At Velikago of Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovicha Volodimirskago 9 сыновъ.
1. Prince Fedor; not became it it is young въ великомъ Novegorode.
2. The prince Great Aleksandr Neva, and in иноцехъ Alexey.
3. Prince Andrey Suzdalskoj.
4. Prince Konstjantin Galitsky.
5. Prince Afonasej.
(61 6. Prince Danilo.
7. Prince Mihajlo.
8. Prince Jaroslav Tver, a nickname to it Yaroslavl; on Velikom reigning on Volodimirskom былъ after Velikago of Prince Alexander Nevskago.
9. Prince Vasilej Kostroma.
And at Velikago of Prince Yaroslav Jaroslavicha Tverskago сынъ былъ одинъ the Prince Great Mihajlo Jaroslavich, was born after its death въ четыредесятый day; on великомъ reigning on Volodimirskom былъ and убитъ въ to the Horde.
And at Velikago of Prince Mihajly Jaroslavicha children:
The prince Great Dmitrej Terrible Eyes, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Aleksandr; and on великомъ reigning былъ; and both are killed въ to the Horde.
Yes Prince Konstjantin; отъ it have gone Dorogobuzhsky and Chernjatinsky.
Yes Prince Vasilej, бездетенъ; there was no it on Kashin.
And at Velikago of Prince Alexander Mihajlovicha 1 сынъ Prince Fedor, убитъ въ to the Horde съ отцемъ together
2. Всеволодъ; отъ it Holmsky Knjazi have gone.
3. The prince Great Mihajlo Aleksandrovich.
And at Velikago of Prince Mihajly Aleksandrovicha children:
1. The prince Great Ivan.
2. Prince Aleksandr.
3. Prince Boris.
(62 4. Prince Vasilej Kashinsky.
5. Prince Fedor; отъ it have gone Mikulinsky and Teljatevsky.
And at Velikago of Prince Ivan Mihajlovicha сынъ the Prince Great Aleksandr.
And at Velikago of Prince Alexander Ivanovicha children:
1. Prince Juri; on великомъ reigning on Tverskom былъ 4 weeks.
2. The prince Great Boris: its daughter was for Velikim Knjazem Ivanom Vasilevichem, всеа Russia.
And at Prince Jurja сынъ былъ Prince Ivan, and уделъ it былъ Zubtsov; and отъ that родъ not пошелъ. And at Velikago of Prince Boris Aleksandrovicha сынъ былъ Prince Mihajlo, подъ нимъ the Prince Great Ivan Vasilevich, всеа Russia, Tver взялъ въ summer 6994 (1486); and the Prince Great Mihajlo въ Lithuania ушолъ; and on that time Grand dukes Tver also were conducted.
And at 3 Reign Mihajlova of son Jaroslavicha at Prince Boris Mihajlovicha сынъ Prince Ivan; and былъ on Kashin, and отъ it родъ not пошелъ.
Великаго Prince Alexander Mihajlovicha Tverskago at 2 sons Vsevoloda children:
Prince Juri,
Yes Prince Ivan, бездетенъ.
(63) And at Prince Juri children Prince Dmitrej Holmsky.
And at Prince Dmitreja children:
1. Prince Mihajlo.
2. Prince Danilo.
3. Prince Vasilej, бездетенъ.
4. Prince Ivan.
At Prince Mihajla Dmitrievicha children:
Prince Vasilej,
Yes Prince Ivan, бездетенъ.
At Prince Vasilja Mihajlovicha сынъ Prince Danilo, бездетенъ.
And at 2 Reign Dmitriev of the son at the Prince Daniel children:
Prince Semen, бездетенъ,
Yes Prince Vasilej, бездетенъ; and was for нимъ daughter Velikago of Prince Ivanov.
And at 4 at Knjazh Dmitriev of the son at Prince Ivan сынъ Prince Ivan Porridge.
At Prince Ivan сынъ Prince Andrey.
And at Prince Andrey Ivanovicha сынъ Prince Petr.
Великаго Prince Mihajla Aleksandrovicha Tverskago at 5 sons at Prince Feodor children:
Prince Aleksandr,
Yes Prince Fedor, бездетенъ.
At Prince Alexander children:
Prince Boris Mikulinsky,
(64) Yes Prince Fedor Teljatevsky; отъ it have gone Teljatevsky.
And at Prince Boris сынъ Prince Andrey.
And at Prince Andrey children:
Prince Volodimir,
Yes Prince Jurja,
Yes Prince Vasilej, all are childless.
At Prince Feodor Aleksandrovicha Teljatevskago children:
1. Prince Mihajlo; былъ in Tver and on Moscow въ Bojarjah.
2. Prince Andrey.
3. Prince Juri.
4. Prince Vasilej, both are childless.
And at Prince Mihajla children:
Prince Ivan Big, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Ivan Menshoj.
And at Prince Ivan Menshago Vatutina children:
Prince Petr,
Yes Prince Dmitrej,
Yes Prince Vasilej.
And at Prince Peter Vatutina children:
Prince Andrey,
Yes Prince Ivan.
And at Prince Dmitreja children:
Prince Timothy,
Yes Prince Ivan,
(65) Yes Prince Fedor.
And at 2 Reign Fedorova of the son at Prince Andrey сынъ Prince Ivan Pujko.
And Knjazh Ivanovs children of Pujkovy:
Prince Semen; былъ at the Tsar and Velikago of the Prince въ Bojarjah.
Yes Prince Dmitrej, убитъ in a capture Kazan, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Ivan.
Великаго Prince Mihajla Jaroslavicha at 3 sons Prince Konstjantina had 2 sons:
Prince Semen, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Eremej Dorogobuzhsky.
At Prince Eremeja сынъ Prince Dmitrej.
At Prince Dmitreja children:
Prince Ivan,
Yes Prince Andrey.
At Prince Ivan Dmitrievicha сынъ Prince Semen Gernjatinsky; отъ it have gone Chernjatinsky.
And at Prince Andrey children:
Prince Juri, бездетенъ;
Yes Prince Ivan Miloslav,
Yes Prince Osip Dorogobuzhsky,
At Prince Osipa сынъ Prince Ivan Snowing slightly, убитъ подъ Kazan.
(66) At Prince Ivan Poroshi children:
Prince Ivan; казнилъ its Tsar and Grand duke Ivan Vasilevich.
Yes Prince Dmitrej, both are childless.
At Knjazh Ivanov of son Dmitrievicha Dorogobuzhskago at Prince Simeon Chernjatinskago children:
1. Prince Ivan, бездетенъ.
2. Prince Andrey.
3. Prince Aleksandr.
At Prince Andrey сынъ Prince Vasilej, служилъ to Prince Andrey Ivanovichu, былъ at it Bojarin.
And at Prince Vasilja children:
Prince Ivan Shah, бездетенъ,
Yes Prince Vasilej Ushatoj,
Yes Prince Nikita,
Yes Prince Ivan Sour, бездетенъ.
And at Prince Vasilja Ushatogo сынъ Prince Dmitrej, служилъ to Prince Volodimir Andreevichu.
And at 3 Reign Semenova of son Chernjatinskago at Prince Alexander сынъ Prince Andrey.
And at Prince Alexander Semenovicha at Reign Andreeva of brother Chernjatinskago сынъ былъ Prince Ivan, бездетенъ.
(67) And those вышеписанные childbirth all which have gone отъ Velikih of Princes of Tverskih, were stopped.

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