returned by the summer, has collected brothers.

And Bonjak has come with all half-sheep to Ksnjatinu; we have followed them from Pereyaslavl for Sulu, and God has helped us, and their regiments have won, and princes have grasped the best, and after Christmas have made the peace with Aepoju, and, taking from it the daughter, have gone to Smolensk. Also has then gone to Rostov.

Having come from Rostov, again has gone on половцев on Urusobu with Svjatopolkom, and God has helped us.

And then again went on Bonjaka to Lubnu, and God has helped us.

And then went to Voinju with Svjatopolkom, and then again to Don went with Svjatopolkom and with Davydom, and God has helped us.

And to Vyrju have come there was Aepa and Bonjak, wished to take it; to Romnu we have gone with Oleg and with children on them, and they, having learnt, have escaped.

And then to Minsk went on Gleb who has grasped our people, and God to us has helped, and have made that have conceived.

And then went to Vladimir on Jaroslavtsa, without having endured its evil deeds.

And from Chernigov to Kiev about hundred times went to the father, for one day passing, to vespers. And all campaigns was eighty and three great, and the others and I will not remember the smaller. And the worlds has concluded with половецкими princes without one twenty, both at the father and without the father, and gave away a lot of cattle and a lot of clothes. Also has released from fetters of the best princes половецких so much: Шаруканевых two brothers, Bagubarsovyh of three, Osenevyh of brothers of four, and all other best princes 100. And God live in hands gave princes: Коксусь with the son, Aklan Burchevich, таревский prince Azguluj and other heroes young 15, these I, having resulted live, иссек also has thrown in that small river Salnju. And has separately interrupted them at that time about 200 best husbands.

And here is how I worked, hunting, while sat in Chernigov; and Chernigov leaving and till this year on сту уганивал also took without works, not including other hunting, out of Turova where with the father hunted on everyone an animal.

And here that I in Chernigov did: horses wild hands were connected by me in dense forests of ten and twenty, live horses besides, driving about on plain, caught the hands of the same horses wild. Two rounds threw me horns together with a horse, the deer one butted me, and from two elks one feet trampled down, another horns butted; the wild boar at me on a hip has torn off a sword, the bear to me at a knee потник has bitten, the fierce animal has jumped to me on hips and a horse with me has overturned. And God has kept me safe. And from a horse fell much, a head to itself broke twice, both hands and the feet damaged - in the youth damaged, without valuing a life своею, without sparing the head.

That it was necessary to do to my adolescent itself did - in the war and on hunting, at night and in the afternoon, in a heat and an icy cold, without giving itself rest. On посадников without relying, on биричей, did that was necessary; all schedule and in the house at itself also itself established. And at ловчих the hunting schedule itself established, both at grooms, and about falcons, and of hawks cared.

As well poor смерда, and poor вдовицу did not give in insult strong both behind church order and of service itself observed.

Do not condemn me, my children or another who will read: I do not praise after all, the boldness, but I praise God and I glorify its favour that it preserved me guilty and thin, of so much years against those mortal dangers and not lazy me, bad, have created, on any affairs human the suitable. Having read this грамотку, try on any good deeds, glorifying God with sacred it. Death after all, children, without being afraid, neither wars, nor an animal, business execute man's as God will send to you. For, if I from war, both from an animal, and from water, and from a horse was saved from falling, anybody from you cannot damage itself or to be killed, will not be moved from God yet. And if there will be from God a death neither the father, nor mother, brothers cannot take away you from it but if also good business - to be careful most Bozhie обережение is better human.

About I, distressful and sad! You struggle much, soul, with heart and you overcome my heart; all of us are perishable, and consequently I think, as though not to appear before terrible Sudeju, without having confessed and without having reconciled between myself.

For who says: "God I love, and the brother I do not love", - lie it. And still: "If do not forgive sins to the brother also to you the father your heavenly" will not forgive. The prophet speaks: "do not compete лукавствующим, do not envy creating lawlessness"."That it is better and finer, than to live to brothers together!". But all instigation of a devil! There were after all wars at clever our grandfathers, at kind and at blissful our fathers. A devil after all ссорит us for does not want good to a human race. I have written it to you, because my son has forced me, крещенный you that sits close from you; it to me has sent the husband and the reading and writing, speaking in it so: "we Will agree and will reconcile, and to my brother the Divine court has come. And we will not be for it avengers, but we will put that on God when will appear before God; and Russian earth we will not ruin". And I saw humility of my son, have taken pity and, God having frightened, have told:" He by the youth and неразумию so reconciles, to God assigns; I - the person, грешнее all people ".

I have listened to the son, have written you the reading and writing: whether you will accept it in a kind way or with desecration also another I will see from your reading and writing. These after all words I have warned you for that I waited from you, humility and a repentance wishing from God of remission of last sins. Our Lord not the person, but God of all Universe, - that will want, during an instant of an eye all will create, - and still itself has undergone an abuse, and оплевание, and blows and has to death given itself, owning a life and death. And we that such, people guilty and thin? - Today are live, and tomorrow are dead, today in glory and in honour, and tomorrow in a coffin and are forgotten, - others collected by us will divide.

Look, the brother, on our fathers: what have they saved and on what it clothes? Only also is at them that have made to the soul. With these words to the first, the brother, it was necessary to send to you to me and to warn me. When have killed the child, my and your, before you, followed to you, having seen its blood and its body which has withered like a flower, for the first time dismissed, like the innocent person pinned up, to tell, being above it, having pondered upon thoughts of the soul: "Alas to me that I have made! And, having taken advantage of it неразумием, for the sake of a lie of light of this vain I have acquired a sin to myself, and to the father and its mother have brought tears!".

It would be necessary to tell to you David's words: "I Know, my sin always before me". Not because of blood prolithium, and having made прелюбодеяние, anointed sovereign Divine David strewed the chapter and cried bitterly, - in that hour its God has released to it согрешенья. To god to you to confess, and to me to write the reading and writing consolatory yes my daughter - in-law to send to me, - for is not present in it either harms, or good, - that I, having embraced her, оплакал its husband and their that wedding, instead of songs: for I did not see their first pleasure, their wedding, for my sins. For God's sake, start up it to me somewhat quicker with the first ambassador that, having cried with it, has lodged at myself, and it as a turtle-dove on a dry tree, горюя, and I would be consoled in God would sit down.

Grandfathers and our fathers went that after all a way: the court from God has come to it, instead of from you. If then you the will have created also Murom have extracted, and Rostov would not occupy and would send to me we from here and were settled. But itself judge, whether to me was worthy to send to you or you to me? If you ordered to my son: "Have converged with the father", ten times I would send.

Whether it is marvellous, if the husband has fallen in the war? Died so best of our ancestors. But not followed it search for the stranger and me in a shame and in grief to enter. Have learnt after all its servants that something to extract, and for it have extracted harms. And if you will start to repent to God and to me will be kind heart, having sent the ambassador or the bishop write the reading and writing with правдою then also volost you will receive good, and our heart you will turn to yourself, and we will be better, than before: neither the enemy I to you, nor the avenger. Did not wish after all to see I your blood at Starodub; but do not allow to me to see God blood by hand yours, neither from your command, nor from someone from brothers. If I lie, God to me the judge and a cross of the fair! If in that my sin consists that on you has gone to Chernigov because of pagans, I repent of that, I spoke time and again to the brotherhood about that and still to them have told, because I the person.

If to you it is good... If to you it is bad, beside you the son your Godfather with the small brother here sits and bread eat antiquated, and you sit on the bread, about it and рядись; if you wish them to kill, here they at you both. For I do not want is malicious, but good I want to brotherhood and Russian earth. And that you wish to extract насильем we, caring of you, gave you and in Starodub отчину yours. God the witness that we with your brother рядились if it cannot рядиться without you. And we have not made anything bad, have not told: be sent with the brother until we will be settled. If who from you does not want good and the world to Christians, to that from God not to see the world to the soul in the next world!

Not from need I tell it, from a trouble any, sent by God, itself will understand, but the soul to me is more expensive than this whole world.

On a Last Judgement without accusers myself I convict. And other.

"Knowledge the instructor and sense the bearer, unreasonable the teacher and the beggar the defender! Confirm in reason my heart, the Lord! Give me gift for speaking, отче, to my lips do not forbid to appeal to you: mercy, pardon the fallen!"."My hope - God, my shelter - the Christ, my cover - Spirit Sacred!"."Hope and protection washing, not презри me, good! You I have the assistant in grief both in illness and in all troubles, and you I glorify, sung! Understand and видьте that I God, searching of hearts and knowing think, convicting has put, опаляющий the sins, giving court to the orphan, both poor, and to the beggar"." Admire, soul washing, and of the affairs think, содеянных you, the eyes обозри them and a drop let out the tears, and tell openly all affairs and thoughts to the Christ, and clear ". Andrey fair, отче преблаженный, the pastor Kritsky! Not престань to pray for us, чтущих you, yes we will get rid all of anger and grief, both decay, and a sin, and troubles, чтущие your memory truly. The hailstones keep, the Maiden, Mater pure which reigns fairly under your protection, let it you becomes stronger and for you hopes, wins all fights, subverts enemies and forces them to submit." About the sung Mater which have given birth to most holy of sacred Word! Having accepted a present gift, protect us from any misfortune and from the future flour - to you appealing. We pray to you, your slaves, and it is bent a knee of our heart: incline your ear, pure, and rescue us, it is eternal in griefs shipped, and observe from any capture enemy your city, the Virgin! Spare, My God, your heritage, sins our all forgive, seeing that we pray now to you, on earth given birth you without seed, the terrestrial favour, deigned to be embodied, the Christ, in the person ". Spare me, Spase which born and have kept given birth you нетленною after your birth when you will sit to judge my affairs, as innocent and mercy, as God and a philanthropist! Maiden Prechistaja, unsophisticated marriage, God pleased, to believers manual! Rescue me perishing and to your son of the scandalous:" Pardon me, My God, pardon! If you wish to judge, do not condemn me on eternal fire, do not convict me fury своею, - the Maiden pure, given birth to you, the Christ, and set of angels and martyrs an assembly asks you.

For the sake of Christ Jesus, our Lord to whom honour and glory also is necessary. To the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, always and nowadays and eternally in eyelids! ".

Now I wish to tell, about what heard 4 years ago and that has told to me Gjurjata Rogovich новгородец, speaking so: "I Have sent the adolescent to Pechora, to people who give a tribute to Novgorod. My adolescent to them also has come, and therefrom has gone to the earth Jugorsky, Jugra are people, and their language is not clear, and соседят they with самоядью in northern countries. Югра has told to my adolescent:" Marvellous we have found a miracle about which have not heard earlier, and it has begun still three years ago; there are mountains, they come to a gulf sea, the height at them as to the sky, and in those mountains costs cliques great and a dialect, and секут mountain, aspiring to be cut from it; and in that mountain просечено a window small, and therefrom tell, but not to understand their language, but show on iron and wave hands, asking gland; whether and if who gives them a knife or a pole-axe, they in exchange give furs. The way to those mountains is impassable because of precipices, snow and wood therefore and not always we reach them; there is it and further on the north ". I have told Gjurjate:" They are the people concluded<в горах> by Alexander, the tsar Macedonian "as speaks about them Mefody Patarsky:" Alexander, the tsar Macedonian, has reached in east countries the sea, to a so-called Solar place, and has seen there people of dirty Iafeta from a tribe, and нечистоту them saw: they скверну ate everyone, mosquitoes and flies, cats, snakes, and dead persons did not bury, but ate them, and female abortions, and cattle of any dirty. Having seen he is Alexander was frightened, they as though have not bred both have not profaned the earth, and has tired out them in northern countries in mountains high; and on Bozhiju to command have surrounded their mountains great, mountains on 12 elbows only have not converged, and gate copper here were erected and spread сунклитом; and if who wants them to take, cannot, fire cannot burn, for property сунклита is that: neither its fire cannot burn, nor iron it does not take. Last days there are 8 knees desert Etrivsky, there are also these nasty people that live in mountains of northern Bozhiju on command "".

But we to the previous will come back, - about what earlier spoke. Oleg promised to go to the brother to Davydu to Smolensk, and to come with the brother to Kiev, and the contract to conclude, but Oleg did not wish that to make, and, having come to Smolensk and taking soldiers, has gone to Murom, and in Murom there was then Izjaslav Vladimirovich. The message to Izjaslavu has come that Oleg goes to Murom, and has sent Izjaslav for soldiers to Suzdal, both to Rostov, and for белозерцами, and has collected soldiers much. Oleg Also has sent the ambassadors to Izjaslavu, speaking: "Go to volost of the father to Rostov, and it is volost of my father. I want, having sat down here, the contract to conclude with your father. After all he me has expelled that from a city of my father. Whether and you here my bread wish to give to me?" . Also has not listened to Izjaslav of those words, hoping for set of the soldiers. Oleg hoped for the truth for the rights was in it, and has gone to a city with soldiers. Изяслав исполчился before a city in the field. Oleg has gone on it a regiment, and both parties have converged, and was сеча fierce. Also have killed Izjaslava, son Vladimirova, grandson Vsevolodova, month of September in 6th day, its other soldiers have run, one through wood, others in a city. Oleg has entered into a city, and its townspeople have accepted. Изяслава, taking, have put in a monastery of sacred Spasa, and therefrom have transferred it to Novgorod, and have put it in churches of sacred Sofia, on a left-hand side. Oleg after a city capture перехватал ростовцев, both белозерцев, and суздальцев, both has chained them, and has directed to Suzdal. And when has come to Suzdal, have surrendered to it суздальцы. Oleg, замирив a city, has seized one, and others has expelled also property at them has taken away. Has gone to Rostov, and ростовцы have surrendered to it. Also has grasped all earth Murom and Rostov, and посажал посадников on cities, and a tribute has started to collect. Also has sent to it Mstislav of the ambassador of of Novgorod, speaking:" Go from Suzdal to Murom, and in another's volost do not sit. And I with дружиною will send to the to ask to my father and I will reconcile you with my father. Though also my brother you, - it is no wonder have killed that: in fight after all and tsars and мужи perish ". Oleg has not wished it to listen, but planned also Novgorod to grasp. Oleg Yaroslav, the brother also has sent, in стор'ожу, and itself became in the field at Rostov. Мстислав has consulted with новгородцами, and have sent Dobrynju Raguilovicha forward itself in стор'ожу; Добрыня first of all перехватал collectors of a tribute. Yaroslav has learnt, standing on the She-bear in стор'оже that collectors are seized, and has run in the same night, and has come running to Oleg, and has told to it that there is Mstislav, and guard are seized, and has gone to Rostov. Мстислав has come to Volga, and have told to it that Oleg has turned back to Rostov, and Mstislav has followed it. Oleg has come to Suzdal and, having heard that Mstislav follows it, has enjoined to light Suzdal a city, only there was a court yard monastic the Pechersky monastery and church local sacred Dmitry which has given to a monastery of Efrem together with villages. Oleg has run to Murom, and Mstislav has come to Suzdal and, having sat down there, began to send to Oleg, asking the world:" I am more younger you, send to my father, and a team which has grasped, turn back; and I to you in all will be obedient ". Oleg has sent to it, falsely asking the world; Мстислав has believed to a deceit and has dismissed a team on villages. Fedorova week of a post also has come, and Fedorova Saturday and when Mstislav sat at dinner has come, the message has come to it that Oleg on Klyazma, has approached, without having affected, close. Мстислав, having trusted in it, has not placed стор'ожей, - but God knows how to relieve the pious of a deceit! Oleg has settled down on Klyazma, thinking that, having been frightened of it, Mstislav will run. To Mstislavu the team that day and in another, новгородцы, both ростовцы, and белозерцы has gathered. Мстислав became before a city, исполчив a team, and has not moved neither Oleg on Mstislava, nor Mstislav on Oleg, and there were against each other 4 days. To Mstislavu the message also has come that" the father of brother Vyacheslav with half-sheep "has sent to you. On Thursday after Fedorova of Sunday, Vyacheslav Also has come to a post. And on Friday Oleg, исполчившись, to a city has come, and Mstislav has gone against it with новгородцами and ростовцами. Also has given Mstislav Vladimir's banner половчанину, a name of Kunuj, and has given it infantrymen, and has put it on the right wing. And Kunuj, having got infantrymen, has developed Vladimir's banner, and увидал Oleg Vladimir's banner, and was frightened, and the horror has attacked it and on its soldiers. Both parties also have gone to fight, and Oleg against Mstislava has gone, and Yaroslav has gone against Vyacheslav. Мстислав has passed through a big fire with новгородцами, and have descended from horses новгородцы, and соступились on the river K'olokshe, and was сеча strong, and began to overcome Mstislav. Oleg that Vladimir's banner has moved Also has seen, and began to come into back to it, and, having been frightened, Oleg ran, and has overcome Mstislav. Oleg has come running to Murom and has shut Yaroslav in Murom, and itself has gone to Ryazan. Мстислав has come to Murom, and has created the world with муромцами, and took the people, ростовцев and суздальцев, and has gone to Ryazan for Oleg. Oleg has run out from Ryazan, and Mstislav, having come, has made the peace with рязанцами and took the people who were ground by Oleg. Also has sent to Oleg, speaking: "do not escape anywhere, but have gone to the brotherhood with мольбою not to deprive of you Russian earth. And I will send to the father to ask for you". Oleg so Also promised to make. Мстислав, having come back to Suzdal, has gone therefrom to Novgorod, in the city, on prayers of Saint bishop Nikita. It was on an outcome 6604 years, индикта 4th half.

In a year 6605 (1097). Svjatopolk, both Vladimir, and Davyd Igorevich, both Vasilko Rostislavich, and Davyd Svjatoslavich have come, and the brother its Oleg, and have gathered for council in Ljubeche for a world establishment, and spoke each other: "What for it is ruined Russian earth, among themselves arranging conflicts? And half-sheep bear our earth розно and are glad that between us there are soldiers. Yes henceforth we will unite uniform heart and we will observe Russian earth, and let everyone owns отчиной the: Святополк - Kiev, Izjaslavovoj отчиной, Vladimir - Vsevolodovoj, Davyd and Oleg and Yaroslav - Svjatoslavovoj, and those to whom Vsevolod роздал cities: Давыду - Vladimir, to Rostislaviches: Володарю - Peremyshl, to the Cornflower - Terebovl". And on that kissed a cross: "If henceforth who on whom goes, against that there will be all of us and a cross fair". Have told all: "Yes there will be against that a cross fair and all earth Russian". And, having said goodbye, have gone back home.

Also with Davydom Svjatopolk have come to Kiev, and people everything were glad, but only the devil has been afflicted by their love. The Satan also has got into heart some мужам, and they began to slander Davydu Igorevichu that "Vladimir has incorporated to the Cornflower on Svjatopolka and on you". Давыд, having believed false words, has started to slander to it on the Cornflower: "Who has killed the brother of your Jaropolka, and now злоумышляет against me and you and has incorporated to Vladimir? Take care of the head". Святополк strongly was confused and has told: "the Truth it or lie, I do not know". Svjatopolk Davydu Also has told: "If the truth you speak, God to you the witness; if with envy you speak, God to you the judge". Святополк has regretted the brother and about itself began to think: and well as the truth all it? Both has believed Davydu, and has deceived Davyd Svjatopolka, and they have started to think of the Cornflower, and Vasilko of it did not know, and Vladimir too. Also began Davyd to speak:" If we will not seize the Cornflower neither you not to reign in Kiev, nor me in Vladimir ". Its Svjatopolk Also has obeyed. Vasilko Also has come on November, 4th, and was transported on Vydobech, and has gone to bow to sacred Michael in a monastery, and had supper here, and the transport has put on Ruditse; when there has come evening, has returned to the transport. And for other morning has sent to it Svjatopolk, speaking:" do not go on behalf of mine ". Василько has refused, having told:" I can not hesitate, as though there was no war house ". Also has sent to it Davyd:" do not leave, the brother, do not disobey the brother of the senior ". Also has not wanted Vasilko to obey. Davyd Svjatopolku also has told: whether" you See - does not remember you, going under your hand. When will leave in the volost, itself you will see that will occupy all your cities - Rounds, Pinsk and other your cities. Then you will remember me. But call it now, seize and give to me ". Its Svjatopolk Also has obeyed, and has sent behind the Cornflower, speaking:" If you do not wish to remain to my name-day come now, you will greet me and we will sit all with Davydom ". Василько promised to come, without knowing about a deceit which has planned on it Davyd. Василько, sowing on a horse, has gone, and its its adolescent has met, and has told to it:" do not go, княже, wish you to seize ". Also has not listened to it, having thought:" As it me to seize? Just kissed a cross, speaking: if who on whom goes, on that there will be a cross and all of us ". And, having thought so, has crossed and has told:" the Will of Gospodnja yes will be ". Also has arrived with малою a team on a princely court yard, and there was to it Svjatopolk, and have gone to a log hut, both Davyd has come, and have sat down. Also began to tell Svjatopolk:" Remain for a holiday ". Vasilko Also has told:" I can not remain, the brother: I already and to a transport ordered to go forward ". Давыд sat as mute. Svjatopolk also has told:" Have breakfast though, the brother ". Also promised Vasilko to have breakfast. Svjatopolk also has told:" You sit here, and I will go I will dispose ". Also has gone out, and Davyd with the Cornflower sat. Also began Vasilko to speak with Davydom, and was not at Davyda a voice, hearing for it was filled with horror and the deceit had in heart. And, having sat a little, has asked Davyd:" Where the brother? ". They have told to it:" Costs on an outer entrance hall ". And, having risen, Davyd has told:" I will follow it, and you, the brother, sit ". And, having risen, has gone out. And as soon there was Davyd, have locked the Cornflower, - on November, 5th, - and have fettered its double fetters, and have put to it the guards for the night. For other morning Svjatopolk has called boyars and киевлян and has told to them that Davyd has told to it that" your brother has killed, and against you has incorporated to Vladimir and wishes you to kill and your cities to grasp ". Boyars and people Also have told:" To you, the prince, it is necessary to care of the head; if the truth Davyd has told, let will incur Vasilko punishment; if a lie Davyd let itself will accept revenge from God has told and answers before God ". Both abbots have learnt and began to ask for Vasilka Svjatopolka; Svjatopolk also answered them:" This all Davyd ". Having learnt about it, Davyd has started to instigate on blinding:" If you will not make it, and you will release it neither you not to reign, nor me ". Святополк wished to release it, but Davyd did not want, being careful of it. And in the same night have carried the Cornflower to Belgorod - a small city about Kiev, versts in ten; also have brought it in a cart chained, have landed from a cart and have moved in a log hut small. And, sitting there, has seen Vasilko торчина, sharpening a knife, and has understood that though it to blind, and has begun to yell to God with we cry great and with стенаньями. And here Dmitr have entered sent by Svjatopolkom and Davydom Snovid Izechevich, groom Svjatopolkov, and, groom Davidov, and have started to spread a carpet, and, разостлав, have seized the Cornflower, and wished it to tumble down; also struggled with it strong, and could not tumble down it. And here others have got, both have tumbled down it, and have connected it, and, having removed a board from the furnace, have put on a breast to it. Also have sat down on the parties of a board of Snovid Izechevich and Dmitr, and could not keep it. Also two others have approached, and have removed other board from the furnace, both have sat down, and have pressed down so strongly that the breast has cracked. торчин, by name of Berendy, овчарь Svjatopolkov also has started, holding a knife, and wished to strike to it in an eye, and, having missed гл'аза, cut to it the person, and that wound at the Cornflower until now is visible. And then has struck it in an eye, and исторг an eye, and then - in other eye, and has taken out other eye. Also there was it while dead. And, taking it on a carpet, have charged with it a cart as dead, have carried in Vladimir. And, when carried it, have stopped with it, having passed the Zvizhdensky bridge, on торговище, and have pulled down from it a shirt, all stained with blood, and distances попадье to wash. n, having washed, has put on it when those had dinner; also began to mourn over it попадья, as dead. Both has heard crying, and has told: "Where I?". Also have answered it: "In Zvizhdene a city". Also has asked waters, they have given to it, both has enjoyed waters, and its soul has returned to it, both has come round, and has felt a shirt, and has told:" What for have removed it from me? Is better in that shirt bloody death would accept and would appear in it before God ". The Same, having had dinner, have gone with it quickly on a cart on a rough way for was then month"rough"- грудень, that is November. And profits with it in Vladimir for the sixth day. There has arrived also Davyd with it, precisely certain улов having caught. Also have planted it in a court yard of Vakeeve, and have put to guard its thirty persons and two adolescents княжих, the Uhlan and Kolchka.

Vladimir, having heard that Vasilko has been seized and blinded, terrified, has begun to cry and has told: "did not happen in Russian earth neither at our grandfathers, nor at our fathers of such harm". And here has immediately sent to Davydu and Oleg Svjatoslavicham, speaking: "Go in Gorodets, yes it is reparable angrily, happened in Russian earth and among us, brothers, for a knife in us ввержен. And if it it is not reparable, still большее harm will rise among us, and the brother of the brother will start to pin up, and the earth Russian will be lost, and enemies our half-sheep, having come, take the earth Russian". Having heard it, Davyd and Oleg have strongly grieved and cried, saying that "it did not happen in our sort". And immediately, having collected soldiers, have come to Vladimir. Vladimir with soldiers stood then in a pine forest. Vladimir, both Davyd, and Oleg have sent the husbands to Svjatopolku, speaking:" What for you it have made harm in Russian earth and have cast a knife into us? What for has blinded the brother? If there was at you what charge against it would convict it before us, and, having proved its fault then would arrive with it so. And now declare its fault for which you have created with it such ". Svjatopolk Also has told:" Has told me Davyd Igorevich: "Vasilko of your brother has killed, Jaropolka, and you wishes to kill and grasp your volost, Rounds, both Pinsk, and Bereste, and Pogorinu, and kissed a cross with Vladimir what to sit down to Vladimir in Kiev, and to the Cornflower in Vladimir". And I necessarily need to protect the head. And not I have blinded it, but Davyd; it also has brought it to itself(himself) ". мужи Vladimirovy, both Davydovy, and Olegovy Also have told:" Do not plead, as if Davyd has blinded it. Not in Davydovom a city it is seized and blinded, but in your city it is taken and blinded ". And having told it, have dispersed. Next morning they were going to pass through Dnepr to Svjatopolka, Svjatopolk wished to run from Kiev, and have not allowed to it киевляне to run, but have sent widow Vsevolodovu and metropolitan Nikolu to Vladimir, speaking:" we Ask, княже, you and your brothers, do not ruin Russian earth. For if will begin war between itself, nasty begin to rejoice and take the earth our which your fathers and your grandfathers work great have collected and bravery, struggling for Russian earth and other earths seeking, and you wish to ruin the earth Russian ". Всеволодова the widow and the metropolitan have come to Vladimir, both asked him, and have told entreaty киевлян - to make the peace both to observe the earth Russian and to fight with the nasty. Having heard it, Vladimir has burst into tears and has told:" Truly our fathers and our grandfathers have observed the earth Russian, and we wish to ruin ". Vladimir Also has conceded to entreaty of the princess which esteemed as mother, memories for the sake of the father for he strongly loved the father and during lifetime and on death did not disobey it in what; therefore he listened to it as the mother and the metropolitan also honoured for a dignity святительский, has not disobeyed its entreaty.

Vladimir was full of love: it had love both to metropolitans, and to bishops, and to abbots, especially loved a monastic rank and nuns loved, coming to it fed and gave to drink, as mother of children. When saw whom noisy or in what shameful position, did not condemn that, but all concerned with love and all consoled. But we will return to the narration.

The princess, having visited at Vladimir, has returned to Kiev and has told all told Svjatopolku and киевлянам that the world will be. Also have started to send to each other husbands and have reconciled that Svjatopolku have told: "It is intrigues of Davyda so you go, Svjatopolk, on Davyda and either seize, or banish it". Святополк has agreed on it, and kissed a cross each other, having made the peace.

When Vasilko was in Vladimir, in before named place, and the Lent came nearer, and I was then in Vladimir, once for me prince Davyd at night has sent. Also has come to it; about it its team also sat, and, having planted me, has told to me: "Here said Vasilko this night to the Uhlan and Kolche, has told so:" I Hear that go Vladimir and Svjatopolk on Davyda; if Davyd has listened to me, I would send the husbands to Vladimir with the request to be turned back, for I know what to tell to it, - and it will not go further ". And here, Vasily, I send you, go to the Cornflower, your namesake, with these adolescents and say to it so:" If you wish to send the husbands and if Vladimir is turned back, I will give you any city, which to you люб, - either Vsevolozh, or Shepol, or Peremyshl "". I have gone to the Cornflower and have told it all speeches of Davyda. He has told:" I did not tell that, but I hope for God. I will send to Vladimir that did not spill for the sake of me blood. But that to me is marvellous that gives me the city, but my Terebovl - my possession and nowadays and in the future ", as has come true, for soon it has received the possession. To me has told:" Go to Davydu and tell to it: "Kulmeja Send to me, yes I will send it to Vladimir" ". Also has not listened to its Davyd, and has sent me again to tell to it:" There is no here Kulmeja ". To me Vasilko Also has told:" Sit a little ". Also has enjoined to go to the servant, and villages with me, and began me to speak:" Here I hear that wishes me to give out to Poles of Davyd; a little it was sated with my blood, - wishes to be sated even more, having given me to them. For I am much malicious have made to Poles and still wished to make and revenge for Russian earth. And if it gives out me to Poles, I am not afraid of death, but I will tell to you under the truth that God on me has sent it for my pride: the message that go to me берендеи, both печенеги, and торки has come to me, and I have told to myself: if at me will be берендеи, both печенеги, and торки I will tell to the brother to Volodarju and Davydu: give me a team younger, and drink and have fun. Also has thought: on the earth Polish I will go in winter and in the summer, and I will take hold землею of Polskoju, and I will revenge for Russian earth. And then wished to grasp Bulgarians Danube, and to plant them at itself. And then wished to ask for leave at Svjatopolka and at Vladimir to go on половцев - yes or glory to myself I will extract, or the head I will combine for Russian earth. Other thoughts in my heart was not neither on Svjatopolka, nor on Davyda. And here, I swear God and its coming that I did not plan it is malicious the brotherhood in what. But for my arrogance God has deposed me and has restrained ".

Then, with Easter arrival, Davyd has gone, going to grasp volost Vasilkovu; its Volodar, brother Vasilkov, at Bozheska also has met. Davyd Also has not dared to go against Vasilkova of brother Volodarja, and was shut in Bozheske, and Volodar has besieged it in a city. Also began Volodar to speak: "Why, having created harm, you do not repent of it? Recollect, how many harm has done". Давыд began to accuse Svjatopolka, speaking: "Unless I have made it, unless in we wash it was a city? I was afraid, that also me have not seized and have not arrived with me as. Necessarily it was necessary to me to stick to plot and to obey". Volodar Also has told:" God the witness to that, and now release my brother, and I will create with you the world ". And, having been delighted, has sent Davyd behind the Cornflower, and, having resulted it, has given out Volodarju, both the peace has been made, and have dispersed. And villages Vasilko in Terebovle, and Davyd has come in Vladimir. And when the spring has come, Volodar and Vasilko on Davyda have come and have approached to Vsevolozhju, and Davyd was shut in Vladimir. There were they about Vsevolozhja, and have taken a city by storm, and have kindled its fire, and people from fire have run. Vasilko иссечь all of them also has enjoined, and has created a revenge over people not guilty, and has shed blood the innocent. Then have come to Vladimir, and Davyd in Vladimir was shut, and those have surrounded a city. Also have sent to владимирцам, speaking:" We have not come on your city, on you, but on the enemies, on the Tourist's yak, both on Lazarja, and on Vasilja for they have instigated Davyda, and they were listened by Davyd and has created this villainy. And if wish to fight for them we are ready, or give out our enemies ". Townspeople, having heard it, have called veche, and Davydu people have told:" Give out these husbands, we will not fight because of them, and for you we can fight. Otherwise we will open city gate, and you take care of myself ". And necessarily it was necessary to give out them. Davyd also has told:" There are no they here "; for it has sent them to Lutsk. When they have gone to Lutsk, the Tourist's yak ran to Kiev, and Lazar and Vasil were turned back in Turijsk. People Also have heard that those in Turijske, have cluck people on Davyda and have told:" Give out, whom from you want! Otherwise we will surrender ". Давыд, having sent, has resulted Vasilja and Lazarja both has given out them. Also have made the peace on Sunday. And for other morning, at a dawn, have hung up Vasilja and Lazarja, and have shot their arrows of Vasilkovichi, and have gone from a city. This second vengeance was created by him of which not followed create, that God was only the avenger, and it was necessary to assign the vengeance as the prophet has told to God:" Also I will render revenge to enemies and hating me I will render, for for blood of the sons God revenges and renders vengeance to enemies and hating it ". When those have left a city, have removed their bodies and погребли.

Святополк, обещав to banish Davyda, has gone to Berestju to Poles. Having heard about it, Davyd has gone to Poland to Vladislav, searching for the help. Poles promised to it to help and took from it gold of 50 grivnas, having told to it: "Go with us to Berestju for calls us Svjatopolk on council, and there we will reconcile you with Svjatopolkom". And, having listened to them, Davyd has gone to Berestju with Vladislav. Also there was Svjatopolk in a city, and Poles on Bug, and Svjatopolk with Poles began to exchange words, and has given gifts great for Davyda. Vladislav Davydu Also has told:" Will not listen to me Svjatopolk, go back ". Davyd in Vladimir, and Svjatopolk Also has gone, having consulted to Poles, has gone to Pinsk, having sent for soldiers. Also has come in Dorogobuzh, and has waited there the soldiers, and has gone on Davyda to a city, and Davyd was shut in a city, hoping for the help from Poles for have told to it that" if Russian princes we to you will be assistants "will come on you; also have lain to it, taking gold both from Davyda and at Svjatopolka. Святополк has besieged a city, and there was Svjatopolk about a city of 7 weeks; also began Davyd to ask:" Start up me from a city ". Святополк promised to it, and they kissed a cross each other, and there was Davyd a city, and has come in Cherven; and Svjatopolk has entered in Vladimir into a Holy Saturday, and Davyd ran to Poland.

Святополк, having banished Davyda, became умышлять on Volodarja and the Cornflower, saying that "it is volost of my father and the brother"; also has gone on them. Having heard it, Volodar and Vasilko have gone against it, taking a cross which he kissed it that "on Davyda I have come, and with you I wish to have the world and love". Also has broken Svjatopolk a cross, hoping for set of the soldiers. Also there were in the field on Rozhni, исполчились both parties, and Vasilko has lifted a cross, having told: "you kissed It, you here have at first taken away sight from my eyes, and now wish to take I smother mine. Yes there will be between us this cross!". Also have moved against each other to fight, and regiments have converged, and many people благоверные saw a cross highly lifted over Cornflower-blue soldiers. During great battle when many fell from both armies, Svjatopolk, having seen, what fierce fight goes, has run and has come running in Vladimir. Володарь and Vasilko, having won, remained to stand there and then, speaking:" It is necessary to us to become on the boundary ", and have not gone anywhere. Святополк has come running in Vladimir, and with it two his sons, and Jaropolchicha two, and the Hypocrite, son Davyda Svjatoslavicha, and an other team. Святополк has planted in Vladimir the son of Mstislava who was at it from the concubine, and Yaroslav has sent to Hungary, inviting Hungarians to Volodarja, and itself has gone to Kiev. Yaroslav, son Svjatopolka, has come with Hungarians, both king Koloman, and two bishops, and steels about Peremyshlja on Vagru, and was shut by Volodar in a city. For Davyd has at that time returned from Poland and has planted the wife at Volodarja, and itself has gone to the Half-Ovetsky earth. Also has met its Bonjak, both Davyd was turned back, and have gone on Hungarians. When they went, have stopped on a lodging for the night; and when there has come midnight, there was Bonjak, has driven off from soldiers and began to howl on-wolf, and the wolf has answered we howl on howl it, and the set of wolves has raised a howl. Боняк, having returned, has told Davydu that" the victory at us will be over Hungarians tomorrow ". And next morning Bonjak исполчил the soldiers, also was at Davyda of soldiers 100, and at most 300; also has divided them into 3 regiments and has gone on Hungarians. Also has let Altunopu to attack with 50 people, and Davyda has put under a banner, and the soldiers has divided on two parts, on 50 persons on each party. Hungarians were constructed in some numbers for was their 100 thousand. Алтунопа, подскакав to the first row and having started up arrows, ran from Hungarians, Hungarians have pursued it. On the run they have flashed by Bonjaka, and Bonjak has pursued them, cutting them from back, and Altunopa has come back back, and have not passed Hungarians back and so, in set beating them, have brought down them in a ball. Боняк has divided the into three regiments, and have brought down Hungarians in a ball as the falcon forces down daws. Hungarians also have run, and many have sunk in the Hook, and others in the Dignity. They also ran along the Dignity on mountain, both got rid each other, and two days pursued them, cutting them. Have there and then killed also the bishop of their Kupana and from boyars of many, said after all that was lost their 40 thousand.

Yaroslav ran to Poland and Davyd has come in Bereste, and, having grasped Sutejsk and Cherven, has come suddenly and has grasped владимирцев, and Mstislav was shut in a city with засадою from берестьян, пинчан, выгошевцев. Also there was Davyd, having surrounded a city, and did frequent attacks. Once have risen to a city under towers, the same fought from city walls, and there was a shooting between them, and arrows, as a rain flied. Мстислав, going to shoot, it was suddenly wounded under a bosom an arrow, standing on wall visors, in a chink between boards, and have reduced it downwards, and in the same night has died. Also hid it three days, and for the fourth day have told on veche. People also have told: "Here, the prince is killed; and if we will surrender, Svjatopolk will ruin all of us". Also have sent to Svjatopolku, speaking:" Here, your son is killed, and we are exhausted from hunger. If you will not come, people wish to surrender, cannot endure hunger ". Святополк has sent Putjatu, воеводу the. Путята with soldiers has come to Lutsk to the Hypocrite, son Davidov, and there were мужи Davydovy at the Hypocrite for Puritan Davydu has sworn:" If Svjatopolk I will tell to you "goes on you. That the Puritan Also has not created, but has seized husbands of Davydovyh, and itself has gone on Davyda. Also have come the Hypocrite and Putjata, August in 5th day, at midday when soldiers surrounded with Davydovy a city, and Davyd slept; also have attacked them, and have started to cut. And townspeople have jumped out of a city and too began to cut soldiers of Davydovyh, and Davyd and Mstislav, its nephew have run. The hypocrite and Putjata took a city and have planted посадника Svjatopolkova Vasilja. The Puritan Also has come to Lutsk, and Putjata to Kiev. Давыд has run in the Half-Ovetsky earth, and has met its Bonjak. Davyd and Bonjak on the Hypocrite to Lutsk Also have gone, and have besieged the Hypocrite in a city, both have created the world. Also there was a Puritan a city, and has come to the father to Chernigov. And Davyd has grasped Lutsk and therefrom has come in Vladimir, посадник Vasil has run out, and Davyd were grasped by Vladimir and villages in it. And for the second year Svjatopolk, Vladimir, Davyd and Oleg have allured Davyda Igorevicha and have not given it Vladimir, but have given it Dorogobuzh where he and has died. And Svjatopolk were intercepted to itself by Vladimir and has planted in it the son the Yaroslav.

In a year 6606 (1098). Davyd have come Vladimir, both, and Oleg on Svjatopolka, and steels at Gorodtsa, and have created the world as I have told already under previous year.

In a year 6607 (1099). There was Svjatopolk on Davyda to Vladimir and has banished Davyda to Poland. The same year Hungarians at Peremyshlja have been beaten. In the same year Mstislav, son Svjatopolkov, in Vladimir, month of June in 12th day is killed.

In a year 6608 (1100). There was Mstislav from Davyda on the sea, month of June in 10th day. In the same year brothers have created the world between themselves, Svjatopolk, Vladimir, Davyd, Oleg in Uvetichah, month of August in 10th day. The same month in 30th day in the same place all brothers - Svjatopolk, Vladimir, Davyd have gathered for council, Oleg, - and has come to them Igorevich Davyd, and has told it: "What for have called me? Here I. At whom on me insult?". Vladimir also has answered it: "You have sent to us:" I Want, brothers to come to you and to complain of the insults ". Here you also have come and sit with the brothers on one carpet - why do not complain? On whom from us at you the complaint?" . Davyd of anything also did not answer. Also there were brothers on horses; also there was Svjatopolk with the team, and Davyd and Oleg everyone with своею separately. And Davyd Igorevich sat aside, and they have not admitted it to themselves, but especially conferred about Davyde. And, having settled, Davyd and Oleg Torchina have sent to Davydu of the husbands, Svjatopolk Putjatu, Vladimir Orogostja and Ratibora. Sent have come to Davydu and have told to it: "So brothers speak to you:" we do not wish to give you a table Vladimir for you have cast a knife into us that did not happen in Russian earth. And we will not seize you also any harm to you we will not make, but here that we give to you - go and sit down in the Bozhsky jail, and Duben and Chartoryjsk gives you Svjatopolk, and Vladimir gives you 200 grivnas, and Davyd with Oleg 200 grivnas "". And then have sent the ambassadors to Volodarju and the Cornflower:" Take the brother of the Cornflower to itself, and there will be to you one volost, Peremyshl. And if that to you любо sit there both if is not present release the Cornflower here, we support it here. And our lackeys give out and смердов ". Also have not obeyed it neither Volodar, nor Vasilko. And villages Davyd in Bozhske, and then has given Svjatopolk Davydu Dorogobuzh where he and has died, and a city Vladimir has given to the son the Yaroslav.

In a year 6609 (1101). Vseslav, the Polotsk prince, month of April in 14th day, at 9 o'clock in the afternoon, on Wednesday has passed away. In the same year Yaroslav Jaropolchich in Bereste has lifted war, and Svjatopolk has gone on it, and has found it in a city, both has seized it, and has chained, and has resulted it to Kiev. For it the metropolitan and abbots also asked, both have begged Svjatopolka, and have made it swear at sacred Boris and Gleb's coffin, and have removed from it fetters, and have started up it. All brothers have the same year gathered for Zolotche: Святополк, Vladimir, both Davyd, and Oleg, Yaroslav, their brother. Also have sent half-sheep of ambassadors from all princes to all brothers, asking the world. It Russian princes also have told: "If look for peace, we will gather at Sakova". Also have sent for half-sheep, and have gathered for council at Sakova, and have created the world with half-sheep, and have exchanged hostages, month of September in 15th day, and have dispersed every which way.

In a year 6610 (1102). Yaroslav Jaropolchich from Kiev, month of October in 1st day has run out. The same month on an outcome Yaroslav Svjatopolchich Yaroslav Jaropolchicha has deceived, has seized it on Nure and has led to its father Svjatopolku, and have fettered it. The same year, month of December in 20th day, Mstislav has come, Vladimir's son, with новгородцами for Svjatopolk with Vladimir had the contract that to Novgorod to be beyond Svjatopolkom and to plant there the son, and to Vladimir to plant the son in Vladimir. Mstislav also has come to Kiev, and have sat down to confer in a log hut, and have told мужи Vladimirovy: "Vladimir Here has sent the son, and here sit новгородцы, let take your son and go to Novgorod, and Mstislav let goes in Vladimir". Also have told новгородцы Svjatopolku: "Here we, княже, are sent to you, and have told to us so:" We do not want neither Svjatopolka, nor its son. If two heads your son send it has; and it has given us Vsevolod, have raised to itself the prince, and you have left from us "". And Svjatopolk argued with them much, but they have not wanted and, taking Mstislava, have come to Novgorod. In the same year was знаменье in the sky, month of January in 29th day, and there were three days, there was precisely a glow of a fire from the east, both the south, and the West, and the north, and there was such light all night long, as from the full shone moon. In the same year was знаменье in the moon, month of February in 5th day. The same month in 7th day was знаменье in the sun: the sun was fenced with three arches, and there were other arches, ridges one to another. And, seeing these signs, благоверные people with lamentation prayed to God and with tears that God has turned these signs to good: signs after all happen one to harm, others to good. The next year God has enclosed thought kind to Russian princes: Have conceived to dare on половцев, to go to their earth, as have made, as we will tell after, under next year. The same year Yaroslav Jaropolchich, month of August in 11th day has passed away. In the same year have led daughter Svjatopolka Sbyslavu to Poland for Boleslav, month of November in 16th day.

In a year 6611 (1103). God in heart to princes Russian, to Svjatopolku and Vladimir has enclosed, and have gathered for council in Dolobske. And villages Svjatopolk with дружиною своею, and Vladimir with своею in one tent. The team of Svjatopolkova also began to confer and to say that "it is not necessary nowadays, in the spring, to go, we will ruin смердов and their arable land". Vladimir Also has told: "it is marvellous to me, a team that for horses feel sorry, with which plough; and why will not think what here will start to plough смерд and, having arrived, половчанин will shoot it стрелою, and the horse will take away it, and to its village having arrived, takes its wife, both its children, and all its property? To you it is a pity to a horse, whether and most it is a pity?". And nothing the team of Svjatopolka could answer. Svjatopolk Also has told: "Here I am ready already". Both there was Svjatopolk, and Vladimir has told to it: "It you, the brother, will create great good to the earth Russian". Also have sent to Oleg and Davydu, speaking:" Go on половцев, yes we will be or are live, or are dead ". Also has listened to Davyd, and Oleg has not wanted that, having told the reason:"is unhealthy". Vladimir, having said goodbye to the brother, Svjatopolk behind it, both Davyd Svjatoslavich, and Davyd Vseslavich, and Mstislav, Igorev the grandson, Vyacheslav Jaropolchich, Jaropolk Vladimirovich has gone to Pereyaslavl, and. Also have gone on horses and in castles, and steels in thresholds at island Xортицы have come below thresholds, and. Also have sat down on horses, and infantrymen, leaving castles, there were a field 4 days and have come on Suten. Half-sheep, having heard that goes русь, have gathered in uncountable set both began to confer. Urusoba also has told:" we Will ask the world at руси as they will strong fight with us for it is much malicious we have created to Russian earth ". Urusobe young Also have told:" You are afraid руси, but we are not afraid. Having interrupted these, we will go to their earth and we will take hold of their cities and who will relieve them of us?" . Russian princes and soldiers all prayed to God and vows gave to God and its mother, who кутьею, who милостынею poor, others donations in monasteries. And when they so prayed, half-sheep have come and have sent before itself in стор'ожах Altunopu who was famous at them for courage. As also Russian princes have sent стор'ожей the. Russian watchmen Altunopu also have trapped, and, having surrounded it, have killed Altunopu and those who was with it, and any has not escaped, but all have interrupted. Regiments as wood, and not to throw them also have gone was a look, and русь has gone against them. And great God has enclosed horror great in половцев, and the fear has attacked them and trembling in the face of Russian soldiers, and have frozen, and their horses did not have a speed in feet. Ours with fun on horses and the pedestrian have gone to them. Half-sheep, having seen, as Russian have directed on them, without having reached, have run before Russian regiments. We have pursued, cutting them. In day God on April, 4th has made great rescue, and on our enemies has given us a victory great. Also have killed here in fight of 20 princes: Урусобу, Kchija, Arslanapu, Kitanopu, Cumana, Asupa, the Jacket, Chenegrepu, and their other princes, and Beldjuzja have grasped Surbarja. After that brothers have sat down to confer, having won the enemies, and Beldjuzja of Svjatopolku have led, and began Beldjuz to offer for itself gold, both silver, and horses, and cattle, Svjatopolk has sent it to Vladimir. And when it has come, its Vladimir has started to ask: "Know, it is an<нарушенная> oath has grasped you! For how many time, having sworn, you all the same were at war Russian earth? Why you did not learn the sons and the sort not to break an oath, but shed blood the Christian? Yes there will be your blood on your head!" / also has enjoined to kill him and so have split him into parts. And then brothers everything have gathered, and Vladimir has told:" Here day which was granted by the Lord, возрадуемся and возвеселимся this day for God has relieved us of our enemies, and has subdued our enemies, and "has broken heads snake and has transferred property to their people to"Russian". For took then cattle, both sheep, and horses, and camels, and вежи with extraction and with servants, and have grasped печенегов and торков with вежами. Also have returned to Russia with half-this great, both with славою, and with победою великою. The locust, August in 1st day has the same year come. The same month in 18th day Svjatopolk has gone and has cut down the city of Jurev which was burnt by half-sheep. Yaroslav with мордвою, month of March in 4th day the same year fought, and Yaroslav has been won.

In a year 6612 (1104). Have led daughter Volodarevu for tsarevitch Alekseevicha, to Tsargrad, month of July in 20th day. Have the same year led Preglory, daughter Svjatopolka, to Hungary for the king's son, August in 21st day. Metropolitan Nikifor to Russia, month of December in 6th day has the same year come. The same month in 13th day Vyacheslav Jaropolchich has passed away. In the same month, in 18th day, Nikifor the metropolitan is planted on a table. We will tell also it: on an outcome of the same year has sent Svjatopolk Putjatu to Minsk, and Vladimir - the son of Jaropolka, and Oleg itself has gone on Gleb, taking Davyda Vseslavicha; and, having achieved nothing, have come back. At Svjatopolka the son also was born, and have named a name to it Brjachislav. In the same year was знаменье: there was a sun in a circle, and in the middle of a circle a cross, and in the middle of a cross the sun, and out of a circle on either side of two sun, and over the sun out of a circle an arch, horns on the north; Same знаменье was and in the moon, the same kind, month of February in 4th, 5th and 6th day, in the afternoon three days, and at night, in the moon, three nights.

In a year 6613 (1105). The metropolitan bishop Amfilohija in Vladimir, month of August in 27th day has put. Has the same year put Lazarja in Pereyaslavl, November in 12th day. Has the same year put the Mine in Polotsk, December in 13th day.

In a year 6614 (1106). Half-sheep about Zarecheska were at war, and has sent on them Svjatopolk Janja and Ivan Zaharicha, козарина, both have banished половцев, and is full have taken away. In the same year Jan has passed away, the aged man kind, having lived ninety years, in an old age venerable; veins under the law of Bozhiju, was not worse than the first righteous persons. From it and I many stories heard, which have written down in летописанье it, from it having heard. There was it the husband of the blessings, both is mild, and is quiet, avoiding any harm; its coffin is in the Pechersky monastery, in притворе, its body, put month of June in 24th day there lies. In the same year постриглась Evpraksija, Vsevolodova the daughter, month of December in 6th day. In the same year Zbignev has come running to Svjatopolku. In the same year постригся Svjatoslav, son Davidov, grandson Svjatoslavov, month of February in 17th day. In the same year has won зимигола Vseslavichej, all brothers, and a team them has interrupted 9 thousand.

In a year 6615 (1107), индикта, a circle of the moon 4th year, and a solar circle 8th year. The same year wife Vladimirova of month of May in 7th day has passed away. In the same month Bonjak was at war and has grasped horses at Pereyaslavl. Bonjak, both Sharukan old, and other princes many and steels about Lubna have the same year come. Святополк, both Vladimir, and Oleg, Svjatoslav, Mstislav, Vyacheslav, Jaropolk have gone on половцев to Lubnu, and in the sixth o'clock in the afternoon have waded through Sulu, and have cluck on them. Half-sheep were terrified, with fear could not to put also a banner and ran, having seized horses, and others ran the pedestrian. We began to cut, driving them, and others hands to suffice, and drove nearly to Horola. Have killed the Basin, Bonjakova of the brother, and Sugra have grasped also its brother, and Sharukan has hardly escaped. Half-sheep and the transport which took Russian soldiers of month of August in 12th day have left, and Russian back home with a victory great have returned. Святополк has come to the Pechersky monastery on matins on Uspene of the sacred Virgin, and the brotherhood welcomed it with pleasure великою, saying that our enemies have been won by prayers of the sacred Virgin and sacred our father Feodosiya. Svjatopolk had such usage: when took the field or somewhere at first having bowed to a coffin Feodosievu and a prayer taking from the abbot Pechersky, only then already went to the way. In the same year the princess, mother Svjatopolka, month of January in 4th day has passed away. The same year, in the same month, Vladimir, both Davyd has gone, and Oleg to Aepe and to other Aepe both have created the world. Also took Vladimir for Jury Aepinu the daughter, Osenevu the grand daughter, and Oleg took for son Aepinu the daughter, Girgenevu the grand daughter, month of January in 12th day. And February of 5th the earth before a dawn shivered at night.

In a year 6616 (1108). Sacred Michael's church, Zlatoverhaja, by Svjatopolkom the prince, has been put on July, 11th. Also have finished трапезницу the Pechersky monastery at Feoktiste the abbot who and has put it on Gleb's command on its donations. In the same year water was great in Dnepr, both in Desna, and in Pripyat. God in heart of Feoktistu, to the abbot Pechersky has the same year enclosed, and began to speak to prince Svjatopolku that has entered Feodosiya in синодик. And that, having been delighted, promised and has executed, has enjoined to enter to the metropolitan it in синодик. Also has enjoined to enter it on all епископиям, and all bishops with pleasure have entered, and has enjoined to remember it on all cathedrals. In the same year Ekaterina, daughter Vsevoloda, month of July in 11th day has passed away. In the same year have terminated top of the sacred Virgin on Klove put by Stefanom, the abbot Pechersky.

In a year 6617 (1109). Evpraksija, daughter Vsevoloda, month of July in 10th day has passed away, and has been put in the Pechersky monastery at doors, which to the south. Also have made over it божницу, there, where its body lies. In the same year of month of December in 2nd day Dmitr Ivorovich has grasped вежи половецкие at Don.

In a year 6618 (1110). On spring Davyd went on половцев Svjatopolk, both Vladimir, and. And, having reached Voinja, were turned back. In the same year was знаменье in the Pechersky monastery in 11th day of February: the pillar fiery from the earth to the sky was, and the lightning has shined all earth, and in the sky has thundered at the first o'clock in the morning, and all people saw it. The same pillar at first became over трапезницей stone so it was not visible a cross, and, having stood a little, has passed to church, and became over a coffin of Feodosievym, and has then passed to church top, as though to the east the person, and became then invisible. But that was not the fiery pillar, and the phenomenon angelic: for the angel so is - sometimes a pillar fiery, sometimes a flame. As David has told:" Turning the angels in spirits and the servants into fire scorching ", sends their command Divine where the Lord and the Creator of all wants. Angel comes there where there are good places and houses of worship, and here only hardly shows the kind that it was possible for people to see it; for people cannot see a nature angelic, as well as Moisej great could not see an angelic nature: for drove in its afternoon a pillar cloudy, and at night a pillar fiery, but it not the pillar drove them, but the angel went before them at night and in the afternoon. And it predicted some phenomenon to which should be and which has come true for the second year, whether for this angel was the leader on иноплеменников and супостатов as it is told:" Angela to you precedes ", and still:" Angela you yes will be with you ".

Sacred Michael's abbot Silvestr has written this book, летописец, hoping from God favour to receive, at prince Vladimir when it reigned in Kiev, and I at that time игуменствовал at sacred Michael in 6624 (1116), индикта in 9th year. And who reads these books - pray for me.


As prophet David speaks: "to the Angela заповедал to keep you". As writes also wise Epifany:" The angel is put to any creature; the angel is put to clouds, and fogs, both by snow, and by hailstones, and to a frost, an angel to sounds and a thunder, the angel of winter and heat, both autumn, and spring, and summer, an angel to any animated creature on the earth, and a secret chasm, and that who is hidden underground and are proceeded in an underworld to darkness, and all who in chasms, and in the ancient time chasms were over the earth from what occur darkness, evening and night, both light, and day ". тварям angels are put To all; also the angel is put to each country that stored each country, even if it and pagan. If the Divine anger addresses on any country and God повелит to that angel to go war on that country the angel of that country will not oppose повеленью to Bozhiju. And so and now was, and God has guided at us, a sin of ours for the sake of, pagans иноплеменников, and they won us on command of Bozhiju: for there were they водимы an angel, on command of Bozhiju. If who tells that is not present at a nasty angel, let knows that Alexander the Great, having been up in arms against Darija and having moved on it to a campaign and having won the earth all from the east and to the West, has beaten the earth Egyptian, both has killed Aram, and has come on islands sea, then has turned to Jerusalem to take it and to win Jews because they were in the world with Dariem. It Also has gone with all soldiers, both has settled down a camp, and had a rest. Both night has come, and lay on the bed among a tent, has opened eyes and has seen the husband who is above it, and a sword bared in its hand, and the kind of its sword was precisely a lightning. He also has threatened the sword on a head цареву. And the tsar has come to great horror and has told: "do not kill me". To it the angel Also has told: "God Has sent me to result under your power of tsars great and set of people, and I go ahead of you, helping you. And now know that you will die, because has planned to enter into Jerusalem, harm to cause иереям to Bozhiim and its people". The tsar Also has told:" I ask you, about My God, release nowadays a sin this slave to Yours. If it is not necessary for you, I will come back home ". The angel Also has told:" be not afraid, continue the way to Jerusalem, and you will see here in Jerusalem the husband in my shape, and immediately fall face downwards in bow to the ground before that husband, and everything that he will tell to you, execute. Do not disobey its orders. And that day that you will disobey it, you will die ". Both there was a tsar, and has gone to Jerusalem and, having come there, has asked Jews: whether" To go to me on Darija? ". They Also have shown it Daniel's books of the prophet, and have told to it:" You a goat, and it a ram, both will ruin you, and will take its kingdom ". And so, whether the angel drove Alexander, whether pagans have won also all еллины kumiro-attendants? And these pagans попущены on us on our sins. Yes it will be conducted that at Christians not one angel, but is so much, how many they were christened, and especially everyone благоверного the prince has an angel; but they cannot oppose to Bozhiju to command, but ask God diligently for Christian people. So it also was: prayers of the sacred Virgin and sacred angels God has taken pity and has sent angels for the aid to Russian princes against pagans. As God Moiseju has told:" It is my angel will precede you ". As we have told above, знаменье it was February in 11th day on an outcome of this eighteenth year.

In a year 6619 (1111). God to Vladimir has enclosed thought in heart to force the brother of its Svjatopolka to go on pagans весною. Святополк has told to the team Vladimir's speech. The team has told: "Not time now to ruin смердов, having torn off them from an arable land". Also has sent Svjatopolk to Vladimir, speaking: "To us followed gather and think of that with a team". Messengers have come to Vladimir and have transferred words of Svjatopolka. Both Vladimir has come, and have gathered for Dolobske. Also have sat down to think in one tent of Svjatopolk with своею дружиною, and Vladimir with своею. And after silence Vladimir has told: "the Brother, you is more senior me, tell the first, as though to us to take care of Russian earth". Svjatopolk Also has told: "the Brother, you begin". Vladimir Also has told:" As I can speak, and against me your team begins to speak and washing that he wishes to ruin смердов and an arable land смердов. But that to me is surprising, the brother that смердов feel sorry also for their horses, instead of will think that here will start смерд this to plough on that horse in the spring, and half-sheepskins, having arrived, will strike смерда an arrow and will take away that horse both its wife, and a barn it will set fire. Of it why will not think? ". All team also has told:" Indeed, truly so it also is ". Svjatopolk Also has told:" Now, the brother, I is ready (to go on половцев) with you ". Also have sent to Davydu Svjatoslavichu, ordering to act to it with them. Also have risen from the places Vladimir and Svjatopolk both have said goodbye, and Davyd with the son have gone on половцев Svjatopolk with the son the Yaroslav, and Vladimir with sons, and. Also have gone, having assigned hope of God and on пречистую its Mater, and to its sacred angels. Also have acted in a campaign on the second Sunday of the Lent, and on Friday were on Sule. On Saturday they have reached Horola, and here sledge have abandoned. And on that Sunday have gone, when a cross kiss. Have come on Psel, and therefrom have passed also steels to Golte. Here have waited for soldiers, and therefrom have moved on the Vorskla and there the next day, on Wednesday, a cross kissed, and have assigned all hope of a cross, spilling plentiful tears. And therefrom have passed through many rivers in the sixth week of a post. Also have passed to Don on Tuesday. Also have put on in the reservation, both have constructed regiments, and have gone to the city of Sharukanju. And prince Vladimir, едучи before an army, has ordered to priests to sing тропари, and кондаки a cross fair, and a canon of the sacred Virgin. They also have gone to a city in the evening, and on Sunday there were townspeople a city to princes Russian with bow, and fishes and wine have taken out. Also have overslept there night. And the next day, on Wednesday, have gone to Sugrovu and have set fire to it, and on Thursday have gone to Don; on Friday, the next day, half-sheep on March, 24th have gathered, have constructed the regiments and have gone to fight. Our princes have assigned the hope of God and have told:" Here to us death, yes we become firmly ". Also said goodbye with each other and, having turned eyes to the sky, called God вышнего. And when both parties have converged and there was a fight severe. God вышний has turned the look on иноплеменников with anger, and they began to fall before Christians. And so have been won иноплеменники, and the set of enemies, ours супостатов, before Russian princes and soldiers on a stream of Degeja has fallen. God Also has helped Russian princes. They also have praised God that day. And next morning, on Saturday, celebrated Lazarevo Sunday, Blagoveshchenja day, and, having praised God, spent Saturday, and Sundays have waited. On Monday of the Holy Week again иноплеменники have collected many set of the regiments and have acted, precisely great wood, thousand thousand. Also have imposed regiments Russian. The Lord of an angel for the aid to Russian princes also has sent. половецкие regiments and regiments Russian also have moved, and have battled a regiment to a regiment, and, precisely thunder, was distributed a crash of the battled numbers. And fight fierce was fastened between them, and people from both parties fell. Also began to come Vladimir with the regiments and Davyd, and, seeing it, half-sheep to flight were put. Half-sheep before a regiment of Vladimirovym also fell, is invisible killed by an angel that many people saw, and heads flied on the earth, is invisible chopped off. Also have beaten them on Monday passionate month of March 27. It has been beaten иноплеменников many set on the river Salnitse. God of the people, Svjatopolk, both Vladimir Also has rescued, and Davyd have glorified God who has given to them a victory such over pagans, and took полона much, both cattle, and horses, both sheep, and captives have much grasped hands. Also have asked captives, speaking: "As it you such force and such set could not resist and so have quickly left?". They answered, speaking: "As we can fight with you when any others went over you in air with the brilliant and terrible weapon and helped you?" . It only also can be the angels sent from God to help to Christians. It after all the angel has enclosed in heart to Vladimir Monomahu thought to lift the brotherhood, Russian princes, on иноплеменников. It after all as we have told above, vision saw in the Pechersky monastery as if there was a pillar fiery over трапезницей, then has passed to church and therefrom to Gorodtsu, and there there was Vladimir in Radosyni. Here then the angel to Vladimir has enclosed intention to go to a campaign, and Vladimir has started to induce princes as already spoke.

That should praise angels as John Zlatoust has told: for they eternally ask the Creator to be mercy and mild to people - For angels, I speak, our defenders when we are at war with forces opposite to us, and the chief it archangel Michael. For with a devil for the sake of Moiseyev's body struggled, on the prince Persian took up arms freedom for the sake of the human. Command of Bozhiim all live having divided and delivering elders to the people, to the same Persians has allowed to disdain (foreman), Michael to the cut off people has enjoined to keep, their borders (has enjoined) смежить (and to fasten) anger, not on sinful fury, but by the blissful certain not uttered word, and this forced Jews to work on Persians, the same tried to release them and diligently uplifted a prayer to God, speaking: "My God, the Almighty, how long you will not pardon Jerusalem and cities иудовых, of them you do not care 70 summer?" . Daniel is similar to it (Michael) - which air person that a lightning, and its eyes that candles, and muscles and its shins shining, precisely copper, and its voice, precisely voice of set of the people also. This all has averted a donkey and has created Valaam inactive, ruling over this sign to help Jesus Navinu against enemies. From them 100 and 80 thousand Syrians in one night has interrupted, and the dream of barbarians has transformed into death; same has transferred prophet Avvakuma by air that that fed Daniel, among lions found, - such people will always win enemies. Godlike Rafail is same also: having cut off at one fish fat, frenzied отроковицу has cured, and has made so that the blind aged man has seen the sun. Whether great honours those who our life protect are worthy? Not only keepers to the people it has been enjoined to be angels as it has been told:" When divided Supreme languages when disseminated sons Adam's, it has defined habitats of the people on number of angels of Bozhiih, but also each believing person managed an angel. For when отроковица began to speak, and before doors there was apostle Peter who has avoided and the Tyrant, - to its words have not believed: it not отроковица, and its angel ". The Lord testifies also it, speaking:" See, do not neglect also uniform from small these; for I say to you that their angels see the person of the Father my, staying on heavens ". Still and in each church the Christ has put the keeper of an angel as it opens to John, speaking:" Tell to an angel who is in church Izmurensky: "Saw your poverty and grief, but you are rich..." ". Is well known to angels loving us, as to prayer books for us before Vladykoju. For they office spirits, as well as the apostle speaks:" Sent on service to those who wishes to receive rescue ". It they defenders and assistants, as well as now you have heard about Daniel as it enters archangel Michael to Persians into an hour of anger (Божия) for the sake of our clearing. For (Michael) forced people to work on Persians as it has been told, he is (Daniel) tried to release the captured. Michael also overcomes the enemy for Jews, having passed Euphrates, since then again have conceived settled way of life and have constructed both a city, and church. As well great Epifany spoke:" the angel is put To each people "; and the Writing after all spoke to Daniel:" Angela and the master еллинам has appointed also Michael the master to Jews "; speaks:" Also establish residences (people) on number of angels ".

And here besides, as Ippolit speaks, interpreting Daniel: "In the third year of reign of Kira of the tsar I, Daniel, cried three weeks; by the end of the first month has reconciled, after 21 day asked God, asking it to reveal secret. And the Father, having heard my entreaty, has told, that can be with them and that has come true on the great river; it was good, that God was there where wished to release sins. And I, having lifted the eyes, has seen: here the husband dressed in all red; at first sight precisely Gabriel an angel when flies; here not so, but saw the Lord, saw not the present person, but only an image human as it is told:" And here the husband dressed in all motley, and its hip препоясаны by pure gold, and its body, precisely topaz, and the person at it, precisely lightning, and eyes at it, precisely candles fiery, both muscles and shoulders are similar to copper pure, and its voice, is a lot of precisely people ". I Also have fallen down to the ground, and here took me precisely the hand human, and has forced me to the knees, and has told to me:" Be not afraid, Daniel. You know, that for the sake of I has come to you? War I wish to begin with the prince Persian, but I will tell to you that is written in the Writing true, and there is nobody who would argue with me, except Michael of your prince; for I have left it here, and from that day as I have directed to pray to your God, he has heard your prayer and I am released on abuse with the prince Persian; some considered that it is not necessary to release people that your prayer was soon executed: both opposed to it, and has left Michael your prince ". Who such Michael, if not an angel put to people?". As well as Moiseju are told (God): "I will not go with you to a campaign because people жестоковыйные, but my angel will go with you".

And so and now, with the Divine help, on prayers of the Virgin and sacred angels, Russian princes back home with glory великою, carried to all people, and on all distant countries, that is to Greeks, Hungarians, Poles and Czechs have come back, even Rome was reached by it, wonderfully well to God, always nowadays and eternally and for ever and ever, аминь.

In the same year widow Vsevolodova, October in 7 day has died, and has been put at sacred Andrey in a monastery. The same summer John, the bishop Chernigov, November 23 has died.

In a year 6620 (1112). Индикта 5. Yaroslav, son Svjatopolka, went on ятвягов and has won them; and, возвратясь from war, has sent to Novgorod, and has taken to itself in marriage daughter Mstislavovu, grand daughter Vladimirovu, May 12, and has been resulted June 29. Efimiju Vladimirovnu to Hungary for the king have the same year moved. Davyd Igorevich of month of May 25 has the same year died and its body 29 in church of the sacred Virgin Vlahernsky on Klove is buried. Janka has the same year died, daughter Vsevoloda, Vladimir's sister, November 3 and have been buried in sacred Andrey's church which was created by its father; there after all it and постриглась, in that church, in girlhood.

On an outcome of this year have put Feoktista the bishop to Chernigov, the abbot Pechersky, month of January 12, and it is planted on a table on January, 19th. Also prince Davyd and the princess for there was it to it the father spiritual were glad to it, both boyars, and all people rejoiced; for before it there was a bishop of the patient, could not serve and has lain in illness of years 25; to that the prince and people waited for episcopal service and now rejoiced, glorifying God. As it was and with the brotherhood which has remained without the abbot: has gathered then all brotherhood and named to itself the abbot of Prochorus of the priest, and has announced it to the metropolitan and prince Svjatopolku. The prince Also has enjoined to put to the metropolitan it with pleasure the abbot. Also it has been put on buttered week on Thursday, February 9. And so the brotherhood with the abbot has entered a post.

In a year 6621 (1113). Was знаменье on the sun at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It was visible to all people: remains from the sun a little, like as month downwards horns, March in 19 day, and the moon - in 29. It happen знаменья not to good; happen знаменья to the sun either with луною, or with stars not on all earth but if in what country will be знаменье, that it and sees, and another does not see. And so and in the ancient time, in days Antiohovy, were signs in Jerusalem, people, рыщущие on horses up in arms began to be there in air, and threatened the weapon, and it was in Jerusalem only, and in other earths there was no that. As were in the sun знаменье has presaged Svjatopolkovu death. After that знаменья Easter holiday has come, and celebrated it; and after a holiday the prince has ached. And prince Michael whom called Svjatopolkom, month of April in 16 day beyond Vyshgorodom has died благоверный, have brought it in a castle to Kiev, and have resulted its body in an appropriate kind, and have assigned to sledge. Also boyars and its team all cried on it; having read the burial service over it over relying songs, have buried in sacred Michael's church which he has constructed. The princess its (wife) has generously divided its riches on monasteries, both priests, and poor so people for such generous alms nobody can create marvelled. After that for the tenth day have arranged киевляне council, have sent to Vladimir (Monomove), speaking: "Go, the prince, on a table paternal and grandfathers". Having heard it, Vladimir cried much and has not gone (to Kiev), горюя after the brother. Киевляне have plundered a court yard of Putjaty тысяцкого, have attacked Jews, have plundered their property. Also have sent again киевляне to Vladimir, speaking: "Go, the prince, to Kiev; if you will not go, know that it is much malicious will occur, it not only Putjatin a court yard or сотских, but also Jews пограбят, and still will attack your daughter-in-law, both on boyars, and on monasteries, and you will hold the answer, the prince if will plunder also monasteries". Having heard it, Vladimir has gone to Kiev.

The beginning княженья Vladimir, son Vsevolodova. Vladimir Monomah has sat down in Kiev on Sunday. Met its metropolitan Nifont with bishops and with all киевлянами with honour great. It has sat down on a table of the father both the grandfathers, and all people were glad, and mutiny has ceased. When have heard half-sheep about death of Svjatopolka, they have gathered and have come to Vyru. Vladimir, having collected the sons and nephews, has gone to Vyru and has incorporated to Oleg, half-sheep ran.

(Vladimir) has the same year planted the son of Svjatoslava in Pereyaslavl, and Vyacheslav in Smolensk. In the same year has died игуменья Lazareva of a monastery, a sacred life, September 14, having lived sixty years in чернечестве, and all from a birth ninety two. The same year Vladimir in marriage for the son of the Novel daughter Volodarja of September 11 took. The same year Mstislav has put church stone sacred Nikoly on княжом a court yard, at Torgovishcha in Novgorod. (Vladimir) has the same year planted the son of Jaropolka in Pereyaslavl. Have the same year put bishop Daniel in Jurev, and in Belgorod Nikita.

In a year 6622 (1114). Svjatoslav has died, Vladimir's son, March 16 and has been buried in Pereyaslavl in sacred Michael's church; there after all the father has given it a table, having deduced it from Smolensk. In the same year Mstislav has put (city) in Novgorod more than the former. In the same year Ladoga from a stone on an embankment by Pavel посадником has been put, at prince Mstislave. When I have come to Ladoga, have told to me ладожане that "here when there is a cloud great, children find our eyes glass, both small and large, проверченные, and others beside Volkhov collect, which are splashed out by water". These I took more than hundred, all various. When I marvelled to it, they have told to me:" It it is no wonder; many are live still old which went for Jugru and for Samojad and saw in northern countries as the cloud will go down, and fibers will drop out of that cloud very young as if just born, and, having grown, disperse by the ground, and another time there is other cloud, and of it drop out оленьцы small and, having grown, disperse by the ground ". To it I have a witness посадник Pavel Ladoga, and all ладожане. If who to it does not believe, let esteems the Chronograph." In reign of Prova, during a rain from a cloud great wheat, with водою многою mixed, got, which, having collected, fell asleep in granaries big. As at Avrelii silver grains have fallen (to the earth), and in Africa three stones have fallen enormous ". Both after a flood and after division of languages" Ieremija, then Feosta "which and Svarogom named Egyptians has started to reign at first Mestrom, from a sort of the Boor, after it." In reign of this Feosta in Egypt pincers from the sky have fallen, and people have started to forge the weapon, and before палицами and stones fought. Same Feosta has published the law about that women married one man and conducted воздержный a way of life and who will run in прелюбодеяние, those has enjoined to execute. Therefore have nicknamed its god Svarog "." Before women converged with whom wanted, precisely cattle. When the woman gave birth to the child, it gave to its volume who to it was люб: "This your child", and that suited a holiday, and took to itself the child. Феоста this custom has destroyed and has decided to one man one wife to have and the wife for one husband to leave; if who breaks this law, yes will cast it into the furnace fiery "." That for the sake of have nicknamed its Svarogom, and its Egyptians honoured. And after it its son, by name of the Sun which name Dazhd-god, 7470 days that makes twenty lunar years and a half reigned. Egyptians were not able after all to consider differently: one on the moon considered, and others (...) In the days years considered; twelve months have learnt number then when people have started a tribute to give to tsars. The sun the tsar, son Svarogov, that is Dazhd-god, was the strong husband; having heard from someone about not which rich and notable Egyptian and about a certain person, восхотевшем to converge with it, searched for it, wishing to grasp it (on a scene of crime) and without wishing the father to break the law, Svaroga. Taking with itself husbands of the several, knowing an hour in which it прелюбодействует, at night for lack of the husband has overtaken it лежащею with another мужчиною which itself has chosen. It has seized it, has subjected to torture and has sent to drive it by the ground Egyptian on a shame, and that fornicator has decapitated. Pure life on all earth Egyptian also has come, and all eulogised it ". But we will not continue the story, but we will tell together with Davydom:" Everything that has wished, the Lord in the sky and on the earth, in the sea, in all chasms, подымая has created clouds from ends of the earth ". It also was last earth about which we have told in the beginning.

In a year 6623 (1115), индикта 8, brothers, Russian princes, Vladimir named the Monomove, son Vsevolodov have gathered, both Davyd Svjatoslavich and Oleg, its brother, and have decided to transfer Boris and Gleb's hallows for have constructed it church stone, in a praise both in honour and for burial of their bodies. At first they have consecrated church stone May 1, on Saturday; then to 2nd day have transferred the sacred. Also was сошествие great the people, сшедшегося from everywhere: metropolitan Nikifor with all bishops - with Feoktistom Chernigov, with Lazarem переяславским, with priest Nikitoju белогородским and with Daniloju юрьевским - and with abbots - from the Promansion печерским and sacred Michael's Silvestrom - and Sava sacred Spasa, and Grigory of sacred Andrey, Peter кловский and other abbots. Also have consecrated church stone. And, having read the burial service over it over a mass, had dinner at Oleg both drank, and the entertainment great has been exposed, and have fed beggars and wanderers within three days. And here next day the metropolitan, bishops, abbots, having dressed in святительские copes and возжегши candles, with censers fragrant, have come to cancers sacred and took to a cancer to Borisov, and have put it on carried, and princes and boyars have dragged them for cords; ahead there were чернецы with candles, behind them priests, both abbots, and bishops before самою ракою, and princes went with ракою between portable fencings. Also it was impossible to carry because of set of the people: have broken a portable fencing, and others have got on city walls and scaffolds so it was terrible to look at such set of the people. Vladimir the cut pieces паволоки also has enjoined, the squirrel skins to scatter to the people, and in other places to throw silver coins to the people strongly leaning; also have easily brought to a cancer in church, but have hardly put to a cancer in the middle of church, and have followed Gleb. In the same way and it have brought and have put near to the brother. Also there was a quarrel between Vladimir, on the one hand, both Davydom and Oleg, to another: Vladimir wished to put cancers in the middle of church and a tower silver to put over them, and Davyd and Oleg wished to put them under the arch, "where my father has planned", on the right party where the arches have been arranged by it. The metropolitan and bishops also have told:" Cast lots, and anywhere will be to martyrs, there them and we will put ", and princes have agreed. Vladimir also has put the lot, and Davyd and Oleg the lot on a sacred meal; also the lot of Davyda and Oleg was took out. Also have put them under that arch, on the right party where and now lie. Sacred martyrs, on May, 2nd, from wooden church in stone in Vyshgorode have been brought. Glory they of our princes and defenders of the earth Russian for they have trampled on glory of the world of it, and have loved the Christ, in the footsteps of it have dared to go. Sheep Christ's kind, they did not oppose, when attracted them on sacrifice, have not evaded from a violent death! To That and with the Christ were established in eternal pleasure and healing gift have accepted from Spasa our Jesus Christ, plentifully submitting this healing by the patient, with верою coming to their sacred temple, advocates of the fatherland. Princes, both boyars, and all people celebrated three days, and have rendered to God and sacred martyrs. And then have parted everyone back home. Vladimir has fettered cancers silver and gold and has decorated their coffins as well the arches has fettered silver and gold, and people worship to them, being sorry sins.

In the same year there was a sign: the sun was lost and became as a month about which ignoramuses speak - объеденное the sun. In the same year Oleg Svjatoslavich, month of August in the first day has died, and in the second has been buried at sacred Spasa. At a coffin of the father of Svjatoslava. The same year (Vladimir) has constructed the bridge through Dnepr.

In a year 6624 (1116). Vladimir a campaign on Gleb (Всеславича) went, Gleb after all was at war with дреговичами, Sluchesk пожег, both did not repent of it and did not express humility, but contradicted Vladimir even more, reproaching it. Vladimir, hoping for God and on the truth, Olgovichami has gone to Minsk with сьновьями the, and with Davydom Svjatoslavichem, and. Vyacheslav Orshu and Kopysu Also took, and Davyd with Jaropolkom took Drjutsk on a board, and Vladimir itself has gone to Smolensk; also Gleb in a city was shut. Vladimir has started to put a log hut in the parking against a city. Gleb, having seen it, was horrified and began to send to Vladimir ambassadors with entreaties. Vladimir has regretted to shed blood in days of the Lent and has reconciled with it. Gleb, leaving a city with children and with дружиною, has bowed to Vladimir, and have agreed with it about the world, and Gleb in all was promised to obey Vladimir. Vladimir, having given the world to Gleb and having given it manual about everything, has given it Minsk, and itself has come back to Kiev. Ярополк has constructed the wooden city of Zheldi for дрючан which he has taken prisoner. The same year Mstislav Vladimirovich went on Chud with новгородцами and псковичами, and took a city чудской by name of the Bear Head, and country churchyards uncountable set took, and have come back home with the big extraction. The same year Leon a tsarevitch, Vladimir's son-in-law, on Alexey of the tsar went, and the Danube cities have surrendered to it some; and in Derestre a city cunning have killed its two сарацина, sent by the tsar, month of August 15. In the same year the prince great Vladimir has sent Ivan Vojtishicha, and that посажал посадников across Danube. In the same year Vladimir has sent the son of Jaropolka, and Davyd of the son of Vsevoloda to Don, and took they three cities: Сугров, Sharukan and Balin. Then Jaropolk took to itself the wife very beautiful - the captured daughter ясского the prince. The same year and the Preglory, the nun, daughter Svjatoslava has died. The same year Vyacheslav to Danube with Fomoju Ratiborichem went and, having come to Derestru, were not in time in what, have returned back. In the same year there was a fight (at Vladimir) with half-sheep, both with торками, and with печенегами at Don, and two days and two nights fought, and have come to Russia to Vladimir торки and печенеги. In the same year Roman Vseslavich has died. In the same year Mstislav, grandson Igorev has died. The same year Vladimir has given out the daughter Agafju for Vsevolodka.

In a year 6625 (1117). Vladimir Mstislava from Novgorod has resulted, and the father has given it Belgorod, and in Novgorod of villages Mstislavich, its son, Vladimir's grandson. Vladimir on Yaroslav to a city to Vladimir, with Davydom and Olgovichami, and Volodarem, and the Cornflower the same year went, and they have surrounded it in Vladimir, and there were days sixty, and have made the peace with Yaroslav. When Yaroslav has obeyed and has struck a forehead to the uncle the Vladimir, Vladimir has instructed it about everything, having enjoined to come it to it, "when you I will call". And so have peacefully dispersed всяк back home. Then half-sheep to Bulgarians came, and the prince Bulgarian has sent them drink with отравою, and, having drunk, Aepa and other princes половецкие all have died. Lazar, the bishop переяславский, September 6 has the same year died. Have the same year come беловежцы to Russia. In the same year Vladimir for Andrey grand daughter Tugorkanovu took. In the same year the earth of September 26 shivered. Vladimir has the same year deduced Gleb from Minsk, and church has put on Lte to the martyr. . Vladimir has sent the son of the Novel in Vladimir to reign. Tsar Alexey has the same year died, and the son its John was established.

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