Пришолъ изъ Smolensk Prince Aleksandr Vsevolod Glebovich.
And Prince Alexander had 3 sons:
1. Дмитрей.
2. Володимиръ.
3. Иванъ.
And Dmitrej, yes Volodimir were Voevody at Velikago of Prince Dmitreja on Don въ передовомъ to a regiment.
And Dmitreja had 2 sons:
Ivan Dmitreevich,
Yes Fedor Turik.
And at Ivan Dmitreevicha 2 sons:
Иванъ, бездетенъ,
Yes Semen.
And Ivan Ivanovicha had 4 daughters: the first for Knjazem Danilom Holmskim; another for Knjazem Ivanom for Bulgakom; the third for Semenom for Brjuhom; the fourth for Mnihom Rjapolovskim.
And at Simeon Ivanovicha children:
Ivan Bzdiha,
Yes Andrey Kutiha, бездетенъ.
And at Ivan Bzdihi сынъ былъ Semen, бездетенъ.
And at 2 Dmitreeva of son Aleksandrovicha, at Feodor at Turika children:
Федоръ, бездетенъ, убитъ on Beleve,
(44) Yes Nikita, бездетенъ; идучи изъ Hordes съ Velikim Knjazem on a way умеръ.
And daughter Turikova was for Knjazem Vasilem Obolenskim; and отъ Dmitreja Aleksandrovicha родъ not пошелъ.
And at Reign Aleksandrova of son Vsevoloda, and Dmitreeva меньшого the brother, at Ivan, children:
Иванъ Young,
Yes Vasilej Thick-lipped,
Yes Gleb Shukalovsky,
Yes Jurja Kisleevsky,
Yes Semen Rzhestvensky,
Yes Vasilej Zabolotsky.
And at Ivan Young children:
Yes Gavrilo,
Yes Dmitrej of the Boat.
And at the Lion children:
Yes Ostafej Tregub, былъ въ чернцахъ,
Yes Nikita,
Yes Vasilej.
And at Grigorja, Lvov son, сынъ Petr.
And at Peter сынъ Ivan, бездетенъ, постригся at the Trinity.
And at Gavrila Ivanovicha children:
Yes Mikula Ardent.
And at Ivan Gavrilova children:
Vasilej Brazhnik.
Семенъ the Paw,
Yes Ivan Kuvshin.
(45) And at Vasilja Brazhnika одинъ сынъ Timothy, бездетенъ.
And at Simeon Lapy children:
Yes Ivan, бездетенъ.
And at Ivan Kuvshina сынъ одинъ Petr.
And at Mikuly Ardent одинъ сынъ Ivan.
And at Ivan Mikulina children:
Иванъ, побежалъ въ Lithuania, тамъ also has got exhausted, бездетенъ.
Yes Andrey.
And at 3 sons Ivan Molodogo, at Dmitreja Boats children:
Володимиръ Bad,
Yes Ivan, бездетенъ,
Yes Aleksandr, бездетенъ,
Yes Ivan Kozlja.
And at Volodimir Bad сынъ Fedor of Bad Kiver.
And at Feodor, the Bad Shako, children:
Mitka Blagonoze,
Yes Gavrilo,
Yes Danilo,
Yes Nikita,
Yes Semen.
And at Gavrila сынъ Volodimir.
And at Daniel children:
Yes Ivan.
And at Nikita children:
Yes Petr.
And at Simeon children:
(46) Yes Ivan.
And at Ivan Kozljateva children:
Yes Stepan,
Yes Mitja.
And on a list of Zabolotskih this knee was stopped.
And at Vasilja Thick-lipped children:
Yes Nikita Trjasogolov.
And at Daniel children:
Yes Aleksandr.
And at Ivan Danilov одинъ сынъ Vasilej, a nickname of Usljum, бездетенъ.
And at Alexander children:
Иванъ, бездетенъ,
Yes Stepan.
And at Nikita Trjasogolova children:
Andrey Nemoj,
Yes Riga, бездетенъ, утонулъ въ Neglinne,
Yes Volodimir, a nickname Rigazh,
Yes Ivan,
Yes Andrey меньшой.
And at Andrey Mute big children:
Глебъ, бездетенъ,
Yes Vasilej,
Yes Dmitrej, бездетенъ.
And at Vasilja at Glebov of the brother children:
Yes Grigorej, are killed both in взятье Kazan.
And at Volodimir at Riga былъ одинъ сынъ Semen, бездетенъ.
(47) And at Ivan, Nikitin of son Trjasogolovago, children:
Yes Terentej,
Yes Timothy,
Yes Utakun.
And at Peter, Ivanov of the son, Trjasogolovago Zabolotsky одинъ сынъ Pouk, on an estate въ Opskove.
And at Terentja, Trjasogolovago Zabolotsky, children:
Yes Tihon, убитъ on судьбищскомъ business in the field,
Yes Fedor,
Yes Mihajlo,
And at 3 brothers at Timothy Zabolotsky сынъ Maksim.
And at 4 brothers Ushaka children:
Yes Fedor.
And at Andrey меньшого children:
Yes Volodimir,
Yes Ivan, бездетенъ.
And at Vasilja, Andreeva of the son меньшого, children:
Yes Danilo.
And at Volodimir children:
Yes Jurja,
Yes Olfer,
(48) Yes Aleksandr, въ Novegorode on an estate.
And on a list of Zabolotskih Vasilevo a knee Thick-lipped all was stopped.
And at 3 Ivanovs of son Aleksandrovicha, at Gleb Ushakolovskogo, children:
Yes Dmitrej the Cap,
Yes Mihajlo Chert,
Yes Danilo.
And at Volodimir Glebov children:
Dmitrej Shugor, бездетенъ,
Yes Mihajlo Shukul, бездетенъ.
And at Dmitreja at the Cap children:
Михайло the Cap,
Yes Bulgak, бездетенъ.
And at Mihajla at the Cap children:
Yes Vasilej, убитъ подъ Orsheju,
Yes Mihajlo,
Yes Fedor, бездетенъ, былъ въ чернцахъ Fegnost, at Prechistye on Goritsah.
And at Grigorja children:
Yes Ignatej, both are childless.
And at Mihajla at Line children:
Vasilej Chertenok,
Yes Ivan, бездетенъ.
And at Vasilja of the Imp children:
Yes Ivan, бездетенъ,
Yes Vasilej, бездетенъ,
Yes Ivan Moustached, бездетенъ, убитъ on Mow,
(49) Yes Fedor Tuchko, бездетенъ.
And at Feodor Chertenkova children:
Yes the Family, бездетенъ,
Yes Danilo.
And at Daniel, Glebov of the son Shukalovsky, одинъ сынъ Mihajlo Shukol, бездетенъ.
And on a list of Zabolotskih Glebovo a knee Shukalovsky all was stopped.
And at 4 sons Ivanov Aleksandrovicha, at Jurja at Kisleevsky, children:
Yes Ivan Men.
And at Simeon children:
Борисъ the Head, бездетенъ,
Yes Plemjannik,
Yes Zhihan,
Yes Languor,
Yes Pavel, бездетенъ, and a nickname to it White Volk; its Germans подъ have killed Ivanem городомъ.
And at Ivan at Mneva children:
Semen Veshnjuka,
Yes Nikifor, бездетенъ.
And on a list of Zabolotskih, Jurevo a knee Kisleevsky all was stopped.
And at 5 sons Ivanov, Aleksandrova of the son, at Simeon Rozhestvenskogo, children:
Василей, бездетенъ, убитъ on Beleve,
Yes Fedor Cherlenoj,
Yes Juri Blind, бездетенъ,
Yes Gavrilo of the Curve, бездетенъ,
Yes Mikula Mute,
(50) Yes Ivan Dark blue,
Yes Andrey Drovni.
And at Feodor Cherlenogo children:
Ivan Kostitsa,
Yes Petr Thin,
Yes Semen, бездетенъ,
Yes Vasilej Pomjas.
And at Vasilja сынъ Roman, бездетенъ.
And at Ivan Kostitsy сынъ Ivan.
And at Ivan сынъ Grigorej.
And at Peter at Thin children:
Yes Gurej, бездетенъ; былъ in Vladykah въ to Smolensk.
And at Ivan Petrov children:
Yes Nikifor.
And at Mikuly Mute children:
Василей Good,
Yes Meshok, both are childless.
And at Ivan at Dark blue children:
Михайло Strange,
Yes Grigorej Plotnik,
Yes Zamjatnja Rozhestvensky.
And at Mihajla сынъ Ivan.
And at Ivan сынъ Vasilej.
And at Grigorja children of Plotnikovy:
Yes Petr,
Yes Mjasoed.
Yes on a list of Zabolotskih it is filled up:
At Boris сынъ Ivan.
And at Ivan сынъ Nikita, бездетенъ.
(51) And at Zamjatni children:
Yes Andrey.
And at Andrey at the Wood sledge, at Semenova of the son Rozhestvensky, children:
Andrey, бездетенъ,
Yes Ivan.
And at Ivan Drovnina children:
Yes Boris.
And on a list of Zabolotskih отъ Simeon Rozhestvenskogo a knee all was stopped.
And at 6 Ivanovs of son Aleksandrovicha, at Vasilja Zabolotsky, children:
Nikita, убитъ on Belevskom to fight,
Yes Grigorej Zabolotsky.
And at Grigorja Zabolotsky children:
Yes Petr Loban, бездетенъ,
Yes Kostjantin.
And were at Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha въ Okolnichih,
Yes Sanchjuk, бездетенъ,
Yes Alexey, бездетенъ.
And at Ugrima сынъ Semen.
And at Simeon Ugrimova children:
Yes Danilo.
Served Prince Volodimir Andreevichu.
And at Ivan Ugrimova сынъ Vasilej.
(52) Yes on a list it is filled up:
At Vasilja, Ivanov of son Ugrimova, children:
Софонъ, a nickname Bogdan,
Yes Lev,
Yes Dorofej, a nickname of Ivan.
And at Bogdana сынъ Afonasej.
And at Afonasja сынъ Mihajlo, убитъ подъ Gluhovym.
And at Mihajla сынъ Ivan.
And at Ivan сынъ Onions.
And at the Lion сынъ Matvej, бездетенъ, its thieves have killed.
And at Dorofeja children:
Yes Alexey,
Yes Akim, both are childless.
And at Artemja children:
Onions, убитъ подъ Byhovym, бездетенъ,
Yes Mihajlo,
Yes Alexey, бездетенъ убитъ,
Yes Ivan, бездетенъ,
Yes Andrey,
Yes Petr,
Yes Marko, бездетенъ.
And at Mihajla, Artemyev of the son, сынъ Artemej.
And at Andrey children:
Yes Onions.
And at Kostjantina Zabolotsky children:
Семенъ; at the Tsar and Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha Bojarin,
Yes Volodimir,
(53) And at Simeon Kostjantinovicha children:
Володимиръ, побежалъ въ Lithuania,
Yes Azej.
And at Volodimir, at Semenova of brother Kostjantinovicha, сынъ Danilo, служилъ to Prince Volodimir Andreevichu.
And on a list of Zabolotskih Azeju a name Alexey.
Also it is filled up.
At Daniel сынъ Andrey.
And at Andrey сынъ Elizarej, бездетенъ.
And at Alexey сынъ Nikita.
And at Nikita сынъ Bogdan, бездетенъ, постриженъ въ Troitskom Belopesotskom a monastery, in иноцехъ Ignatej.

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