Князи Rezansky and Murom, and отъ Rezanskih and Pronsky; and have gone отъ Svjatoslavova Jaroslavicha Chernigovskago of grandson Velikago of Prince Volodimir.
And at Svjatoslava Jaroslavicha Chernigovskago children:
Yes Oleg,
Yes Jaroslav,
Yes Gleb,
Yes Boris,
Yes Roman; and those all Svjatoslava Chernigovskago children писаны въ Chernigovskih Knjazeh; and Rezansky and Murom have gone отъ Svjatoslavovazh of the son отъ the third отъ Yaroslav; and былъ Jaroslav on Chernigov, and after that былъ on Murom and on Rezani; and въ its Murom also did not become.
And at Yaroslav Svjatoslavicha children:
Yes Svjatoslav,
Yes Juri.
And there were Rostislav and Svjatoslav on Rezani.
And Jurja былъ on Murom; not became it it is childless.
And at Rostislava Jaroslavicha Rezanskago сынъ Gleb; сиделъ on Rezani.
And its children:
Романъ, бездетенъ,
(54) Yes Igor,
Yes Volodimir,
Yes Vsevolod,
Yes Svjatoslav,
And Roman, yes Igor, yes Volodimir on Rezani have sat down; and Vsevolod and Svjatoslav have sat down on Prone.
And at Svjatoslava Jaroslavicha at Rastislavlja of the brother сынъ Volodimir, былъ on Rezani, бездетенъ.
And Igorevy children of Glebovicha Rezanskago:
Yes Juri, бездетенъ.
And brother Igoreva Volodimirovy children of Glebovicha:
Глебъ, бездетенъ, which убилъ the brother of Izjaslava and 5 братаничевъ.
Yes Konstjantin,
Yes Oleg,
Yes Izjaslav; убилъ it братъ its Gleb.
And Ingvarevy children of Igorevicha:
Yes Juri,
Yes Oleg.
Романъ and Juri are childless, beaten отъ Tsar Batyja, and Olga of the brother меньшаго съ by themselves въ the Horde свелъ; and былъ въ to the Horde 14 летъ, and пришелъ again on the ancestral lands on Rezan.
And at Olga сынъ Roman; and cut its Tatarovja въ to the Horde on составомъ.
And at Romana Olgovicha сынъ Konstjantin; and былъ онъ поиманъ at Velikago of the Prince Yes (55) нила Aleksandrovicha Moskovskago, and былъ въ поиманье 4 years.
And after Velikago of Prince Danilovy of death казнилъ its Prince Great Juri Danilovich Moscow.
And at Konstjantina сынъ Jaroslav, сиделъ on Rezani.
And at Yaroslav сынъ Ivan, убиенъ въ to the Horde.
And at Prince Ivan Jaroslavicha сынъ Prince Ivan Korotopol.
And Prince Ivan Korotopol убилъ Prince Alexander Pronskago.
And at Prince Alexander сынъ Jaroslav; пришедъ тотъ Jaroslav съ Tatars къ Rezani of Prince Ivan Korotopola съ Rezani згонилъ, yes its that summer and убилъ.
And Prince Ivanov сынъ Korotopolov Oleg, which былъ советникъ to godless Mamaju, and Tahtamysha подводилъ, and after that ихъ помирилъ съ Velikim Knjazem Dmitriem съ Donskim Sergy Chudotvorets.
And the Prince Great Dimitrej, for Olgova son Bolshova, for Prince Feodor, далъ the daughter Sofia.
And another сынъ at Olga былъ Rodoslav, бездетенъ.
And at Prince Feodor Olgovicha сынъ the Prince Great Ivan.
And at Velikago of Prince Ivan Fedorovicha сынъ Vasilej, remained 8 летъ, and приказалъ it отецъ its Prince Great Ivan to Grand duke Vasilju to Vasilyevich, and взялъ its Prince Great Vasilej to Moscow, and on пре (56) ставлении Velikago of Prince Vasilja of Vasilyevich, сынъ its Prince Great Ivan Vasilevich, всеа Russii, далъ for Velikago Prince Vasilja Rezanskago sister the Anna.
And at Velikago of Prince Vasilja Ivanovicha Rezanskago children:
The prince Great Ivan,
Yes Prince Fedor Tretnoj.
And at Velikago of Prince Ivan сынъ the Prince Great Ivan; and былъ on Moscow поиманъ, and въ царевъ походъ Krimskago згибъ is unknown.
Rod Muromskih of Princes отъ Rezanskih of Princes.
At Svjatoslava Jaroslavicha at Rostislavlja of brother Rezanskago сынъ Prince Volodimir; and has passed away on Rezani.
And at Prince Volodimir сынъ Prince Juri.
And at Prince Jurja children:
Prince Volodimir, бездетенъ,
Yes Prince Davyd.
At Prince Davyda, сынъ Prince Juri.
And at Prince Juri сынъ Prince Jaroslav.
And at Yaroslav children:
Prince Juri,
Yes Prince Vasilej, бездетенъ.
And въ summer 6862 (1354) Prince Fedor Glebovich ходилъ къ to Murom on Prince Jurja Jaroslavicha, and Prince Jurja согна, and самъ сяде on Murom and пойдоста both въ the Horde.
And the Tsar дастъ Murom to Prince Feodor Glebovichu, and Prince Jurja емужъ выдалъ, and after that Muromskih of Princes родъ неведомъ.
(57 26.
Rod Pronskih of Princes отъ Rezanskih of Princes.
Въ summer 6694 (1186) Reign Glebovy children Rostislavicha Rezanskago have shared.
Prince Roman, yes Prince Igor, yes Prince Volodimir have sat down on Rezani.
And техъ родъ писанъ въ Rezanskih Knjazeh.
And Prince Vsevolod, yes Prince Svjatoslav have sat down on Prone.
And at Prince Vsevoloda Pronskago сынъ Kjur Mihajlo; and убилъ its Gleb Volodimirovich Rezansky.
And at Prince Svjatoslava Pronskago children:
Prince Mstislav,
Yes Prince Rostislav, both are childless; and побилъ ихъ the uncle ихъ Prince Gleb Rezansky.
And at Kjur Mihajla сынъ Prince Aleksandro Pronsky; убилъ its Prince Ivan Korotopol Rezansky.
And at Prince Alexander Pronskago сынъ Prince Jaroslav Pronsky; and on Rezani сиделъ.
And at Prince Yaroslav сынъ Prince Volodimir, and посаженъ былъ отъ Velikago of Prince Dmitreja Donskago on Rezani.
And Reign Volodimirov сынъ Prince Ivan Pronsky пришедъ съ Tatars подъ Knjazem Fedorom Olgovichem подъ зятемъ Velikago of Prince Dmitreja Donskago Rezan взялъ and селъ on великомъ reigning of Rezanskom, and on Prone, and помирилъ ихъ the Prince Great Vasilej Dmi (58) триевичь Moscow, and have sat down on своимъ княжениямъ. The prince Great Fedor Olgovich селъ on Rezani, and Prince Ivan Volodimirovich селъ on Prone.
And at Prince Ivan Volodimirovicha Pronskago children:
Prince Fedor,
Yes Prince Ivan Neljub,
Yes Prince Andrey Suhorukoj.
And at Prince Feodor Pronskago сынъ Prince Jurja.
And at Prince Jurja сынъ Prince Gleb.
And Prince Glebovy children Pronsky, Prince Semen, yes Prince Andrey, збежали въ Lithuania.
And at Prince Ivan Neljuba сынъ Prince Ivan.
And at Prince Ivan сынъ Prince Vasilej Neljub.
And at Prince Vasilja Neljuba сынъ Prince Ivan Shemjaka; and былъ at the Tsar and Velikago of the Prince въ Bojarjah.
And at Prince Ivan Shemjaki children:
Prince Juri; at the Tsar and Velikago of the Prince былъ въ Bojarjah.
Yes Prince Ivan, in иноцехъ the Ion, былъ at the Trinity въ чернцахъ.
Yes Prince Nikita; all 3 are childless.
And at Prince Andrey Suhoruka сынъ Prince Dmitrej.
And at Prince Dmitreja Andreevicha children:
1. Prince Juri.
(59 2. Prince Ivan; both were at Velikago of Prince Vasilja Ivanovicha, всеа Russia, въ Bojarjah.
And Prince Ivan взятъ on Orshinskom to fight въ Lithuania, and тамъ it also did not become.
3 Prince Fedor служилъ въ destiny at Prince Andrey Ivanovicha; былъ at it въ Bojarjah.
4 Prince Danilo; at the Tsar and Velikago of the Prince былъ въ Bojarjah.
And at Prince Jurja Dmitrievicha children:
Prince Fedor Fish,
Yes Prince Ivan the Blockhead, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Andrey Kuraka, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Dmitrej, бездетенъ.
And at Prince Feodor Rybina сынъ Prince Vasilej.
Yes on a list it is filled up.
At Prince Vasilja сынъ Prince Ivan.
And at Prince Ivan сынъ Prince Petr Ivanovich, былъ въ Bojarjah.
And at Prince Peter Ivanovicha children:
Prince Mihajlo Petrovich, бездетенъ,
Yes Prince Ivan Petrovich, бездетенъ; there were both въ Bojarjah.
And at 2 Reign Dmitriev of son Andrevicha at Prince Ivan Andreevicha children:
Prince Ivan Ivanovich Turuntaj; at the Tsar and Velikago of the Prince былъ въ Bojarjah.
Yes Prince Semen Sur, бездетенъ.
And at 3 Reign Dmitriev of son Andreevicha at Prince Feodor Dmitrievicha сынъ Prince Konstjantin.
(60) And at Prince Konstjantina children:
Prince Andrey,
Yes Prince Vasilej, both are childless,
Yes Prince Roman.
Yes on a list it is filled up.
At the Prince of the Novel сынъ Prince Vasilej,
At Prince Vasilja сынъ Prince Fedot, бездетенъ.
And at 4 Reign Dmitriev of son Andreevicha at Daniel Dmitrievicha's Prince children:
Prince Petr,
Yes Prince Andrey, бездетенъ.
Yes Prince Semen Danilovich, былъ въ Bojarjah.
Yes Prince Vasilej.
And Pronskih родъ was stopped.

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