(14 180.
At Velikago of Prince Ivan Danilovicha былъ Bojarin Protasej, and въ Petrov life of the Miracle man написанъ.
At Protasja сынъ былъ одинъ Vasilej Protasevich.
At Vasilja 4 sons:
Vasilej Vasilevich, былъ Tysetsky,
Yes Fedor Voronets,
Yes Timothy Okolnichej,
Yes Jurja Grunka; отъ it Veljaminovy have gone.
And at Vasilja of Vasilyevich Tysetsky 3 sons:
1. Иванъ, велелъ ево the Prince Great to execute; въ to disgrace, ссекли to it a head on Kuchkove a field.
At Ivan сынъ Fedor.
At Feodor сынъ Mikula.
At Mikuly children:
Yes Krechet.
At Peter children:
Yes Ivan,
Yes Grigorej,
Yes Vasilej.
And отъ Ivan children of disgrace for въ своемъ (15) sort and въ the account did not stand.
And 2 сынъ at Vasilja of Vasilyevich of Tysetsky Mikula былъ своякъ to Grand duke Dmitreju; сыновъ at it was not, and there was one daughter for Ivanom Dmitreevichem for Vsevolozhskim.
And 3 сынъ at Vasilja Vasilevicha Poluekt; and сыновъ it not быложъ, and had one daughter Ofrosinja for Knjazem Petrom Dmitreevichem for Dmitrovskim.
And Vasileva of Vasilyevich to a sort only.
And at 2 Vasileva of son Protasevicha, at Feodor Vorontsa, сынъ одинъ Ivan.
At Ivan сынъ Nikita.
At Nikita 2 sons:
Yes Timothy, бездетенъ; застреленъ съ cities of Mozhaisk.
And at Ivan сынъ Semen; былъ at Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha Bojarin.
At Simeon children:
Михайло; былъ at the Tsar and Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha въ Bojarjah, Yes Dmitrej,
Yes Ivan Foka,
Yes Fedor Demid.
And there were Foka and Demid at the Tsar and Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha въ Bojarjah.
And Fedor Demid кажненъ.
And at Mihajla Semenovicha children:
Василей, бездетенъ,
Yes Jurja,
Yes Ivan.
(16) Were at the Tsar and Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha all 3 въ Bojarjah.
And Vasilej кажненъ.
And at Dmitreja at Vorontsova сынъ Ivan Chuha.
And at Feodor at Demida children:
Ivan Eugene,
Yes Vasilej Fedorovich; at the Tsar and Velikago of Prince Ivan Vasilevicha былъ въ Okolnichih.
And nowadays on росписямъ Vorontsovyh Veljaminovyh, Vasilja Tysetsky and Feodor Vorontsova колены were stopped.
At 3 Vasileva of son Protasevicha at Timothy сынъ былъ Semen, бездетенъ.
At 4 Vasileva of son Protasevicha at Jurja at Grunki одинъ сынъ Andrey.
And at Andrey сынъ Veljamin.
At Veljamina 2 sons:
Yes Alexey.
At Feodor Veljaminovicha 2 жъ the son:
Yes Ivan Aksak.
And Vasilevy children of Fedorovicha:
Ivan Shadra,
Yes Ivan Dry, бездетенъ,
Yes Ivan Obljaz Okolnichej,
Yes Kostjantin.
And Ivanovs children of Shadriny:
Василей; былъ at Prince Jurja Bojarin, бездетенъ,
Yes Afonasej, бездетенъ.
(17) And Obljazovy children:
Andrey, бездетенъ,
Yes Afonasej the Family, бездетенъ,
Yes Nikita.
And at Nikita Obljazova children:
Федоръ, бездетенъ,
Yes Ivan Humpbacked.
And at Kostjantina сынъ Vasilej Mute; былъ at Prince Jurja Ivanovicha Dvoretsky.
And at Vasilja Mute children:
Yes Vasilej,
Yes Ivan меньшой.
And on a list of VorontsovyhVeljaminovyh вышеписанные Ivan Humpbacked, and Vasilevy children Mute, two Ivanazh, were childless.
Yes it is filled up.
At Vasilja, Vasileva of the son Mute, сынъ Boris.
And at Boris 2 sons:
Yes Ivan.
And at Matveja сынъ Jakov, бездетенъ.
And at Ivan 2 sons:
Yes Dementej, both бездетныжъ.
And Vasilevo, Fedorova of the son, and Velyaminov of the grandson, a knee э was stopped.
(18 181.
At 2 Fedorova of son Velyaminov, at Ivan Oksaka, 4 sons:
Иванъ, бездетенъ,
Yes Aleksandr,
Yes Dmitrej,
Yes Vasilej.
And at Alexander Oksakova children:
Yes Semen.
And at Ivan, Aleksandrova of the son, children:
Yes Danilo.
And at Dmitreja Oksakova children:
Yes Fedor; were on an estate въ великомъ Novegorode.
And nowadays on a list of Oksakovyh вышеписанные Semen, Aleksandrov сынъ, both Leontej, and Danilo, Ivanovs children, and Stepan, Dmitreev сынъ, were childless.
Yes it is filled up.
And at Ivanazh, Aleksandrova of the son, былъ 3 сынъ Jurja, бездетенъ.
And at Feodor, Dmitreeva of the son, сынъ Mihajlo.
And at Mihajla children:
Yes Fedor,
Yes Juri.
(19) At Protasja children:
Yes Dmitrej,
Yes Mihajlo,
Yes Miron,
Yes Gerasim.
And at Simeon children:
Yes Ivan big,
Yes Petr,
Yes Ivan меньшой.
And at Feodor, Mihajlova of the son, сынъ Sergey.
At Sergey сынъ Alexey.
And at Jurja, Mihajlova of the son, children:
Yes Vasilej,
Yes Gavrilo,
Yes Stepan.
At Dmitreja children:
Yes Nikita.
And at Vasilja children:
Yes Ivan.
At Gavrila children:
Афонасей, Yes Ivan,
Yes Ilja.
And at Stepan сынъ Petr.
And at 4 Ivanovs of son Oksakova at Vasilja children:
Yes Andrey, are childless.
(20 182.
At 2 sons Velyaminov, and at Fedorova of the brother, at Alexey, былъ сынъ Fedor.
And at Feodor 2 sons:
Yes Volodimir.
And at Daniel 2 sons:
Yes Semen, бездетенъ; and served Prince Jurju Ivanovichu.
And at Ivan, Danilov of the son, children:
Михайло, бездетенъ,
Yes Semen,
Yes Vasilej.
And on a list of VorontsovyhVeljaminovyh at вышеписанного Ivan, Danilov of the son, had 4 sons, and 2 сынъ былъ Ivan, yes вышеписанные Semen, yes Vasilej.
Also it is filled up.
At Ivan сынъ Andrey, a nickname of Batrak.
And at Andrey Batraka 2 sons:
Yes Leontej, both are childless.
And at Simeon, Ivanov of the son, 3 sons:
Никифоръ, бездетенъ,
Yes Kirilo,
Yes Fedor.
And at Kirila сынъ Alexey.
And at Alexey 3 sons:
Andrey, бездетенъ,
(21) Yes Ivan,
Yes Alexey, бездетенъ.
And at Ivan 2 sons:
Yes Vasilej.
Yes въ to the former Genealogical book it is written:
Башмаковы, yes Islenevy сказываютъ отъ Jurjazh Grunki.
And nowadays under the decree of Velikih of Sovereigns, Tsars and Velikih of Princes, John Alekseevicha, Peter Alekseevicha, and Great Gosudaryni, Blagovernye of the Tsarevna and Great Knjazhny of Sofia Alekseevny, всеа Great both Small and White Russia Samoderzhtsev, родъ Islenevyh въ this book написанъ on its list, on a fairy tale of VorontsovyhVeljaminovyh.
At вышеписанного Vasilja Ivanovicha, son Velyaminov, and Semenova of the brother меньшого, сынъ былъ Gorjain Islenev.
And at Gorjaina 2 sons:
Yes Ostafej, a nickname of Menshik.
At Ivan сынъ Danilo.
At Daniel сынъ Petr, бездетенъ.
And at Menshika children:
(22) Ivan,
Yes Foma.
And at Ivan сынъ Stepan.
And at Stepan children:
Yes Matvej, бездетенъ.
And at Ivan, Stepanova of the son, children:
Yes Ivan.
And at Daniel сынъ Vasilej.
And at Fomy, Ostafeva of the son, сынъ Juri, бездетенъ.
At 2 Fedorova of the son, and Danilov of the brother меньшого, at Volodimir children:
Yes Rage, both are childless,
Yes Mihajlo, побежалъ въ Lithuania.
And on a list of Oksakovyh and VorontsovyhVeljaminovyh at Mihajla сынъ былъ Fedor, and for отъездъ де and сынъ its Fedor served Mihajla on a city on Koshire; and that де Mihajlova of generation of Veljaminovy about itself подадутъ a list.
And Veljaminovy поколенную have submitted a list.
And under the decree of Velikih of Sovereigns on росписямъ Oksakovyh and VorontsovyhVeljaminovyh въ this book they are written on ихъ to a list.
At Feodor, Mihajlova of the son, 2 sons:
(23) Yes Fedor.
At Simeon сынъ Dmitrej.
At Dmitreja 3 sons:
Yes Matvej,
Yes Petr.
And at Nikita сынъ Kuzma.
And at Kuzmy сынъ Vonifantej.
At Vonifantja сынъ Boris.
At Boris children:
Yes Alexey,
Yes the Ion,
Yes Kuzma.
At 2 Dmitreeva of the son, at Matveja, 2 sons:
Yes Ivan, both are childless.
At 3 Dmitreeva of the son, at Peter сынъ Kuzma.
At Kuzmy 4 sons:
Yes Vikula,
Yes Nikita,
Yes Petr.
And at Feodor children:
Карпъ, убитъ подъ Konotopom,
Yes Kirilo,
Yes Maksim, бездетенъ.
At Kirila сынъ Vasilej.
At Vasilja сынъ Ivan.
And at Vikuly, Kuzmin of the son, сынъ Onions.
At Onions children:
Yes Matvej,
(24) Yes Andrey.
And at Nikita, Kuzmin of the son, children:
Yes Ivan.
And at Epifana сынъ Petr.
And at Ivan сынъ Danilo.
And at Peter, Kuzmin of the son, children:
Yes Stepan, both are childless,
Yes Nikita,
Yes Ivan.
At 2 Fedorova of son Semenova, at меньшого the brother at Fedorazh, 2 sons:
Timothy, бездетенъ,
Yes Dementej.
At Dementja сынъ Alexey.
At Alexey 2 sons:
Иванъ big,
Yes Ivan меньшой, both are childless.

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