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The NAME compare названье, наименованье, a word which call, the individual, the person mean. A subject name, названье; a name of an animal, a nickname; a name человпка. собствено a name, on the flatterer, angelic, God and рекло which in old time was not disclosed; a patronymic or вич; a prorank, patrimonial, a surname; a nickname given in a family or the people in an increase to the patrimonial. God, angelic it is given on Sacred, but other usual names are not present in Sacred: Богдан, Nektary, Rostislav, Rafail, Serafim, Boleslav. The soldier and so forth Reklo was given under the calendar, and a name on custom, quite often pagan. Names умалительные were in a great demand and in разн. знач., налр. As caress (Senja, Senjushko, Senjusha, Senjutka), зывали and the princes, persons. Galitsky (Vladimirko, Vasilko), or as a sign of fidelity, humility, mean before the boyar, and this before the prince, the tsar (Parsley, дедька. Митька), and priests in seven знач. Were written on purer (Ivanchishche, Stepanchishche); persons. Will belittle. The termination was found for children незакониых: Святослав has left in Vladimir, and with it two its sons from the concubine: Мстиславец and Jaroslavets. The princess has given birth to Jury to the son and нарече its Vsevolod (рекло), and in sacred крещенш Dmitry. Also Vladimir, and in a sacred christening Peter is named. Бабино a name (God) Efrosinja or pleasure, and прозванье (рекло) Smaragd. A nickname, a name additional of which it is quite often formed прозванье. A name of the person or a thing, allegorically, its quality, that is why its glory or popularity, advantage. It has got a name, it the person with a name. In грамматич. A part of speech meaning the subject, quality or its quantity. A noun (happens nominal and собственое), an adjective and the numeral. I after all not without a name a sheep. In the person the person itself does not recognise, and the name knows. Remember it by name, and it here. Well there and here, where by name call. The son was not born, and to it a distance name. Under another's ceiling will bring, and other name will give. If whom to deceive a name уезжего it will arrive the angry. Nominal, to a name относящ., поименный, names the containing; the personal. The nominal decree, повеленье, personally a sovereign the given. Nominal крап, именка, see апить. нареч. By name; precisely, originally, it is literally; | that is as behind this it is explained. Send to me of Ivan, instead of another whom. To you horses have been ordered. He told it, instead of other that. Send to me of supplies, namely: meat, groats, oil. To call, name; to name, call by name; to mean people or things by name, on названью. People call by name and прозванью, celebrate on a patronymic, call on a rank and a dignity. Do not call me wise. Заименовать things labels. To name, name. To call all in succession, to call a name. To rename, give other name. To call, nickname. - to be called, страдат. And возвр. Именовйнье compare названье (actions) е пазываю. щего); | названье, i.e. A name. Именователь m. -nitsa. именовщик,-shchitsa, calling whom that. Именовательный, the employee нменованьем. A name-day. мн. A name day, соименного to whom sacred. | a feast this day. A name-day of the highest persons calls тезоименитством. We feasted on a name-day of the brother. Именинный, to a name-day belonging, относящ. The birthday man of m.-nitsa. At Christians, чтущих memory sacred, each person, in day празднованья memory church соименного to it sacred or an angel. | the thief. твер., Etc. именинный a pie. Where birthday men ate? Именинщик,-shchitsa, the birthday man. Именинщина. собр. Birthday men.-nitsy, all, who, in known day the birthday man: a dialect. On day празднованья: Никольщина, ивановщина, варваровщина and so forth the Kind birthday man about three days илн three days. Without a pie, the birthday man under a table put. Who the birthday man, to that and the pie is not present! I the birthday man, yes to me and a pie was not present! On Kuprijana and Ustinju Kazan the birthday woman, a holiday of a capture of Kazan on October, 2nd. On Simona the earth Zilota the birthday woman: a sin to plough. Birthday men, - ницын, to it, it belonging; именинщичий, to it свойственый. Именинничать to feast, celebrate a name-day. Eminent, well-known, сановитый, notable; nice, excellent, with a name. Eminent people, it is old. The best citizens. The eminent citizen, on the policeman положенью Catherine II, the citizens of the first degree who have received scientific degrees, artists, capitalists, bankers and кораблехозяева. Именитость. состоянье and званье the eminent. Именитство compare a title, званье, honour именитости. I have come to yours именитства. The Nominative case, грамматич. The first case in граматическом the declination, a calling subject or a subject. Имярек, имрек about. By name, having named. In церк. Books and in mandative papers it specifies a word, where should insert someone's name. Именщик m.-shchitsa. Everyone bearing a name, in противность безыменщикам, as e.g. to the tramps who are not remembering relationship, concealing the name. Именословие, имесловие, the nomenclature, terminology, глоссология, the private dictionary of any science. Именословное благословенье, противоппл. двуперстное, with приложеньем the fourth finger to the big; a little finger знач. I, the fourth finger With, average and index Hr, the big union.

The dictionary of Dalja

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    SURNAME. Fr. немецк. A family, family; | a sort, a knee, поколенье, a tribe, blood, ancestors and posterity. It of an ancient, good surname, a noble family. | Prozvane, проименованье, a patrimonial name. | notions politeness the name of the spouse, the wife. I have not found, and saw their surname. Your surname? - The high visitor of the visitor has asked. In village remained, - the old man ingenuously answered, believing that enquire about its spouse. Family, to a surname, in разн. знач. относящ. Family teas, ordinary, simple; | On Kyakhta цибики happen under фирмою a bench or the owner, and in Kalgan under фирмою a merchant who has bought them; the first family, they it is better; the second trading. Familiar обращенье, friendly, family, запанибрата. Фамальярничать with whom to be rubbed, fraternize, imposed by friendship, to wish to be with whom without ceremony.

    The dictionary of Dalja

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