The All-Russia population census of 1917
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In 1917 the All-Russia agricultural population census has been spent. For researchers it contains a rich set of the data, concerning the socially-demographic characteristic of a country economy. Also census gives knowledge of a manpower of a country economy, of work capacity of the population, a parity of man's and female work.

As to work capacity of the population, the highest from this point of view was potential of a country economy of Nonchernozem region, the most part (62,4 %) all peasantry and the considerable part (49,8 %) cash which country population was made by able-bodied population. The real potential of a country manpower was influenced also by a parity of the man's and female population. The essential loss to a manpower was put by a general compulsory military service. The share left in army (44,5 %) in sredne-Chernozemnom region where the share of the man's population prevailed also was especially considerable.

The socially-demographic data containing in census on 1917, shines such component of structure of a manpower of a country economy, as a hired labour. The greatest relative density had hiring in Steppe region which advanced Nonchernozem and Sredne-Chernozemnyj. But it is necessary to notice that in census of 1917 the data about hired workers incomplete as here did not fix time-workers.

In publication materials погубернских results of census of 1917 the productive and economic sphere of the organisation of a country economy is presented, its indicators, first of all, characterise the general sizes, structure of country ground grounds, crops, security cattle, stock, advanced tools and a labour. The Analysis of these materials allows to reveal relative density, comparative participation of a country economy of various provinces and areas in an agricultural production.

Census results have shown that in defining branches of agriculture - agriculture and cattle breeding - the country economy was the leader. On a share of landowners in 34 provinces 7,7 % of all crops and 3,5 % of productive cattle on the average were necessary. At a general characteristic of level of productive and economic development of country and landowner economy it is necessary to note especially what exactly on technical equipment the country economy in separate areas rather considerably lagged behind from landowner, that is security of country agricultural manufacture advanced tools and by agricultural cars was rather less, than other components of base.

Rositsa Bakalova

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